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Mother Languages Day Project

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  2. 2. Albanian language  The language i speak is Albanian but Albanians call it shqip.
  3. 3. Different countries it is spoken in  Albania is spoken in many different countries such as:  Kosova  it is spoken in little parts of Marcadonia and Serbia  And montenegro.
  4. 4. Location  Albania is located in the south east of Europe.  It is also next to the boot of Italy.
  5. 5. Interesting facts  The currency for Albania is lek.  The weather in the summer is very hot it is around 30 to 35 degrees all of summer but in the winter it can snow alot!
  6. 6. People who i speek the language with  I do speek the language with my parents a little bit But mostly at my grandmas house. When i speek to my family in albanian i feel special as that is my perants language.
  7. 7. Type of alphabet  The type of alphabet for Albania is Latin
  8. 8. Can i read and write?  I can read an write just a little bit But my parents teach me how to read and Write some thing new every day.
  9. 9. My favourite words  Tedua shum  This means, i love you so much.  My mum and dad says thet to me all the time and that makes me feel very special too.
  10. 10. How i learn it  My parents teach it to me and so does my uncle He teaches me a new word every time i go to his house And i do a test out of ten wheneveri go there too on Albanian.
  11. 11. A poem  Ylli vogel lart ne quel, ducket porsi zjarr ne pyll, siper dheut lart qendron, xhixha-xhixha xhixhelon.