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Why Do Companies Choose Newman?


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Newman is an Atlanta-based executive recruiting firm specializing exclusively in the medical device industry.

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Why Do Companies Choose Newman?

  1. 1. Newmanmedicaldevicerecruiting The Art+Science of Human Capital
  2. 2. As a leading provider of executiverecruiting services exclusively to themedical device industry, we knowyour market and we speak yourlanguage.Our niche focus allows us access toa deep pool of passive medicaldevice professionals − relationshipsbuilt on Newman’s credibility andexpertise and developed overseveral years.When companies need the type oftalent that can propel theirorganization to greater heightsthey come to Newman.Over the years many companieshave trusted Newman to deliver.It’s what we do.Newman. Trusted Experts.
  3. 3. “ Easily one of the best recruitersin the business. ” - VP, Relia Diagnostics “ My one go-to person. ” - VP, Syncroness“ A huge asset in helping build apipeline of qualified talent. ” - Manager, Baxter “ Genuinely interested in what is best for his clients. ” - Manager, Teleflex Medical“ Honesty, candor and winningattitude is unmatched in therecruiting industry. ” - Manager, Medtronic “ Exceeded our expectations. ” - Director, Zimmer Newman
  4. 4. Why Do Companies Choose Newman? Recruiting the besttalent in todays competitive medical device industry is asizable task that requires a strategic and tactical approach.Since inception, leading medical device companies haveturned to Newman for specialized executive recruitingexpertise. Throughout North America, we assist medicaldevice companies attract, engage and hire the best availableprofessionals in the market.NICHE EXPERTISE: Newman specializes exclusively in the medical device industry. Our focus allows usto attract, engage and deliver the diference-making talent that companies depend on to propel theirorganization ahead of the competition.PROVEN RESULTS: Having received dozens of testimonials over the years, we take great pride in doingthings the right way. Customer and candidate experience is critical in the people business and its herewhere we dont take short cuts.FLEXIBILITY: Whether you are initiating a highly critical single search or need to staff up quickly for ashort term project we can help. Newman offers several different ways for clients to work with us in order toachieve their hiring goals.
  5. 5. + Client Success StoriesNewman client Becton Dickinson is one of the world’s leadingmedical device companies − and it called on Newman’s highlyspecialized executive recruiting expertise to bridge a talent gap andaddress strategic growth initiatives. After careful understanding of thegroup’s culture, technology focus and primary business objectives asuccessful hire was made. Over the ensuing years Newman has beenengaged for a variety of successful national senior-level technical andleadership searches.Newman client Syncroness is an award-winning productdevelopment firm serving various medical device companiesacross the globe − and it relies on Newman when it needs toramp up project teams and bring on specialized technicalexpertise that is mission critical to continued project initiatives.When called upon to address gaps in talent, Newman was ableto deploy immediate localized efforts which resulted in thesuccessful hiring and onboarding of multiple hires acrossseveral functional areas.
  6. 6. We offer several ways for clients to work with us in orderto achieve their hiring goals. Whether you are initiating ahighly critical single search or need to staff up quickly for ashort term project Newman can help. With our client-focusedsearch strategy there is no one size fits all approach. Everycompany has its own unique story, culture and values - weknow this and rest assured we are here to protect yourinvestment. It’s the Newman difference.+ EXECUTIVE SEARCH: When it matters mostWhen time, complexity, and confidentiality are critical, clients choose to partner with Newman on anexecutive search assignment. Executive search is our core business and is particularly appropriate whenthe need is urgent, the hire will have a significant impact on company performance, or new initiatives arisethat must be addressed quickly.This engagement emphasizes a strong commitment from the company and sends a clear message tocandidates that the company has placed a high priority on this opportunity.+ CONTRACT STAFFING : On-demand flexibilityThe same commitment and approach that have made us leaders in medical device recruiting, apply to ourcontract staffing work. Many of the same clients who use our executive search services come to us for theircontract professional needs when they experience spikes in seasonal workloads, want access to specializedprofessionals or need to ramp up quickly for a project with an indefinite length.These are professional positions but are employed on a shorter-term basis.+ ONSITE RECRUITMENT : Your partnerWhen you need to strengthen your internal talent acquisition team with specialized recruiting expertise foran indefinite length, clients turn to our onsite recruitment model. After carefully learning about the cultureof your internal recruiting team and understanding your hiring goals, we recruit and deploy the appropri-ate recruitment staff needed onsite at your company for as long as needed.Specialized expertise when and where you need it.
  7. 7. “ Newman consistently providesme with connections to the righttalent, folks who are ready to workon my team with the talents I need.In addition, the talent Newmanhelped me hire consistently stayswith my company for the long run.Newman is my one go-to partnerwhen I need to hire key talent forthe success of the company. ” - Vice President, SyncronessNewman. Strategic Partners.
  8. 8. For years leading medical devicecompanies across the United States haveturned to Newman for their recruitingneeds.Weve worked with venture-backed,development stage, and high-growthpublicly held companies whosetechnologies have spanned CardiovascularDevices and Surgical Tools; to Diagnostics,Drug Delivery and Infusion Systems.Newman search consultants are experts intheir craft capable of meeting hiringobjectives across multiple functional areasof business including R&D, QA/RA,Manufacturing, Operations, Engineering,IT, HR and more.With an emphasis on a client-focusedsearch strategy we have one goal in mind -attract, engage and deliver transcendenttalent to your organization.Newman. Difference Makers.
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  10. 10. Research & Development Engineering Manufacturing Operations Quality Assurance Regulatory Affairs Marketingmedical Salesdevice Human Resourcesrecruiting IT Newman Executive Search 1225 Johnson Ferry Rd Suite 240 Marietta, GA 30068 877.737.4989