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Kvi Group Presentation

  1. 1. Kapital Ventures & Infrastructure<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  2. 2. What is a RPO ?<br />Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has emerged as an intangible aspect of business process outsourcing ,providing a global platform for employers to outsource their staffing activities to an external service.<br />Benefits Of RPO<br /><ul><li> Cuts down the recruitment costs Offers High-quality services
  3. 3. Clients are catered by specialists Create a pool of candidates
  4. 4. Streamlining company’s recruitment function Focus on core HR activities</li></ul>Destination India<br /><ul><li> Talent-enriched country Expertise in global strategies
  5. 5. World-class systems Stay competitive
  6. 6. State-of-the-art technologies IT is a major area for stable government
  7. 7. Facilitates a great deal of freedom System of education
  8. 8. World's 10 fastest-growing economies</li></ul>“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  9. 9. About Us :-<br />Insight <br />The foundation stone of Kapital Ventures & Infrastructure was laid with the motto to design, develop and upkeep a long term relationship with our clients by rendering them :-<br /><ul><li> Quality Assurance
  10. 10. Good Quantity Of Talent Pool
  11. 11. Speedy Delivery Of Services
  12. 12. Cost Effective Strategies
  13. 13. Commitment
  14. 14. Higher Productivity
  15. 15. Catering Client by Experts and dedicate staff</li></ul>We strive to attain longitivity by implementing relationship-driven approach in order to exceed the expectations of our client and outshine in the staffing service sector.<br />Why Kapital Ventures & Infrastructure ?<br /><ul><li> Not at par but ahead in sourcing market.
  16. 16. Dedicated experts cater to your manpower requisitions .
  17. 17. “Economies Of Scale” so that costs can be significantly reduced.
  18. 18. Bridges the gap between Company Identity & Employer Branding
  19. 19. Our resources possessing broad skill sets.
  20. 20. Easy to use project & task management tools for hired resources</li></ul>“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  21. 21. Our Vision & Mission :-<br />Our Mission<br />To be a global leader in client's customer database management and relationship handling getting profitable returns for the Client by being a seamless extension to the Client processes through a strategic build up of quality people, profit oriented processes and state of the art technology.<br />Our Vision<br />We certainly don't regret our experiences because without them, we couldn't imagine who or where we would be today. Life is an amazing gift to those who have overcome great obstacles with a positive attitude. Keeping in mind happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best, we came up with an idea to build the ultimate human organization globally leading in providing high quality and cost effective services ensuring consistency and accuracy for end user customer satisfaction with the people, by the people, for the people.<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  22. 22. Our Values :-<br />Business Ethics: The 3 R's of our Business (Regularity, Reliability & Responsiveness)<br /> <br />Accuracy : A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable, and Collective Young professionals<br /> <br />Maximum Utilization of Resources : The desire and ability to improve our performance by full utilization of the current resources<br /> <br />Punctuality & Timeliness : Arriving on time to work and utilizing the most suitable or opportune time.<br /> <br />Team Power : We believe that there is no such thing as a self-made man. One can attain goals only with the help of others.<br /> <br />Commitment & Discipline : It is the commitment that moved us into action and discipline that enabled us to follow through.<br /> <br />Freedom for Initiative of Employees : We Believe success comes to the person who does today what you were thinking about doing tomorrow.<br /> <br />Standardization, Systemization & Speed of Operations : Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out. <br /> <br />Continuous Improvement, Creativity & Customer Delight : Improvement is about removing the things that get into the way of one's creativity to achieve customer delight.<br /> <br />Respect for the Individual & Service to Society : If there is anything that a man can do well, we say let him do it. Give him a chance.<br /> <br />Integrity, Loyalty & Resourcefulness : Every young man would do well to remember that all successful business stands on the foundation of morality.<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  23. 23. Kapital Ventures & Infrastructure Team :-<br />Kapital Ventures & Infrastructure is backed by panel of experts from various domains in order to establish a successful track record of a one stop service provider for global staffing needs.<br />Founder and MD<br />HR Head<br />Client Relationship Manager (Business Development)<br />Group Leads<br />Team Leads<br />Resource Executives<br />Besides that we have a team of specialized Recruiters, e-researchers, Quality executives & Account managers from various domains possessing immense experience in local and global staffing services.<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  24. 24. What we do ?<br />Kapital Ventures & Infrastructure wishes to become one of the leading provider of innovative multi domain staffing solutions. The dream of the company is to connect top talent with top companies around the globe or around the corner. <br />Finding the right approach to us means: <br /><ul><li> Knowing our client’s business
  25. 25. Understanding their issues
  26. 26. Finding actionable steps that work in their environment.</li></ul>We deliver a competitive advantage to our clients by attracting and securing new talent by adopting the following aspects:- <br /><ul><li> Quality Recruitment
  27. 27. Talent Acquisition
  28. 28. Requisition Mapping
  29. 29. Resource Management </li></ul>“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  30. 30. OUR<br />APPROACH<br />Our Approach :-<br />In order to determine the best match for your requirements, we review the skills of hundreds of candidates, contact references and personally interview each of the candidates before they are presented to you . We try to identify the best possible match and potential candidates.<br />Including 5 I’s for sourcing the right resource:-<br /><ul><li> Immense Expertise
  31. 31. Initiative
  32. 32. Incorporating e-resource s
  33. 33. Inducing cost effective services
  34. 34. Implementation of best quality standards </li></ul>Our Staffing approach to client service is designed to provide insight into the operational and cultural requirements of our business partners organizations. <br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  35. 35. Growth Strategy :-<br />Our strategy is to achieve organic and external growth by :-<br /><ul><li> Segmenting the Group into a number of market-focused, specialized businesses to gain competitive advantage and market leadership.
  36. 36. Engendering and celebrating an entrepreneurial climate in which individuals are responsible and rewarded for absolute business performance.
  37. 37. Extending the Group's portfolio internationally and across industry sectors to maximize on opportunities from our core strengths, and to consolidate our stability during economic cycles.
  38. 38. Continuing to deliver innovation in service, processes and technology where these provide customer benefit, added value and competitive advantage.</li></ul>“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  39. 39. Our Work Culture :-<br />KVI is successful because of our people and because of our culture:-<br /><ul><li> We understand this and we strive to promote a work environment that is fun energetic and interesting.
  40. 40. We provide each internal staff member with as much support as needed to maintain a consistently positive upbeat attitude and personality.
  41. 41. Internal promotional structure.
  42. 42. We have developed a voluntary “Work / Life Balance” program designed to help internal staff members balance life’s stresses with the demands of the workplace.
  43. 43. We believe leadership naturally rises to the top and mentorship training helps guide young leaders to reach maximum potential.</li></ul>“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  44. 44. Staffing Mechanism :-<br />Recruiting the wrong kind of people can become a serious issue for any company. The process of staffing solution however tends to follow a few well-defined steps.<br />Our development process can be explained in six straightforward steps :-<br /><ul><li> Manpower Requisition Analysis
  45. 45. Designing Recruitment Strategy
  46. 46. Construction Of Recruitment Model
  47. 47. Quality Testing Of The Resource
  48. 48. Delivering and Obtaining Feedback</li></ul>Whether you need a staff of one or one-hundred we can customize a staffing plan to meet your needs…<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  49. 49. By developing a sound methodology, we provide the right resource at the right time for the right price<br />Our Services :-<br />All of our candidates are screened, referenced, and continually evaluated for job performance. In addition, we utilize the latest in computerized skills evaluation and selection techniques to match the best candidate for the client's needs. <br />Our level of service<br /><ul><li> Flexible staffing options
  50. 50. Experienced management team
  51. 51. Personalized approach
  52. 52. Quality assurance
  53. 53. Dedicated safety team
  54. 54. In-house legal counsel,
  55. 55. Professional workshops
  56. 56. Extended business hours</li></ul>Best-of-class staffing solutions from Career Hubare as follows:-<br /><ul><li> Temp Staffing Services
  57. 57. Temp-to-Permanent Staffing Services
  58. 58. On Payroll Services
  59. 59. On-Premise Staffing Solution
  60. 60. Permanent Staffing Solution</li></ul>Other H.R Services<br /><ul><li> Pre-Employment Screening
  61. 61. On-Premise Criminal Check
  62. 62. Background checks
  63. 63. Education verifications, license verifications, credentials verifications
  64. 64. Reference checks</li></ul>“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  65. 65. Talent Management :-<br />Our overall approach to development involves identifying and developing key talent, helping organizations and individuals uncover strengths and development needs, and developing capabilities needed to drive desired business results.<br />Our practice is based on expertise in the following areas :-<br /><ul><li> Talent Evaluation
  66. 66. Talent Compensating
  67. 67. Talent Sourcing
  68. 68. Talent Development </li></ul>We enhance Talent Management by adopting the following aspects:-<br /><ul><li>Attracting Talent: Creating Assessment and Selection Strategies and Processes
  69. 69. Retaining Talent: Reducing Turnover and Aligning Talent with Organization Goals
  70. 70. Developing Talent: Challenging Your People with Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programs
  71. 71. Transitioning Talent: Creating Goodwill through Career Transition Programs
  72. 72. Industry Expertise: Demonstrated Results for Talent Management 
  73. 73. Human Resources Technology: Supporting High Touch with High Tech </li></ul>“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  74. 74. Managed Solutions :-<br />We have proven our capability to provide a range of solutions for clients and has core competencies in all the following areas .<br /><ul><li> Volume Recruitment</li></ul>Large-scale Recruitment for the following:-<br /><ul><li> Start-ups
  75. 75. Graduate Recruitment
  76. 76. Bulk Recruitment Process Management Outsourced Recruitment
  77. 77. End-to-End HR Solution and Recruitment Process</li></ul>Manages the entire process - from<br /><ul><li> Posting vacancies,
  78. 78. Handling applicants,
  79. 79. Conducting candidate profiling
  80. 80. Tracking progress
  81. 81. E-Recruitment</li></ul>Sourcing resumes searching and screening on leading job boards, short listing potential candidates resumes, communicate with candidates via email and route only interested candidates resumes to executive or technical recruiters of our client companies.<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  82. 82. Efforts to Fill Vacancies :-<br />Capturing Resumes<br /><ul><li> Existing database / resume to be integrated
  83. 83. Candidate registration on company website
  84. 84. Job websites
  85. 85. From advertisements / via email / snail mail
  86. 86. Campus recruitment
  87. 87. Employee referrals
  88. 88. Recruitment vendors
  89. 89. Job Fairs</li></ul>Managing Resumes<br /><ul><li> Receive and manage responses from all sources
  90. 90. Create, search, archive and backup resumes
  91. 91. Import resumes
  92. 92. Track history of Candidates
  93. 93. Check for duplicates</li></ul>Candidate Communication<br /><ul><li>Mail box
  94. 94. Customary reply
  95. 95. Tests
  96. 96. Interviews
  97. 97. In-process status
  98. 98. Selection
  99. 99. Rejection
  100. 100. On hold
  101. 101. Conditional closure
  102. 102. Offer letters
  103. 103. Other templates</li></ul>“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  104. 104. Methodology adopted :-<br />INTERVIEW<br />TESTING<br /><ul><li>Schedule interviews
  105. 105. View interview schedule
  106. 106. View calendar of interviews
  107. 107. Panelists to manage their schedules
  108. 108. Evaluate candidates on definite parameters
  109. 109. Consolidate interview feedback
  110. 110. General profiling test – self serve
  111. 111. Proctored test – register/schedule with company/vendor
  112. 112. Test delivery nationwide and on campuses
  113. 113. Integrate results with system</li></ul>USER DEPARTMENTS<br /><ul><li>Create / Search / Modify requisitions
  114. 114. Recommend / Approve requisitions
  115. 115. Search Resumes
  116. 116. Feedback on resumes
  117. 117. Final acceptance of recruit
  118. 118. View / Manage interview schedule
  119. 119. Personal interview calendar
  120. 120. View Reports</li></ul>“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  121. 121. Our Clients : -<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  122. 122. Our Clients : -<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  123. 123. Our Clients : -<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  124. 124. Our Clients : -<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />
  125. 125. CONTACT US<br />Kapital Ventures & Infrastructure<br />Office No.: 204, Second Floor <br />Business Guild Bldg, Law College Road<br />Opp. Krishna Dining Hall<br />Pune – 411004<br />Maharashtra (INDIA)<br />Mobile : +91.9665670009 / 9665670008<br />Phone : (020) 65007000 / 64017009<br />Tel-Fax : (020) 41223030<br />Email : info@kvigroup.com<br />Website :- www.kvigroup.com<br />“Our Business is made - For the People – By the People – With the People”<br />