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NAGE Admits Lying Blastfax


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NAGE admits to lying in this endorsed letter.

Published in: News & Politics, Career
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NAGE Admits Lying Blastfax

  1. 1. NAGE ADMITS TO LYING &VIOLATING COPYRIGHT LAWS SIGNS LETTER ADMITTING DECEITAmerican Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations July 29, 2011 David Hebert NAGE/IBPO National Representative International Brotherhood of Police OfficersDear Mr. Hebert: It has come to the attention of the AFL-CIO that the International Brotherhood of Police Officers,a Division of the National Association of Government Employees, is misrepresenting itself as an affiliate ofthe AFL-CIO. Specifically, on official stationary, used to send written correspondence to police and fireunion members in Connecticut, the organization lists itself as affiliated with the AFl-CIO. In fact, neitherthe IBPO nor the NAGE employees, nor any other organization with which either is affiliated, is anaffiliate of the AFL-CIO. To the extent your organization’s use of the AFL-CIO’s name relates toaffiliate with one of the AFL-CIO’s state or local bodies through the Solidarity Charter program,please be advised that the Solidarity Charter affiliation is limited to the state or local level and doesnot constitute affiliation with the national AFL-CIO, which your use of the name “AFL-CIO”communicates. The AFL-CIO hold exclusive rights in its name and monitors its use closely. By listing itself as anaffiliate of the AFL-CIO, your organization is holding itself out falsely as an organization closelyrelated to the AFL-CIO. Use of the AFL-CIO’s name, whether in brochures, publications, letterhead,business cards, the worldwide web, or any other format or media, violates federal copyright laws andmust stop immediately. The AFL-CIO has the right to take legal action in order to protect its intellectual property. We arerequesting that International Brotherhood of Police Officers immediately remove the AFL-CIO’sname from all of it’s materials. Please indicate that your organization agrees to comply with thisrequest by having an authorized representative sign below and on the enclosed copy of this letter andreturn to copy by Wednesday, August 10, 2011. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.