sensory neuron motor neuron plasma proteins human physiology neuro anatomy of brain internal features of spinal co white matter of spinal cord grey matter of spinal cord neuroanatomy of spinal cord tracts of spinal cord filum terminale cauda equina conus medullaris coverings of brain dura mater spinal cord cranial nerve examination nerve all cranial nerves physiotherapy practical nerve examination practical cranial nerves hypervitaminosis of vitamin k dietary sources of vitamin k rda of vitamin k sources of vitamin k vitamin k functions of rbc physiological variations ofrbc pathological variations of rbc properties of rbc rbc rda of vitamin e hypervitaminosis e chemical forms of vitamin e absorption of vitamin e biochemical functions of vitam mobilization human resources vitamin e renal rickets hypervitaminosis d osteomalacia rickets deficiency of vitamin d functions of vitamin d synthesis of vit d calcitriol vitamin d plasmaperesis properties of blood composition of plasma composition of blood functions of blood hematocrit value pcv plasma serum blood digestion of vitamin a hypervitaminosis of vitamin a rda of vitamin a sources of vitamin a functions of vitamin a vitamin a deficiency rods and cones color vision visual cascade cycle dark adaptation time water soluble vitamin fat soluble vitamin vitamin treatment principles associated reactions mixed synergy lower limb synergy upper limb synergy postural reflexes brunnstorm approach differential diagnosis medications pt assessment achd hyperactivity disorder attention deficit sensory impairments assessment diagnosis motor stereotypes motor impairments sensory percreptual impairment sensory integration autism balance changes locomotion chganges gait changes changes in muscle strength changes in gustatory system changes in olfactory system auditory system changes neuroanatomical changes postural changes vestibuar changes sensory changes musculoskeletal changes aging brunsgarland syndrome diabetic amyotrophy multiple mononeuropathy truncal mononeuropathy cranial mononeuropathy limb mononeuropathy hyperglycemic neuropathy neuropathic arthropathy diabetic polyradicularneuropat porphyric neuropathy diabetic neuropathy diabetic polyneuropathy polyneuropathy relaxation techniques gait training balance training breathing exercises chair aerobics yoga therapy for neuro patien diffusion osmosis facilitated diffusion special types of passive trans dynamic motors active transport passive transport cell transport medical physiology
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