New or Used Phone Systems 11 Point Buyers Guide


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New or Used Phone Systems 11 Point Buyers Guide

  1. 1. Phone Systems Used Phone Systems Buyers’ Guide Click Here or On The Picture Above For Instant Help and Advice. How many extensions for your phone system will your company need? One of the first things to consider is how many telephone users are currently employed within your company? Once you know this number, you will be able to determine how many extensions you will need a phone system to support and how many incoming phone lines. How many incoming lines from your service provider (AT&T, Verizon) will be needed? The rule of thumb is 3 incoming lines for every 8 extensions. This
  2. 2. is the minimum number incoming lines. However, if the company has heavy phone usage e.g. real estate or mortgage offices, then usually you have 1 incoming line for each extension. Will the amount of phone systems users ever increase? The very next thing to consider is whether or not the number of people using telephones within your company is likely to increase in the next five to seven years and if so, by how many? This is because on average, businesses change their phone system every five to seven years and so it would be wise to account for this and buy a system that your business will not outgrow too quickly. Which applications do you want? One of the most important considerations is do you know what applications of a phone system you require for your business. Some features like group hunting, pick-up, transfer and speed-dial come as standard with most systems but applications such as automated attendant, call recording, and voicemail are additional features that can greatly improve customer service and staff efficiency. So, it is best to consider the benefits that these features can offer to your business. Always know your phone system budget! The cost of phone systems will vary depending on a number of factors and so a prospective buyer should know their budget. Factors range from the number of users required to any enhanced applications that you may want to implement. Applications could be anything from voicemail to an auto-attendant and so on.
  3. 3. Purchase or lease finance? Another thing to consider is whether you will purchase a phone system outright or lease finance it. For example, leasing offers tax benefits and allows you to spread the cost over a period of years. When looking into this, be sure to ask your potential suppliers of the leasing arrangements and the finance terms that are available. Start Now With A Phone System Installer Search: We can connect you to high-quality used phone system dealers – you tell them what you want and compare their offerings. Just submit a free phone system quote request and you'll be on your way to a successful phone system purchase. Just Click Picture Below For A Quote-Takes 30 Seconds Used Phone System Buyers’ Guide
  4. 4. Done right, buying used phone systems can be a great way to save money on an expensive business purchase. Done wrong, it can lead to months or even years of frustration and ultimately a lot of wasted money and time. Here are some key points to consider when shopping for used phone systems. Don't shop on price alone Theoretically, buying the cheapest system that meets your requirements should maximize your savings – but in the real world, this rarely works out. Just like buying new telephone equipment, choosing the least expensive system inevitably means coming up short on some area – reliability, features, or expandability. By choosing a used phone system, you're already saving considerable money. Spending a little more than the minimum can help ensure that you get a system you're happy with. Look for full-service dealers Some players in the "secondary market" (aka, used phone system dealers) are strictly resellers: they can sell you a refurbished phone system, but they don't handle installation or support. In general, we recommend avoiding these dealers. Installation is an important part of your phone system purchase, and while you can hire a cable and wiring company to do the installation, it'll wind up increasing your overall costs. You also
  5. 5. lose out on the expertise of an installer who is very familiar with the particular phone system they're installing. Get the support you need Another reason to choose full-service dealers is to get the ongoing customer support that's essential to keeping your phone system working its best. Think about how your business will suffer if your phones are unavailable for a few hours or a day – if you're like many companies, it's not a pretty picture. Even when buying used phone systems, you'll want to choose a provider that offers high-quality customer support and guarantees response times if you have an outage or other major problem. Saving money on the initial purchase shouldn't mean that you have to go without top-notch customer support. A smart way to research this purchase is to first compare customer support and other services from multiple full-service dealers. Just how used are those used phone systems? Buying used also shouldn't mean that the phones and hardware are in bad shape. Any used telecommunications equipment you buy for your business should be fully refurbished and tested by the reseller. Make sure the dealer also has spare parts and phones if you need them later, or if you want to expand the system in the future. You should get a warranty with your used phone system: while it may not be as robust as those that come with new phone systems, you should be able to get a one year warranty on your hardware.
  6. 6. You can expect all the standard business telephone features, even on phones that are a few years old: call forwarding, extension dialing, full-featured voice mail, and the like. Getting more advanced capabilities such as automatic call distribution and VoIP support may be slightly harder and/or more expensive, but it's certainly doable. Start your dealer search We can connect you to high-quality used phone system dealers – you tell them what you want and compare their offerings. Just submit a free phone system quote request and you'll be on your way to a successful used phone system purchase. Just Click the picture below.