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Gr el lrw052015_en

  1. 1. world05/2015 Mind Master: Turn back the time with the anniversary Powerlift packaging! by the Charokopio University! trends The makeup New Research
  2. 2. With the Aloe Vera Sun Series you can enjoy the sun without any fear! This month take advantage of the Set Offers! SUN PROTECTION FOR EVERYONE Powerlift: A must-have product for men and women! Aloe Vera Drinking Gel and free an Aloe Vera Lip Care! ANNIVERSARY EDITION! WELLNESS AND CARE Discover this month’s highlights! page 14 from page 04 page 24
  3. 3. 3 YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Aloe Vera Solarium Set 23002 Pre Solar Lotion · 150ml · 23000 15.90 € After Solar Lotion · 150ml · 23001 15.90 € TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 31.80 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 28.90 € Cyprus: from 31.00 € only 27.90 € 3 26% DISCOUNTUPTO Aloe Vera Self-Tanning Lotion 200 ml 3687 Greece: 17.50 € 12.90 € (6.45 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 16.90 € 12.50 € (6.25 € per 100 ml) 40 % Aloe Vera 40 % Aloe Vera 40 % Aloe Vera Perfect tan... from May! Get a chocolate tan without being exposed to the sun with the Aloe Vera series products! The Self-Tanning Aloe Vera as well as Pre Solar and After Solar Lotions can offer a natural and even tan! The valuable moisturising ingredients they contain such as Aloe Vera, vitamins E and C and the almond oil respect and protect your skin!
  4. 4. 4 LR world 05.15 Enjoy the sun with Αloe Vera! The summer sun is undoubtedly a source of positive energy and we are all looking forward to enjoying it! However, it is very important to protect our skin from sun’s radiation with the appropriate sun protection, thus letting ourselves enjoy the sun with safety! 16% DISCOUNT Info What is SPF? SPF is the protection degree offered by the sunscreen against the UVB rays. It is the multiplying factor of the natural self-protection time of the skin. In simpler words, if 1 minute of exposure to the sun was necessary to induce sunburn, by using a sunscreen SPF 50 it would take 50 minutes. Free! WITH EVERY SET The UV-Tester by LR
  5. 5. LR world 05.15 5 70 % Aloe Vera 40 % Aloe Vera 40 % Aloe Vera Everything you need to know about the LR Sun Care Products is in LR Summer 2015, which is coming out on the 15th of May! YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Aloe Vera Sun Care Set Ι 3947 Sun Lotion SPF30 · 100ml · 3730 17.90 € After Sun Gel Cream Gel · 200ml · 3688 17.50 € + FREE UV Tester TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 35.40 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 29.90 € Cyprus: from 34.40 € only 28.90 € YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Aloe Vera Sun Care Set ΙI 3697 Sun Gel Cream SPF20 · 100ml · 23012 17.50 € After Sun Gel Cream · 200ml · 3688 17.50 € + FREE UV Tester TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 35.00 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 29.90 € Cyprus: from 33.80 € only 28.90 €
  6. 6. 6 LR world 05.15 The LR UV - Tester shows how strong the UV radiance is. According to the level of the UV radiance, the central part of the UV-Tester changes colour, thus helping you choose the correct sun protection product. 40 % Aloe Vera 40 % Aloe Vera Relatively low UV radiation. Medium UV radiation. High UV radiation. Very high UV radiation. Free! WITH EVERY SET The UV-Tester by LR In May our skin is gradually getting more and more exposed to the sun, the temperature is rising and our clothes are getting lighter. This is why we already need to protect our skin by applying the suitable Aloe Vera Sunscreen on a daily basis. The ideal sun protection! Aloe Vera Sun Cream SPF 50 75 ml 3753 Greece: 27.90 € (37.20 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 26.90 € (35.87 € per 100 ml) Aloe Vera Anti-Aging Sun Cream SPF 20 50 ml 23011 Greece: 21.90 € (43.80 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 21.50 € (43.00 € per 100 ml)
  7. 7. 7LR world 05.15 YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Aloe Vera Sun Care Set Ι 23040 Sun Spray Active SPF30 · 125ml · 23010 21.90 € Anti-aging Sun Cream SPF20 · 50ml · 23011 21.90 € + FREE UV Tester TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 43.80 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 36.90 € Cyprus: from 43.00 € only 36.50 € YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Aloe Vera Sun Care Set ΙI 23041 Sun Spray Active SPF30 · 125ml · 23010 21.90 € Sun Cream SPF50 · 75ml · 3753 27.90 € + FREE UV Tester TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 49.80 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 41.90 € Cyprus: from 48.40 € only 40.90 € 7 16% DISCOUNT IN SET Tip The application of the sunscreen you are going to choose based on your skin type should take place on clean skin, approximately 20 minutes before exposure to the sun. 30 % Aloe Vera Everything you need to know about the LR Sun Care Products is in LR Summer 2015, which is coming out on the 15th of May Aloe Vera Sun Spray Active SPF 30 125 ml 23010 Greece: 21.90 € (17.52 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 21.50 € (17.20 € per 100 ml)
  8. 8. 8 LR world 05.15 Info Algae are full of nutrients and minerals and refresh in a natural way. The whole sea power is in the Algetics beauty and care products. Enjoy this innovative complex of active ingredients from seaweed! Shower Glove 4510 Greece: 3.50 € Cyprus: 3.50 € The fat on the hips and the orange peel effect are quite common phenomena among Mediterranean women. Irrespective of their weight, all women have cellulite to an extent and they all try to fight it – especially before summer! But can we get rid of it? Let’s begin with what cellulite is and what it is caused by. Cellulite is the storage of water and fat between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. In the problematic areas there is an increase in the volume of adipocytes and bad circulation resulting in fat in certain body zones. The connective tissue loses its elasticity and the skin displays the orange peel effect. All women need to know that fighting cellulite requires: persistence and patience. The combination of the right diet with the suitable care is the key to success! An ideal and integrated care for the loss of inches and the improvement of the orange peel effect is the ALGETICS series with Laminaria and Parmaria seaweed. They offer an increase in the oxygen in the zones with excess fat, maximize the burns of the metabolism, excrete the toxins and improve the concentration of the connective tissue. The care specialists for tighter skin Use the special glove that contributes to a better blood supply, an increase in microcirculation and hyperemia, always with upward movements! Daily use is necessary! YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Wellness Set with Seaweed 27503 Silhouette Cream with seaweed · 150 ml · 27500 21.90 € Shower Scrub with seaweed · 150 ml · 27501 17.90 € Contour Gel with seaweed · 150 ml · 27502 21.90 € Shower Glove 3.50 € TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 65.20 € SET OFFER PRICE 54.90 € SET OFFER PRICE IN MAY ONLY Greece 49.90 € Cyprus: from 64.00 € only 47.50 €
  9. 9. 15.30€ YOU SAVE Care and Firming with a Shower Scrub with seaweed: The removal of the dead cells is the first step to activate the microcirculation in the problematic areas and improve their appearance. Contour Gel for the problematic areas: The most popular product with women! The Laminaria seaweed contributes effectively to lipolysis, whereas the Parmaria seaweed improves the microcirculation in the area with fat. Silhouette Cream with seaweed: An explosive cocktail of Laminaria, Chlorella seaweed and lecithin complete your care and make your body more rectified and lusty.
  10. 10. The duo of natural beauty! The first and most basic step before you begin your daily beauty care is the face cleansing. The Racine Special Care Cleansing Foam removes impurities and oiliness. Apart from the face, the eyes also need special care. The area around the eyes is 40% thinner and more sensitive compared with the rest of the face. The Racine Eye Make-up Remover removes even the “hardest” makeup with one move, without straining the eyelashes, whereas it is also the ideal solution for the removal of waterproof mascara. 21% DISCOUNT YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Racine Cleansing Set 22015 Cleansing Foam · 150ml · 1689 7.50 € Eye Makeup Remover · 100ml · 1693 8.90 € TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 16.40 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 12.90 € Cyprus: from 16.40 € only 12.90 € 10 LR world 05.15
  11. 11. 11 YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Nova Pure Set for Colored Hair 26013 Shampoo · 200ml · 26007 12.90 € Conditioner · 200ml · 26008 12.90 € TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 25.80 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 18.90 € Cyprus: from 25.00 € only 18.50 € Beautiful and shiny hair in 4 steps: 1. Comb your hair thoroughly to make it softer, thus making their washing easier too. 2. Wash your hair with hot water so as to have all the remainder of styling products removed. 3. A gentle massage with Nova Pure Shampoo will activate the blood circulation and clean the scalp in depth. 27% DISCOUNT Styling Mousse Creamy nourishing mousse for medium hold 200 ml 26039 Greece: 12.90 € (6.45 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 12.50 € (6.25 € per 100 ml) 4. Try to apply the Conditioner not to the direction of the hair but to the opposite direction so as to have the follicles of the hair opened and allow the product to penetrate deeper. You will see an instant result as well as softer and lighter hair!
  12. 12. 12 LR world 05.15 Follow the fashion trends! LR Colours Eyebrow Double Pencil 4.5 g x 1.3 g 01. 10006-1 Cashmere Cream 02. 10006-2 Cashmere Brown Greece: 10.90 € Cyprus: 10.90 € Irresistible look & Vivid Lips! Eyebrow Project Thick eyebrows are the absolute trend of the season! The Eyebrow Double Pencil is a small miracle as it can be used cleverly for both the eyebrows and the eyes. It has 2 sides. The thin side is ideal for filling in and defining, whereas the thick one for over drawing. YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Make-up Trend Set 27503 Deluxe Brilliant Lip Gloss "Rose Temptation" · 4 ml · 11031-8 14.50 € Deluxe Dazzling Eyeshadow "Golden Sand" · 3 g · 11021-3 21.90 € TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 36.40 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 29.10 € Cyprus: from 34.80 € only 27.80 € 20% DISCOUNT Global make-up artists suggest shades of brown for a seductive look! Try to wet your brush before applying the colour on your eyelids for an even more intense effect! Don’t compromise with anything less than a Lip gloss in the shades of pink, which will be accompanying you from the early morning until the late evening when you go out! 01 02
  13. 13. 13LR world 05.15 LR Colours BB Cream Beauty Balm • The cream innovation with colour • The 5 most important beauty characteristics combined in one product • The absolute balance between the natural and perfect finish • With sun protection, for daily use 30 ml Greece: 16.50 € 13.90 € (46.33 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 15.90 € 13.50 € (45.00 € per 100 ml) LR Colours Bronzing Pearls ® Bronzing powder in the form of pearls ® Gives the skin the colour of a soft summer tan ® Also great to accentuate the cheekbones and the decollete 18 g 10068 Greece: 16.50 € (91.67 € per 100 g) Cyprus: 15.90 € (88.33 € per 100 g) For radiant skin …an ideal and intelligent solution for the summer since one product combines a lot of beneficial properties such as even coverage, 24-hour hydration, sun protection, radiance and anti-aging! You are definitely going to love it! Favorite… pearls! Give a radiant and summer look to your skin by using the Bronzing Pearls on your cheeks, neck and decollete. 10229-1 Light 10229-2 Medium / Dark 16% DISCOUNT Bronze colour!
  14. 14. OUR TOP SELLER PRODUCT FOR MEN’S SKIN TOO! Turn back time 30 years of success in the market without any sign of tiredness. Thanks to PowerLIFT! PowerLIFT numbers among the most popular and strong anti-aging creams by LR. Since first launched in the market in 2009, over 756.000 have been sold. And the demand is growing! Something more than expected, since PowerLIFT isn’t just THE “first anti-aging product” by LR, but an absolutely classic and must-have product both for women and men! 14 LR world 05.15 CELEBRATE THE 30 YEARS OF LR WITH US ! ANNIVERSARY SILVER EDITION
  15. 15. 15 PowerLIFT, more vitality for the demanding skin 32% DISCOUNT ® Intensive moisturising kick for more vitality ® Enlivens and helps firm the skin ® Double action: freshness and radiance thanks to the hyaluronic acid and the oat peptides Powerlift Face Cream Silver Edition 30 ml 3998 Greece: 21.90 € 14.90 € (49.67 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 21.50 € 14.90 € (49.67 € per 100 ml)
  16. 16. 16 LR world 05.15 YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Me by Heidi Klum Perfume Set 3141 Eau de Perfume · 50 ml · 3121 38.90 € Perfumed Body Lotion · 200 ml · 3124 21.90 € Shower Gel · 200 ml · 3123 18.90 € TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 79.70 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 72.90 € Cyprus: from 77.50 € only 69.90 € As cool as dawn… The absolute flowery harmony… A breathtaking mix of melon, lotus blooms, jasmine and sandalwood combined with a breath of pink pepper. An inspiring perfume that leaves a romantic and sweet sense. Make the intensity of the perfume stronger with the perfumed Body Lotion and the Perfumed Shower Gel. You will be surprised by the difference in its duration! 6.80€ YOU SAVE
  17. 17. A summer aura… 5.90€ YOU SAVE YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Dreams by Heidi Klum Perfume Set 3304 Eau de Perfume · 50 ml · 3300 38.90 € Perfumed Body Lotion · 200 ml · 3302 32.90 € TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 71.80 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 65.90 € Cyprus: from 69.40 € only 63.90 € Turn your everyday life into a… dream with the fabulous perfume of Heidi Klum - Dreams! Its fragnance combination will give you an absolutely feminine aura! Apply it on the areas of your pulses, which activate the fragnance notes due to the increased temperature and make the perfume even more intense!
  18. 18. Ocean' Sky is the absolute perfume for men with confidence and power! A mix of mandarin, melon, eucalyptus and patchouli highlight your strong personality and charm! 27% DISCOUNTUPTO YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Ocean' Sky Perfume Set Ι 1547 Eau de Perfume, Perfumed Hair & Body Wash TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 42.00 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 32.90 € Cyprus: from 40.80 € only 31.50 € Ocean' Sky Perfume Set ΙΙ 1548 Eau de Perfume, After Shave TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 45.00 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 32.90 € Cyprus: from 43.80 € only 31.50 € 02. Ocean' Sky Eau de Perfume 50 ml 1580 Greece: 27.50 € Cyprus: 26.90 € 01. Ocean' Sky After Shave Spray 100 ml 1582 Greece: 17.50 € Cyprus: 16.90 € 03. Ocean' Sky Perfumed Hair & Body Wash 200 ml 1581 Greece: 14.50 € (7.25 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 13.90 € (6.95 € per 100 ml) 18 LR world 05.15 01 02 03 Heroes of the Ocean!
  19. 19. 19 For a perfectly shaved and soft face skin you don’t need a lot of things. With the Aloe Vera essential care products, every man gets a charming look. And on a daily basis indeed. The essential men’s care 19 YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Aloe Vera Men’s Set 20407 Shaving Gel 10.90 € After Shave Balsam 10.90 € Anti-Stress Cream 16.50 € TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 38.30 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 34.90 € Cyprus: from 37.70 € only 33.90 € 01 02 03 01. Aloe Vera After Shave Balsam Mild and gentle care for after shaving. 100 ml 20401 Greece: 10.90 € Cyprus: 10.90 € 02. Aloe Vera Gel Ξυρίσματος Ideal care during shaving. 150 ml 20406 Greece: 10.90 € (7.27 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 10.90 € (7.27 € per 100 ml) 03. Aloe Vera Anti-Stress Cream A rich formula for the daily face care, which gives a fresh and cool look. 100 ml 20402 Greece: 16.50 € Cyprus: 15.90 € 3.40€ YOU SAVE
  20. 20. 20 LR world 05.15 * Protocol number: DE 10 2010 030 654 A1 Aloe Vera Face Scrub 75 ml 20013 Greece: 12.90 € (17.20 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 12.50 € (16.67 € per 100 ml) Aloe Vera Cream with Propolis Combines propolis from the bee honeycomb with moisturising Aloe Vera in a rich cream suitable for dry skin. 100 ml 20002 Greece: 20.90 € Cyprus: 19.90 € Free! WITH THE SET EXFOLIATION and HYDRATION are the key words before you welcome summer! Exfoliation is necessary for the removal of dead skin cells, the cleansing of the epidermis, the improvement of the dull look and the maximization of the penetration of the moisturizing cream, which should necessarily be applied afterwards for the nourishment of the skin. With allies the Skin Refining Face Scrub and the Moisturizing Cream with Propolis, your face will become more radiant right after the first application! Naturally radiant! YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Aloe Vera Regeneration Set 20126 Aloe Vera Cream with Propolis 20.90 € Aloe Vera Face Scrub 12.90 € + FREE Bamboo Basket TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 33.80 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 28.50 € Cyprus: from 32.40 € only 27.50 € 79 % Aloe Vera 50 % Aloe Vera A patent application has been filed * 5.30€ YOU SAVE A practical bamboo basket, which may be used as a beautiful garnish in the bathroom or any other room you want! Dimensions: 19 cm x 16 cm x 9 cm
  21. 21. 21LR world 05.15 Aloe Vera Mum Massage Balm 200 ml 20217 Greece: 10.90 € (5.45 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 10.50 € (5.25 € per 100 ml) Aloe Vera Baby Bubble Bath 200 ml 20211 Greece: 10.90 € (5.45 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 10.50 € (5.25 € per 100 ml) Both the baby skin and the woman’s skin after a birth need special care. The Aloe Vera Baby product series was created to offer intensive and mild care to you and your baby with products that respect the baby and adult’s kin. Protection for you and your baby!YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Aloe Vera Baby Relaxation Set 20242 Bubble Bath 10.90 € Massage Balm 10.90 € TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 21.80 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 15.90 € Cyprus: from 21.00 € only 15.50 € 27% DISCOUNT 30 % Aloe Vera 40 % Aloe Vera
  22. 22. 22 LR world 05.15 Everyday care for everyone! Aloe Vera Deo Roll-on No alcohol Soft, while also providing protection against body odour and perspiration. It has a pleasant fragnance of freshness. 50 ml 20036 Greece: 6.50 € (13.00 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 6.50 € (13.00 € per 100 ml) Shiny smile! The first antibacterial gum with the ingredient Microsilver is a fact. It offers care for healthier teeth and fresh breath. Enjoy the care the Microsilver Plus Gum offers you. Freshness and softness You can use the Aloe Vera Roll-on after depilation too as its caring ingredients restore the pH of the skin. MICROSILVER PLUS Tooth Paste Brush your teeth for at least two minutes mornings and evenings or as necessary. 75 ml 25090 Greece: 8.90 € (11.87 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 8.50 € (11.87 € per 100 ml) 15 % Aloe Vera
  23. 23. 23LR world 05.15 MICROSILVER PLUS Dental Gum Chew the gum for about 5 minutes after the meal. With mild mint flavor. 10 x 1.4 g 25091 Greece: 3.50 € (25.00 € per 100 g) Cyprus: 3.30 € (23.57 € per 100 g) Aloe Vera Soft Skin Cleansing Tissues They offer a mild, gentle cleansing of the face, neck and eyes without drying the skin. 25 items 20012 Greece: 5.50 € Cyprus: 5.50 € Vita Aktiv Tropic Enjoy it as dressing on yoghurt, waffles or cake. Recommended Daily Allowance: 5 ml 150 ml 80510 Greece: 20.50 € (13.67 € per 100 ml) Cyprus: 17.90 € (11.93 € per 100 ml) Exotic flavor! The most exotic version of the safe intake of vitamins! Vita Aktiv Tropic consists of a concentrate of 9 exotic fruits, among which pineapple, mango and papaya. It provides 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance in 10 vitamins* in just one teaspoon, with delicious tropical taste. Protection all day long The first antibacterial gum with the ingredient Microsilver is a fact. It offers care for healthier teeth and fresh breath. Enjoy the care the Microsilver Plus Gum offers you. Coolness and revitalization! During the summer months put them in the fridge so that they maintain their moisture. An ideal solution for trips as well as for women’s purse. * 100% of the recommended daily allowance according to the Regulation of the European Union (EU) no. 1169/2011 30 % Aloe Vera
  24. 24. 242424 LR world 05.15 Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Honey + FREE Aloe Vera Lip Care worth 5.90 € Recommended Daily Allowance: 3 x 30 ml 1000 ml 80705 Greece: 30.90 € Cyprus: 28.90 € Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Peach + FREE Aloe Vera Lip Care worth 5.90 € Recommended Daily Allowance: 3 x 30 ml 1000 ml 80755 Greece: 33.90 € Cyprus: 31.90 € You all know the strict criteria of the processing of the Aloe Vera Drinking Gels by LR. The only thing you have to do is to choose the flavor you prefer. The variety in flavors definitely includes the ideal solution for you, whereas at the same time it covers your needs. A variety of 4 Drinking Gels for every need Info The Aloe Vera Drinking Gels by LR bear the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS seal, one of the strictest quality seals in the market. They contain a high Aloe Vera concentration in a clever combination with effective active ingredients.
  25. 25. 25LR world 05.15 Aloe Vera Lip Care Soft care for smooth, soft lips with 40% Aloe Vera. 4.8 g 20017 Greece: 5.90 € Cyprus: 5.90 € Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Sivera + FREE Aloe Vera Lip Care worth 5.90 € Recommended Daily Allowance: 3 x 30 ml 1000 ml 80805 Greece: 33.90 € Cyprus: 31.90 € Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Freedom + FREE Aloe Vera Lip Care worth 5.90 € Recommended Daily Allowance: 3 x 30 ml 1000 ml 80855 Greece: 39.50 € Cyprus: 36.50 € This month! With every Aloe Vera Drinking Gel of your preference, you get completely free the Aloe Vera Lip Care for absolute hydration during the hotter months too! Find this month all the Drinking Gels in a special and fabulous packaging, ideal for a gift too! Free!
  26. 26. 26 With magnesium that contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue!1 1 Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue 26 LR world 05.15 Especially people who have a stressful everyday life, such as employed people and parents, often feel tired and weak during the season change due to the lack of balance. One cause is the disturbance of the acid-base balance to the restoration of which ProBalance contributes. The clever mix of minerals restores the acid-base balance in the body. This way, you can regain your full internal balance and harmony so as to welcome summer. Weakness before summer? 5.60€ YOU SAVE ProBalance Recommended Daily Allowance: 3 x 4 tablets 360 tablets / 252 g 80102 Greece: 33.50 € 27.90 € (110.71 € per 1000 g) Cyprus: 31.50 € 25.90 € (102.77 € per 1000 g) Perdailyallowance (NRV) 53% 87% 45% 150% 160% 15% Perdailyallowance (absolutenumber) 200 695 453 60 80 300 Potassium (mg) Magnesium (mg) 1 Calcium (mg) Copper (µg) Chromium (µg) Molybdenum (µg)
  27. 27. 60 100 240 75% – – Vitamin C (mg) Reishi powder (mg) Reishi extract (mg) Perdailyallowance (absolutenumber) Perdailyallowance (NRV) Only 1.90 € per day 27LR world 05.15 Rely on the beneficial properties of Reishi! Reishi, the “mushroom for long life”, as it is known in Asia, has been recognized for its beneficial properties. Its valuable ingredients have many properties, which are going to give you wellness and contribute to the better adaptation of your body to the season change. Get power now! 22.90€ YOU SAVE YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Reishi Plus Set of Two 80155 2 x Reishi Plus · 30 capsules / 15.2 g · 80331 TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 79.80 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 56.90 € Cyprus: from 73.00 € only 52.90 €
  28. 28. 28 LR world 05.15 THE RESEARCH Theoretical background: Purpose: STUDY OF THE ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES OF MIND MASTER Scientist Responsible for the Project: Elisavet Fragopoulou, Assistant Professor LR Health & Beauty in cooperation with the Charokopio University and the Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry of Natural Products, Mrs. Elisavet Fragopoulou, conducted a research in order to study the antioxidant properties of Mind Master Green Formula. Oxidative stress has an adverse impact on the body’s macromolecules such as proteins, lipoid and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA). Recent studies have highlighted the involvement of oxidative stress both in aging processes and various pathological conditions such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, neurological disorders etc. The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of the systematic consumption of the dietary supplement Mind Master that contains a combination of antioxidant molecules in oxidative stress markers. The study was double-blind placebo-controlled. The sample of the study consisted of 62 ostensibly healthy volunteers (58 of them completed their participation in the study) who received either Mind Master (80 ml/day) or the Placebo (80 ml/day) after a meal for 8 weeks. The people in the two groups were chosen so as to be of the same age, gender, with the same body mass index and the same smoking habits but were randomly included in one of the two groups (Mind Master or Placebo).
  29. 29. 29LR world 05.15 THE ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS SHOWED A DECREASE IN THE MARKER OF OXIDATIVE STRESS CONCERNING THE OXIDATION OF THE GENETIC MATERIAL. MORE SPECIFICALLY: The consumption of Mind Master resulted in decreased levels of 8-Hydroxyguanosine from the 4th week by 15% and went on until the 8th week, when the decrease reached 30%. The increased levels of 8-Hydroxyguanosine represent the DNA damages, which are caused by the continuous existence of oxidative stress in the body. This means that the consumption of Mind Master decreases by 30% the DNA/RNA oxidation in 2 months. DNA/RNA, in other words our genetic material, is one of the most important biomolecules of the body, whose continuous oxidation is involved in aging processes and increases the possibility of developing diseases. 8-Hydroxyguanosine weeks 0 4 8 pg/mmol 275.00 250.00 225.00 200.00 175.00 Placebo Mind Master trial Figure 1 Change in the levels of 8-Hydroxyguanosine during the intervention Basic Results: The daily consumption of Mind Master reduces the oxidation marker of the DNA and reinforces the body’s defense against oxidative stress.
  30. 30. 30 Are you planning your summer holidays and there is a total chaos? With Mind Master you have everything you need so as to organize your holidays concentrated as well as enjoy your short leisure break in May! The micronutrients included in Mind Master offer an optimal support. This way you will maintain control even if you have a lot of things to do, whereas Mind Master also allows you to begin your holidays relaxed. Mind Master Necessary for every trip! PROVEN Scientifically proven by EFSA: 1 Thiamin and Vitamin B12 contribute to the normal function of metabolic processes, which aim at the production of energy. 2 Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal function of the nervous system. 3 Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal psychological function. 4 Vitamin B12 and iron contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. 5 Iron contributes to the normal cognitive function. 6 Vitamin E contributes to the protection of the cells against oxidative stress. *European Food Safety Authority 30 LR world 05.15 The way in which the nutrients included in Mind Master help you: Vitamin E protects the cells against oxidative stress 6 Vitamin B12 supports the normal function of the nervous system 2, 3, 4 Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue 5
  31. 31. ONLY IN MAY!SET OF 2 +FREE 2 Silicon Braceletsworth 31.80 € 31LR world 05.15 YOU SAVE WITH THE SET Mind Master Set of Two Mind Master Green 80902 or Mind Master Red 80952 2 items of Mind Master + FREE 2 Silicon Bracelets in sizes S & Μ TOTAL SINGLE PRICE 61.60 € SET OFFER PRICE only Greece 29.80 € Cyprus: from 58.80 € only 27.80 € Free! Mind Master Silicon Bracelet 6218 - Medium 6219 - Small Greece: 15.90 € each Cyprus: 15.50 € each Recommended Daily Allowance: 80 ml
  32. 32. Aloe Vera Box Unique price in May! Aloe Vera box Aloe Vera Concentrate, Aloe Vera with Propolis and Aloe Vera Emergency Spray – the most popular emergency care products in the practical “emergency” Care Set. 20050 Greece: 48.30 € ONLY 29.90 € Cyprus: 46.30 € ONLY 28.90 € CodePart.:94044-410 GR/CY LR Health & Beauty Systems EPE – 14452 Metamorphosi Attiki Your LR Partner LR Health & Beauty Systems reserves the right to bring about changes on the products because of technical and quality improvements and disclaims any responsibility for misunderstandings due to typographical errors. -38% %