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LR world 2016/06 Eng


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Premium raw materials and careful processing guarantee that our products are of a high standard. Through regular internal and external checks we ensure that all LR consistently comply with the high-quality German standards.

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LR world 2016/06 Eng

  1. 1. 06 | 2016 Enjoy the sun with Aloe Vera Sun Care Must - Have Holiday Set June: Stress - free with Mind Master
  2. 2. The exposure, as well as the exercise under the sun demands special skin care, since salt and heat make our skin even more vulnerable to UVA and UVB radiation. Either exercising on the beach or taking a walk on the street, our skin must stay protected as long as possible! The Aloe Vera Sun Care Products protect and hydrate our skin. 50 SPF 30 SPF 20 SPF sun=fun
  3. 3. 3LR world 06.2016 SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Aloe Vera Sun Cream Set II 23041 Aloe Vera Active Sun Spray SPF 30 • 125 ml • 23010 21.99 € Aloe Vera Sun Cream SPF 50 • 75 ml • 23072 27.99 € + FREE GIFT Von Dutch cap price 32.00 € Total Single Price 81.98 € 41.90 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 80.98 € only 40.90 € SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Aloe Vera Sun Cream Set Ι 23040 Aloe Vera Active Sun Spray SPF 30 • 125 ml • 23010 21.99 € Aloe Vera Anti - Aging Sun Cream SPF 20 • 50 ml • 23074 21.99 € + FREE GIFT Von Dutch cap price 32.00 € Total Single Price 75.98 € 36.90 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 75.98 € only 36.90 € * Automatically added to your order. Random selection of colour and model. While stocks last. FREE GIFT* VON DUTCH CAP actual price 32€! 51% DISCOUNT UP TO
  4. 4. If I use sunblock, I won’t get a tan! FALSE! The truth is, when we don’t use sunblock, we get… a sunburn instead of a suntan! Redden, most of the times, leads to ugly peeling. On the contrary, the tan our skin gets with the use of a sunblock cream lasts longer; what’s more: we stay protected while enjoying the sun! TRUE or false? SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Aloe Vera Sun Care Set ΙΙ 3948 Aloe Vera Sun Cream SPF 50 • 75 ml • 23072 27.99 € Aloe Vera After Sun Gel Cream 200 ml • 3688 17.99 € + FREE GIFT Pareo actual price 26.00 € Total Single Price 71.98 € 38.90 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 69.98 € only 36.90 € SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Aloe Vera Sun Care Set Ι 3947 Aloe Vera Sun Lotion SPF 30 • 100 ml • 3730 17.99 € Aloe Vera After Sun Gel Cream 200 ml • 3688 17.99 € + FREE GIFT Pareo actual price 26.00 € Total Single Price 61.98 € 29.90 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 60.98 € only 28.90 € 30 SPF
  5. 5. 5LR world 06.2016 FREE GIFT* PAREO actual price 26€! 160 x 110 cm SIMPLE, FEXIBLE, STYLISH! Pareo is very common on the beach, however its use is much broader than that! There are numerous ways to use a pareo and wear this simple piece of cloth in at least 5 different ways! Made of 100% cotton - this gift will help you create your own, personal style! 51% DISCOUNT UP TO *While stocks last 50 SPF
  6. 6. Summer has finally arrived - this is a time for excursions and vacations! LR has prepared for you a necessary Holiday Set in a practical vanity case so that you’ ll be ready at any time for every sortie! Getting ready for a TRIP? FREE GIFT* PRACTICAL VANITY BAG FOR YOUR HOLIDAYS! actual price 8€! Dimensions: 24cm x 20cm *While stocks last
  7. 7. 7LR world 06.2016 SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Holiday Set 20280 Aloe Vera Hydratising Gel - Cream 50 ml • 20679 21.99 € Aloe Vera Cleansing Tissues 25 pcs. • 20012 5.99 € Aloe Vera Toothpaste 100 ml • 20070 6.99 € Microsilver Plus Dental Health Gum 10 x 1.4 g • 25091 3.99 € Microsilver Plus Deo Roll - On 50 ml • 25022 14.99 € Microsilver Plus Hand Gel 75 ml • 25051 16.99 € Aloe Vera Lip Balm • 4.8 g • 20317 5.99 € + FREE GIFT Holiday Vanity Bag actual price 8.00 € Total Single Price 84.93 € 68.00 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 82.93 € only 66.00 € 20% DISCOUNT WHAT TO TAKE WITH ME: Aloe Vera Hydratising Gel - Cream Aloe Vera Cleansing Tissues Aloe Vera Toothpaste Aloe Vera Lip Balm Microsilver Plus Dental Health Gum Microsilver Plus Deo Roll - On Microsilver Plus Hand Gel
  8. 8. As the temperature rises up, our skin becomes even more vulnerable to oiliness and, as a consequence, the sebaceous glands show an increased production of sebum. Therefore our facial skin gets full of blemishes and pimples. The Face Cream and Face Wash with MICROSILVER treat our skin efficiently, acting against bacteria and preventing blemishes from showing. Microsilver Face Cream reduces significantly skin’s oiliness, making your face bright in the summer as well! Let your face SHINE! SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Microsilver Plus Face Set 25004 Microsilver Plus Face Wash 150 ml • 25000 19.99 € Microsilver Plus Face Cream 50 ml • 25001 21.99 € Total Single Price 41.98 € 37.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 41.98 € only 37.99 € YOU SAVE 4€
  9. 9. 9LR world 06.2016 Begin treating your skin by applying the soft and refreshing Aloe Vera Foam Mask - it will revigorate and moisturize you in depth, thanks to its precious oils and extract of olive oil. After removing the mask, use the Racine Skin Softener in order to restore your skin’s Ph, by sealing the moisture and thus helping the moisturizing elements penetrate your skin easier. Complete the treatment with the Aloe Vera Concentrate - thanks to its high concentration of Aloe Vera, your skin receives extra hydration, optimal elasticity and shine…all day long! Bright, pretty skin ALL DAY! SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Face Cleansing Set 20281 Aloe Vera Face Mask 50 ml • 20119 17.99 € Aloe Vera Face Mask 100 ml • 20601 16.99 € +FREE GIFT Racine Tonic Lotion actual price 7.99 € Total Single Price 42.97 € 34.50 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 41.97 € only 33.50 € FREE GIFT RACINE SPECIAL CARE SKIN SOFTENER 20% DISCOUNT
  10. 10. Sun always gives prominence to women’s natural beauty… Your face will get a neat, natural bronze colour, while your features will be designated even more. All that you need to do is apply the summer Compact Makeup by Deluxe with SPF 20 and medium coverage, highlight your look with the Extreme Volume Mascara and hydrate your lips with the LR Colours Lipstick Care Balm! Ready to hit the road! natural Beauty SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER LR Colors Lipstick Care Balm Set of 2 pcs. 10432 2 x Care Balm Total Single Price 21.98 € 14.90 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 21.98 € only 14.90 € SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER LR Colours Extreme Volume Mascara Set of 2 pcs. 10337 2 x Extreme Volume Mascara “Absolute Black” Total Single Price 25.98 € 17.90 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 25.98 € only 17.90 € Deluxe Summer Foundation with SPF 20* Summer Compact Make-Up 9 g 11039-1 Light Beige 11039-2 Honey Greece 32.99 € 25.99 € Cyprus 31.99 € 25.50 € 32% DISCOUNT UP TO *While stocks last 20 SPF
  11. 11. 11LR world 06.2016 SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER LR Colours Set of 2 Eyeshadows 10365 01 | Mint n‘ Pine Green 10420-1 02 | Sky n ‘Water 10420-3 03 | Rose n‘ Grey 10420-4 04 | Taupe n‘ Bronze 10420-6 05 | Cashmere n‘ Copper 10420-7 06 | Mauve n‘ Plum 10420-8 07 | Gold n‘ Bronze 10420-9 08 | Vintage Rose n‘ Grape 10420-10 + FREE GIFT Glow Eye Pencil actual price 10.99 € Total Single Price 32.97 € 21.98 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 32.97 € only 21.98 € Colours EyeShadows: Double colours for a unique, stylish makeup to make you shine! Apply soft colours for a morning makeup and dark tones for a glamorous look on your nights out! Glance up and… STAND OUT! FREE GIFT 1 GLOW EYE PENCIL WITH THE PURCASE OF 2 EYESHADOWS OF YOUR SELECTION 33% DISCOUNT Tip: No 1 Makeup Artists’ trick is a bright look! The Glow Eye Pencil by Colours has two sides: soft pink for your day make up and bright white for a special evening look! Apply on the outer corner of your eye, as well as on the eyebrow arrow and make everyone look you in the eye! 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
  12. 12. SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Microsilver Tips Care Set 25058 Microsilver plus Foot Balm 100 ml • 25052 19.99 € Microsilver plus Hand Cream 75 ml • 25050 19.99 € Total Single Price 39.98 € 31.50 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 39.98 € only 31.50 € Neat tips make the difference: that goes both for women and men! Especially during summer, when temperatures rise, palms and feet sweat, making hand and foot creams by MicroSilver the ideal solution for your tips’ hygiene, since they contain the antibacterial element MicroSilver, that forms a protective film around your skin against all germs and bacteria! Summer care 21% DISCOUNT Nail File for bright nails - 4 sides • For nails with natural shine • Evens out and shines the nails 823 Greece 3.99 € Cyprus 3.99 €
  13. 13. 13LR world 06.2016 SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER LR Colours Set of 2 Nail Lacquers 10216 01 | Marshmallow White 10400-1 02 | Frosty Vanilla 10400-2 03 | Ballerina Rose 10400-3 04 | Sandy Beige 10400-4 05 | Toffee Cream 10400-5 06 | Latte Macchiato 10400-6 07 | Happy Coral 10400-7 08 | Pink Flamenco 10400-8 09 | Foxy Fuchsia 10400-9 10 | Red Kiss 10400-10 11 | Black Cherry 10400-11 12 | Lady Lilac 10400-12 13 | Brown Truffle 10400-13 14 | Smokey Grey 10400-14 +FREE GIFT LR Colours Nail Top Coat actual price 6.99 € Total Single Price 20.97 € 13.98 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 20.97 € only 13.98 € FREE GIFT LR Colours Nail Top Coat Put some colour in your life! Pick the True Colour that suits your mood! • Perfect coverage and shine • Broad, long lasting colour • Precise applying thanks to its professional brush 33% DISCOUNT With 2 colours of your selection You get the Top Coat for FREE - for shiny and long lasting result! 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
  14. 14. SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Algetics Feet Set 27513 Foot Leg Gel • 100 ml • 27511 8.99 € Foot Cream • 100 ml • 27510 9.99 € Foot Peeling • 100 ml • 27512 8.99 € Total Single Price 27.97 € 22.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 27.97 € only 22.99 € Flip - flops, sandals or just barefoot…summer is the time to show our beautiful feet! Thanks to the Algetics products, your feet are ready to face the sun and bedazzle everyone! The Peeling and the Cream assure smooth and well - treated skin, whereas Foot Leg Gel blocks bad odors leaving a cooling effect. A unique wellness treatment on your… feet! Wear your FAVOURITE Flip - flops! 18% DISCOUNT
  15. 15. 15LR world 06.2016 SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Algetics Wellness Seaweed Set 27528 Silhouette Cream • 150 ml • 27525 21.99 € Contour Gel • 150 ml • 27526 21.99 € Shower Scrub • 150 ml • 27527 17.99 € Shower Glove • 4510 3.99 € +FREE GIFT Cactus Candle actual price 15.00 € Total Single Price 80.96 € 52.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 80.96 € only 52.99 € Thalasso treatment contains sea’s best substances, like seaweed or seashells. Algetics Thalasso Cosmetics series uses the power of the sea on a target: Thanks to its high effective seaweed combination, Algetics Thalasso products give a pleasant feeling of tightness and care to your skin. Nurturing our skin as much as possible 35% DISCOUNT *While stocks last FREE GIFT* CACTUS CANDLE 12 x 7.5 cm
  16. 16. 01 02 06 09 07 10 08 11 0403 05 LR Classics Edp Man 50 ml 01| 3295-60 Stockholm 02| 3295-62 Boston 03| 3295-59 Monaco 04| 3295-61 Niagara 05| 3295-51 Singapore Greece 16.99 € Cyprus 15.99 € LR Classics Edp Woman 50 ml 06| 3295-23 Antigua 07| 3295-24 Marbella 08| 3295-26 Valencia 09| 3295-27 Los Angeles 10| 3295-06 Hawaii 11| 3295-20 Santorini Greece 16.99 € Cyprus 15.99 € LR Classics
  17. 17. 17LR world 06.2016 SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER LR Classics Aroma Set 3 in the price of 2 30058 3 x LR Classic Edp (3 x 50 ml) Total Single Price 50.97 € 33.98 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 47.97 € only 31.98 € LR Classics fragrances belong in the Topsellers list and are undeniably appreciated by thousands of people around the world. The aromatic settings of the LR Classics give a magical and charming feeling to anyone who wears, but also to anyone who… enjoys them! 3for 2
  18. 18. Bruce Willis Summer Edition Edp 50 ml 30043 Greece 38.99 € Cyprus 37.99 € Bruce Willis at his very best! The limited Summer Edition of his bestseller fragrance “Personal Edition” represents the joy of life, while giving off the Californian lifestyle. Refreshing and revigorating: with grapefruit, basil and pine. in the citySummer
  19. 19. 19LR world 06.2016 Karolina Kurkova Summer Edition Edp 50 ml 30041 Greece 32.99 € Cyprus 31.99 € Feel the power of the sun within your grasp! Enchanting berry, together with fresh lemon blossoms compose the limited fragrance by Karolina Kurkova: awakens the senses, inspires and literally shines of liveliness! let the in! sunshine
  20. 20. ZEITGARD Anti - Age Management is a complete and pioneering system that endows a younger look of the skin in just 3 simple steps. It takes only 5 minutes to cleanse your skin thoroughly and have an effective anti - aging treatment according to your needs and skin type. A COMPLETE care system STEP 1 CLEANSING STEP 2 ANTI-AGE STEP 3 CARE The key to a successful care is the deep cleansing. ZEITGARD Cleansing System offers 10 times more efficient cleansing compared to the classic cleansing by hand. ZEITGARD 1 with MICROSILVER technology, along with specially designed cleansing products render deep cleansing and prepare optimally the skin for the next care steps. ZEITGARD Anti - Age System is the next step for an efficient wrinkle reduction. ZEITGARD 2 and the special developed anti - age products are designed to cover every need of the skin and reduce in long term the signs of time effectively. The thermic technology of heating and cooling, but also the vibration technology let the anti - aging active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin’s layers. ZEITGARD Anti - Age Care System concludes in a unique way your anti - age care, helping your skin retain its look, thanks to its regeneratine action.
  21. 21. 21LR world 06.2016 MONTHS SOFT SKIN STEP 1 CLEANSING FREE GIFT ONE BRUSH OF YOUR SELECTION YOU SAVE 53€ SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER ZEITGARD 1 Cleansing Device Beauty Kit for Normal Skin 70010 Beauty Kit for Sensitive Skin 70011 Zeitgard 1 Cleansing Device with Classic or Soft Cleansing Brush 199.99 € 3 x Cleansing Cream or Gel 59.97 € +FREE GIFT one brush of your selection actual price 27.99 € Total Single Price 287.95 € 234.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 278.95 € only 227.99 € NORMAL SKIN • Unique Sanitation thanks the special filaments of the brush that contain the MICROSILVER antibacterial technology. • Deep Cleansing for every need and skin type • Noticeable Result without tiring the skin • Smoother Skin, shiny and healthy
  22. 22. ZEITGARD Anti - Age Hydration Set: Ideal for young skin Since the age of 25, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and vitality, whereas around the age of 30 the first thin wrinkles begin to show. ZEITGARD Anti - Age Hydration Cream - Gel combined with the special technology of ZEITGARD 2 aims to enhance the structure of the skin, which shows the first signs of aging. Briefly, the Hydrating Cream - Gel gives you: • Advanced, oil - free hydration • Support of the contour of the face, even when the first aging signs appear • Targeted combination of innovating active ingredients - Patch H2O and Ultra Filling Spheres ZEITGARD Anti - Age Restructuring Set: Ideal for mature skin Since the middle of the third decade, our skin begins to lose its tight constitution, the contour of the face loosens and the connective tissue loses elasticity, firmness and density. ZEITGARD Anti - Age Restructuring Cream - Gel combined with ZEITGARD’S 2 special technology supports cellular structure with active regeneration complexes that penetrate deep into the skin. Briefly, the Restructuring Cream - Gel gives you: • Regeneration of the mature skin • Reduces wrinkles • Deep care of the skin MAKE TIME YOUR ALLY! ZEITGARD Anti - Age Eye Serum The skin around the eye area is particularly thin; as a result, the first wrinkles that appear in this area are directly visible. ZEITGARD Anti - Age System Eye Serum combined with ZEITGARD 2 provide the sensitive and thin around-the-eyes area with the necessary moisture. Thus, the firmness and elasticity of the skin is being restored and further enhanced.
  23. 23. 3 1 5 4 2 6 23LR world 06.2016 YOU SAVE 82€ STEP 2 ANTI-AGE SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Anti-Age System ZEITGARD ZEITGARD 2 Anti - Aging Device 249.99 € Eye Serum 75.99 € Eye Serum 71006 + Hydration Cream - Gel 65.99 € Restructuring Set 71007 + Restructuring Cream - Gel 65.99 € Total Single Price 391.97 € 309.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 388.97 € only 304.99 € 1. Start with the area under the eyes and the “crow’s feet” by applying the Eye Serum and move the ZEITGARD 2 device slowly back and forth. 2. Select the cold mode and repeat instantly on the same eye. Repeat the whole process of heat and cold on the other eye. 3. Apply the Hydration or Restructuring Cream - Gel (according to your skin’s needs) on your forehead and form wavy moves with the ZEITGARD 2 device. 4. Turn to cold and repeat right after. 5. Apply the Hydrating or Restructuring Cream - Gel (according to your skin’s needs) on your cheek and form with the device wavy moves on the edge of the nose and on the smile lines. 6. Switch into cold and repeat right after. Repeat this procedure on the other cheek. The required time is almost 15 seconds for each eye and 30 seconds for the forehead. The vibration is optional, however by activating this function you add to the deep penetration of the substances into the skin!
  24. 24. SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Nanogold Set 28188 Day Cream, Night Cream Total Single Price 68.98 € 43.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 66.98 € only 42.99 € SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Beauty Diamonds Set 28300 Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream Total Single Price 111.97 € 65.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 108.97 € only 64.50 € STEP 3 CARE NANOGOLD: YOUNG SKIN Gold and Silk: together against time! One of the main reasons of skin aging is the UVA radiation. Two valuable raw materials, gold and silver, join their forces in the Nanogold care series and act against photoaging. Gold absorbs UVA rays and silk plays the role of an aminoacids’ storeroom, thus contributing to skin‘s natural structure regeneration. BEAUTY DIAMONDS: MATURE SKIN Diamonds are considered to be priceless and exclusive. LR has placed these precious elements in your skin’s care. The Beauty Diamonds Series helps the skin get firmer and, if used continuously, reduces visible wrinkles and supplies optimally the mature and tired skin. UVA PROTECTION
  25. 25. 25LR world 06.2016 SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Serox Set 28238 Intensive Result Cream, Intensive Result Serum, Wrinkle care, Professional Eye Pads Total Single Price 214.96 € 123.50 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 209.96 € only 119.99 € SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Platinum Man’s Set 28469 Anti - Aging Cream, Cream - Gel Express Eye Cooler Total Single Price 66.98 € 41.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 64.98 € only 39.99 € PLATINUM: EVERY man NEEDS THEM! Facial skin’s care is now an everyday duty for every man. The Platinum care series contains active products for simple and everyday use. SEROX: TREATMENT BY A SPECIALIST! The absolute anti - wrinkle solution against mimic lines. The Serox care products loosen face muscles and prevent mimic lines from forming. Thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients, thin wrinkles are reduced. Your smile gets a natural, clean expression, whereas your face looks amazingly younger. 43% DISCOUNT UP TO
  26. 26. The protection and enhancement of muscular tissue is essential for a healthy metabolism. It is known, that the composure of our body plays an important role to Basic Metabolism and therefore to our body’s burning procedures. If, however, the consumption of proteins is not enough during your summer getaways, then Figuactiv Protein Drink is the one for you. Simply by following the Recommended Daily Use, you offer your body 10 g of protein, magnesium and vitamin B6. WHY ARE PROTEINS important? FiguActiv Protein Drink 375 g 80550 Greece 48.99 € (130.64 € per 1000 g) Cyprus 41.99 € (111.97 € per 1000 g)
  27. 27. 27LR world 06.2016 The primal power of the first hours of life helps you greet summer, since temperature’s change can influence your body’s defense. The bovine colostrum contains a wide range of peptides and proteins with instant antimicrobial action. It also contains peptides with antibacterial action, such as lactoferin and lysozyme. An important fact about colostrum is that it contains substances with direct antimicrobial action, but also with indirect, through stimulation of the cells of the immune system, in order to produce factors, which will “fight” the harmful microorganisms thus preventing their intrusion. The package and shape of the colostrum in the Colostrum Pearls makes it easy to carry and thus you can have it always with you, now that your getaways are more frequent. Get the pack of 6 pcs. of Colostrum Direct in an isotherm bag, which we give you for FREE, to carry it simply and safely! POWERFUL IMMUNE SYSTEM SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Colostrum Direct Set of 6 pcs. 80364 Set of 6 pcs of Colostrum Direct (6 x 125 ml) + FREE GIFT isotherm bag actual price 9.00 € Total Single Price 284.94 € 259.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 248.94 € only 223.50 € Colostrum pearls 60 g 80362 Greece 64.99 € (108.32 € per 100 g) Cyprus 54.99 € (91.65 € per 100 g) FREE GIFT* ISOTHERM BAG 20 x 14 x 14 cm YOU SAVE 25€ *Because of high temperatures, LR sends the Set of 6 pcs. of Colostrum Direct straight in a special isotherm pack to ensure the protection of the colostrum. While stocks last.
  28. 28. This period is for many students tough, because of the exams that require many hours of studying. Support your body with the necessary omega-3 fatty acids that enhance the memory and the spiritual efficiency. Of course, apart from the omega-3 fatty acids, also Vitamin B is essential for the mental function. With just one teaspoon each day from VitaAKTIV and VitaAKTIV Tropic, depending on which flavor you prefer, you cover the 100% in 8 vitamins of the B complex, vitamin E and by 200% in vitamin D. EXAMS: SUPPORT NEEDED! SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Super Omega 3 activ Set of 2 pcs. 80349 2 x Super Omega 3 activ (2 x 60 capsules) Total Single Price 87.98 € 74.99 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 73.98 € only 63.99 € Vita Aktiv 150 ml 80301 Greece 21.99 € (14.66 € per 100 ml) Cyprus 17.99 € (11.99 € per 100 ml) Vita Aktiv Tropic 150 ml 80510 Greece 21.99 € (14.66 € per 100 ml) Cyprus 17.99 € (11.99 € per 100 ml) 15% DISCOUNT Omega-3 FATTY ACIDS: Beneficial for a healthy brain function
  29. 29. 29LR world 06.2016 The stillness of studying or of the hectic daily life is for most of us cause for nibbling and consequently for extra weight. Cistus Incanus Herbal Tea is an ideal solution, since it can be combined with cinnamon sticks, orange or lemon peels and crushed ice. It can be consumed any time of the day offering you cistus’ valuable substances. Healthy studying! SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Cistus Incanus Herbal Tea Set of 2 pcs. 80426 2 x Cistus Incanus Herbal Tea (2 x 250 g) Total Single Price 37.98 € 25.98 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 31.98 € only 21.50 € 32% DISCOUNT
  30. 30. Stress can influence people’s normal daily life in an intellectual, but also physical level. Mind Master is a supplement rich in antioxidant substances, such as resveratrol, chlorophyll, green tea and vitamin E. Moreover, it contains substances that enhance physical performance like choline, iron, etc. Stress makes us vulnerable to food with many calories. Love your body and introduce to your daily life the FiguActiv bars. By replacing one daily meal with one FiguAktiv bar, saying goodbye to small sins will be a piece of… cake! Save calories directly, without having the annoying feel of hunger! SAVE WITH THE SET OFFER Mind Master Formula Green Set of 5 pcs. 80905 Mind Master Formula Red Set of 5 pcs. 80955 5 x Mind Master (5 x 500 ml) +FREE GIFT FiguActiv Set of 3 bars of your selection actual price 16.99 € Total Single Price 101.94 € 76.10 €SET OFFER PRICE Cyprus from 83.94 € only 64.90 € SAY NO TO STRESS AND FATTENING SNACK 80269 (3x60g) Mix Bars 80431 (3x60g) Crunchy Caramel Bars 80430 (3x60g) Nougat Bars 80432 (3x60g) Strawberry - Yogurt Bars Greece 16.99 € (9.44 € per 100 g) Cyprus 13.99 € (7.77 € per 100 g)
  31. 31. 31LR world 06.2016 25% DISCOUNT FREE GIFT 3-PACK OF BARS FiguActiv OF YOUR SELECTION WITH EVERY 5-PACK Green or RED
  32. 32. GR/CY LR Health Beauty Systems LTD - 14452 Metamorphosi Attiki Your LR Partner LR Health Beauty Systems reserves the right to bring about changes on the products because of technical and quality improvements and disclaims any responsibility for misunderstandings due to typographical errors. SPECIAL OFFERALOE VERA HAIR BODY WASH SET OF 2 PCS. Quick and deep cleansing for body and hair - leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness on the skin. Make your morning shower refreshing by switching from hot to cold and vice versa. Thus your blood circulation will be invigorated! After soaping your body and hair, rinse with hot water, then turn to cold and enjoy the feeling of freshness and vitalization. 2 x 250 ml 20159 GREECE from 27.98 € ONLY 17.90 €(35.80 € per 1000 ml) CYPRUS from 27.98 € ONLY 17.90 € (35.80 € per 1000 ml) Aloe Vera Shampoo for Hair and Body DISCOUNT 36 %