The Body Shop - eCRM Initiatives


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eCRM class assignment.
We selected a brand and suggested how it could apply Social CRM strategies, principles and technologies to its business model in order to enhance the customer Experience and value proposition, build the brand and drive sales.

Key: Personalization.

[july 2011]
eCRM - Professor: Andrew Campbell
Master of Digital Marketing - HULT London

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The Body Shop - eCRM Initiatives

  1. 1. Introduction• -nRA
  2. 2. E-CRM STRUCTURE WOMEN MEN &WOMEN I love my bundle Blog Makeover E-mail SPA The panel MEN My little cabinet Network of Men e-CRM consultants Program Granny knows best
  3. 3. Email Marketing Improving the channel:• Subscription form should contain additional information• Distinguish offline type of customer• Personalise the channel based on the answers in registration form• Provide form filling in Facebook and special offers via Twitter• Involve digital designers to optimise the email’s structure and its attractiveness to the customer
  4. 4. Love your blogAn interactive blog that creates a continuous dialogue with acustomer. There will be several categories and Q&A section.The Categories• Facial care• Tutorials Make-up• Beauty at work• Your day with The Body Shop• Men’s products• Travelling suggestionSpreadingShare the blog through social networks (Facebook, Twitter),main website link, email updates
  5. 5. Get my makeover now!Main aim of service: Provide real makeover experiences with professional advices from different specialists.Personalized Service: Makeover with real customers, using the products they are currently or willing to use based on their main needs. BENEFITS CUSTOMER BRAND Consumers become co-creators of their Credibility of the brand. own experiences.Inform and update customers of the most recent Increase of customer participation in social news and tips of Body Shop products. media networks.Give them access to information that allows them Body Shop will identify and retainto be informed, empowering choices which thus, customers, by providing real experiences. provide brand awareness and value.
  6. 6. My little cabinet A virtual cabinet will have a record of the products they have purchased in the customer profile account. An email will be sent to the customer near the date the products will near end of use according to the standard usage statistic, to remember them to visit The Body Shop and refill their cabinet with new ones. BENEFITS CUSTOMER BRAND Active participation in the purchase process by suggesting acquisition of products andNever be without their favourite products. increasing the opportunity of cross selling.The customer will feel that The Body Shop is thinking about their well-being. Personal data collected to use in better segmentation for the email campaigns and to determine they most valuable customers.
  7. 7. Because Granny knows best…Customers will create and share their best home tips for beauty. Afterthey post their ideas, other customers will rate them at the end of eachmonth and the most effective, could be considered for the creation ofnew products that will be sold on The Body Shop stores. Benefit to consumer Customer are part of the brand, they will become the creators of new products, and their ideas could become real. • Benefit to brand • Huge poll of new product ideas created for free by the customer. • Increase engagement with the brand
  8. 8. Consultant NetworkConsultants will do more than sell. We will train them to offer expertadvice and to demonstrate specific treatments. Once they undertakethe course, The Body Shop certificate will qualify them to engagecustomers.• Create a consultant’s network available via website and via mobile phone.• Create a public directory of consultants in London. •Google Maps will form the base of the CONSULTANT FINDER. •Customers that are looking for services to be delivered at home can find the appropriate and nearest Consultant.
  9. 9. “I Love my bundle” Main aim of service: Offer customized bundles for women in daily life. BENEFITS CUSTOMER BRANDCredibility in the brand ,enhancing a long-term Female products incremental sales. relationship.Personalised purchase experience. Adding value Conversion of customers to loyal by creation of own bundle: The Body Shop customers. signature.Promotions, and excellence in delivering online Building The Body Shop customer and offline customer service. trust and value.
  10. 10. Join the panel Loyal customers will be invited to rate products before they even get to the market. Objectives: • Get customer´s insight for product development and communications• Build a group of brand advocates that would spread the word of the products• Get trials of the product that will finally impact in the product sale. BENEFITS CUSTOMER BRAND Getting products for free Get feedback for product development. Get advocates of the brand that would spread Being informed of the latest developments the word. Reward loyalty and improve the relationshipThe pride of being “part” of “The Body Shop” with current customers
  11. 11. The Body Shop SPA You don’t pick a package, you will create it. You choose between all the options of products and services we have. It is your chance to try them all • The customer is invited to the Spa: a) By accumulating points with the loyalty card. b) By creating and buying your package / gift vouchers • Segmentation by customer needs and wants Beauty HealthFacial & Skin Body treatments Relaxing Sleep retreat Pedicure & manicure Detox Groups Special Day at Spa for friends Before wedding Couple packages Pregnancy
  12. 12. Men CRM program 30% of the visitors of The Body Shop. Men offer high growth potential. • Acquisition of the fastest growing segment of the market by setting up the right “environment” for them http://universityhealth.wordpr • Genuinely interested in looking healthy week-of-love-healthy-vs- unhealthy-relationships/ BENEFITS CUSTOMER BRAND Create an open space for men to talk about Female product incremental sales by tackling a their health and beauty concerns. new customer segment (husbands) Acquisition of the fastest growing segment ofGet expert advice without going to the doctor. the market by setting up the right “environment” for them
  13. 13. Blog Network of Men e-CRM The Body Shop E-mail SPA consultants Granny knows best Program Benefits The panel My little cabinet  I love my bundle Makeover CUSTOMER BRAND• product options • each existing and new target what the customer is looking for. audience by: a. roviding relevant information.• nhancing a long-term b. ncreasing f existing relationship. channel . c. eaching the• Personalised purchase at the right time. experience etter feedback from customers• discounts online and offline service.