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Belief box


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Belief box

  1. 1. Belief BoxHow to build a sacred brand ?
  2. 2. World religions are the most powerful brands Long lasting, millions of followers worldwide, control over behaviour, loyaltybeyond reason, a strong sense of superiority, a shared belief worth fighting for, …
  3. 3. The way we process impressions of our favoritebrands is very similar to the way we experiencereligious experiences Martin Lindstrom, Buyology
  4. 4. Apple Stores: Sacred places Genius Bar: missionariesMacworld conferences:Sacred moments Apple design: Sensory attractiveness Fanboys: A strong sense of belonging Apple Packaging RitualsDe Ipad: Apps: Miracle Think different: Meaningful symbols and signs Powerful storytelling
  5. 5. traditional versus " new marketing
  6. 6. old rule Create safe, similar massproducts, communicate themwith via mass media to amass audience, anddifferentiate them with anUSP new rule Orchestrate unique brand experiences that are attractive to share
  7. 7. the new marketing paradigmaLand of promise! Land of proof! Traditional marketing New marketing!   Interruption !   Collaboration!   Reach people with message !   Invite to a shared philosophy!   Turn proposition into promise !   Turn proposition into!   Create perception demonstration !   Create transformation
  8. 8. the new CSR paradigmaLand of promise! Land of proof! Traditional CSR New CSR 2.0!   Philanthropic !   Collaborative!   Risk-based !   Reward-based!   Image-driven !   Performance-driven!   Specialized !   Integrated!   Marginal !   Scalable
  9. 9. Land of promise! Land of proof! Buy attention to Be remarkable todo the talking be talked about
  10. 10. Land of promise! Land of proof! Develop a Developmessage a meaning
  11. 11. “Sustainability” doesn’t sell withtraditional marketing (green washing?)
  12. 12. What is a brand ? visual   style   mission  &   company   vision   culture   tone-­‐of-­‐voice   storytelling   events   community  A brand is a cluster of consistent culturalideas with an intention
  13. 13. Belief Box"9 building blocks
  14. 14. 1 clear vision"on life that comes with a sharp commitment
  15. 15. clear visionGoal !   Create a central philosophy and purpose for the brand that includes your sustainability strategy. Supporting questions Why ? How ? What ?
  16. 16. WHY: (the vision/ the shared value) What is our clear vision on life? Whats our belief? HOW: (the strategy/ the new business model) Whats our sharp commitment to the world to contribute to this vision? WHAT: (the offer/ the benefit) Whats our offer that enables followers to buy-in? What difference does it makes for our users and society? Simon Sinek, The Golden Circle
  17. 17. WHY: Ecover believes the worldwould be a better place if we wouldlook beyond chemical resources &redefine cleaning standards HOW: that’s why Ecover pioneers and uses the power of nature to outperform the conventional products WHAT: We make great products that are tough on dirth and at the same time soft for your health, your home and nature
  18. 18. WHY: In everything we do,we believe in breaking thestatus-quo, we believe inthinking differently HOW: the way we break the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, easy to oversee and user-friendly. WHAT: thinking like that, we just happen to make great computers, digital devices and services
  19. 19. WHY: We believe we can savecivilization without compromising ourprosperity HOW: We do that by redesigning our linear industrial production system into closed loops of materials and energy, just like nature does WHAT: The result is a new practice we call cradle to cradle that aims for healthy products with a positive footprint
  20. 20. 2 powerful conflict"that defines who we are, and who we are not
  21. 21. powerful conflictGoal !   Come up with a single-minded idea that proves we are the only right oneSupporting questions What other beliefs and religions are around? How to represent our superiority towards other beliefs?
  22. 22. 3sense of belonging" powered by a shared purpose
  23. 23. sense of belongingGoal !   Find ways in which you can turn a group of followers into a supporting communitySupporting questions How to engage stakeholders to help define our sustainability roadmap? How to invite others to co-create products and services?
  24. 24. 4 missionaries"spread our gospel all over the world
  25. 25. missionariesGoal !   Come up with ideas on how our brand becomes contagious trough conversationsSupporting questions How can we enlighten and empower our internal culture with our philosophy? How can we engage and empower followers and turn them into missionaries?
  26. 26. 5 rituals"help us conquer the heart and soul of the people
  27. 27. ritualsGoal !   Extend the range of sensory elements and rituals that intensify our brand as total experience Supporting questions What makes us easy to recognize? How to involve senses and rituals to improve the brand experience?
  28. 28. 6 storytelling"that keeps our brand interesting and relevant
  29. 29. storytellingGoal !   Unlock the content we posses and turn them into captivating storytelling Supporting questions What interesting stories are to be found in our history, heritage, company culture, policies, product development or daily practice of our users? If we start our own saga, who would be the spokesperson, the hero, the opponent and what would be the challenge?
  30. 30. 7 miracles"that make us larger then life
  31. 31. miraclesGoal !   find a way to be awesome and become a media darling Supporting questions What events, challenges and achievements are exceptional so they can provide us with additional magic? How can we depict these challenges and achievements? How can we share them with the world?
  32. 32. 8 symbols"that provide access to the devine
  33. 33. symbolsGoal !   Develop a visual language to demonstrate our sustainability effortsSupporting questions How can we depict our key commitments towards society trough infographics, iconography or metaphors ?
  34. 34. 9sacred places & moments" where we get in touch with our followers
  35. 35. sacred places & momentsGoal !   Select and create powerful touch-points where we can reach, engage and convert people into followersSupporting questions What are the most important places and moments to be present with our gospel? Should we create new places and moments? How to engage people to our offering?
  36. 36. Did this Spark an idea ?