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Bing nashville ama_11.8.11


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Bing nashville ama_11.8.11

  1. 1. It Don’t Mean A Thing…If It Ain’t Got That Bing !!Kunal Das, Bing Evangelist @kunal29
  2. 2. Who Are You?• Emdeon• Amsurg• Sullivan Branding• Centresource• Etc.
  3. 3. Who Are You?
  4. 4. The Evolution of Bing’s Big Bets the Web Integrating Best Practices: Social Into The Future SEM, SEO, Social Search
  5. 5. Join The Twitter Conversation! #NAMAbing @kunal29 @NashvilleAMA
  6. 6. The Evolution Of The Web
  7. 7. The Social Media Landscape
  8. 8. Source: Visualizing Friendships, Facebook, Dec 13 2010
  9. 9. Why Bing?
  10. 10. MakingDecisions &Completing Tasks
  11. 11. Experience Is a Lens Experts & People Like Me Friends & Family Myself
  12. 12. Web of People & Conversations Web of Pages & Content
  13. 13. Live Demo
  14. 14. The Search Alliance
  15. 15. How It Works Your Sites Algo Results Algo Results SEARCH USERS SEARCH USERS
  16. 16. One Ad Platform.Two Consumer Experiences.
  17. 17. Early Results
  18. 18. More volume with less effortUnited States 3.3B Monthly 5.9B Monthly Searches2 2.6B Monthly Searches1 Searches1 122M Unique Searchers1 167M Unique Searchers2 30.6% Share2 103M Unique Searchers1 17.2% Share1 13.4% Share1 1. comScore Core Search, September 2011. 2. comScore Core Search (custom), September 2011. 28
  19. 19. Likely to spend moreUnited States Audience Buying Power Index 140 • Our audience is significant in 126.1 119.2 size, and in online purchase 120 activity. The unique searchers on Microsoft and Yahoo! sites 100 100 (including Yahoo! Search, Bing, and partners) are: 80 • likely to spend 26% more than the average searcher, 60 • and likely to spend 5.8% more 40 than Google searchers in the U.S. 20 0 Microsoft and Google Average Yahoo! sites Internet Source: comScore Core Search (custom), September 2011. 29
  20. 20. Connect with searchers you can’treach elsewhereUnited States • 34.4% of the unique searchers using Microsoft and Yahoo! sites (including Yahoo! Search, Bing, Microsoft and Yahoo! unique 167 and partners) do not use Google in searchers1 Million the U.S.1 Microsoft and Yahoo! • That’s 58 million unique searchers unique searchers that in the U.S. that you can only reach don’t use Google1 58 Million with search ads through Microsoft Advertising adCenter.1 • That’s ~20% of U.S. population, unduplicated. 1. comScore Core Search (custom), September 2011. 30
  21. 21. Market Performance UpdatesPerformance metrics for the marketplace continue to strengthen. Performance Volume We continue to see strong ROI and We continuously monitor the market improving CTR and CPC metrics. and traffic quality, to help maximize clicks and optimize ROI. • “We saw a 43% higher click volume at a An ongoing, rich pipeline of experiments 10% lower CPC. Click through rates did from adCenter engineering, including newshow a 9% improvement on a QoQ basis, matching and optimization technologies, implying improved ad matching and/or will help incrementally improve the traffic characteristics. .” marketplace. - Marin Software11Source: Marin Software Q3 2011 study 31 31
  22. 22. Best Practices For Bing
  23. 23. SEM
  24. 24. 7 adCenter Best Practices
  25. 25.  30% of queries in the US, over 20% of paid search clicks Higher quality traffic, consistently higher conversion rates Competitive pressure is lower, leading to higher ROI If you are not on Bing, you’re leaving $$$ on the table Drive it differently
  26. 26. When you bid on broad, DO NOTBest Practice leave phrase and exact blank • Bid explicitly for each match type • Track click performance via URL parameter {matchtype} • Use delivered match type KW performance report Ad Group Keyword Exact Bid Phrase Bid Broad Bid Bad AdGroup 1 Car $4.00 Ad Group Keyword Exact Bid Phrase Bid Broad Bid Good AdGroup 1 Car $5.00 $3.65 $4.00
  27. 27. Best Practice Start high, tweak lower • New terms should start off bidding higher than normal • Phrase bids at 75% of Exact bids • Broad bids at 85% of Exact bids *Tip: minimum bid at least $0.40 to pass avg. min bid thresholdBest Practice Bid boost your target audience • Use adCenter’s unique incremental bidding feature to boost your bid for a specific age & gender
  28. 28. A keyword research and optimization tool to forecast &zero in on your target audience (Excel plug-in).
  29. 29. A keyword research and optimization tool (Excel plug-in).
  30. 30. Admin-free upgradesMost Loved Tactics: Advanced filtering (by QS, etc.) Copy & paste targeting settings Find / Replace Directly import campaigns with AdWords username & passwords
  31. 31. For Mac Users:  Partition the Mac drive to run both Mac & Windows  Or, install Parallels 7, a virtualization software for Mac OS X. Allows user to run both Mac & Windows
  32. 32. Position CTR Click ShareMain Line 5.45% - 19.22% 93.97%Side Bar 0.32% - 0.95% 6.03%
  33. 33. What is it?Become a Microsoft adCenter expert throughfree training and accreditation.Why become accredited?Build your resume, train your employeesGet started:1. Train with 32 free videos.2. Take exam, free now for a limited time.3. Free Exam Code: K5E2PSPX18Benefits:Free training, inclusion in Find a Pro directory,Membership Directory, Member Spotlight,badge use, and more.Get started
  34. 34. #7 Free Training & Exam Voucher Code K5E2PSPX18
  35. 35. SEO
  36. 36. Bing Webmaster Tools (Organic)
  37. 37. How It Works Your Sites Algo Results Algo Results SEARCH USERS SEARCH USERS
  38. 38. Bing Webmaster Tools! Site Explorer Bing Webmaster Top Features:Start using Bing Webmaster • Index Explorer: URL level link trackingTools today to optimize for • Crawl Delay: Configure when we crawlboth Bing and Yahoo. • Deep Link Control: Remove, or re- prioritize organic deep linksWhen worldwide transition is • In-depth traffic stats: Insights on impressions, clicks, query terms,complete Site Explorer will keywords that drive traffic to your site.shut down.
  39. 39. Crawl Delay: Configurable by the HourUser in control• Ask us to crawl slower during peak business hours• Crawl faster during off-peakSimple• Create crawl graph by dragging your mouse pointer across the graph• Fine tune by clicking individual columns, too.
  40. 40. Deep Link Control
  41. 41. Don’t Forget… >
  42. 42. Bing Business Portal (Local)
  43. 43. Bing Business Portal: Edit Local Listings
  44. 44. Edit Local Listings: Bing Business
  45. 45. Social
  46. 46. Social Media Do’s• Fresh & Relevant• Authoritative• Popular• Timely• Links• Quality
  47. 47. Social Media Do-not’s• Spam• Think you can “set it and forget it”• Pay a service for false “followers” or “like farms”*FYI: The patterns & volume of ALLsharing is tracked
  48. 48. Resources For You
  49. 49. Bing Support Resources 1. Bing Webmaster Tools (SEO Headquarters) 2. Bing Webmaster Tools Blog 3. Bing Business Portal (Manage Local Listings) 4. adCenter Blog (Paid Search) 5. Bing Support (All Other Organic: Maps, Etc.)
  50. 50. 61
  51. 51. Table Discussion
  52. 52. “What types of social media strategies have worked for your company/brand to increase its presence in the major search engines?”
  53. 53. It Don’t Mean A Thing…If It Ain’t Got That Bing !!Kunal Das, Bing Evangelist @kunal29