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Film Posters


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Film Posters

  1. 1. DECONSTRUCTINGand shaban By Ngoc, Sanjidah POSTERS
  2. 2. MEMENTOFilm title. Signifies hismemory loss becausea memento is anobject kept as a “some memories arereminder or souvenir best forgotten”of a person or event. suggests anType phase imperfect life.handwritten it shows Intrigues thethe character’s audience.personnel feelings ormemories that is justpersonnel.The photossuggests memoryof troubled eventsbecause of their Black backgroundbody language. suggests his confusion because black can be seen as an empty color.
  3. 3. JUSTICEThe film’s star has abigger picture which Sky in the postersuggests he’s one of suggests a sensethe main selling of hope for gettingpoints and his body “justice”.language tells us that Whereas, in ourhe is on a mission. film there is noFilm title. Type phase sense of hope oris red so this can a happy endingsuggest danger and as our characteraction within the film. is left hopeless and puzzled. The man with theAsking a question gun we canto the audience immediatelyso it gives the assume that he isaudience an the baddie in theexpectation. film. With a “thuggish” type
  4. 4. A BEAUTIFUL MINDClose up ofthe actor Tagline suggestsuggests he’s that the effects ofthe selling schizophrenia ispoint. The directly applied toexpressions the main characteron his face “he saw the worldshows a in a way no onesense of could havesadness in his imagined”life. His Russellclothes could Crowe is arepresent he’s bankablefrom a middle An eerie background suggests an unhealthy actor soclass state of mind. The black silhouette could using hisbackground. suggest schizophrenia because one of the name to sell effects of schizophrenia is seeing the the film. unimaginable.
  5. 5. THE COLOR PURPLEThe curtain could “A Steven Spielbergsuggest she’s hiding film” could prompt thesome part of her life. audiences expectations.A silhouette image The sunny lighting frommakes the audience the view of her windowwonder who that could suggest relaxation.person is. The fact that she’s sitting on the chair could denote that she’s looking back at her life.Credits so it’s anotherconvention of the filmposter.