Media work final inception and saw charlotte[1]


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Media work final inception and saw charlotte[1]

  1. 1. CODES AND CONVENTIONS OF A THRILLERThriller is a genre of a film. all films have genres. Each film you watch you will beable to tell wether its a horror, comdery or action adenventure. for example if its ahorro were exoecting to see alot of blood and scary things. a big key scary things is ayoung female child in a film. what makes a thrilker is a series of suspence leading toone thing. som epeople may get confused with a horro and a thriller. a trhiller issomething you dont wont to see but its so intersting you wont more. everytime itleads you with wonting more.
  2. 2. In this scène there is a full shot of what the film is called. The whiteon top of black shows the purity of the word. However it can alsobe seen as an oxymoron. Doesn’t tell us a lot from this screen shothowever gets us thinking about how the film will be like.
  3. 3. In this shot we cant see the actors face, he is facing the other way, hiding his identity. This creates a mysterious feeling. Moreover in this wide angled shot we see before the character, water coming through the windows in front at a speed however the character stands his ground casually.A light is missing and another is not workingwhere as all the others are, this foreshadowsun certain events.
  4. 4. James looks up casually as cityfolds as if this is normal In this long narrowed shot, we see the city literally getting folded in half. This indicates that this is the fantasy/dream world as everything seems to still carry on a normal; from this the audience think this is a place where anything can happen
  5. 5. The character is floating in the air as heis reaching out for something, this isunreal as we can not normally float inthe air. The camera is at a high angle wide shot of both characters on the side of the wall on top of a bed post.
  6. 6. Mid shot. Alan looks tiredhowever is aware that someone iscoming in the room and is alert! Blurred out sofa and lamp shade to make Alan the man focus in this scene, there is also medication in the fore ground which suggests Alan suffers from sleep deprivation or some illness.
  7. 7. All characters are asleep in this shot as they are in their “dream” phase. Listening to music as it plays an important part in the whole dream sequence.The water coming throw thewindow in this mid shot is fromwhen the back of the van (theyare currently in) collides with thewater. The reason for the vanfalling in the water is intentionalas it acts as a shock to the body The sack of the middle characters head is soand all the characters should he can not identify any of the otherawake at this time. characters as he has been kidnapped and put into the dream.
  8. 8. Much is made of this totem in inception. This full shot of the totem comes up more than once in the movie at unexpected moments which raises question to the audience … what is the use of the totem?Cobbs totem is a top, a top which spins endlessly whilst he sleeps to representhe is dreaming. The problem is however, the top is not originally Cobbs, it usedto be his wife (Malls). Malls used this top as a symbol of life. She dies in themovie as he experimented Inception on her and it went horribly wrong, casuingher to kill herself as she thought she was living a dream. In the movie, Cobbremembers her suicide