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Evaluation Question 1 :

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Evaluation Question 1 :

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Sound/MusicThis is a common convention used to createvariousemotional effects towards the audience. We alsoused the convention by addingnon digetic sinister music at fast pace at the start tocreate an sinister effect, with this the protagonistslife is shown representing an overall image of it.
  3. 3. Camera Angles/ Camera ShotsCamera Angle: There’s one camera angle we usedwhich is high angle to show the protagonists frienddead: this creates an effect of a vulnerable person andpowerless. Which a dead person actually is. Camera Shots: Long -shot has also been used when the protagonist leaves their house shows you where they live. (Gives you an idea about their living environment.) Camera Shots: We used different shots according to matching scenes where it creates the effect we wanted. One of them is close up shot which shows prominent detail & facial expression of a character as a means of creating intimacy and audience engagement with the thoughts and emotions of the character. In our product we show a dead person, a crying person & hands full of blood. The close up shot has been also used in “Black Swan”, to create a striking effect of the character. This is something we also did in our product.
  4. 4. Characters:You always have a protagonist who is deeply affected by something and at first is lost, unsure of whats happening. Plus they often have other people with them i.e.parent , friend, family who are also involved in the same situation. In our media product we used this convention and decided that our protagonist will have 2 characters along with themselves : A close friend who dies and a mother who is injudicious making the protagonists life more rough than it already is from losing a friend.
  5. 5. Typical Plot: Nearly in all psychological thrillers you have similar plots which is: either the protagonist is haunted/ being followed by something or they see someone dead, additionally no one around them wants to believe it, which possible makes them depressed because of that they’re going mad themselves. A lot of the times it’s to do with supernatural.In our media product we decided to use both kind of plots , so theprotagonist has lost someone and starts seeing this dead person and feelsas if they’re haunted. Along with it the protagonist have a mother whosmokes and is an alcoholic , behaves careless towards her, is negligent toher. This adds to the part of the plot where no one understands orbelieves the protagonists issue. This is similar to the plot in “the invisible” where it also has to do with someone’s death of a teenager.

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