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NADRA's 2018 Annual Meeting - Baltimore, MD


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The North American Deck and Railing Association held it's 2018 Annual Meeting on Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 at The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. Over 200 attendees were present.

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NADRA's 2018 Annual Meeting - Baltimore, MD

  1. 1. Thank You, Sponsors: Thank you 2018 N ational A wards D inner Sponsors: Platinum + Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Partner
  2. 2. 2018 Annual Awards DinnerNational Aquarium – Baltimore, md • Annual Meeting • National Deck Competition Awards Presentation • Dinner Celebration in Pier 4, Open Bar • Dessert and Coffee in the dolphin viewing area • After Party at the Hard Rock – Live performance by Sonic Daze on the Pier!
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  6. 6. Thank You! Gold Silver Bronze Partner
  7. 7. Association activities are under the jurisdiction of federal and state antitrust laws. These laws regulate trade and commerce to prohibit unlawful restraints and to promote competition. NADRA requires that all its activities be conducted strictly in accordance with these laws. The most critical antitrust violation is the charge of price- fixing. Under the Sherman Act, members of associations are prohibited from reaching any understanding that affects the price of a product, regardless of the purpose of the understanding. For example, members should never discuss current or future prices, or what constitutes a fair profit level. However, it is permissible to discuss methods by which a company may become more profitable by acquiring better knowledge of its own costs, or summarizing effective methods of marketing or purchasing. Mere Attendance at a meeting where competitors discuss their prices is sufficient to imply involvement. If such a conversation should take place during a meeting, as a NADRA member, your recourse is to stand up and attempt to stop the discussion, explain the anti-trust issue and its consequences. If the dialog persists, state your objection to the discussion and leave the room. Anti-trust Statement:
  8. 8. • Opening Remarks: NADRA President • Call to Order – Reading of the Anti-Trust Statement • Directors Update • Committee Updates: • Financials & Deck for a Soldier® • Code • Education • 2018 Recognition Awards • 2018 Terry Award • Adjournment Annual Meeting Agenda:
  9. 9. 2018/19 Board of Directors: • President: Matt Breyer, Breyer Construction & Landscape • Vice President: Heath Bowman, Southeastern Underdeck Systems, LLC / Haven • Treasurer/Secretary: Bruce Verblaauw, C. Verblaauw & Sons, LLC • Past-President: Kirk Hammond • Director: John Keller, Sequoia Supply • Director: Vincent Carrubba, Admiral-SpaceMaker • Director: Gary Converse, Koppers Performance Chemicals
  10. 10. Financial Year Snapshot: TOTAL REVENUE: $288,300 Up 3.4% TOTAL EXPENSES: $261,000 Up 5% NADRA is on a calendar year and is currently in its fourth quarter. Tax filings can be found on (Figures noted here are approximate due to NADRA being on a calendar year) January 1, 2018 - September 30th, 2018
  11. 11. Deck for a SoldierChairman: Bruce Verblaauw Committee: Joey Matthews, Vincent Carrubba & Michael Ryan THIS PROGRAM IS A SMALL WAY OUR INDUSTRY CAN GIVE BACK TO THOSE THAT HAVE GIVEN US SO MUCH … OUR FREEDOM! Call to Action: We are now starting to request sponsors and material / labor pledges for the program. Please consider meeting with Bruce during the show to select your sponsorship level and / or to confirm your pledge. Active projects: Northeast - actively looking for recipient Minnesota - actively looking for recipient Southeast - actively looking for recipient
  12. 12. Code & Education: Code Chairman: Mark Guthrie Code Committee Members & Advisors: Glenn Mathewson, Mike Guertin, Dr. Frank Woeste, Education Chair: Interim Mike Beaudry
  13. 13. Glenn Mathewson
  14. 14. Jim Mailey
  15. 15. 2018 Recognition Award:
  16. 16. Recognition Award: There is no secret formula. No magic pill. There are no shortcuts. Just dedication. AZEK Building Products Rebekah Schuld & Stephanie Kurtz Thank you, Rebekah & Stephanie for your dedication to NADRA & the industry we serve.
  17. 17. 2018 Recognition Award:
  18. 18. 2018 Terry Award
  19. 19. Terry Award Jim Mailey In honor of your extraordinary dedication & unwavering commitment to creating and driving deck safety awareness across North American & beyond. Thank you.
  20. 20. Meeting Adjourned