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Ohio Group 2


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Published in: Education
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Ohio Group 2

  1. 1. Ohio By Adrian
  2. 2. LocationRelative: East of Indiana, North of Kentucky, Northwest of West Virginia.Absolute:39N, 82W(Lat/Long)
  3. 3. H/E InteractionOhio modified the land by making buildings like an apartment or a highway. Some interstate highways are Interstate 71. An airport is the Barber Airport Over all, Ohio is pretty cold even in the summer so they have to wear warm clothes. in the summer, it is usually in the 50s!Ohio depends on their natural resources like oil andcoal and much more. They cut down trees for woodand use ground to drink.
  4. 4. MovementThe major transportation in Ohio are: Trains, Cars, Planes, ect... an airport in Ohio is the Ada Airport. The Metra company is a common train station.Ohio exports soybeans, pork, sweet corn, apples,grapes, raspberries, and mushrooms.Ohio grows apples, grapes, strawberries and much more (agriculture).
  5. 5. RegionOhio is considered in the Midwest region.Ohio is in the eastern time zone.
  6. 6. PlaceA Landmark in Ohio is Fort Ancient.A Landform in Ohio is the Allegheny Plateau.One tradition in Ohio is that the students of the University of Ohio jump into mirror lake which is in their campus.The average temperature in the summer is around 50˚F and in the winter it is about 10˚F