Utah Blue Lambos


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Utah Blue Lambos

  1. 1. UtahBlue Lambos
  2. 2. LocationUtahs absolute location is 40 degrees North and 111 degrees West.Its relative location is North of Arizona,South of Idaho, West of Colorado, and East of Nevada.
  3. 3. RegionsUtah is in 2 main regions. One of them is The Rocky Mountain Region and other is The Mountainous Region.The area codesare 435-801.
  4. 4. PlaceThere are 4 types of places in Utah. Landmarks, Landforms, Traditions, and Climate.2 landmarks in Utah are Fort Douglas and Bryce Canyon National Park. Fort Douglas was established on October 26,1862 for the military to stay during the Civil War, WW1, and WW2. Bryce Canyon was settled by the Mormon Pioneers in 1874.
  5. 5. Place 2Some landforms in Utah are The Rocky Mountains and Utah Lake. The Rocky Mountains are a chain of mountains stretching vertical the United states. Utah Lake is a lake in Utah that was explored by the Europeans and settled by early Mormon Pioneers.
  6. 6. Place 3A tradition in Utah is Smokey and Rockey Top. Smokey is a hound that when someone said his name he barked. Rockey Top is a song written by 2 song writers in only 10 mins and the more they played the more they wanted it.
  7. 7. Place 4The climate in Utah is dry and average of 42 inches of snow. In July it is 90 degrees F and in January it is 17 degrees F.
  8. 8. MovementUtah moves by motorcycle, car, train, bus, and plane. These cars, motorcycles and buses travel across I-15,I-80,I-84, and I-70. The trains travel across Salt Lake City Southern Railroad and Union Pacific Railroads. The planes depart and arrive at Salt Lake City International Airport and St.George Municipal Airport.
  9. 9. Movement 2Utah has many exports but I am going to show you the main ones. Exports in Utah are gold, parts for computers, airplane parts, engines, and minerals or ores.
  10. 10. Movement 3Utah has a ton of agriculture but I am going to tell you the main ones. Utah produces barley, wheat, potatoes, onions, and corn.
  11. 11. H/E InteractionUtah has to adapt to something, depend on something, and modify something to live.Utah adapts to the environment by watering their plants on their own because they dont get a lot of rain. They also adapt by misting when it is very hot or dry.
  12. 12. H/E 2Utah modified their land by building Flaming Gorge Dam and Fort Duschene.
  13. 13. H/E 3Utah depends on The Great Salt Lake for water, recreation and food and Utah Lake for water and food.