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Red Race Cars, Nevada


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Published in: Education
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Red Race Cars, Nevada

  1. 1. NEVADABy:Carmel
  2. 2. LOCATIONRelative: Nevada is east of California, South of Oregon, North of Arizona, and West of Utah.Absolute: Nevada is 39 degrees north and 119 degrees west.
  3. 3. REGIONS 1. Nevada is in the Western Region of the United States.2. Nevadas area codes are 702, 725, and 775.
  4. 4. PLACELandmark: Some of Nevadas popular landmarks are Hoover Dam, Great Basin National Park, and Ruby Mountains.
  5. 5. PLACE continued...Landforms: Some of Nevadas popular landforms are Lake Tahoe, Mountains, and deserts like Black Rock Desert, and Great Basin Desert.
  6. 6. PLACE continued...Tradition: Helldorado Days is a big tradition in Nevada. People celebrate with western clothes, concerts, and western activities like bull riding.
  7. 7. PLACE continued...Climate: Nevada is taken up mostly by desert. The summer temperature is 86 degrees and the winter temperature is 43 degrees.
  8. 8. MOVEMENTTransportation:Nevada uses many types of transportation including cars, railroads, and air travel. A major interstate is I-80. This highway lets trucks, cars, and goods pass by.
  9. 9. TRANSPORTATION continued...Nevadas air travel is very popular. Some of their airports are Boulder City Municipal Airport, Elko Regional Airport, McCarran International Airport,and North Las Vegas Airport.
  10. 10. MOVEMENT continued.....Exports: Nevada trades corn, wheat, and apples. They trade these things for money for their state.Agriculture: Nevadas agriculture is corn, wheat, crops, and livestock.
  11. 11. HUMAN ENVIRONMENT INTERACTIONAdapt : Nevada adapted their land because they restored the Truckee River and added 9 miles and 460 acres along the side of the river. They also created 19 wetlands because of the hot areas and the small amount of water in Nevada.
  12. 12. HUMAN/ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION continued...Modify: They modified their land by making the Hoover Dam so that the Colorado River does not flood.
  13. 13. INTERACTION CONTINUED...Depend:They depend on their natural resources, especially their precious metal. Metal is mined in their state then exported around the world supporting their economy.
  14. 14. THE RED RACE CARS!!!!Thank you for watching my presentation!!!!!!!!!!!!!