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Sl kinetics


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Sl kinetics

  1. 1. Define 1. Rate of reaction2. 085e-ALKmUM&feature=related
  2. 2. Aims• Collision theory.• State Maxwell Boltzmandistrubution and how factors affect it.• Review exam style questions.
  3. 3. Collision Theory• reaction rate depends on: – collision frequency – number of particles with E ≥ Ea – appropriate collision geometry or orientation.
  4. 4. Collision Theory• modules/46.swf• YIKES ! The last slide doesn’t work – you need to fix this ! Please draw how Temperature, Concentration, Pressure, Particle Size and Catalyst alter rate of reaction.
  5. 5. Maxwell Boltzman Distribution
  6. 6. At a Higher Temperature..
  7. 7. Maxwell Boltzman with Catalyst
  8. 8. The Effect of a Catalyst• A catalyst provides an alternative route for the reaction with a lower activation energy. THE ORIGINAL ACTIVATION ENERGY IS UNCHANGED !
  9. 9. What is a Catalyst ?• A catalyst is a tbsscanue which speeds up a reaction, but isllyaccmiheunchanged at the end of the rnciotea. When the reaction has finished, you would havetelcaxythe same mass of catalyst as you had at the beginning.
  10. 10. Graphs You Must be Able to Sketch• 1. Vol of gas vs time• 2. Mass vs time• 3. Compare particle size on same graph• 4. Compare T&P on same graph• 5. Concentration of reactants and products vs time• 6. Rate vs time
  11. 11. Exam Style Questions• Packs 
  12. 12. (Back up) Practical Techniques• Describe a method to study the kinetics of the traffic light reaction we did yesterday.• (Use criteria sheet)