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8 e atoms and elements


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for my favourite Year 8 class :)

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8 e atoms and elements

  1. 1. 08/11/12Atoms and Elements
  2. 2. 08/11/12 AtomsAtoms are the “building blocks” of all matter and are thesimplest form of molecule. They are all made up ofprotons, neutrons and electrons. They look something likethis: The Nucleus – this contains neutrons and protons Electrons – these orbit around the nucleus
  3. 3. 08/11/12 ElementsIf a solid, liquid or gas is made up of only one type ofatom we say it is an element. For example, consider atripod made up of iron: These atoms are ALL iron – there’s nothing else in here
  4. 4. 08/11/12 CompoundsCompounds aredifferent toelements. Theycontain differentatoms. Here aresome examples: Methane Sodium chloride (salt) Glucose
  5. 5. 08/11/12 Some simple compounds… CarbonMethane, CH4 Water, H2O dioxide, CO2 Key Hydrogen OxygenEthyne, C2H2 Sulphuric Carbon acid, H2SO4 Sulphur
  6. 6. 08/11/12 Elements and symbols that you should know: Part 1 – The obvious ones:1) Hydrogen H 8) Oxygen O2) Helium He 9) Fluorine F3) Lithium Li 10)Neon Ne4) Beryllium Be 11) Magnesium Mg5) Boron B 12)Aluminium Al6) Carbon C 13)Silicon Si7) Nitrogen N 14)Phosphorus P
  7. 7. 08/11/12 Some more obvious ones:15)Sulphur S 18) Calcium Ca16)Chlorine Cl 19) Zinc Zn17)Argon Ar The less obvious ones:1) Sodium Na 6) Tin Sn2) Potassium K 7) Gold Au3) Iron Fe 8) Mercury Hg4) Copper Cu 9) Lead Pb5) Silver Ag