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Les adjectifs BAGS/BANGS

A brief review of BAGS/BANGS adjective placement for NCVPS French 1 students

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Les adjectifs BAGS/BANGS

  1. 1. Les AdjectifsBAGS/BANGSFrançais 1 NCVPS
  2. 2. Review! Regular Adjectives In French, almost all adjectives come AFTER the noun/word that they are describing …This seems weird to us, because in English our adjectives almost always come in front :)We say: A red dress. The French say: a dress red.We say: A happy dog. The French say: a dog happy.
  3. 3. BAGS/BANGS Adjectives However, as always, there is an exception: the BANGS adjectives (beauty, age, number, goodness, and size...). I know that the lesson says BAGS - but I say BANGS (to include the numbers in it)Beauty beau/belle; joli/jolieAge jeune; vieux/vieille; nouveau/nouvelleNumber Un(e), deux, trois etcGoodness gentil/gentille; mauvais/mauvaise; bon/bonneSize gros/grosse; petit/petite; grand/grande; long/longue
  4. 4. BANGS AdjectivesThese adjectives always come BEFORE the noun/ word that they are describing. So, in French, when youre trying to figure out where the adjective goes...ASK YOURSELF: is it one of the BANGS adjectives? …if yes, then it goes in front of the word; if no, then it goes after the word.
  5. 5. A few examples….• a funny dog (funny = NOT a bangs adjectives) ... so in French you would say “a dog funny”• a sad dog (sad = NOT a bangs adjectives) …so in French you would say “a dog sad”• a pretty dog (pretty= bangs adjective) ... so in French you would say “a pretty dog”• a big dog (big = bangs adjective) ... so in French you would say “a big dog”