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Hope wish and if only


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wishes and hopes

Published in: Education
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Hope wish and if only

  1. 1.  We use WISH/IF ONLY + PAST SIMPLE to say we would like a present situation to be different. I wish I had a warmer jacket. If only it was the summer holidays!
  2. 2. We use WISH / IF ONLY + WOULD to say: • We want something to happen: “I wish my car would start” • We want someone to start doing something they don´t do: “If only you´d listen to me!” • Or we want someone to stop doing something which annoys you: “If only my mom wouldn´t phone me every 5 minutes!”
  3. 3. We use WISH / IF ONLY + PAST PERFECT to talk about things which we regret from the past. • He wishes he had studied harder for his last exam. • I wish I had spent more time with my grandpa. • They wish they hadn´t been so rude to their mum. • He wishes the party had finished earlier.
  4. 4. We use IF ONLY when we feel something very strongly.
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  6. 6. *Wish + past simple (referring to a present situation) She wishes she had more money. *Wish + would (annoying situation) He wishes his daughter would come home earlier. *Wish + past perfect (a regret) I wish I hadn’t eaten so much cake- I’m feeling sick.
  7. 7. Optimistic about something I hope the weather will improve so we can go fishing this afternoon.