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E tfa 17


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Published in: Spiritual
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E tfa 17

  1. 1. Chapter 17 By Ryan Semeter
  2. 2. Basic Events • • • • • The people of Mbanta decide to give the “Evil Forest” to the missionaries to build their church Nwoye and many villagers convert to the new faith People of Mbanta are waiting for the white men to die, but they don’t Okonkwo beats Nwoye Nwoye goes to Umuofia to study new faith
  3. 3. Conflicts • • The people of Mbanta vs. White Missionaries Okonkwo vs. Nwoye
  4. 4. Cultural Norms • • • Evil Forest Blame their chi for personal misfortune When someone has twins they are “thrown away”
  5. 5. Characters • • • • Nwoye: joins the Christians and is beaten/strangled for it by Okonkwo; goes to Umuofia then returns to convert his family too Nneka: first woman to convert to the new faith; wife of Amadi Okonkwo: beats Nwoye; very upset about Nwoye’s behavior and doesn’t want to believe he is his son Mr. Kiaga- teacher of the new faith
  6. 6. Terms & Definitions • • chi- personal god “Evil Forest”- people who died of evil disease are buried here; alive with sinister forces and powers
  7. 7. Connections To Today • When a son doesn’t follow his fathers footsteps the father is upset
  8. 8. Questions • Is Okonkwo justified in beating Nwoye for betraying his ancestors and converting to the new faith? • Why do you think so many people are converting to the new faith?