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Published by: AttractionWiki2blanks with fantasies and exciting scenarios (which are oftentimes far more epic than the rea...
Published by: AttractionWiki3able to accumulate enough social credibility, women will startapproaching YOU first!Could it ...
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  1. 1. Published by: AttractionWikiTo read Original Article, Click Here to Go to AttractionWiki.1How to Charm a Girl Instantly:The Science of SeductiveCharisma ExplainedSource: nature of charisma is fascinating. On one hand, it’s apretty intangible concept, yet most people “feel” it and respondwell to it. You can’t see it, but you know when someone hasit. Charisma is like a magnet that attracts attention, respect,admiration, and authority. Individuals with charismatic traitsseem to easily influence and charm girls or other people,regardless of how “ethical” their motives may be. It’s almost asif excessively charismatic people have found a way to “hack”the very fabric of social interaction in their favor.This social “hack” allows community organizers to rouseinterest in important social issues and dictators to seizecontrol over a country’s infrastructure. It’s a seemingly neutralforce of nature that few are willing to effectively harness.However, according to a University of Tennessee, Knoxvillestudy, .In terms of seduction, charisma plays an important rolein attracting women. When you adopt the right mindsetsand mannerisms, you’re influence over women will besupernatural.Learning How to Charm a Girl hasNever Been this Easy…If you’ve ever wondered how to charm a girl instantly,understanding the common attributes of charismatic people isa must. Here are a few:1. The Ability to Lead Well.Charismatic individuals have an unusually easy time leadingothers towards a shared goal. In fact, some people end upreluctantly being viewed as “leaders” because their charismais so empowering that the responsibility naturally falls intheir lap. This is because charismatics typically display traitsthat are universally appealing to human beings (empathy,confidence, vision, direction, etc..).In regards to romance, seduction, and charm, leadership playsan enormous role. Although society is slowly changing it’sperception on gender roles, most women still prefer it whenmen take charge and make good decisions that benefit bothparties. Women are often charmed by men who, without anyprovocation, can take their hand and show them somethingnew and exciting.Take note: When we say “lead,” we don’t mean “control.”There’s a huge difference. You’re job as a man isn’t to “control”a woman, but it is to lead her into a place of comfort,excitement and pleasure. This means you have to take moreinitiative when approaching women. A leader doesn’t sit backand watch opportunities fly by. It also means you need toengage in more decision-making while on dates or in bed.Women can’t sexually submit to a man who’s constantlylooking to them for direction.2. Mystique and Intrigue.Intrigue and charisma are never far apart. Charismatic peoplehave a tendency to (consciously or not) create mystiqueand intrigue around themselves. Most of the time, themystique that surrounds people of interest and influence isjust an illusion. This can be attributed to a lack of generaltransparency and the effects it has on the interpretations ofoutside observers.Isn’t it funny that the less we are able to understand someone,the more interesting they become? Is it because we fill thevoid of knowledge and understanding with our own overactiveimagination? If so, it makes sense why women fall so easilyfor the “strong but silent” types. These men offer such littleexplanation of themselves that women are forced to fill in the
  2. 2. Published by: AttractionWiki2blanks with fantasies and exciting scenarios (which are oftentimes far more epic than the reality of that person).You can really take advantage of this illusion to charm girls.When introducing yourself for the first time, make it a pointnot to reveal too much about yourself. Keep the conversationon her, and when she asks specific things about you, don’t beafraid to respond with a somewhat vague answer.Girl: “So, are you from around here?”Guy: “I guess you could say that.. I’ve never really stayed inone place, though.”Girl: “Oh really? Like what kind of places?”Guy: “Haha, too many to mention right now. What aboutyourself [redirecting the focus back to her]?”Girl: “Yeah, I was born and raised here my whole life… but Iwant to know more about you!”Guy: “Weeell, I’ll have tell you my story sometime. Actually,what’s your number? We should go grab coffee sometimesoon.”The example above demonstrates how you can use intrigueto build attraction. Our “guy” could have easily explainedthat his father was active in the military so his family had tomove frequently. Instead, he chose to withhold the details,thereby creating intrigue. Our “girl” doesn’t know this, and hasprobably labeled him some sort of “mysterious drifter” thatshe feels compelled to “figure out.” In the meantime, however,she’ll just have to use her imagination.Note: This doesn’t mean you need to act like a huge, unsolvablemystery. If you’re a naturally open and transparent individual,you can still be yourself. Just resist the temptation to tell yourlife story within the first 20 minutes of meeting a woman. Justto play it safe, we recommend you cut the time you usuallyspend explaining yourself by 50%.3. Body Language.Perhaps it would help to look at how some of the most popularworld leaders carry themselves around. You will realize thattheir body posture, walking style and communication skillsreflect power and charisma. More than 70 percent of humancommunication is expressed through subtle body language.Therefore, to succeed in charming a potential date, you haveto open up physically and remain cool. Women are attractedto guys who portray dominant traits through their bodylanguage.Like a Boss.Some non-verbal cues you should avoid include:•closed and pulled-in body postures•holding your hands in your pockets•twitching hands or fingers•touching your face when talking•avoiding eye-contact or looking down while speaking•nervous facial gestures•milling too much•being afraid to touch a woman and many more.Try to take note of the body language of powerful andinfluential figures. Notice how they always appear relaxed yetreally engaged when speaking to people. Solid eye contact isa must (general rule of thumb: maintain eye contact 70% ofthe time). They may even touch shoulders, arms, etc… of otherpeople while relating to them. Women will find you irresistiblycharming once you master dominant body language.4. Social a fascinating social phenomenon. It occurs when a person’s(or group’s) perception of reality is so weak that they lookto others for cues on how to interpret a situation. Trendsetters, politicians, leaders, and influential people often takefull advantage of social proof in order to get large groupsof people to do something. Marketers often use social proofto build credibility around a product. If you’re shopping fora basketball but don’t have a particular brand in mind, youare statistically be more likely to choose a brand endorsed(and used) by Lebron James than a generic alternative. Thebasketballs could be the exact same quality, but the one withthe most social proof usually wins.In regards to charming girls, social proof can play a VERYimportant role. When a woman first notices you, she mightfind you cute but won’t think much of it unless she can placeyou in a positive social context. In other words, her perceptionof you is HIGHLY dependent on how other people respond toyou. She will likely perceive you as having high value if she seesother people placing such value on you.Think of social proof as the “Like” box on Facebook. You’remore likely to pay attention to status updates that have a tonof “likes” than statuses with just a few. You’re also more likelyto “share” and discuss status updates that have hundreds ofresponses. Conversely, you’re LESS likely to share statuses inwhich the originator “likes” his/her own status (hint, hint!).Pictured: Social Proof made easy.A woman is going to be more receptive of your approach ifshe overhears other people talk about you positively or noticeswomen and friends responding to you favorably. All thesesocial factors are basically “Likes” in your favor. If you’reTo read Original Article, Click Here to Go to AttractionWiki.
  3. 3. Published by: AttractionWiki3able to accumulate enough social credibility, women will startapproaching YOU first!Could it be that social proof also tends to create intrigue? Wethink so!Related PUA Terminology:and .Summary.At the end of the day, there is definitely a science behindsocial interaction. Those who master it well typically knowhow to charm girls the best. Keeping women spellbound whileinteracting with them is less about being a smooth “player” andmore about being good with people! This is why charismatictypes have greater sexual access then the average person. Theyhit that universal “sweet spot” in other human beings, and reapthe rewards for their social competence.Are you prepared to use the force of seductive charisma in yourdaily life?