Choose the right In life


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Choose the right In life

  1. 1. By: Michael Vicuna & Nancy Orea
  2. 2.       Ctr means choosing the right. Choosing the right includes working hard, working smart, working together. CTR means following rules, laws, and being a good citizen. CTR means choosing the high way. CTR includes being honest, respect, fair, and being Responsible. CTR means standing up for what is right.
  3. 3. The original CTR logo and meaning comes from long ago. It was designed by Helen Alldredge in the 1960’s. It was in a form of a shield to symbolize righteous. The Symbol and logo has been used since the 1970’s on rings, tee shirts and other accessories for people to wear. It still lives till this day being used in Christian church’s and education around the united states. It was a motto created by the LDS church and has been given to children and adults as well.
  4. 4.        There are many ways to choosing the right in School. Do all your homework and classwork assignments. Be a respectful to students and Teachers. Study to pass all tests/ quizzes. Don’t cheat or copy Go to school on time. Follow all the school rules.
  5. 5.          Talking back to teachers. Not doing Homework. Not staying on tasks. Cheating/copying. Not showing up to School. Coming late. Not studying. Getting Bad Grades. Disobeying School rule’s.
  6. 6.        Choosing the right in society allows you to be a good citizen and Makes you look good. Helping others For example: Helping an elderly person cross the street. Obeying laws. CTR!!!! Respecting everybody. Participating in your community. No littering, and respecting the city.
  7. 7. Stealing Throwing trash in community Being disrespectful to others Not helping people Doing illegal things Being a bystander and not helping Breaking the law
  8. 8. This Person is choosing The Right by helping others in need. This is an example of People choosing the wrong and stealing.
  9. 9.     When you choose the wrong the only thing you will gain is the feeling of regret and guilt. If you choose the wrong there will always be negative consequences. If you choose the wrong you will not be successful. If you choose the wrong you will not only fail yourself but others as well.
  10. 10.       Choosing the right in sports is Having good sportsmanship. Helping someone when they are hurt. Not fouling someone on purpose. Not giving up on purpose. Not being a sore loser. Having teamwork.
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