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Vision on Mobile Strategy and Mobile Application development. Copyright, Appsolute Value

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Appsolute Value_mobile_strategy_triangles

  1. 1. Appsolute Value’s Strategy Gig: The Mobile Strategy TrianglesAgain the Brick and Mortar players and even the pure Internet players are now being challengedby Digital Disruptors. Web has become legacy and the multi-digital disruptors have taken amobile-first strategy (e.g. Google) and defined strategies around Apps & Devices.Digital disruptors are taking advantages of new platforms (Social & Mobile), tools (incl. big dataanalytics and clouds), new relationships (interactive), new thinking (outside-in vs. inside-out) andnew strategic drivers (context, participation). In doing so they disrupt markets, gain competitiveedge, get (re)connected to their customers and save costs. And within faster development times,steep business growth lines upward, controlled TCO (totals cost of ownership) and greater impacton the customer experience than any of this that came before.Every industry is impacted and so is your organization. In your organization IT and marketing aremost affected by these new ways of doing business. With billions of apps already available andlots of devices you it will be hard to be in control. The outside-in forces disrupt and there is a needfor Strategy.The Mobile Strategy Triangles The first is the organizational triangleTo become a leader in digital disruption, thereis a need for strategy. However there isconfusion all around what makes a goodmobile strategy!? With the right mobilestrategy you get a leader in disruption ratherthan letting you disrupted by others who thenlet you sail the red oceans.There are two triangles you have to keep inmind whilst starting your Strategy Redefine: Appsolute Value, © 2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. The second is a more technological triangle fixes. Marketers, while rebranding, can use design-led engineering. 4. Scale to a World of Apps. Apps are your new faces of business. They connect your customer, they connect your machines (including TV’s, Fridges, Electric Appliances, etc). The downside of giving power to a new breed of appmakers is that there is an almost religious battle ongoing between app developers. All of them telling you why HTML 5, Native or Multi-platform is better. At Appsolute Value we make Art of Apps, not war…Here are some top 6 high-level strategyperspectives in a do’s and don’ts format(based on the 6 triangles perspectives + 1Bonus):1. Re-connect to your customers and employees. Platform is the keyword here. A brand app in the Appstore is not 5. Business Apps (rendering functionality to enough. Also do not extend the web into customer facing or enterprise apps) a variety number of form factors. You require data to become functional. should not extrapolate your old business Therefore you need to integrate. Your models on a new digital channel. Learn solution architecture requires various new and understand why mobile is different. architecture principles. Steer towards app-internet architecture.2. You understand mobile better (and then also your customer) if you find new 6. Open up and manage your Own. Great if services or make them more intuitive. Just you have your apps in Stores. Preferably adding a new experience to your your own. Your mobile customers are customer journey can make a difference. shopping again and your people work If you want to go further don’t push efficiently again. Well done. Now think anymore since most business lost or also how you going to manage all this and losing control. You need to pull. Bring control your total cost of ownership. your services to customers (and 7. Power to New Mavericks: Design-led employees) there where they are….out engineering, scrum teams, agile way of there on those mobile (and social) working, Art of Apps. All new working platforms and on smart devices! paradigms making your company to3. Redesign based on a zen of tasks, don’t transform. Make sure to create a mobile concentrate on business processes. center with the new blood groups. They Simplify your business, create mobile- can help you in creating great apps and Appsolute Value, © 2013 All Rights Reserved |2
  3. 3. turn them into weapons of mass digital concentrate on efficiency using employee- consumerism. facing enterprise apps. They concentrate on just the layer below the touch point-layer, mapping out emotional (and intuitive) processes to find feel-good moments, moments of truth and pain points. And so they use Apps for a zen of tasks.Zen of Tasks and Outside-In Making services externally and internally functional by using apps (and smart devices) we call this ‘Appifying your Business’.With traditional business models withtraditional software, many companies had aluxury since IT and marketing where able topush products and services into the marketwhich they controlled and they thought it willbe best for customer and employee well-being. An inside-out way of thinking andworking. Staff redevelopment (bonus perspective no.Business processes are left-over of the inside- 7) is required since the new faces of businessout organization. They are brittle and mostly are defined by mobile designers and mobilehardwired into back-end applications. developers. Here at Appsolute Value, power isTraditional software requires long to the mobile developers and mobiledevelopment cycles, is complex and expensive designers since they create and take output ofto maintain. (Business) Apps require simplicity devices and systems to convert in businessand are task-oriented and bring certain (but not all!) fast to your customer(or employee), out there on one of the manyplatforms (OS + device). Business value that allows your business to reconnect to those customers out there on platforms (like iOS, Android and alsoFrom an organizational angle, digital Facebook, Groupon, etc) or satisfyingdisruptors using Business Apps (rendering employees who just want to work anywhere,business functionality) and having had the anytime executing their task simple and fastsmell of success, therefore start to Appsolute Value, © 2013 All Rights Reserved |3
  4. 4. (like Evernote, Whatsapp, Yammer anddropbox ).On our way to the Internet of Things, appdevelopment will also extend further into APIdevelopment. API’s enable your organizationto (re)connect to your business partners,other (mobile) customers and more machinesSolution: Mobile Mavericks & Some of our gigs can be found at our website.Art of Apps If you want to sit back and watch a video. GoMobile is our passion. Mobile is about apps to our YouTube channeland devices. it is not only about technology, it is If you want to share something interestingalso about experienced people with passion, with us on mobile. We are very interestedknowhow and a different mindset. As mobile since we can’t know everything about billionsmavericks we bring you Art of Apps. Our of Apps, right?! So pin it atspecialty is multi-platform. believe business apps and the strategic That‘s all you can find on the web about us.perspectives are served well with a cross- For all the rest we are pure mobile. Oh, youplatform approach. We also acknowledge that want to like us, use your smart phone, justevery company is different and everyone has call. You don’t want to tell it to us out loud…different perceptions about ‘Art’. send us an email:Companies looking to manage their growingnumber of apps & devices require new mobilemanagement services to implement. We workwith enhanced MAM (mobile appsmanagement) tools and MDM (mobile devicemanagement) tools.References – Pure MobileAppsolute Value successfully performed theArt of Apps at several medium and largeorganizations in Europe and North America.You can be next. Appsolute Value, © 2013 All Rights Reserved |4