A summer internship report on Canteen standardization with reference to GSK


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A summer internship report on Canteen standardization with reference to Glaxo Smith Klein,Naba

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A summer internship report on Canteen standardization with reference to GSK

  1. 1. Canteen Standardization Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of degree of …………………………… 2013-2014 Submitted by: Guided by: [Year] am [Pick the date]
  2. 2. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Certificate This is to certify that the Project titled, “Canteen Standardization” is an academic work done by “(your name)” submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Degree of_____ from (college name). It has been completed under the guidance of (Faculty guide) and (Corporate Mentor). We are thankful to GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. For having allowed our student to undergo project work training. The authenticity of the project work will be examined by the viva examiner which includes data verification, checking duplicity of information etc. and it may be rejected due to non fulfillment of quality standards set by the institute.
  3. 3. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com DECLARATION I, the undersigned hereby declare that the project report submitted to my department i.e. University School Of Business on the topic “Optimization Of Canteen at Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer Health Care Ltd.” is a result of my own work under continuous guidance and kind co-operation of my guide, Assistant Manager (HR),GSKHC.I feel highly obliged and indebted to him for not only providing all the moral and organizational support but also for inspiring encouragement during the course of this work . Without his help it would not have been possible for me to accomplish this task on time.
  4. 4. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I consider it pleasant privilege to express my heartiest gratitude and indebtedness to those who have assisted me towards the completion of my project report. The project wouldn‟t have seen the light of day without the help and guidance of many people. I take an opportunity to convey my deepest gratitude to all those individuals. My first word of thanks to (General Manager) and (Manager HR & A). I feel highly obliged and indebted to my guide (Asstt. Manager HR) for not only providing all he moral and organizational support but also for inspiring encouragement during the course of this work. Without whose help it wouldn‟t have been possible for me to accomplish this task on time. Words at my command are inadequate both in form and spirit to express my sincere and profound gratitude to these entire persons for their meticulous guidance, keen supervision, constructive criticism, friendly attitude and whole hearted help throughout the course of this project. I owe my special regard to the director, HOD and all the staff members to help me out in giving the relative information. Name & Signature of the student
  5. 5. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com PREFACE It is now globally recognized that managing human resource is the basic job of management. With the initiation of globalization of business, HRM/HRD has now emerged as the most spectacular aspect of management. The most asset, or resource of every organization is its human resource ,resultantly companies started viewing their people as their most important resource ,and humanization of work environment has become the need of today‟s business world .Thus a managing course in HR has achieved a pivotal position in management course. Any management course without practical training is incomplete .Theoretical studies in the classrooms are not sufficient to understand various activities, problems and happenings in an industry. Practical training is therefore a process of learning, a sequence of programmed behavior, application of knowledge and awareness of rules and procedures. It, therefore become necessary to undergo such training in an organization .So forty five days training gives us opportunity to get familiar with the business world. Fortunately, I got an opportunity to get my training at GLAXO SMITH KLINE Consumer Health Care, Nabha (Punjab). During this time period, I obtained knowledge about both HRD /HRM.
  6. 6. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1st part of the report contains introduction to the topic “canteen standardization” & introduction to the company, which includes company background which shows how GSK comes into existence. Then company profile, strategy of the company, various Packaging stations, mission & vision statement showing the company status etc ,has been included in this project report. After this there is product profile, which shows range of products offered by GSK Consumer Health Care Ltd. It contains the brief information about the GSK Nabha plant. After this there is a overview canteen. After that the concept of the topic is explained and then the explanation of the canteen management system. The next part of the report includes objectives of the study and the research methodology being adopted, then the data analysis & interpretation, findings of the study and limitations that were felt during the study and the some suggestions are mentioned. The last part of the report is that of Bibliography in which the various books, web sites and articles consulted for the preparation of this report are mentioned.
  7. 7. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents Page No. Chapter 1: Introduction to GSK 6 Company profile 13-14 Introduction 8 Historical background 9 GlaxoSmithKline divisions 12 Mission,Vision Statement of GSK 13 Product Profile 15 Plant locations in India 24 About Nabha plant 25 6S at Nabha 27 Manufacturing process 30 Supply chain process 31 Departmental overview 33 Human Resources & Administration Department 34
  8. 8. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Chapter2:Introduction to Project 37 Chapter3:Research Methodology 57 Chapter4:Analysis and Interpretation 62 Chapter5:Findings, recommendation,conclusion 87 Bibliography 92 Appendix 93
  9. 9. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com COMPANY PROFILE Company GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. Status Multinational Company. Originally U.K. Firm Product line Horlicks, Boost, Vanilla Horlicks, Chocolate Horlicks, Junior Horlicks, Mother‟s Horlicks Gopika Ghee, ENO ,Iodex ,Foodles Quality Status AWARDED ISO 9002, Rajamundry Plant Received ISO 14000 Accreditation. Turnover (2007) Rs. 13955 (Millions) Profit (2007) Rs. 1627 (Millions)
  10. 10. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com INTRODUCTION TO GSKHC GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd.(GSKHC) is an Indian associate of GlaxoSmithKline plc, U.K. GSKCH is one of the largest players in the health Food Drinks Industry in India. The Company , with its manufacturing plants located in Nabha , Rajahmundry and Sonepat ,has a total workforce of over 2700people ,each driven by a spirit of enterprise. Its flagship product , Horlicks, is a highly respected brand, which is over 100 years old in india. The company also manufactures and has a market of Boost, Viva, Maltova, Biscuits and in addition promotes and distributes a number of products in diverse categories, including prominent brands such as Eno, Crocin and Iodex. GSKCH has a strong marketing and distribution network in India over 1800 wholesalers and direct coverage of over 4,00,000 retail outlet.
  11. 11. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com HISTORICAL BACKGROUND GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd.(GSKHC) is a pharmaceutical and health care company born out of the merger of two leading international organizations Smith Kline Beecham and GlaxoWelcome.GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd and GSK Pharmaceutical Ltd are the two businesses of GSK in India of which former are headquarter at Gurgaon and the latter at Worli, Mumbai.
  12. 12. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Year 1955: Horlicks was a milk product manufactured by Horlicks limited Sloughs, England was being imported, bottled and sold in India. Due to changes in import policy, import stopped. Year 1956-1957: A team from the organization visited to explore the possibilities of setting up a plant with the support of Maharaja of Nabha , his highness Partap Singh , and a plant was set up at Nabha. Year1958: On May 31,1958,Mr.Pratap Singh laid foundation stone of the company at Nabha . Year 1960: On March24, 1960, the factory went into production. Year1969: Horlicks group disposed off their holding in India and U.K. To “beecham group of industries” which is multinational and own more than 200 countries engaged in manufacturing of Bryl cream, Hair cream, Eno fruit salt etc. Immediately after taking the management, Beecham Group shifted its head office from Nabha to Delhi. Year 1979: Beecham India (Pvt.) ltd. Mumbai merged with Hindustan milk food manufacturer ltd. and the name was changed to H.M.M. Ltd. Beecham Group plc. Year 1991: Smith Kline USA merged on September 16, 1991 to form Smith Kline Beecham consumer brands, plc. with its register office in U.K.
  13. 13. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com H.M.M. becomes a part of Smith Kline Beecham consumer brands ,one of the three sectors of Smith Kline Beecham consumer brands ltd. Year 1994: The name was changed to Smith Kline Consumer Healthcare ltd. to reassert the company‟s promises of providing health care to consumers. The company decided to do away with its toiletry products and sold its brands like Bryl cream and silvikril to sarelee. Year 2000: The company acquired MALTOVA and VIVA brands of nutritional from jagjit industries ltd.Amerger took place between Smith Klien Beecham and Glaxo welcome and the company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) was formed o7Dec 2000. Glaxo Smith Kline Beecham Merger GSK
  14. 14. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Year2004: The Bank of Punjab has tied up with the company for facilitating finance on attractive terms to its milk suppliers. The company started packing Horlicks in 1/2kg and 1kg pouches. Packing machine was imported and installed .As the main market for the sale of Horlicks was in south and East Indian, need was felt for the sale of Horlicks in small units of country. Therefore packing stations was opened at different places. At present Horlicks is dispatched from Nabha in bulk quantity to the fallowing packing stations: Balangao Mangaldao(Assam) Kompally Baddi(Himachal Pradesh) The marketing of company product is done through various regional sales offices (RSO) situated at: North- Delhi West- Mumbai East- Kolkata South- Chennai The company has its headquarter in Gurgaon. Bulk-malted food manufactured in Nabha is dispatched to different packing stations in drums for packing in unit‟s containers or gusseted pouches (GPs).
  15. 15. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com GLAXOSMITHKLINE DIVISIONS 1. GLAXOSMITHKLINE PHARMACEUTICALS: It is a one of the major players of pharmaceutical companies and has activities in all the major markets of the world and spends major part of its income in R&D. 2. GLAXOSMITHKLINE CLINICAL LABORATORIES: It is the leading network of clinical testing laboratories in North America and its major laboratories and patient centers provide the broadcast range of testing to help physicians, hospitals and other private organization to detect disease and monitor health. 3. GLAXOSMITHKLINE CONSUMER HEALTHCARE GSKCH is one of the largest players in the Health Food drinks industry in India.The company has dedicated consumer healthcare R&D centres to take research as seriously as marketing excellence,offering cutting- edge capability in both.
  16. 16. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com
  17. 17. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com MISSION,VISSION AND CULTURE OF GSKHC GSK MISSION Our global quest is to improve the human life by enabling the people “TO DO MORE ,FEEL BETTER,AND LIVE LONGER.” People at Glaxo smith Kline Consumer Healthcare Ltd are dedicated us to delivering medicines and products that help million of people around the world LIVE LONGER, HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER LIVES.
  18. 18. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com GSK VISSION We want to become indisputable leader in our industry –not simply in the terms of size, but in how we use that size to achieve our mission and improve the quality of human life. Becoming the indisputable leader in our industry means conquering the challenges that face us an industry , and a global society. GSK CULTURE Successful companies have developed something special that supersedes corporate strategy, market presence, or technical advantage-distinctive culture. What it is, whether it is important or not, what you deal with indirectly. Why? because culture is an intangible shadow. You cannot grab hold of culture. It has no handles, nothing you can touch directly. Having said all that, it is an important issue GSK‟s culture is the set of norms that create powerful precedents for acceptations around acceptable risk ,change orientation ,creative and innovation ,group versus individuals effort, customers orientation ,extra efforts.
  19. 19. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com PRODUCT PROFILE The main products of company are: HORLICKS: The flagship brand of the company, this product name is associated with that of the company. Way back in 1883, James Horlicks, a London chemist experimented with powdered malt mixed with milk and launched this product in Chicago, USA, AS „Malted Milk‟. In 1906, he returned to England and set up a factory at Slough.Renamed as „Horlicks‟ in 1931, it became a part of the giant Beecham group in 1969. India forms almost half the world‟s market for Horlicks. JUNIOR HORLICKS:
  20. 20. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Children between the age of 1 and 3 need special nutrition for healthy growth. New Junior Horlicks along with other vital nutrients is enriched with a unique scientific combination of nutrients, which have been scientifically researched and proven to give the child a solid foundation to be mentally sharp and physically active. New Junior Horlicks is easy to digest and has a taste that children love. Junior Horlicks was first commercially manufactured in Nabha in August‟91.
  21. 21. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com CHOCOLATE HORLICKS: MOTHER’S HORLICKS WITH DHA: WOMEN HORLICKS: As a women your needs are very different for centuries, women have been taking the care of the family you realize now that you need to take care of yourself. Recognizing this need, GSKCH has recently launched “new women‟s horlicks ,the first and health drink in India ,designed for today‟s women with the complete list of micronutrients recommended for women by the world health organization(WHO).
  22. 22. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com HORLICKS LIGHT: It was launched in the market in sep 2005.“horlicks lite and bite” a nutritional drink and snack specially formulated for all health conscious adults and is also suitable for use by people with diabetes. ELAICHI HORLICKS:
  23. 23. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com BOOST: Boost is a brown powder nourishes with a rich choco malt taste that provides the child with body building proteins, carbohydrates and fat. It is now formulated to include power-packed „Energy Boosters‟, essential for releasing energy from food and reduce tiredness and fatigue. Boost was first launched in November‟75 after which many relaunches have taken place. Very popular in the south, Boost has shown an average growth rate of 9% annum. Sportsmen like Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar back it, making it the secret of OUR ENERGY. MALTOVA: The yummy choco–malt drink” It was launched in feb2000.and relaunched in june2002 with an enriched formulation and improved packaging. the new relaunched
  24. 24. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com new maltova had active recharges ,a combination of essential vitamins ,minerals and carbohydrates Viva: “Well begun is half done” Viva is based on the belief that a good start to the day insures that the rest of it goes well too. New viva has vita health-a combination of essential vitamins, iron, calcium and phosphorous. BISCUITS: Horlicks biscuits has been growing in popularity ever since launched in 1992. Extending the benefits of Horlicks to „sold‟ nourishment, Horlicks Biscuitis a favourite among parents and children.
  25. 25. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com FOODLES: GSK has launched its “FOODLES” under the popular Horlicks brand that is expected to compete with market leader MAGGI from NESTLE. The health drink brand GSKCH-Horlicks- which has been traditionally targeted as a “great family nourisher” has entered into the highly competitive segment of instant noodles through its newly introduced HORLICKS FOODLES aims to explore the category of salty snack food market CROCIN: “your trusted paracetamol”
  26. 26. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Crocin has been a trusted family name for over three decades and enjoys a strong medical heritage. An effective remedy forever and mild-to- moderate pain, crocin is an over-the-counter drug and does not require a doctor‟s prescription to buy it. Over the last few years crocin has seen a serious of new initiatives like new packaging with a 3-D hologram seal-a protection seal-and new launches like crocin pain relief and crocin suspension double strength. ENO: “ENO…...gets to work in 6 seconds” A 100 year old global brand, ENO enjoys a presence in 34 countries, with India being its second market after Brazil. The leading antacid taken for providing instant relief from acidity, gastric discomfort and heart burn, ENO gets you back on track
  27. 27. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com instantly, as it beings to work in 6 seconds.“Faster than other tablet and liquid antacids”. IODEX: “Pain should not come in the way of your life” A trusted brand in India since 1919, IODEX continuous today amongst the top brands in the country, it competes in the topical balms segment, giving quick relief from back pains, waist pains, joints pains and sprains. IODEX DOUBLE POWER:
  28. 28. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com IODEX ULTRA GEL: GOPIKA GHEE: The main by product of the company is Gopika Ghee. The production process is essentially the same as the same machinery is used to make different products. Gopika Ghee is packed in the factory itself, rest of the product are bulk packed in big containers of specified weights.
  30. 30. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com ABOUT THE NABHA PLANT GSK‟s Nabha plant is a huge manufacturing unit. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare ltd. is having three factories in india which are at Nabha, Rajamundry and Sonepat. The Maharaja of Nabha (Maharaja Pratap Singh) laid the foundation stone of the factory on 31May 1959.The factory went in for production in March 1960.The factory at Nabha is the mother unit and products manufactured by this company fall under two categories of consumer healthcare: Barley malt and wheat floor were easily available but the procurement of milk was creating a problem. So to solve it, many milk centers were opened in village around Nabha. In the very first year the factory earned the profits and about 37% bonus was declared to the employees. Within next 5 years the factory production doubled as the demand for Horlicks increased and in the period of nine years there was fourfold increase in the production of Horlicks. Nutritional Health Drinks Horlicks and its variants Gastrointestinal ENO Fruit Salts
  31. 31. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com The food powder (HORLICKS &BOOST) is manufactured in Nabha. The requirement of workforce changes with the change in production policy. The plant at present employs a workforce varying from 1500-2000 out of which approximately 1100 are permanent .There is a wage agreement for 3 years .the workers also getting weekly off according to Labor Act. The plant runs 365 days a years in 3 shifts daily which work from 5.15a.m to 1.15p.m, 1.15p.m to 9.15p.m&9.15p.m to 5.15a.m.The office opens 6 days a week. About 7 Milk collection centers were opened at a radius of about 40km around Nabha, to meet the requirement of 10 tons of milk per day. The main purpose of opening collection centers at village level was to get good quality of milk directly from the producer and Pay them good price, thus, raising their standard of living. Nabha and Sonepat production facility has already been certified for HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control For Food Safety).During the year 2006 the Nabha site received “The Best Environment Protection Initiative 2006”award from the Punjab Pollution Control Board. 6S AT NABHA 6S is a tool that aims to create and maintain an organized, clean &high performance workplace. This tool has been efficiently utilized by Nabha unit and it has lead to reduce the record retrieval time drastically.
  32. 32. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Sort Throw out rubbish Store Find suitable storage area for everything Shine Clean all surface area Standardize Communicate 5Sprocedure for your area Sustain Participate in site –wise monthly assessment &display results Safety Employees are protected from every hazard Why do it? How often do you go to use a piece of equipment and it‟s not where you left it? Wouldn‟t it be less time consuming if everybody knew where they were supposed to store it? Where do I start? Get everyone involved Get commitment and authorization for area wise improvement Have leaders set expectation Sort: Get rid of what is not needed. Throw out rubbish Define personal space first (and stay out).Start at corner touches everything. Ask questions about each thing: How often do you use it?
  33. 33. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Where does it go? Place stuff based on frequency of use. Place red tags on unnecessary stuff. Red tagging visually identified what is not needed in the workplace. Establish rules for what is needed and where it belongs. Remove and store red tagged items in a temporary holding area. Sort through and dispose of those items that are truly unnecessary. Prepare all other items for reallocation, ensure that all interested parties agree. Continue to red tag regularly. Store: Organize what‟s left! Arrange and identifies for ease of use A place for everything, everything in its place, Know what you have and where it kept to get rid of waste of searching. Designate location in a variety of ways Lines on the floor Signs hung from the ceiling Tool boards Fix storage methods and places Shine: Clean up what‟s left ! Clean daily Paint, refurnish, etc…..Get the remaining items into the same collection as when they were new!
  34. 34. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Standardize: Standardized cleanup methods Make Sort ,Storage, and Shine a daily habit Assign responsibilities to apply these procedures Integrate Sort ,Storage, and Shine into regular work activities Check on the maintenance of Sort ,Storage, and Shine Do you have standard, procedures &assigned responsibilities for Sort, Storage, and Shine ? Sustain: Set discipline, plan and schedule Follow the rules that you set Involve everybody in the production of standard documents and check sheets. Develop habits you won‟t forget! Assessment is a key activity and should be carried out on a regular basis depending on the overall status of the 5S activity. The radar chart is used to map progress using the data from the assessment checklist within the area. It should be displayed in a prominent location and updated on completion of the assessment. Safety: Provide proper safety measures to every employee. Guide them how to use the machines so that hazards are avoided.
  35. 35. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com MANUFACTURING PROCESS The manufacturing process for Horlicks is as follows: 1. The first step in the production process involves the mixing of wheat flour with Malted Barley. 2. In the second step water is added to the above mixture and the material is mashed thoroughly, as a result of which the outer cover of malted barley is moved and remains after is called Husk. 3. After mashing the material it becomes thick slurry in which the solid content is above 50%. 4. The fourth step involves the adding up of water to the above mixture. 5. The next stage is the stage of evaporation in which the material is evaporated and the result is thick slurry of the material in which the solid content is around 80%. 6. After evaporated comes the step of spreading out of material in plates and keeping them in the oven for about half an hour.
  36. 36. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com 7. Once the material is completely dried, the plates are taken out from the oven and the food item is scrapped out, which comes out in the form of thin layers. Then the vitamins and other essential nutrients are added to the food items which is then ground and the result is our final product HORLICKS.
  37. 37. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com SUPPLY CHAIN PROCESS The supply Chain Process at GSK; Nabha is as following: Horlicks is manufactured at the Nabha plant, after it is put in drums with a capacity of 184 kgs. Is either bottled or packed in pouches and then sent to sales depots situated across the country. Its chain is as follows:
  38. 38. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com DEPARTMENTAL OVERVIEW AT GSKCH The various departments at GSKCH ltd., Nabha are :- Drums (at factories) Bottles (at packing stations) Sale DepotsWholesaler Retailers consumer
  40. 40. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com HUMAN RESOURCES & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT Functions of HR & A department: 1. Training: It is viewed not merely as an event but also as a process of facilitating the continued up gradation of knowledge, skills & attitudes. Training activity includes: Structured introduction training for all new recruits. Intra & inter department team development exercises. Training in the technical/functional aspects. 2.Employee relations: The HR department monitors the disciplines of all workmen. Rules for all workers are displayed in the restroom in the form of standing orders. 3.Attendance records & development: This time office maintains attendance records of all workers with the aid of duty passes. It is supported by a software package that can be accessed to any point of time by the HR department to check the status.
  41. 41. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com 4.Employee communication: The HR department is responsible for various communication activities like speak up, open house sessions, float file, pamphlets & posters. 5.Welfare activities: The HR department is involved in various welfare activities for the employees like cultural programs, farewell parties etc. 6. Safety: The department is responsible for ensuring that the stature requirements of all equipment / processes are strictly followed. Safety audits are conducted once in two years to check the effectiveness of the safety procedures, equipment & system. 7.Security: Security staff takes rounds in adds around the factory, they are involved in routine activities like carrying out searching at the maintaining logbook. 8.Recruitment:
  42. 42. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Recruitment of the workmen, both permanent & temporary, staff & executives is carried out at the level. 9.Wages & salaries administration: The minimum wages for temporary workers is deducted by the state company. The permanent workers get another benefit like dearness allowance, house rent allowance, leave travel allowance. 10. Maintaining Quality standards The department is answerable to the company for maintaining quality standards all around the company . The HR department check the quality of relation prevailing inside the company and the quality of food provided inside the cafeteria.
  43. 43. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com SWOT ANALYSIS: Strengths: 1) About 100 years old extremely strong brand with about 80% posting market share in the white segment. 2) A very strong distribution in South and East.
  44. 44. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Weaknesses: 1) Consumption by price sensitive consumers (Section C) could impact pricing power. Its largest selling 500 gm refill is currently priced slightly below Rs. 100. 2) Dependence on Monsoons. 3) Product is taken as milk substitute in certain regions. Increases in availability of UHT milk could impact the demand. Opportunities: Ready to drink format offers opportunity to top out- off- home consumption. Threats: Current competition is very weak entry of new player like Amul other is possibility given high margins and weak competition.
  45. 45. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com CHAPTER 2: INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT
  46. 46. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com PROJECT TITLE: CANTEEN STANDARDIZATION AT GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd., Nabha INTRODUCTION In modern situation human being play a very important role for development of company. Human Resource is a central, rare, and most precious capital source of our industrial society. So, without workers, the production remains resource but never become production. While getting work done through workers the management of the organization should provide the facilities to workers in such a way that workers become satisfied and they themselves work harder and more effectively and more efficiently. In this case study report is an attempt made to analyze various areas of canteen facility provided to them and also attempts are made to analytics the labor welfare facilities given to the employees in the GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd., Nabha” and try to point out whether this organization successfully maintaining the good relationships with employees and maximum efficiency of the workers in the organization so as to achieve the ultimate goal of the organization.
  47. 47. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com CANTEEN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM According to section 46 and 112 of factories act 1948, The occupier of every factory notified by the state Government, and wherein more than two hundred and fifty workers are ordinarily employed shall provide in or near the factory an adequate canteen according to the standards prescribed in rules 88 to 94. So every organisation having more than 250 workers shall provide canteen to its workers as a welfare measure. . INTRODUCTION TO CANTEEN STANDARDIZATION The term “canteen” is used in two different senses. In the first sense, a canteen is a bottle which is used to carry water or other liquids, and in the second, a canteen is a facility which serves food in a cafeteria-style setting. Both uses are from the same root word, cantina, which is Italian for “wine cellar.” The word was adopted to refer generally to refreshments and an area where soldiers could obtain refreshments, and over time the usage split into two different meanings and spread to civilian society. In the sense of a container, a canteen is designed to provide someone with a portable supply of water or liquid. The container may include a
  48. 48. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com cup which nestles into the housing, or a mouthpiece which is built into the container. In order to function effectively, the canteen must be able to be tightly sealed, and some have a layer of insulation which reduces temperature changes and loss of fluids from evaporation. Canteens in the sense of a place where food is prepared and eaten are used to serve food on an institutional level. Militaries, schools, and large offices may use canteens to meet the food needs of their workforces and students. A typical canteen is a facility in which diners walk along a food line with trays which can be filled with various food items. Diners then seat themselves, eat, and bus their dishes and treys at the end of the meal.
  49. 49. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com THE GSKCH EMPLOYEES CO-OPERATIVE CANTEEN The GSKCH is running employee‟s co-operative canteen very effectively and providing all type eatables to all employees of factory including the contractors, workers number about 1800 persons. Presently the canteen is running in two different locations:  NON-GMP Canteen  GMP Canteen  Contractor Canteen. Canteen remains in operation around the clock right from breakfast to dinner and in between tea, sweets and light refreshment is being served. Here, in canteen Breakfast is given at 6:30 a.m. and then at 9:45 tea, milk is given with some snacks like somosa, dal, bread. At 12:30 lunch is provided along with tea or milk, in evening again tea and milk is served with sweets like ladoo, mathi, balushahi. And after that at 6:30
  50. 50. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com p.m. tea is served along with milk and dal sabzi,bread. After that 8:00 p.m. dinner is served . Time Particular 6:30 to 8:15 Breakfast 9:45 to 11:30 Tea,milk,samosa,toast,dal,bread 12:30to13:45 Lunch&Tea 15:00to17:30 Tea,milk,bread,Ladoo,Mathi,Balushahi 18:30to19:30 Tea, milk,bread,dal,sabzi 20:30to21:30 Dinner&Tea 22:45to 1:00 Tea,milk,bread,ladoo,mathi,balushahi 3:00 to 3:30 Tea,milk,bread,ladoo,mathi,balushahi BREAKFAST: Breakfast is served in the morning between 6:30-8:00am for the puri, sabzi, curd and tea are served and on demand omelet and boiled eggs are also served all the meals are cooked in canteen for the sufficient number of staff employees. LUNCH: Lunch is served between 12:30-2:00pm and menu for this is dal,sabzi .green vegetables, chapattis , rice, curd and sweet dish. DINNER: Dinner is served between 8:30-9:30pm and menu for dinner is dal,sabzi and chapatti all the dal,sabzi green vegetables ,chapatti ,rice ,curd etc.
  51. 51. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com prepared in canteen itself. Only sweets and fruits purchased from market.
  52. 52. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com WORKPLACE INSTRUCTIONS PERSONAL HYGIENE  Ensure the following before reporting the duty.  Proper hair cut.  Proper nail cut.  Well shaven.  Clear attire.  Ensure following while on duty.  Cook headgear is worn.  Mouth cover is tied.  Hand gloves are worn. FOOD HYGIENE  Vegetables and fruits procured, free from infestation.  Vegetables thoroughly washed before necessary processing and inconsumable part is adequately disposed cooked food poured into separate cauldrons for serving on counter. Curd, cooked vegetable and cooked pulses properly covered with wire washed covers. UTENSILES  Utensils properly cleaned.
  53. 53. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com  Carbon is cleaned every week.  Proper detergents and scrubs are utilized.  Brass utensils polished once a month. CROCKERY  Proper detergents are used for cleaning.  Glass tumblers and plates cleaned in dishwasher at least once in every shift.  Glasses washed with glass cleaner at least once in every shift.  All crockery is washed with k2mMnO4 solution, twice a week. WASTE DISPOSLE  Cooked refuse and washed refuse collected in bins.  Isolation of refuse i.e. paper, plastic carriers and broken glass pieces, each in separate bins etc. WASHING PROCESS: Solid waste is removed from the used utensils. Then hot water is used to wash. Then washed with soap. After that chemical is used. Then washed with hot water. PRESERVATION
  54. 54. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com  Storage area cleaned properly.  Adequate stacking of material.  Storage area for sugar and refined oil separated from grocery and condiments storage area.  Isolation of chemicals storage area e.g. cleaning material. WHITEWASH  Whitewash once every four month SMOKING  Smoking is strictly prohibited with in canteen. REPAIRS  Immediate replacement of broken and/or floor stones, counter slabs etc. SAFETY POINTS  Safe machine installation.  Proper guarding of exposed moving parts.  Ease of accessibility of operating switchboard.  On-the-job induction/ education of newly appointed personal. MAIN SWITCH
  55. 55. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Electric supply cut-off switch earmarked by proper notification.  Main switch that control the total electric load of work area to be shown to be shown to all canteen personnel so so as to enable use during emergency. STREAM LINE  Safety valves in operative condition.  Fortnightly inspection. Operational details especially that of pneumatic valve known to canteen manager.  Steam pressure load not to exceed 2.5kg/cm2.  LPG is also made in use for making chappatis. SMOKE  Proper ventilation.  Provision of canopy whenever required.  Operational condition of exhaust fans MAINTENANCE  Routine maintenance is done.  Proper maintenance record.  Regular inspection. GENERAL
  56. 56. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com  Apron usage while cooking, serving and washing.  Hand gloves usage during hot material handling.  Floor cleaning to avoid slippery surface.  Milk drums washed with hot water and scrubbed thoroughly. UTILIZATION OF MANPOWER: AIM: Aim of this report to deploy the men in canteen in such a way that maximum output may be taken by deploying proper manpower at proper place. To achieve this aim a through study was conducted through out the week in all the three shifts.  .1st shift  General shift  2nd shift  3rd shift Deployment of duties 1st shift in non- GMP canteen, there are total 3 cooks, 1 counter man and along with 7 helpers: 1 helper at washing 1 at dining hall 2 helpers with cook 1 helper for milk transport and pot cleaning
  57. 57. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com 1 helper at tea counter 1 helper food transport to GMP So, in totality in 1st shift there are 11 workers in NON-GMP canteen. In GMP canteen: there are 1 counter man and 4 helpers in 1st shift. 1 helper at tea counter 1 at washing 1 at dining hall 1 at serving counter General shift: there are 1 counter man at admin. Block and there are 3 helper that is 1 helper at cleaning 2 helper at contractor canteen In 2nd shift: NON-GMP: there are 1 cook, 1 counterman and 4 helpers 1 helper at washing 1 helper with cook 1 helper for milk transport and pot cleaning 1 helper t tea counter So there are total 6 worker in NON-GMP canteen GMP: there are 1 counter man, 2 helper
  58. 58. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com 1 helper at tea counter 1 helper at washing 3rd shift NON-GMP: there are 1 cook, 1 counterman and 2 helpers 1helper at washing 1 helper for food transport to GMP GMP: there is only 1 helper at GMP canteen at washing point. DUTIES OF MANPOWER AT GSK CANTEEN Counterman: His duty starts from 6a.m to 2p.m Firtly, he check the strength of workers at 6a.m.and assign the duties to the workers. He is responsible for maintenance of counter properly. To ensure that plates, spoons and glasses are at proper place. To distribute food to workers at counters.
  59. 59. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Responsible for clean and hygiene surroundings of kitchen and counters. To keep an eye on every worker in the kitchen i.e. to check the cooking process that each worker work efficiently. SPECIALIST1: He is basically a tea man. His duty is to prepare tea. While making tea ,he also check the preparation of dal that is at the same area where tea is prepared He also helps the halwai i.e specialist 3 for the preparation of samosa,toast etc. SPECIALIST2: Is basically a cook. In morning time there are three cooks in the kitchen. Responsible for the preparation of food i.e. making dal, sabzi, and baking of chapattis etc. He also helps in washing utensils after the preparation of food. SPECIALIST3: Is basically responsible for making samosa, toast at tea time. After that, he helps the cook in making vegetables and baking chapattis.
  60. 60. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com SERVICEMAN (HR): He has duty from 8:30a.m. to 5:30p.m. There is a tea counter at HR (Administration Block) which is controlled by a serviceman. He is responsible for making tea and to serve it to staff. SERVICEMAN : To take the raw material from the store and keep them at proper place according to morning, afternoon, evening menu. Responsible for distributing raw material to their locations. To take chapattis to the counter and helps the counterman in serving food at counter. To prepare tea for canteen staff and workers. Also helps in cleaning grocessories. HELPER COUNTER: As counterman is also busy with other activities like to check the working of workers in the kitchen, to ensure hygiene and clean surroundings .so a helper is there for counterman. To help the counterman i.e. to serve food and to ensure that plates, spoons at proper place. To clean the counter properly.
  61. 61. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com HELPER TO COOK: Its main duty is to help the specialist2. Help to wash vegetables, dal and cut vegetables. HELPER MILK: He is responsible to bring milk from dairy. He also helps the cook in cooking food after collecting the milk. HELPER WASHING POINT: He has 8 hour duty. He is responsible for washing utensils collected by helper dining hall. HELPER TROLLY: His main task is to transport the prepared food from Non GMP kitchen to GMP canteen. To wash/clean the trolley in the morning and before taking the food. He also helps in the GMP canteen i.e. to serve the food at the counter. HELPER GENERAL CLEANING: Duty from 8a.m. to 5p.m. To clean kitchen area properly.
  62. 62. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com To clean machines i.e. grinding machines etc. To take the used pots , cookers to washing area. To keep everything at proper place in the kitchen and counter. HELPER DINING HALL: Duty from 7a.m.to 4p.m. He has the duty to clean dining tables To take the used plates, glasses, spoons from the tables to washing point. So he has the duty to clean the dining hall properly. 2 EXTRA BOYS (FOR CONTRACTOR CANTEEN): Duty from 9a.m. to 6p.m. They are responsible to carry prepared food to contractor canteen. They also help to clean the used pots , cookers at the washing point. 4 WORKERS AT GMP CANTEEN: 1 –Counterman 3-Helper 1 helper at washing point 1 helper at tea counter 1 counter helper
  63. 63. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Menu for the Week Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Monday Puri,curd, white chana Aloo,Soya,moongi chole,Chapatti,rice, Curd Black channa,Moongi masar,Chapatti Tuesday puri,curd ,peas Peas and paneer, dal,Chapatti,Rice, Curd Dal,Sabzi,Chapat ti Wednesday Puri Curd,Rajma h Dry veg, Dal,Chapatti rice,curd Kheer Dal,sabzi,chapatt i Thursday Puri,Curd ,Rajmah Rajmah,Dal , Chapatti,Rice,Rait a Dal,White channa,Chapatti Friday Puri,Curd, white channa Dry veg, Dal, Chapatti,Rice, fruit Raita Dal,Sabzi,chapat ti
  64. 64. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Saturday Puri,Curd, Black channa Kharri pakora ,Dal, Rice,chappati Dal,white channa,chapatti Sunday Puri,Curd ,Rajmah White channa,dal, chapatti,Rice,curd Dal,Sabzi,Chapa tti REQUIREMENT OF RATION ITEMS 1. MILK 600kg/day 30000kg/month 2. SUGAR 80kg/day 2500kg/month 3. REFINED OIL 25L/day 775L/month 4. TEA LEAVES 6kg/day 200kg/month 5. DAL 23kg/day 71kg/month 6. REFINED FLOUR 24kg/day 744kg/month 7. GRAM FLOUR 27kg/ week 108kg/month 8. DRY VEG 23kg/day 713kg/month 9. WHEAT FLOUR 75kg/day 2325kg/month 10. TUMERIC 1kg/day 31kg/month 11. RICE 13kg/day 403kg/month 12. SALT 5kg/day 155kg/month
  65. 65. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com 13. ONION 20kg/day 620kg/month 14. POTATO 100kg/day 3100kg/month 15. GREEN VEG 20kg/day 620kg/month 16. LADDU 20kg/day 620kg/day 17. BALUSHAHI 13kg/day 403kg/day 18. BREAD 130Pkts/day 4030pckts/month 19. FRUITS/SWEETS 100pieces/day 3100pcs/month 20. BLACKPEEPER 16gm/day 1/2kg/month 21. PICKLE 322gm/day 10kg/month SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE GSKCH EMPLOYEES CO-OPERATIVE CANTEEN GSKCH is running canteen on co-operative basis round the clock.
  66. 66. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com SWOT ANALYSIS OF CANTEEN IS AS FOLLOW: STRENGTHS:  Provides tasty and healthy food.  Good infrastructure of the canteen.  Availability of equipments.  Proper safety arrangements WEEKNESSES:  Improper utilization of manpower.  Workers are illiterate.  There should be improvement in rules and regulations.  No proper storage facilities. OPPORTUNITIES:  Educate the workers.  Latest technology.  Utilization of manpower. THREATS: Change in govt. rules and regulation
  67. 67. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com
  68. 68. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com CHAPTER 2 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY
  69. 69. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. It is “a careful investigation or inquiry specially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may also be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. We can say that research methodology has many dimensions and research methods do constitute a part of the research methodology. Objectives of study:  To find out whether the workers are satisfied with the canteen facility or not provided by the organization.  To find out whether the workers are satisfied with the canteen charges or not decided by the organization.  To find out the quality of food provided by the canteen is healthy or not.  To find out whether there are proper safety arrangements are provided by organization or not.
  70. 70. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com COLLECTION OF DATA: The Primary Data is the data which is collected as fresh and for the first time, and thus happen to be original in character. The Secondary Data, is the data which have already been collected by someone else and which have already been passed through the statistical process. It is gathered and recorded by someone else prior to current needs of the researcher. In my studies I have used both types of data. Primary data is collected from the workers and employees through questionnaire, interaction with the concerned authorities and Secondary data is collected from referring books, journals, some old projects and websites of the company. SAMPLE SIZE: It refers to the number of items to be selected from the universe to constitute a sample. The size of the sample should neither be excessively large, nor too small. It should be optimum which fulfils the requirements of efficiency, representativeness, reliability and flexibility. Budgetary constraint must also be taken into consideration when we decide the sample size.
  71. 71. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com In this project the sample size consisting of 100 respondents was selected. AREA OF THE STUDY: The study is done in GLAXOSMITHKLINE CONSUMER HEALTHCARE Ltd at Nabha plant. RESEARCH TOOLS: In my project study I have collected the data through questionnaire and to analyses the collected data I have used various statistical tools like percentage method and simple average method. For the presentation of the data and to note the responses in tabular form various tables and charts have been drawn.
  72. 72. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com RESEARCH DESIGN: “A research design is the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. In fact, the research design is the conceptual structure within which research is conducted. I have adopted descriptive research deign for my project because descriptive research is concerned with describing the characteristics of a particular individual or of a group. SAMPLING DESIGN: A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from given population. Since it is difficult to contact the entire population, in my project study random sampling technique has been adopted. LIMITATIONS OF REPORT An analysis has been done as per the objectives and attempt has been done to study each and every parameter to make it more useful and to the mark. Effort has been done so that information collected is correct for the subject studied but there are some limitations which are as follow.
  73. 73. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com  Study has been undertaken only on 100 workers of GSK. Which cannot provide the information of general public?  Information provided may not be true as some of them closed want to tell exact figures.  Data collected is from different sources. Mainly secondary data which might have changed or fluctuated.  Analysis in done on 100 workers only. So the same cannot be imposed on whole population.
  74. 74. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com CHAPTER 3 ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA
  75. 75. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Que1. Do you have any knowledge about canteen facility? Options No. of Respondents Yes 100 No 0 INTERPRETATION: From the above table it is clear that all the workers have knowledge about the canteen facility. Everybody is aware about the facility of canteen provided by the company. It makes a good sign 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 YES NO No.ofrespondents
  76. 76. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Que2. Since how long are you working in this organization? Options No. of Respondents Below 1 year 24 Above 1 year 48 Above 5 year 28 INTERPRETATION: 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 below 1 year above 1 year above5 year No.ofrespondents
  77. 77. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com From the above table it is clear that out of the sample of 100 workers 24 workers are below 1 year, 48 are above1 year and 28 are above 5year. Que3. How you find canteen facilities in plant? Options No. of Respondents Good 60 Average 35 Poor 5 INTERPRETATION: From the above table it is clear that 60% workers says that Canteen facilities are good but 35% workers find it average , only 55 are not satisfied with the canteen facilities From the given data we comes to 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Good Average Poor No.ofRespondents Option
  78. 78. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com know that most of the workers are satisfied with the canteen facilities but still it is not up to mark.
  79. 79. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Que4. Quality of food provided in the canteen at GSK? Options No. of Respondents Very Good 18 Good 47 Average 30 Bad 3 Very bad 2 INTERPRETATION: 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Very good Good Average Bad Very bad Series 1, 2 No.ofRespondents Options
  80. 80. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com From the above data it is find that most of the workers are satisfied with the quqlity of the food provided by canteen . But still there are some workers which are satisfied with the quality of the food. Que5.Are you satisfied with the working conditions of the canteen? option No. of Respondents Highly satisfied 31 satisfied 63 Not satisfied 6 INTERPRETATION 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Highly satisfied satisfied Not satisfied No.ofRespondents
  81. 81. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com From the above table it is clear most of the workers are satisfied with the working conditions of the canteen. But 6% of the workers are not satisfied with the working conditions provided by the canteen management.
  82. 82. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Que6. . Is varieties of food are provided in canteen? Options No. of Respondents Yes 100 No 0 INTERPRETATION: From the above data it is observed that all the workers said that are varities of food are provided to the workers 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Yes No No.oFrespondenTS options
  83. 83. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Que7. What type of food is provided in canteen? Options No. of Respondents Junk 20 Simple 60 Both 20 INTERPRETATION : From the above table it is clear that 20 workers are stating that only junk food is served in canteen while 60 are stating that simple regular food is 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Junk Simple Both No.Ofrespondents
  84. 84. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com served in canteen while 20 workers are stating that both junk and simple food is served in canteen. Que8: Does this plant take care of every safety measurements in canteen? Options No. of Respondents Yes 70 No 30 INTERPRETATION: 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Yes No No.ofRespondents Options
  85. 85. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com From the above data, it is observed that most of the workers said that plant provide safety measurement in the canteen. But 30% workers said that safety measurements are not provided by plant. Que9.Food is provided at reasonable rates: Option No. of Respondents Strongly Agree 30 Agree 50 Indifferent 18 Disagree 2 Strongly Disagree 0
  86. 86. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com INTERPRETATION: From the above statement it is clear that out of the sample of 100 workers most of the workers are agree with the charges of the canteen but some workers are not agree with this statement because of their personals reasons. Que10. Sitting arrangements in the canteen are: Option No. of Respondents Good 62 Average 35 Poor 3 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 strongly agree Agree Indifferent Disagree Strongly Disagree No.ofRespondents
  87. 87. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com INTERPRETATION: From the above table it is clear that almost all workers says that sitting arrangements are good provided by the canteen only few are not satisfied with this facility. From the given data we comes to know that sitting facility provided by the canteen organization is good. Que11. How often first aid box with prescribed contents is available in canteen? Options No. of Respondents Everytime 80 Sometime 40 Not available 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Good Average Poor No.ofrespondents
  88. 88. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com INTERPRETATION: From the above data it is clear that first aid boxes with prescribed contents are everytime available in the canteen.But some workers disagree with it. Que12.How nutritious is the food provided to is the food provided to you? Options No. of respondents Highly nutritive 65 Somewhat nutritive 30 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Everytime Sometime Not available No.ofRespondents Options
  89. 89. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Least nutritive 5 INTERPRETATION: It is observed that most of the employees said that canteen provide nutritive food to the workers but still 35% are not satisfied with the food. Que13. How does this affect your health? Options No. of Respondents 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Highly nutritive somewhat nutritive least nutritive No.ofRespondents Options
  90. 90. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Very positively 60 Not really adversely 40 INTERPRETATION: From the above analysis it is observed that out of 100 workers , 65 workers said that canteen food affect their health very positively. Que14.Are you satisfied with the food/snacks/drinks provided to you at different intervals ? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Very positively Not really adversely No.ofRespondents Options
  91. 91. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Options No. of Respondents Highly satisfied 23 satisfied 52 Moderate satisfied 18 dissatisfied 7 INTERPRETATION: From the above table it is clear that out of the sample of 100 workers most of the workers are satisfied with the food stuff provided by the canteen but some workers are not satisfied with it, because of some reasons. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Highly satisfied satisfied Moderate satisfied dissatisfied No.ofrespondents
  92. 92. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Que15.Is the hygienic conditions maintained in and around the canteen and workplace areas? Options No. of respondents Always 59 Sometimes 41 Never 0 INTERPRETATION: Most of the workers are satisfied with the hygiene conditions of the canteen. Que16. Is there proper drinking water facilities provided in canteen? a) Available b) Not available Option No. of Respondents 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Always Sometimes Never Series 3 Series 2 Series 1
  93. 93. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Available 100 Not Available 0 INTERPRETATION: From the above table it is clear that there are proper arrangements of drinking water in the canteen. All the workers are satisfied with the drinking facility. Que17. How much are you satisfied with the timing of canteen? Options No. of Respondents Highly satisfied 21 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Available Not Available No.ofRespondents
  94. 94. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com satisfied 47 Moderate satisfied 23 dissatisfied 9 INTERPRETATION From the above table it is clear that near about 60% of the workers are satisfied with the timings of canteen. There are some people whose satisfaction level is low rather than others. There are 9% respondents who are totally dissatisfied with the timings of canteen. Que18.Workers should participate in canteen decisions? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Highly satisfied satisfied moderate satisfied dissatisfied No.OFRespondents
  95. 95. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Options No. of Respondents Strongly agree 12 agree 38 Indifferent 33 disagree 17 Strongly disagree 0 INTERPRETATION: From this statement we come to know most of the workers are satisfied with this statement. But here are some workers who do not want to give their opinion .but some workers are dissatisfied with this statement. But we also come to know that canteen management respects the decision of employees 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Strongly agree agree Indifferent disagree strongly disagree No.ofRespondents
  96. 96. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Que19. The facility of lighting in canteen is”: Option No. of Respondents Good 59 Average 34 Poor 7 INTERPRETATION From the above table we come to know that in the opinion of most of the workers lighting arrangements in the canteen are good. but there are also some workers who are not in the favour of this facility. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 good average poor No.ofRespondents
  97. 97. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Que20.Do you like cleanliness in the canteen? Option No. of Respondents Like very much 24 Like somewhat 47 Neutral 23 Dislike somewhat 6 Dislike very much 0 INTERPRETATION: From the above table it is evident that more than 50% of the workers like the statement given above that” there is proper cleanliness in the 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Like very much Like somewhat Neutral Dislike somewhat Dislike very much No.ofRespondents
  98. 98. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com canteen.” But there are some respondents according to whom the statement given is neutral. But still 6% of the workers do not like the cleanliness in the canteen. So it should be try to improve. Que21. Ventilation facility in the canteen: Options No. of Respondents Good 61 Average 32 Poor 7 INTERPRETATION: 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Good Average Poor No.ofRespondents Options
  99. 99. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com From the above table we come to know that in the opinion of most of the workers ventilation arrangements in the canteen are good. But there are also some workers who are not in the favour of this facility. Que22. Is the canteen faculty responsible for quality work or not? Options No. of Respondents Yes 53 No 47 INTERPRETATION: From the above table it is clear that according to more than 50% of the 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 Yes No No.ofRespondents Option
  100. 100. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com workers canteen faculty is responsible for the quality work. But still in the opinion of 47% it is not true. So canteen faculty needs to care about its responsibilities. Que23. Canteen needs any kind of improvement? Options No. of Respondents Yes 56 No 44 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Yes No No.ofRespondents Option
  101. 101. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com INTERPRETATION: From the above table it is clear that there is mix response of the workers. Some workers are in the favour of canteen improvement but some are satisfied with the canteen as it is.
  102. 102. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com CHAPTER 4 FINDINGS & RECOMMENDATIONS
  103. 103. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com FINDINGS: GSKCH is running a co-operative canteen on the basis of Co- operative Society Act. A Canteen committee is formed which consists of management representatives and worker representatives. Canteen remains in operation around the clock from breakfast to dinner. Food is provided at subsidized rates i.e. reasonable rates (Rs.4 per day per worker). Canteen is operated on no profit no loss basis. Steam cookers are used to prepare dal and tea. 3 year canteen budget is maintained in advance. Conversion parameter for all eatables were fixed long time back and may be correct on that time but due to long span of time and standard of meals has gone up and all the parameters are not correct with the present standard of food being served. It is found that most of the workers working in canteen are following work place instructions properly, but some of the workers are careless in following the instructions Both junk and simple food is provided in canteen.
  104. 104. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Sometimes workers not wear gloves and mouth cover in the kitchen. Canteen workers are busy whole day and they have hardly a little break during their work because after finishing their work they help other workers. So proper rest period should be provided to workers. Ladoo, mathi are not properly covered in the store room sometimes. Workers do not take responsibility to take their used plates at washing counter .they leave their used utensils at the table. Quality of food is not up to the mark. So according to my study there is scope of improvement in quality of food. Washing counter at GMP Canteen is very small. There is less supervision in the GMP canteen.
  105. 105. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com RECOMMENDATIONS: Company should provide different store room for the dry material. Proper hygiene and cleanliness should be maintained in the canteen. Conversion parameter for all eatables were fixed long time back and may be correct on that time but due to long span of time and standard of meals has gone up and all the parameters are not correct with the present standard of food being served. Proper rest period should be provided to the canteen workers and assignment of duties should be according to their capabilities. Careless workers should be fined. Certain other parameters are also require to make food more tasty and healthy which are not so far fixed A rule should be maintained for workers to take their used plates to washing counter after taking their meal. If any worker doesn‟t follow it he/she should be fined. With this general cleaning helper can take other responsibilities i.e. to wash utensils.
  106. 106. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com Wastage should be reduced in the canteen. A proper system should be maintain to know about the requirement of sabzi, dal and sweet dish. Canteen management should be careful and solve the problems of workers regarding canteen as fast as possible. In GMP there should be more space for washing.
  107. 107. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com CHAPTER 5: BIBLIOGRAPHY, AND APPENDIX
  108. 108. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com BIBLIOGRAPHY Books:  Kothari C.R., Research Methodology, New Age International Publication New Delhi; second edition.  Sahni N.K., Industrial Relation And Labor laws, Kalyani Publishers, second edition. Mike O Donnell U.S Army & Militia 1775-1910  Steven M. Spivak and F. Cecil Brenner, Marcel Dekker Standardization Essentials - Principles and Practice  Gupta Shashi K., Human Resource Management (third edition), Tata Mc Graw Hill Publication Company Ltd. WEBSITES:  www.gsk.com  http://wiki.answers.com  www.gsk-india.com  industrialrelations.naukrihub.com/employee-welfare.html  www.pdf-search-engine.com/employee-welfare-schemes-pdf.html  www.management paradise.com
  109. 109. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com APPENDIX
  110. 110. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com QUESTIONNAIRE NAME: AGE: GENDER: DEPARTMENT: DESIGNATION LENGTH OF SERVICE: PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: PLEASE TICK 1. Do you have any knowledge of canteen facilities? a) YES b) NO 2. Since how long are you working in this organization? a) Below 1 year b) Above 1 year c) Above 5 year 3. How you find canteen facilities in plant? a) Very good b) Good c) Average d) Bad e) Very bad
  111. 111. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com 4. Quality of food provided in the canteen at GSK? a) Very good b) Good c) Average d) Bad e) Very bad 5 Are you satisfied with the working conditions of the canteen? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Not satisfied 6. Is varieties of food are provided in canteen? a) Yes b) No 7. What type of food is provided in canteen? a) Junk food b) simple food c) both 8. Does this plant take care of every safety measurements in canteen? a) Yes b) No 9. Food is provided at reasonable rates: a) Strongly Agree b) Agree c) Indifferent d) Disagree e) Strongly Disagree
  112. 112. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com 10. Sitting arrangements within the canteen . a) Good b) Average c) Poor 11. How often first aid box with prescribed contents is available in canteen? a) Every time b) Sometimes c) Not available 12. How nutritious is the food provided to you? a) Highly nutritive b) Somewhat nutritive c) Least nutritive 13. How does this affect your health? a) Very positively b) negatively 14. Are you satisfied with the food/snacks/drinks provided to you at different intervals? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Moderate satisfied d) dissatisfied
  113. 113. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com 15.Is the hygienic conditions maintained in and around the canteen and workplace areas? a) Always b) sometimes c) never 16. Is there proper drinking water facilities provided in canteen? a) Available b) Not available 17. How much are you satisfied with the timing of canteen? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Moderate satisfied d) dissatisfied 18. Workers should participate in canteen decisions? a) Strongly Agree b) Agree c) Indifferent d) Disagree e) Strongly Disagree 19. The facility of lighting in canteen? a) Good b) Average c) Poor 20. Do you like the cleanliness in the canteen? a) Like very much b) Like somewhat c) Neutral d) Dislike somewhat e) Dislike very much
  114. 114. Project -Canteen Standardization www.mbaprojectfree.com 21. Ventilation facility in the canteen: a) Good b) average c) poor 23. Is the canteen faculty is responsible for quality work or not? a) Yes b) No 24. Is there is any improvement needed in canteen? a) Yes b) No If Yes what? If you would like to add anything to it please do the concern…………………………………… Your comments………………………………. Your suggestions…………………………….. With regards