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Narrative Conventions


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Published in: Education
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Narrative Conventions

  1. 1. Three aspects of narrative 1. Narrative as representation (cinematic world, diegesis, characters, realism?) 2. Narrative as structure (plot vs. story, plot as pattern) 3. Narrative as act of presenting the story (narration, subjectivity, point of view)
  3. 3. CLASSICAL STYLE Narrative rules!
  4. 4. CLARITY Viewers should not be confused about space, time, or events.
  5. 5. UNITY Cause and effect connections are direct and complete.
  6. 6. GOALS Characters are goal-oriented, active, and invite identification.
  7. 7. TWO PLOTLINES Heterosexual romance + ___________
  8. 8. CLOSURE Loose ends are tied up, often through romantic closure.
  9. 9. “INVISIBLE” STYLE Viewers become absorbed in the story without thinking about how the movie is constructed.