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Semantic & syntactic


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Semantic & syntactic

  1. 1. Genre Features
  2. 2. Audiences develop an understanding that certain expectations may be fulfilled and they find pleasure in predicting what will happen next. Different genres have a certain repertoire which is things the audience will expect to happen.Every genre has expected aspects which is known as iconography. For horror films this is isolated, open spaces for locations; dark makeup and props like weaponsand blood. Film trailers need to intrigue the audience into going to watch the film which is the enigma of the trailer. We will need to use conventions in our trailer so that the audience knows thenarrative of the film straight away., we need to use a certain amount of immediate communication with the audience. We need the narrative to be easilycomprehensible, using key components that are easily recognisable are important– these key components are know as semantic and syntactic which I will discuss in the next few slides.
  3. 3. Semantic - This is the particular conventions of a certain genrethat communicate to the audience such as characters, locations, props, music, shooting style and other signifiers.Syntactic - This is the relationship between these conventions and the structure of the narratives in genres. E.g. In horrormovies we expect the villain to kill the innocent character. There are then a series of meeting/problems which prolong or stop this from happening Not just semantic factors (makeup, props, costumes, locations) signify a particular genre it also has to have syntactic factors such as generic situations.
  4. 4. Semantic conventions in horror films are:•Location – open, isolated spaces.•Costume – dark, worn out•Weapons - weapons such as knifes andchainsaws•Props – blood, religious icons.•Characters – agnostic, protagonist.•Sounds – high pitched screeches, eeriemusic, sound effects such as screams.Syntactic –Story lines and plots are very similar inevery horror film. A common plot is aninnocent person or group of people in anisolated place, like a forest or in a derelicthouse then they realise they are not aloneand a murderer is introduced into the film.Another common plot is someonebecoming possessed. The character will beagain an innocent character then becomepossessed and turn against people –usually there family.