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Sample presentation outlines


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Sample presentation outlines

  1. 1. Sample Presentation Outlines<br />Writing about a Subculture<br />
  2. 2. Goths (organized by topic)<br />Introduction<br />Stereotypes about Goth<br />What Goths are really like (thesis)<br />What “Goth” is: an aesthetic and style<br />Who Goths are: high school geeks<br />Why people become Goths: community, new identity<br />Benefits of freakiness<br />Conclusion: Becoming Goth solves some social problems faced by socially isolated young people<br />
  3. 3. Photo Phantasies (organized as a story)<br />Introduction: What Photo Phantasies is and how I got interested in it<br />My visit to the store and interview with the manager<br />My visit to the employee meeting<br />My interviews with customers<br />Conclusion: How P.P. was different from what I expected<br />