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Private Label for Brokerage and Property Management Firms

VerticalRent offers a 100% private and whitelabeled version of it's platform to Brokerage and Property Management firms. Lock-in the industry lowest pricing on credit, criminal, and eviction reports with our FCRA-compliant platform.

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Private Label for Brokerage and Property Management Firms

  1. 1. Flat-Fee Pricing Offered at $500 per month, our Private Label Solution for Brokerage Firms allows for unlimited users and storage. Hosted in our private cloud, we handle all server maintenance, software updates, and security compliance. We also handle the verification of all criminal records in accordance with the FCRA, in addition to credit report disputes from your applicants. Our easy-to-use platform will help you standardize and ensure tenant screening compliance. Use your own colors, fonts, copy, and logo – it’s your platform. Naturally extend your website to landlords and applicants Use your own domain! ( Standardize applicant screening for all Realtor-Associates Leave the “IT Stuff” and FCRA compliance to us! All-in-One Private Label Property Management Platform Screening applicants for landlords and property owners can be challenging, especially when the process isn’t standardized. Your Realtors® may unknowingly violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by failing to obtain consent from an applicant, or improperly handling an adverse action notice. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was commissioned to work closely with the FCRA to ensure compliance. Mishandling of rental applications, credit, criminal, or eviction reports can result in steep fines and brand damage to your brokerage firm. VerticalRent® is easy-to-use software that will help you standardize and ensure everyday FCRA compliance. Founded in 2011, VerticalRent is an award-winning property management and tenant screening platform – fully FCRA-compliant, E13PA compliant, and PCI-DSS compliant. Serving over 15,000 landlords, property managers, and realtors across all 50 States, the platform has grown into one of the industry’s leading applicant screening products. This intuitively designed software platform is available for private label. Rental Application Fees Streamlined We give our private label clients rock bottom pricing on credit, criminal, and eviction reports – giving you the flexibility to charge a rental application processing fee on every application. On average, our private label clients charge $50.00 per applicant of which $35.00 is profit in the form of an application processing fee. Our software streamlines the process with electronic e-mail and SMS text notifications and automated direct deposit of your application fee earnings. Fifteen (15) applicants per month offsets the software licensing fee. Your Company Fully customizable to your copy, fonts, and colors Standardization Realtors screen applicants in one platform. Free Support We provide on-going email support for all end users. Private Label for Brokerage Firms