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Find out how DisclosureDoc™ and eDisclosure™ can expedite and simplify the FPPC Form 700 filing process for your organization!

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Disclosure Docs

  1. 2. Company Introduction SouthTech Systems is dedicated to making a difference in the way you work. SouthTech Systems is a software development and system integration firm with offices in Riverside, California. We specialize in custom turnkey business government solutions, as well as software development for public agencies and the private sector.
  2. 3. Software that Makes a Difference Our company’s focus is to equip public agencies with cost-effective and scalable applications that utilize database, digitized documents, workflow and electronic document management technologies. We provide the analysis, design, implementation, training, support and maintenance of enterprise-wide systems that equip public agencies with products and services to automate manual processes and improve staff productivity.
  3. 4. Success Driven Experience As a premier software solution provider, we create, deploy, support, and maintain high-quality client-server and browser-based software solutions. SouthTech Systems offers not only the necessary technical knowledge, but also the in-depth government operational experience to make our software solutions a success. We understand how your business works, and we can blend cost-effective new technology with day-to-day operations to make your jobs easier and to provide you with an efficient workflow.   Our software products are specifically designed to meet the needs of government offices including County Recorders, County Clerks, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Election Officials and City Clerks. Each of our systems is designed to be highly configurable and completely turnkey, so that they meet the immediate, individual needs of our clients and their respective agencies.
  4. 5. Our Products
  5. 6. State Wide Systems SouthTech Systems has been providing software solutions since 1994.  Our software solutions have been implemented in at least 40 county offices throughout California as well as numerous state wide systems. These systems include: Marriage License, FBN, EIR, Notary, Process Server & other registration solutions. Implemented in 40 Counties Multi County Electronic Recording Software Received NACO Award for Best Government Software Implementation 2010
  6. 7. Supporting Digital Organizations Did you know that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year? Just imagine all the costs involved and how fast they add up... purchasing, storage, copying, printing, postage, disposal and recycling fees. So why print, when you can go digital? Efficient, eco-friendly and highly cost effective, electronic forms will transform and simplify the way you do business.
  7. 8. DisclosureDocs ™ Development History In partnership with the county of Ventura, SouthTech Systems developed the first generation of DisclosureDocs™ in 2000, the company’s flagship product for managing the business process of the FPPC-mandated Conflict of Interest Code / Form 700. Since 2000, multiple California counties have acquired DisclosureDocs™. SouthTech Systems has since become an expert in the field of developing software solutions that facilitate the submission of Conflict of Interest filings.  
  8. 9. eDisclosure ™ Development History In 2006, the County of Orange had a vision that all county Conflict of Interest filers would have the ability to electronically submit Conflict of Interest Form 700. SouthTech Systems, in turn, redeveloped DisclosureDocs™ as well as created eDisclosure™ to support the electronic submission process. The County of Orange subsequently applied for legislation change that would allow filers to electronically file Form 700.   In 2008, the legislation change was successfully passed in the form of a three-year pilot program for four California counties, County of Orange, Los Angeles, Merced and Stanislaus. Individuals in these counties who are designated filers by their authority’s Conflict of Interest Code may file assuming, annual and leaving statements by completing the FPPC-mandated Form 700 online and submitting it to their Filing Officer electronically. In 2010, the counties of Santa Clara, Ventura and the City of Long Beach joined the pilot group to be approved in 2011.   After three years, the pilot counties will report on the results of the program, which—if successful—will allow the legislation to be opened up to all organizations that file Form 700. 
  9. 10. Form 700 Issues & Challenges Large Time Commitment Unnecessary Paper Waste Intimidated Filers- Unsure of process and proper procedures. Not sure what or when to file Unable to track the organization’s Assuming and Leaving Office Filers
  10. 11. SouthTech Systems’ DisclosureDocs™ is a Desktop application that enables Filing Officers to electronically manage the business process of the FPPC-mandated Conflict of Interest Code and Form 700 (Statement of Economic Interests).  
  11. 12. DisclosureDocs ™ Solutions & Benefits DisclosureDocs ™ offers the following features:
  12. 13. SouthTech Systems’ eDisclosure™ is an electronic solution for streamlining the management of FPPC Form 700 filers and management and review of Conflict of Interest Code amendments.  
  13. 14. eDisclosure ™ Solutions & Benefits <ul><li>Automates Conflict of Interest Code submission </li></ul><ul><li>Enables increased productivity by consolidating information </li></ul><ul><li>Generates summary and detailed reports for agencies, filers and eDisclosure™ activities </li></ul><ul><li>Easily and securely fill out or amend Form 700, which is automatically checked for errors and omissions. </li></ul><ul><li>Quickly copy information from a prior year’s form. </li></ul><ul><li>Conveniently fill out one form for multiple positions. </li></ul><ul><li>Empowers Filing Officials with convenient, easy-to- use tools </li></ul><ul><li>Provides instant access to detailed information </li></ul><ul><li>Reduces filing errors </li></ul><ul><li>Facilitates proactive measures to address late filers </li></ul>
  14. 15. Future Advancements Ability to Publish to the web with auto redaction of Form 700 Centralized submission of forms to FPPC
  15. 16. Deployment & Resources User Guides Online Demos Webinars One on One
  16. 17. Visit Us Online www.southtechsystems.com