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PMO View Interactive Dashboard


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Program Management Office (PMO) tools shouldn't be overly complicated or difficult to use. With PMOView, your organization can quickly mash up data sources and build custom integration points between enterprise leading products like HP PPM, ALM, and Agile Manager.

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PMO View Interactive Dashboard

  1. 1. PMO View Interactive Dashboard
  2. 2. PMO View Interactive Dashboard Real-timeEnterprise Analytics with hierarchical views of enterprise, program, team, and project pipelineand overall performance. Solution Highlights:  Real-time access to PMO analytics on any desktop or mobile tablet device  Enterprise Project Portfolio visibility across: – Executive Initiative Scorecard – Project Portfolio Road Map – Project Portfolio Health & Trending – ResourceSupply & Demand Analysis – Project Status Reporting Key Benefits:  Improved decision making on prioritizing and selecting the right project portfolio  Easily share project performance analytics with the entire enterprise  Consistent roll-up of project status from project managers to program and enterprise executives 2
  3. 3. Program & Project Portfolio Roadmap Program and Project portfolio timeline and status visibility Solution Highlights:  Real-time access to Project pipeline roadmap  Easily view project roadmap by enterprise, business unit, department, and team  Project status visibility and drill down to individual project status reports 3
  4. 4. Project Portfolio Resource Capacity Resource capacity and utilization visibility Solution Highlights:  Real-time access to Project pipeline resource capacity and utilization  Easily view resource capacity and utilization by enterprise, business unit, department, and team  Monitor resource capacity utilization by category (e.g.Run, Grow, Transform)  One click access to project resource demand details 4
  5. 5. Project Performance Dashboard Project Performance Visibility Solution Highlights:  Real-time access to enterprise-wide project performance  Easily view project performance by business unit, department, and team  One click access to project listing and individual project status reports 5
  6. 6. Project Status Reports Interactive Project Status reporting solution Solution Highlights:  Project details listing of projects grouped by status, risk, issue, budget actuals  Project status reports available for all enterprise projects  Editable project status report for assigned project managers  Configurable settings to adjust project details columns and status report graphics  Easily export status reports to .pdf, Xls, and send email copies of status reports 6
  7. 7. Initiative Scorecard Communicate Strategic Goals and Results Solution Highlights:  Editable Executive Goals and Initiatives  Fully configurable to tailor to organization balanced scorecard approach  Supports management scorecard updates to reflect progress and comments  Effective strategic objectives communication platform with enterprise visibility 7
  8. 8. PMOView Visualizations
  9. 9. PMOView Available Visualizations Chart Types • Bar & Stacked Bar Charts • Line Charts • Area Charts Miscellaneous Visualizations • KPI • List Views • Heat Maps 9 Project Name & Description Resource Roles
  10. 10. PMOView Configured Dashboard Examples 10
  11. 11. PMOView Configured Dashboard Examples 11 Executive Sponsor / Departments Project Names
  12. 12. PMOView Integrations
  13. 13. PMOView Integration Overview Real-time or Near real- time File Upload 13
  14. 14. PMOView – MS SharePoint Integration Example 14
  15. 15. Delivery Options • SaaS – SaaS Subscription – SaaS Hosting • On-premise – Installation on existing PPM infrastructure 15
  16. 16. PMOView Implementation
  17. 17. Implementation • Standard Solution Installation and Setup – 1 week installation and configuration of OOTB capabilities • Customer logo applied, customer defined dashboard names • Customer defined Filter Fields setup • Up to 20 custom fields mapped to customer PPM configuration • Customer Specific Dashboard Configurations – 1 to 3 week dashboard configuration projects • 5 to 10 hours per customer specific configured dashboard visualizations 17
  18. 18. Change your view on analytics Jon Furner 480 415 6419