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Liverpool hospital

  1. 1. LIVERPOOL HOSPITAL IMPROVES PATIENT CARE WITH NEWVOICE, DATA AND WIRELESS NETWORKALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE PROVIDES RELIABLE NEW INFRASTRUCTURE THAT GUARANTEES HIGH AVAILABILITY FORMEDICAL DATA, AND ENABLES WIRELESS ACCESS TO PATIENT RECORDS CHALLENGES • Procure a redundant, highly available network to gain better access to medical data • Comply with relevant standards to ensure interoperability with existing systems, so staff could access data from the entire Hospital • Ensure scalability to cope with future demands, including bandwidth of up to 100Gbps • Enable use of portable devices in all locations with wireless access SOLUTION • An end-to-end network from Alcatel-Lucent including voice, data and wireless access • OmniSwitch 9000, 6400 and 6850 switches give fast access to data and images • OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server, IP Touch 4028 handsets and OmniTouch 8118 wireless handsets provide easy-to-use VoIP system BENEFITS CASE STUDY MARKET: HEALTHCARE COUNTRY: AUSTRALIA • Reliable network has achieved the Hospital’s availability targets, ensuring users have trouble-free access to data and communications Liverpool Hospital is undergoing a major redevelopment • Fast network and clear voice communications save time for medical staff project to meet the needs of a growing population, and to • Doctors and nurses can wirelessly access medical records on their iPads ensure it can provide up-to-date healthcare services. and other devices at the patient’s bedside, improving patient care and As part of this project, it needed to procure a new staff productivity network that would be reliable, enable fast access to high-resolution diagnostic images, and provide wireless access to medical data.
  2. 2. “ALCATEL-LUCENT WAS COMPETITIVE ON PRICE AND ABLE TO IMPLEMENT THE NETWORK IN A TIMESCALE THAT WAS ACCEPTABLE TO US. THEY SHOWED A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF OUR BUSINESS AND OF THE RFP, AND PROVIDED US WITH A SOLUTION THAT MET OUR NEEDS. WITH ALCATEL-LUCENT’S SELECTED INTEGRATOR, WE ALSO FELT CONFIDENT THEY WOULD PROVIDE THE SUPPORT WE REQUIRED.” Nick van Domburg, Chief Information Officer, Liverpool HospitalMEETING THE NEEDS OF THE CHALLENGES Established around 200 years ago, Liverpool Hospital is one of theA GROWING POPULATION major hospitals in New South Wales, Australia. Located in the south-west of Sydney, the Hospital provides services for theDEMANDED A FAST, fastest growing part of the city.HIGHLY RELIABLE To meet the demands of the increasing population, and to upgrade the services it can provide, the hospital is undergoing an AUS$390mNETWORK THAT redevelopment project. As part of this project, Liverpool Hospital is building a new wing which will add 45,000m2 of clinical areas.COULD HANDLE VOICE On completion, the Hospital will provide 855 beds, 23 new operating rooms, 60 ICU/HDU beds, purpose built ambulatory careAND DATA WITHOUT facilitates, and extended cancer treatment facilities.INTERRUPTION The Hospital’s Chief Information Officer, Nick van Domburg, needed a vendor to provide a complete voice and data system for the new wing, to include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless connectivity so staff can work on iPads and other mobile devices. “As well as being competitive on cost, we needed a solution that complied with standards, so that the new network could work with existing systems already on site,” explains van Domburg. “We also wanted to have a high level of redundancy and availability for both the data network and for voice, and we wanted technology that was robust and proven.” Reliability is crucial for the Hospital, with medical staff relying on the network for their key clinical systems, including electronic medical records (EMR) and a picture archiving and communications system (PACS). Van Domburg notes, “We support medical applications on the network, which is why we need high availability and high performance.”Liverpool HospitalALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE CASE STUDY2
  3. 3. THE SOLUTION “Good communications systems help people work better – they can CUSTOMERThe Hospital issued a Request for Proposals (RFP), and selected a hear one another clearly, and they don’t have to deal with dropped SUMMARYsolution from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise which includes OmniSwitch calls or wait for calls to be re-established, which maximises their use Customer Name: Liverpool9000 core switches, and OmniSwitch 6400 and 6850 LAN switches. of time,” says van Domburg. “The reliable network means that staff HospitalWireless capabilities are provided by OmniAccess 6000 controllers and don’t have to re-transmit files, and the system is fast so they don’t have to wait several minutes for large PACS images to load, which all helps URL: AP125 access points. The network includes a full IP PABX them to provide better and faster care for patients.” liverpool/based on OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server and3,500 IP Touch 4028 IP handsets. Industry: Healthcare The Hospital placed an emphasis on end-user training and Patients: 855 beds in new wing“Alcatel-Lucent was able to provide an end-to-end system that included documentation from Alcatel-Lucent, to ensure that staff found thethe network and VoIP, and could meet our requirements for wireless,” change to the new IP phones straightforward. Liverpool Hospital is one ofenthuses van Domburg. “We were looking for high bandwidth and the largest hospitals in Sydney,high throughput, so we chose a 10Gbps core infrastructure that’s “We ran training sessions and provided tutorials on our intranet, Australia. To meet the needsscalable to 100Gbps or more for the future.” and acceptance was great,” says van Domburg. “We helped ensure of a growing population, it the phones were simple to use by standardising on only two handset is part way through a major“Alcatel-Lucent showed a good understanding of our business and of models, which helps our staff who move between different wards, and redevelopment project.the RFP, and demonstrated a high level of commitment to provide a makes using the IP phones easier for temporary and contract staff.” It chose Alcatel-Lucentsolution that met our needs. With Alcatel-Lucent’s selected integrator, Enterprise to provide awe also felt confident they would provide the support we required.” The new network has added wireless access to data with full coverage network for a new wing, throughout the building. This enables medical staff to use Wi-Fi including voice, data andAccording to van Domburg, the installation of the new systems went handsets and portable devices to get secure access to medical data wireless.well: “Alcatel-Lucent were flexible, which was helpful in coping with from wherever they are, including the EMR system, thus improvingthe demands of a busy construction site – overall the implementation staff efficiency in patient care. The wireless network is also usedwas very successful!” by computers on wheeled carts in areas such as the Emergency department, speeding up diagnosis and care delivery by providing fast access to all relevant data.THE BENEFITSThe Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise system has proven itself to be reliable in “We’re introducing iPhones and iPads across the network – we provideoperation, as van Domburg explains: “While we still have a few floors to some devices, and some people bring their own to work,” explains vanrefurbish, the solution has been live for nearly a year, and has achieved Domburg.our targets for availability, with no significant problems.”Liverpool HospitalALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE CASE STUDY3
  4. 4. “OVERALL, ALCATEL-LUCENT HAS BEEN VERY HELPFUL – THEY RECOGNISED AND UNDERSTOOD OUR REQUIREMENTS AND ADAPTED TO THEM WELL. WITH THEIR LOCAL INTEGRATORS, THEY MET OUR NEEDS FOR TESTING, SUPPORT AND DOCUMENTATION.” Nick van Domburg, Chief Information Officer, Liverpool Hospital“Overall, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has been very helpful – theyrecognised and understood our requirements, and adapted to themwell,” says van Domburg. “With their local integrators, they met ourneeds for testing, support and documentation.”NEXT STEPSWith the basic network in place and operational, the Hospital has asolid foundation to add new patient services and to extend the scopeof wireless data for its staff, enabling them to conveniently accessinformation at patients’ bedsides or anywhere else.“We’re now looking at what added value we can deliver with thisinfrastructure in terms of directory services, messaging servicesand mobility,” says van Domburg. “We’ve kicked off the process ofbuilding on our existing system, and Alcatel-Lucent is working with usto add new capabilities.” Alcatel, Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent, and the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise logo are trademarks of Alcatel-Lucent. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The information presented is subject to change without notice. Alcatel-Lucent assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein. Copyright © 2011 Alcatel-Lucent. All rights reserved.