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Lean and UX
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Agile ux practical design without wireframes

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Presentation from this morning's EuroIA workshop thinking about how to apply UX practices in an agile environment

Agile ux practical design without wireframes

  1. 1. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxwelcome to agile ux…practical designwithout wireframes
  2. 2. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxalso known as…the art of makingmistakes cheaply
  3. 3. who we are… on the post-it ‣your name ‣ your current role ‣ your ambition for this session stand up and tell us who you are, what you want to achieve and stick the post-it on the chart based on: ‣ your experience with agile ‣ your feeling towards ux in agile environments
  4. 4. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxpractical agile uxfoundation
  5. 5. what are the individuals and interactions over processes and toolsvalues of agile? working software over comprehensive documentation customer collaboration over contract negotiation responding to change over following a plan
  6. 6. are you familiar scrumwith stories sprints game planning retrospectives
  7. 7. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxpractical agile uxfoundation
  8. 8. some agile ux collaboration over documentationvalues iteration over up-front perfection more is not better, better is better it’s not done until it’s usable and brings value to the business
  9. 9. collaboration overdocumentationdeliverables aredead…
  10. 10. iteration over up-frontperfectionthis facilitatesiteration and isgood enough forthe largest bankin the world
  11. 11. it’s not done until it’s usableand brings value to thebusinessphotoshop is awaste of timeand effort…
  12. 12. more is not better, select an instrument 0/5000better is better AZ018 Instrument Name A AZ019 Instrument Namethink about B BC001 Instrument Name B acwhat is the best BC002 Instrument Name de << < | > >> BC003 Instrument Name gisolution and BD001 BD002 Instrument Name Instrument Name jl mo prhow you get BD003 BD004 Instrument Name Instrument Name us vzthere (or not) BF001 BF002 Instrument Name Instrument Name C BF003 Instrument Name D BG001 Instrument Name BG002 Instrument Name E
  13. 13. a hero can’t winthe race withoutthe team
  14. 14. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxpractical agile uxfoundation
  15. 15. personaslightweightquickusefulflexible
  16. 16. story structureas [persona], Never forget that a story is only ever supposed to be the opening / an invitationI want to [goal], to a conversation - the meat is in the acceptance tests and inter-personalso that [reason] dialogue It is not the answer
  17. 17. storiesepics… Epicthemes… ‣ Simply a grouping Themestories… ‣ UX granularity, typically a simple, defined user goal following the standard “story” pattern Story ‣ Developer granularity always following with standard “story” pattern ‣ Definition, acceptance tests and score (story points) done as a collaboration between UX and Engineering
  18. 18. interaction designsketch,prototype, shareand iterate whenyou need to
  19. 19. testingguerrillalightweightiterative / oftenspecific
  20. 20. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxbasic banking (fx)
  21. 21. the personas the speculator the multi- national the bank
  22. 22. the bank
  23. 23. the speculator
  24. 24. themultinational
  25. 25. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxsprint one:fx spot trading
  26. 26. sprint onedetailed stories as a speculator I want to: ‣ select which currencies exchange rates I can see so that I only have to cope with the information (currencies) I deal with ‣ see the price for buying and selling for each of those currencies so that I can watch the “spread” ‣ specify the amount I want to buy / sell separately for each currency so that I can see how much it would actually cost (based on “volume discounts”) ‣ see which way the prices are moving in real time so that I can see which way the price just moved ‣ see which way the prices are trending over time so that I can understand which way the market is moving ‣ see prices from multiple dealers for each currency/ amount so that I can pick the best deal
  27. 27. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxsprint two:fx forwards
  28. 28. sprint threethemes as a speculator I want to: ‣ be able to get a price quote and execute trades for any time up to a year in advance
  29. 29. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxgallery
  30. 30. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxwhat we’ve learnt
  31. 31. agile ux understanding of agile values some thoughts on what the ux goals are in an agile project introduction to core agile methods (scrum) how to use and write good stories how to use sketching to be communicative and iterative how to be solution oriented instead of deliverable oriented
  32. 32. euroIAVII@uxplant and @solle | #euroia | #agileuxwhat nobodyknows…
  33. 33. very satisfiedhow do you excitement performancedefine:good enough, fail winsufficient, done, hygienedone done… very dissatisfied
  34. 34. is a collectivistset of principlesin a capitalistworld realistic?
  35. 35. euroIAVIIthank you@uxplant and @sollewith special respect to: Lab49, Ann Carrier (@pixeldiva), and more…EuroIA, September 2011
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Presentation from this morning's EuroIA workshop thinking about how to apply UX practices in an agile environment


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