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Deeo Design and Engineering - Who For presentation


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Deeo is Europe’s first virtual Design & Engineering Consultancy. Find out all of the sectors Deeo currently support. From construction & transportation to special purpose machinery – what do we know?

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Deeo Design and Engineering - Who For presentation

  1. 1. Page 0 Who We Deliver Our Services To Who For?
  2. 2. Page 1Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author Who For? Contents 02 - Who We Support 03 - Civil & BIM 04 – Automotive 05 – Defence 06 – Motorcycle 07 – Rail 08 - Special Purpose Machinery 09 - Contact Us
  3. 3. Page 2Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author Who For? Who we support Our team are bought together to answer your demand. We have a multi-sector experienced team, across complimenting sectors. To read more on each sector we support, click the corresponding image above. Bricks, Wheels & Cogs Deeo started off supporting the transportation & special purpose machinery sectors. Whilst working for vehicle manufacturers we then got to work with their supply base & the companies that supplied the equipment to make the vehicles. This then expanded into the companies that produced machines that made the raw material for all types of engineered products. Due to the technology we have & the 3D & data management experience we have gained over many years, we saw an opportunity to support the advances in the adoption of 3D design & visualisation in the building industry. With the transition to BIM we can empathise with companies that create products for this industry, but need to deliver BIM Data too & also bring solutions to the facilities, architects & developers of commercial developments. Part of your Team In all we do, we ensure that you understand our team have the right experience to complete projects for you. We can integrate or work in parallel with your team – however you see fit. We are here to work with you in the most efficient, scalable & secure way as we can.
  4. 4. Page 3Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author Who For? Civil & BIM Deeo bring the past 20 years of mechanical engineering design experience in a 3D world & combine that with experienced civil designers to bring a unique solution to the BIM revolution that is still sweeping the construction industry. A New Dimension Building information modelling (BIM) has taken design beyond two, three or even four dimensions, adding concepts of time, cost & lifecycle management to the 3D digital twin of your project. We understand that it can be difficult to interpret this - especially for external suppliers & our team's expertise helps to provide crucial clarity. Our engineers have real- world experience in civil architectural design & build techniques & have been there while BIM has come to the fore. We know how to make this alien landscape feel like home. Your Virtual World The unique way Deeo is built on virtual technology means not only can we work with you in constructing a digital twin of your construction & then develop your BIM datasets, we can also host them from the HUB so they are available wherever you are, from your headquarters conference room to your on-site Porta cabin. Changes can be made instantly & saved to the server, updating the data centrally to the newest version & visible on all other screens at once. It's a virtual world that enables better collaboration than the most open of open-plan offices & an approach that will drive innovation, optimisation & environmental benefits for future generations.
  5. 5. Page 4Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author Who For? Automotive The Automotive industry has many specialisms & members of the Deeo team bring two specific knowledge bases we can support your team in – the vehicle design & the design of the equipment that manufactures & tests the vehicle. Behind the Scenes Many of our designers have been involved in the development of cars throughout the past 30 years. The advances in the technology used to develop these vehicles has exponentially evolved giving them world class tools to develop the experience in A-Class body surfacing, vehicle packaging, Drivetrain development & interior trim. But good experience is hard to find & Deeo has a huge advantage in attracting some of the best in the business to work on our projects, by freeing them of the trappings of working in an office environment & allowing them all to work collaboratively in a liberating way. No More Bodgers Gone are the days of the use of a bodger to align car doors as they passed down the production line! The production line equipment that is developed now ensures the vehicles are right first time. We work with suppliers of car production & test equipment to ensure the vehicles designed are delivered to you ready to last. From OEM’s to suppliers of parts to the industry – we are here to help on your on-going journey.
  6. 6. Page 5Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author Who For? Defence Sensitive designs, created with full clearance & completed with unmatched security. New Capabilities for Defence We understand the specific demands placed on design work for the defence sector. Deeo's team includes individuals who have worked on such projects before & have the full necessary security clearance to work on your project. Our expertise lies particularly in developing l& vehicles for troop support & we have worked with many leading defence manufacturers in this area. We can produce services that may not have been harnessed in this sector, to the development of your next project. Total Security Deeo's defence work is carried out within our physical office, in the same building as the HUB. This completely secure facility ensures your project remains totally confidential, as well as allowing unprecedented levels of control & efficiency throughout your project. This is something most other independent design agencies simply cannot offer. As with our work on autonomous automotive & rail vehicles, we believe unmanned remote vehicles represent the future of the defence industry, saving operator lives while protecting innocents all over the world. Partner with Deeo on your next project & we will work towards a safer future together.
  7. 7. Page 6Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author Who For? Motorcycle If you believe in 'four wheels good, two wheels better', you will enjoy working with our Motorcycle engineers – they love bikes with a passion. All You Need Deeo do it like nobody else, with senior members of our design team well versed in developing everything from electric scooters to race- winning superbikes. A Complete Solution From the initial concept through to individual component design, we provide a seamless end-to-end service with unprecedented efficiency. When we say we can do everything, we mean it - from engineering your bike's engine, to designing the machinery that will manufacture the parts. Best of The Rest Our cross-discipline expertise also allows us to bring in the best of our knowledge from other vehicle sectors & related industries, offering insight you simply will not get anywhere else. & we strive for more, to keep pace with emerging technologies like electric vehicles & hybrid engines - staying a step ahead of customer requests & with our grip firmly on the throttle of the motorcycle industry. Deeo deliver all of this in real-time, wherever you are in the world, with a team of designers working from their own locations free from distractions & empowered with the latest technology to be more productive, more collaborative & more efficient.
  8. 8. Page 7Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author Who For? Rail When it comes to rail vehicle design & engineering, there are many that say they can – but not many that can deliver. In this sector, our team have a long ‘track’ record in delivering solutions, concentrating mostly on the interior of the vehicles. Nobody Does It Better You will not find greater independent expertise than exists among the Deeo team of rail engineers. We provide 'windscreen to windscreen' experience in designing rail vehicle interiors. Our services include special focus on the most challenging environments. We also complete structural analysis for all our designs & are one of the first to have completed a train seat design that meets the criteria for GM/RT 2100 iss5. Not the OLD way We question “that’s how we have always done it” statements in all sectors we support, but especially in the rail sector. We bring fresh solutions, from other industry sectors in harmony with our years of rail vehicle design experience to create new solutions for you. From Hybrid physical & virtual mock-up’s, digital configurators that show a new interior design in multiple configuration’s & changeable at the touch of a button to light weight material solutions & advanced lighting technology. We want to break the mould & do something fit for the future, not the same as the past! Designed for manufacture. What We Do The complex areas of a rail vehicle that Deeo specialise in can be found in the On Track presentation.
  9. 9. Page 8Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author Who For? Special Purpose Machinery From a widget machine to a steel mill line, we have designed & engineered solutions that are used today all over the world. Continual Collaboration Deeo's team of designers & engineers can work with you from the very beginning, to create special purpose machinery to fit your specifications & drawing on the knowledge & experience of some of Britain's brightest designers. We embrace your own team throughout the design process, so your vision can be seen clearly in the finished product. Thanks to our virtual design office, all of your project files are stored in the HUB & you can see the latest progress at any time. Maximum Insight Your machinery needs to serve a special purpose & that means you need specific expertise in the design stage. Our engineers are located all over the country & the HUB allows them to work from their own location - so you are never limited to the knowledge levels of those on your doorstep. We have the right team for your job. Future Thinking We believe in, if the specification gives us the opportunity too, designing intelligence into specialist machinery, leaving people to work safely & hopefully with more time to enjoy the finer things in life. Take a look at all of the services we offer in the What We Do section & see how we can bring the best tools to assist your machine development.
  10. 10. Page 9Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author Who For? Contact Us Now you know who we provide our Design & Engineering services to, it would be great to have a chat to see how we can assist you & your team. Contact us at: Deeo Design & Engineering Midlands Technology Centre, Wolverhampton Business Park, Broadlands, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom WV10 6TB T: +44 (0)1902 907525 E: W: Deeo Design & Engineering | A DATAport Media Ltd Brand