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Deeo Design and Engineering - What We Do presentation


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Deeo is Europe’s first virtual Design & Engineering Consultancy. From concept through to delivery, Deeo can support all of the stages of the design & engineering of your project. Let’s us bring value & save you time.

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Deeo Design and Engineering - What We Do presentation

  1. 1. Page 0 What We Do? The Services & Solutions We Deliver for You
  2. 2. Page 1Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Contents 02 – What We Do 03 – Creative 05 – Surfacing – Concept to Class A 06 – Rendering & Animation 07 – Real Time Visualisation 08 – Product Configurators 09 – Design 11 – BIM 12 – CAD 14 – FE Analysis 16 – Ergonomic Studies 18 – Innovations 20 – Hosted Virtual Workplace 21 – Advanced Training 23 – Awesome Workstations 24 – Contact Us
  3. 3. Page 2Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do We are a Digital Engineering Consultancy that delivers a unique set of services & solutions to support & enhance our client’s business. We deliver our services with the most experienced set of professionals, working from our ground-breaking virtual office, saving time & money for all we support. Our team are bought together for the exceptional experience they bring to our team to allow us to truly be your Design Partner. We are passionate designers & engineers that are here to take away the issues you may have today. Our services & solutions come in three complementing flavours o Creative o Design o Innovation With the best tools & the professional to use them – anything is possible. We continue to grow & adapt our services & solutions with future technology, so watch this space for even more innovation to come! What We Do
  4. 4. Page 3Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Creative Surfacing | Rendering & Animation | Real-Time Visualisation | Product Configurators
  5. 5. Page 4Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Creative From the inception of an idea, no matter which industry you may be in, it is key to be able to visualise your product. Our team use the worlds most advanced tools to develop & deliver your concept in a compelling, engaging & stunningly realistic way. From Surfacing, Rendering & 3D Visualisation to product configurators - seeing is believing. Development & production lead times in all industry sectors are getting shorter & shorter. Companies are under huge pressure to deliver stunning new products & environments that their customer desires as well as being affordable. Our team of designers can assist in all or any stage of your Creative development. High-end 3D visualisation is key to ensuring sustainable competitiveness within your industry. The creative-to-design time is significantly reduced & 3D data is used from early in the design & development stages & further through the creation of marketing & sales tools for different distribution channels. We have an in-house product design team as well as some of the world’s best digital realisation creator. They are here to assist you in any stage of the creative process & uniquely able to professionally produce the following solutions:
  6. 6. Page 5Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Surfacing – Concept to Class A Conceptual through to Class A Surfacing, whether the project be Sketch, Clay or Digital Data lead, we can create the data you require. Our team of surfacing experts is trained in the best stand-alone & integrated Surfacing Packages available on the market today. With an average man years experience of 20 years, our team members excel at not only identifying the best approach to deliver optimum surface models & data, but also the transfer of best knowledge & practice from one sector to another. Our teams have worked in global locations, supporting customers in the US, China, Japan & Europe. Our dedicated Math Modelling teams are fully experienced in covering the following work flows; Scan Lead Modelling, Concept lead Design, Reverse Engineering & Scan Modelling as well as delivering Class A models & downstream components such as Greyzone areas. Proficient in Alias Surfacing Tools, ICEM Surf & CATIA ICEM, the team brings un- precedent expertise in areas of modelling & best practice knowledge transfer into new industries & sectors.
  7. 7. Page 6Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Rendering & Animation State of the art rendering that allows right first time assessment of design & concept in a photo-realistic environment. Our years of rendering & animation experience ensure that customers get the benefit of that real, world-wide, experience. Our team of experts have supported global blue chip customers on three continents; helped develop best practice rendering & animation strategies for their design & engineering processes, deliver cross platform & software training & deploy new rendering & animation tools in a seamless manner. Because our team uses the tools on a day to day basis, we are best placed to deliver optimum rendering & animation experiences to our customers, with transfer of internal best practise to real –word situations. Our Rendering & Animation teams are best placed to help you achieve your rendering needs & deliver world class animations, showing the design & engineering in its best light. Our teams are also ready to deliver supporting assets, such as material libraries that can be used & deployed through the product design creation process & along the extended enterprise.
  8. 8. Page 7Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Real Time Visualisation Impress stakeholders with thrilling animations for an experience that reduces the need for physical prototypes & accelerates decision-making The ability to review & make design decisions, on photo-realistic models in an in-context environment offers unprecedented decision making ability for designers, engineers & managers alike. The real time tools, processes, implementation & development of these ‘experiences’ is made possible using the many man years of experience from the DEEO Technical Team, who use a variety of software tools, media to deliver stunning interactive real time visual experiences. As well as traditional ‘big screen’ offerings, such as Power Walls, we also offer innovative approaches, such as using HMDs for Virtual & Augmented reality experiences. Take a look at what is possible!
  9. 9. Page 8Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Product Configurators Wow your customers with revolutionary, interactive multichannel worlds. Product Configurators are game-changing interactive 3D environments Interactive Configurators Product configurators offer a unique way to engage with the end customer before a real products exists – offering the customer a variety of choices inside a virtual environment. Furthermore the infinite variety of options available in the virtual world offers a capability not possible in the real world – ensuring not only a right first time approach but also unique sets of components envisioned in a way not possible in the real world. Our team of experts has experience of creating such configurators on multiple platforms for different sectors, from Automotive, Rail to AEC. Using the correct methodology & tools for the job – our teams deliver an enhanced interactive experience allowing simple configurations & a top down virtual garage approach to be applied to multiple sectors.
  10. 10. Page 9Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Design BIM | CAD | FE Analysis| Ergonomic Studies
  11. 11. Page 10Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Design Once the product has been visualised, the design & engineering can commence. But only time served designers & engineers can understand how to truly create quality design data. From Building Information Modelling, CAD, FE Analysis to Ergonomic studies, our team of designers & engineers can complete any size of project for you. Taking the concept into reality needs an experienced team & the right tools to achieve a successful development. In today’s world, there is no excuse for poor quality engineering. The Design Element of our service delivers an engineered solution to ensure your physical product or development, has been designed & assessed in a virtual world before its construction or manufacture. Our time served team of designers & engineers have worked throughout many different industries, but are brought to you with the relevant experience to complete your project, on time & in budget. Spanning the Civil, Architectural & mechanical engineering sectors, we develop, either autonomously or as part of your team, professionally produce the following deliverables.
  12. 12. Page 11Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do BIM Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical & functional characteristics of a building or civil infrastructure. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a product and/or project forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition. So it’s not CAD! Yes, a BIM model is a 3D representation of a product, building or development BUT it also has its details embedded into it! Now this sounds complex? Let Deeo help you take the confusion out of BIM model creation! It’s not Voodoo, we help demystify what a BIM model is & has to contain & create it for you without the need for you to invest in expensive hardware, software & training. We take your 2D drawings, 3D CAD or we can even 3D scan or measure on-site & create compliant, information-rich, simplified 3D models. We utilise some of the most recognised software to produce it, selected on its relevance or your client specification. BIM Formats we currently support o IFC o AECOsim o ArchiCAD o Revit Have you seen our ‘Digital Building Site’? We have created a unique environment in the cloud where a development can be bought together in one place! To find out more – click HERE. We look forward to helping you create your building blocks that every architect, facilities & construction client will insist on you supplying in your future projects.
  13. 13. Page 12Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do CAD Either taking a new concept to an engineered solution or re-developing your existing product, we can develop your product in your choice of CAD Unlike most, our experienced team know the only way to create CAD design models & drawings is the right way, not the quick & nasty way. To ensure ‘right first time’ a structured approach to the creation of your CAD designs is something you can’t learn from a book! We believe CAD should be a platform for your design - not a prison. Our designers use CAD as a conduit for their vision & experience to achieve the right result every time. Using your CAD system of choice, our designers will turn your ideas into an engineered digital twin of the final physical product. Some say they can… Our design team has thousands of hours of CAD experience & are versed in a range of software platforms so we can integrate quickly into your way of working. Unlike our competitors – we truly know how to use the software that you use – we haven’t just walked past a CAD workstation & claim we are experts! We also love to bring extra value to your organisation by sharing our expertise during your project.
  14. 14. Page 13Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do CAD Accelerating Production Our unique virtual design office, the HUB, means that all our CAD design takes place in a single location, accessible to all project members at any time. Communication within the HUB is open & seamless, allowing the team to scale to the size you need & without endless time- consuming meetings. One click & we are all in a room! Our team can work remotely anywhere - so you are not limited to the expertise in your local area & we have the best team to offer you! The CAD software we use: o AutoCAD/Inventor o Catia V5/V6 o NX o Pro Engineer/Creo o Solid Edge o SolidWorks When we hear the word tolerance, it refers to ensuring the design goes together! NOT that a design partner is tolerated as they don’t understand design engineering! Let us help you engineer your design into a data set that, once manufactured, will come together in harmony!
  15. 15. Page 14Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do FE Analysis Our expertise & streamlined approach to FE Analysis helps to make your designs the best they can be, reduce cost & save manufacturing time. A Problem-Free Path From the first stages of the design process, our team works to make sure your 3D design is ‘Fit for Purpose’. Thanks to their wealth of experience, our engineers can focus on the weak spots first, 'building them out' of the plan. After that, it is a case of identifying any other potential points for improvement before completing a final analysis. An Optimised Outcome It's not just about delivering structural integrity at any cost - & again, our engineers' real-world experience allows them to suggest places for simplification, or to reduce material usage. This streamlining optimises the final build, lowering the total cost, while potentially removing unnecessary complexities that put the integrity at risk.
  16. 16. Page 15Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do FE Analysis Specialists In Each Field As with all of our services, each team member brings their unique sector experience – ensuring the relevant regulations are adhered too in our calculations. From civil structural stairwells to railway specific crashworthiness standards or defence vehicle vibration issues – our structural engineers are selected to bring their vast experience to you, as & when you need it. We utilise the following software, appropriate to the task in hand & your specific needs. o Altair o Ansys o FEMAP o MathCAD (For Calculations) It’s pointless having a great looking product - to watch it break the first time it is used! Make sure you have got it right in the design, it gets expensive after that!
  17. 17. Page 16Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Ergonomic Studies Your product or project has to, in some way, interact with people. So how do you know if it is right for them? Here at Deeo we can complete, from the most basic to the most complex, study of how people will interact with your product. Advances in analysis software that use real-life anthropomorphic mannequins is the way Deeo test your design is ‘Fit for Purpose’. Not with 2D stick men & “Fingers crossed” mentalities of other design consultancies. A Virtual Team For spatial & RSI analysis we utilise our mannequins - Jack & Jill - & set them tasks to complete. We then assess their posture, fatigue & strain. Just like FE Analysis of a product, we don’t want people to break whilst using the product – that’s why Jack & Jill do the testing for us. These digitally accurate percentile people interact with your 3D data & allow us to ensure all is well. Crash Test Dummies We can now bring ergonomic & structural analysis together to complete virtual crash test to assess the survivability of our virtual person & the deformation the crash & the persons impact made to the physical product. We can then optimise the design of your product to ensure – when you need to complete a physical crash test with actual product - it will pass the test, not kill the dummy!
  18. 18. Page 17Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Ergonomic Studies Beware the Crowd We can also utilise state-of-the-art analysis software to simulate how people & crowds will work within buildings or environments. We can simulate things like - stage virtual evacuations of buildings, assess how many people can get on & off a train in the time it takes at a station, how long a crowd takes to disperse from a concert – the list is endless. Utilising advanced statistical analysis combined with 2D & 3D representations, you can see first-hand what will happen – before it has. Let our virtual people take the pain, so you & your customers don’t have too.
  19. 19. Page 18Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Innovations Hosted Virtual Workplace | Advanced Training | Awesome Workstations | Strategic Partnerships
  20. 20. Page 19Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Innovations To compliment the services, we provide for our clients, we have a number of innovative products we supply that we know will bring you value & save your time. From hosting you on our unique Virtual Workplace, delivering Advanced Training, supplying awesome Workstations to Strategic Partnerships to ensure the future development of the tools we use. With all of the development Deeo has made in being the first Digital Engineering Agency to be fully virtual, the ‘best of the best’ team we continue to grow & the relationships we have built up with forward thinking companies, means we can save you time & money by bringing these solutions to you as part of our solution. We truly understand the bottlenecks, pit-falls & inefficiencies that our clients experience every day. Deeo was built, from the ground up, to take away many of them for us internally. Now we have lived the dream, grown our team of experts & forged business alliances, we can offer the following to you! o Hosted Virtual Workplace o Advanced Training o Awesome Workstations o Strategic Partnerships It’s hard to find such forward thinking solutions, all completed by one team, in one place. Let Deeo help you inspire the development of future products – today.
  21. 21. Page 20Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Hosted Virtual Workplace the HUB – our virtual design office, has now been expanded to allow us to offer it as a unique service to you! The HUB is where you & your team can utilise our high-specification workstations together in one shared design studio – all from our secure facility in the UK! We have heavily invested in scaling our virtual design studio to allow our internal workload to be completed. But recognised that our clients could also benefit from working our way, so we expanded it even further! Our High-Powered virtual workstations are optimised for the graphical nature of our business This is a bespoke service because every client needs a different solution, from which software they want to run on the machine & how much shared space they need to all work together. Let our team put together a solution for you. We have now developed the ‘Digital Building Site’ – a virtual workplace where multiple contractors can develop a project in one digital place – as they would in one physical place! No more multiple copies of an out of date BIM model where each contractor develops their area of expertise, only to find, when bought into the master model – it clashes all over the place! Give us a call so we can show you how this works. the HUB is now hosting many developments – it’s like we have a city in the sky!
  22. 22. Page 21Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Advanced Training Certified trainers will develop you & your team in the creative & design products. From Creative, BIM & CAD software, we can develop YOUR team. An investment in knowledge is one of the key pillars to success. In today’s world however – many people who say they are trained are no more than a YouTube expert! Yes, there are books, yes there are ‘bed room’ produced videos – but nothing comes close to a trained & time-served expert in their field training you how to do things properly! Creative We have one of the most proficient trainers in the use of ICEM Surf, Catia ICEM & Catia for Creative Designers that can not only show you how to use the software, but also give you real world experience in what is the best way – not just the software’s way of doing things.
  23. 23. Page 22Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Advanced Training BIM We can offer you the best solutions to your training needs with our valued delivery partners support, for AutoDesk Revit & Graphisoft ArchiCAD. We believe it is better for our clients to be trained, the same as our team, to ensure we are all working in the most efficient way. CAD We also have a Certified trainer for Solid Edge & Solidworks. The experienced instructors will help you get trained right the first time. From basic & intermediate to advanced training & onsite implementation services. Using real-world examples to ensure each training program offers maximum return on your investment & time.
  24. 24. Page 23Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Awesome Workstations Do you need more power? In todays world, there is no excuse for slow hardware! Its your time you are wasting using slow equipment - & your customer wont thank you for the delay due to watching your workstation disappear up its own… Only the Best As you know by now, Deeo only use the ‘best of the best’ in all we do – that’s how we distance ourselves from any other service provider. So if we were going to provide hardware to our clients too – we had only one choice. We are proud to be an authorised UK reseller for BOXX Technologies, Inc. They manufacture the World's finest custom workstations Boxx workstation computers are designed, built, & tested in the heart of Wales, UK. They take the time to benchmark & test all of their products, ensuring that you receive the reliability & performance you need. When buying with BOXX you will also receive technical support unmatched in the industry. Contact us for more information about configuring the ideal machine for your professional applications & workflow, & be among the first to have a high performance BOXX machine in the UK, & put yourself amongst some of our most productive clients.
  25. 25. Page 24Confidential Private & confidential. Distribution of This document only permitted by author What We Do Contact Us Now you know all that services & solutions Deeo can offer you, it would be great to have a chat to see how we can assist you & your team. Contact us at: Deeo Design & Engineering Midlands Technology Centre, Wolverhampton Business Park, Broadlands, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom WV10 6TB T: +44 (0)1902 907525 E: W: Deeo Design & Engineering | A DATAport Media Ltd Brand