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սասունցի դավիթ


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Մարիամ Խաչանյան

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սասունցի դավիթ

  1. 1. Equestrian Statue of David Mariam Khachanyan 7-1 Cass
  2. 2. Equestrian Statue of David Equestrian Statue of David, located in the capital. The opening of the epic hero of the monument took place on December 3, 1959, at 16 square Kayaranamerdz. Now she has a place.The sculpture is built of basalt and wrought copper.
  3. 3. "David" statue in the image of 5-ruble
  4. 4. About him He is courageous in his defense of the people to free the hostages and save the people. Everyone knows about his people also wrote in his history, what sacrifices he tolerated. And he is considered a hero by everyone.