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My father is engineer


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Մարիամ Խաչանյան

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My father is engineer

  1. 1. My father is engineer Mariam Khachanyan Mijin School 7-1 Class
  2. 2. My father is engineer My father name is Ruben. He reading the very books. He very intelligent. He knows the math. All figures he knows a foreign language. He also speaks very good English and French, but as a grown up, a little forgotten. He very very good speak the Russian. And to this day, he speaks Russian.
  3. 3. My father and Russian language He live the Russian language. He worked in the Africa. He was conducting plane. His tests are very hard, but it has to cope with the. He knows diferent language. When she was younger she enjoyed learning languages. He always tells me that I needed to learn better English and French. I like the English and French languages. I love my father.