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Airbnb Social Media Strategy


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practice social media strategy for UF SM class

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Airbnb Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. social media strategy Maria Vargas
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS ➤ Executive summary 1 ➤ Social media audit 2 ➤ Social media objectives 3 ➤ Online brand persona 4 ➤ Strategies & tools 5 ➤ Timing & key dates 6 ➤ Roles & responsibilities 7 ➤ Social media policy 8 ➤ Critical response plan 9 ➤ Measurement & Results 10
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Our major social media focus for 2017 will be creating more loyal brand ambassadors as well as growing and strengthening our social media community. Strategies that will support this objective: ➤ plan to create more engagement on our social platforms ➤ encourage new followers and loyal fan base
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT below is an audit of airbnb’s social media presence up to today social network url follower count average weekly activity twitter 573K average 10-12 posts/week facebook airbnb 5,222,437 average 8 posts/week instagram airbnb/ 1.6m 14 pictures/week. 2/day LinkedIn company-beta/309694? pathWildcard=309694 332,305 1-2/month
  5. 5. COMPETITORS Strengths: - cheaper - solo travelers - meet new people Weaknesses: - can only stay for short periods of time - hard to get to know the person you are staying with beforehand. Might not like host Weaknesses: - expensive - shrinking market Strengths: - for families - rent entire houses
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA OBJECTIVES ➤ Demographics Part of airbnb’s campaign this year is to be inclusive to everyone, so it’s important that all of our social media reflects this.
  7. 7. ➤ Our primary focus this year is turning customers into loyal brand evangelists who spread their love for airbnb to their friends. Another focus is gaining new customers by showing that airbnb is not just another hotel service, it’s an experience ➤ increase use of unique hashtags on all platforms ➤ create instagram campaign by gathering stories of airbnb customers who had an outstanding experience with us and sharing them via all social media platforms ➤ increase use of LinkedIn by using the new “Publisher”feature SOCIAL MEDIA OBJECTIVES CONT.
  8. 8. ONLINE BRAND PERSONA & VOICE adjectives that describe our brand… when interacting with customers we are… memorable reliable adventurous community friendly excellent customer service trusted
  9. 9. STRATEGIES AND TOOLS Paid During days of most traffic on hotel and airline website, pay for boosted views on most popular organic posts Owned Increase the use of campaign-specific hashtags across all platforms to encourage users to use the tag during their stays with airbnb Earned Develop a campaign that interviews diverse airbnb customers and share their stories and airbnb experiences
  10. 10. TIMING & KEY DATES before holidays people are more likely to book places to stay before key holidays including: ➤ winter holidays ➤ thanksgiving ➤ 3 day weekends ➤ spring break ➤ summer holidays internal events ➤ winter holiday community giveback events ➤ mid summer travel tips events
  11. 11. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES marketing director social media manager social media coordinator social ads support
 customer support social media intern
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY ➤ provide outstanding customer service ➤ be respectful to all ➤ excellent engagement across all platforms ➤ stand with our company values ➤ when in doubt, ask ➤ have another pair of eyes revise before posting/scheduling ➤ keep it simple yet engaging and interesting ➤ be creative, innovative and fun
  13. 13. CRITICAL RESPONSE PLAN ➤ Scenario inappropriate message sent through social media @airbnb is detected screen shot delete alert social media manager/marketing manager manager will then evaluate further action and develop the appropriate followup message
  14. 14. MEASUREMENT & REPORTING RESULTS social network url follower count average weekly activity twitter +100,000 average 15 posts/week facebook airbnb +70,000 average 10 posts/week instagram airbnb/ reached 2m 16 pictures/week. 2/day LinkedIn company-beta/309694? pathWildcard=309694 +20,000 2/month # hashtag campaign was successful and increased following across all platforms, yielding higher numbers of interaction and engagement especially on Instagram and Facebook
  15. 15. PROPOSED ACTION PROPOSED ACTION ➤ continue hashtag and engagement campaigns ➤ publish gathered customer interview to create a campaign featuring those stories ➤ explore snapchat and instagram stories; have a brand ambassadors do live videos of most popular airbnb sites ➤ facebook live and twitter live chats for engagement