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  2. 2. › EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL JOURNAL 10/09 12-09 EUROCLOUD EUROPE EUROCLOUD SWEDEN OFFICIALLY FOUNDED ON DECEMBER 18 2009. EuroCloud, Europe’s first ever SaaS and INTERIM BOARD ELECTED cloud services business community, EuroCloud Sweden was officially founded on has launched. Led by Pierre-José December 18, 2009, with an interim board. Billotte, President and Founder of The interim board will be developing initiatives and set the agenda during H1 2010. Elected the French ASP Forum, with a team of chairman is Michael Abrahamsson, CEO at Ilait. SaaS & cloud computing players from The board held its first regular meeting the UK, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, on January 12 and currently represents 20 registered members. EuroCloud Sweden Luxembourg and Spain, EuroCloudEDITORIAL gathers together leading SaaS vendors, officially joined EuroCloud as planned on January 29.PAULO CALÇADAPresident, EuroCloud Portugal enablers, integrators and industryCoordinator, IPP/SIC-SCC experts to share best practice and expand their businesses across the 12-09In an era in which the European Union model continent. EUROCLOUD GERMANY TOis under such heavy pressure, specially ORGANISE LAUNCHin the economic and innovation fields,building partnerships and networks between On Dec. 17th 2009, the formal founding of the 11-09 “EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e.V.” associationcompanies, academic and public institutions, is EUROCLOUD DENMARK LAUNCHED took place. With this founding the legal body offundamental to reinforce European capability EuroCloud Deutschland_eco was established andto stand out as a reference. Partnerships, As of December 9th we now have 11 companies operational work has been started.especially if developed across European signed up to join Eurocloud Denmark and more than Interested companies are welcome to becomecountries, eliminating all kinds of frontiers and 20 companies participating in our Launch event 11th member of EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e.V. Tobarriers, are the key to surpass the problems December, kindly hosted by Interxion. apply, please look for The Eurocloud initiative has even drawn the join.phpand fears that has been raised by the pressures attention of the Ministry for IT & Telecom and thethat we are facing. Ministry will be participating in the Launch event on As a major event, on Feb. 2nd, 2010 the EuroCloudEconomics and innovation are usually very the 11th December. Deutschland_eco Kick Off took place in Cologne.tied up together. Given a strong economy Initial members of Eurocloud Denmark are, among At this event numerous member companies as wellwe will have access to financial support for others, Insight, Sun, Interxion, Copenhagen as companies from the market participated, key Software, ArrowECS and economics. Eurocloud targets of EuroCloud Deutschland were defined andour projects, being able to easily deploy Denmark looks forward to take the next steps and working groups were established.innovative technologies, processes or models. participate in the great initiative taken by PierreBut although we usually believe that this is the José Billotte. Eurocloud Deutschland_eco e.V. will be closelyonly path – strong economy supporting our linked to “eco. e.V.”, the German Internet Businessinnovative initiative – it’s especially in the kind Association (, eco’s branch officesof economic climate that we have nowadays, and employees will support the operational workthat disruptive, outlying and innovative 01/10 EuroCloud Deutschland_eco.paradigms, such as Cloud Computing, will help EUROCLOUD UKRAINE,companies move forward with the support of ALREADY HIGHLY ACTIVE, TO BEstrong, agile, elastic and secure IT platforms, ESTABLISHED AT THE BEGINNING 01/10not only allowing better resources investments, OF 2010 EUROCLOUD SPAIN LAUNCHEDbut also enhancing the existing team structure. Recently, EuroCloud came to Ukraine which is EuroCloud Spain was launched last January 20th inEven though Cloud Computing itself introduces the most eastern member of the organization. At an event celebrated in “El vivero de empresas denew fears and doubts, we should be able to the moment, there is a discussion with various Villaverde”, in Madrid. The event was supportedembrace them as new opportunities. companies from IT and communications industries by Madrid’s Authorities, and Pierre Jose Billote,In this first edition of EuroCloud Portugal in order to involve the most innovative and EuroCloud European coordinator. EuroCloud SpainJournal we have the pleasure to start by ambitious among them to drive SaaS and Cloud was presented by the Spanish board president, computing in Ukraine. Comparing to other European Rodolfo Lomascolo, who explained the importanceintroducing EuroCloud network, Europe’s first markets it is an early stages of SaaS and Cloud of this association for the Cloud Computing marketever Cloud Computing business community. You Computing adoption here, but rapid development companies and for the market.will have the possibility to understand how this of businesses mixed with harsh economic situationcommunity has started and also how its activity push companies to look for ways of cutting costs,as already been spread from the southern to the increasing productivity and flexibility. EuroCloudeastern part of Europe. Ukraine is going to be officially established at 02-10Having as main subject the Cloud Ecosystem, the beginning of the next year to start its work EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL HAS promoting SaaS and Cloud Computing locally,in this first edition we will also embrace the attracting new members as well as contributing into ITS PUBLIC PRESENTATION ONsubjects being discussed in the 2nd CloudViews central EuroCloud. JANUARY 2010International Conference, introduction guestspeakers and papers. Eurocloud Portugal will have its public presentation on January 2010. They will present the EurocloudI would also like to invite you all to follow organization and its sponsors for the year 2010.Ruben’s adventure in the Clouds, and I Numerous large market players have confirmedhope that his experience, allied with all the their support, such as: IBM, Microsoft, PTInovacao,information on this first EuroCloud Portugal CIL, VMWARE, CISCO and EMC. The presentationJournal, will help you in moving forward in the will include short talks about case studies made by companies already working with their costumersCloud Computing adoption. Transforming your using the Cloud Computing paradigm. Thecompanies’ IT platforms or helping you develop EuroCloud Portugals projects for 2010 will also benew projects and business. presented, among them: Call For business 2010; CloudVIews – Cloud Computing conference 2010; Pump Up the Cloud 2010 Edition, and EuroCloud Portugal Magazine. ›2
  3. 3. EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL JOURNAL ‹02-10 04-10EUROCLOUD NETHERLAND EUROCLOUD WELCOMES EUROCLOUD MALTABOARD ELECTED EUROCOMMISSIONER NEELIE KROES IN HER NEW ASSIGNMENT FOR The intention to establish EuroCloud Malta germinated during a visit to CeBIT 2010. TwoEuroCloud NL has finalized the composition of the IT AND INTERNET AND OFFERS representatives of the founding members madeBoard.Chair: Alexandra Schless (Managing Director COOPERATION this trip to explore the possibility of developingTelecityGroup Nederland) relationships with existing cloud services providers In the new composed European Commission, in the course of research to establish a computeSecretary: Jan Aleman (CEO Servoy, member of the Neelie Kroes will be responsible for the ‘Digital grid. In the course of this visit, they learnedSaaS/Cloud workgroup of ICT~Office and writer Agenda’ of the European Commission, including about EuroCloud and recognised the importanceabout Cloud matters) IT and Internet. EuroCloud expects to do good of this association with an organisation havingTreasurer: Richard Nijhoff (Commercieel Directeur collaboration with Mrs. Kroes, in propagating the objective of promoting the awareness,GreenCat-IT) and stimulating European initiatives for Cloud understanding and adoption of cloud computing.Mark Appel (Marketing Manager Twinfield) Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).Victor de Pous (business lawyer and industry During her earlier Commission (Competition) Mrs. EuroCloud Malta is in the process of beinganalyst) Kroes has shown an active approach. constituted, with its statute having been passedHans Timmerman (CTO EMC NL) That is exactly the attitude that the European Cloud the first draft milestone. Two organizations, A GVice Chair: Maurice van der Woude (Strategic Computing industry needs to be able to withstand Investments and The Abertax Foundation, whichBusiness Information Manager NetSourcing) the competition in East and West. combined employ over one hundred people, haveTheo Loth (coordinator EuroCloud NL and ownerLoth PR Writing) committed themselves to establish the NO. The Billotte: “We are happy with Mrs. Kroes’ uniqueness of our impetus to found EuroCloudOn February 4 15:00, was the Launching Event, assignment. We are looking forward to supporting Malta and strengthen it well beyond the resourceshosted by Cisco in Amsterdam. her. We offer cooperation with the European of its founding members lies in our appreciation that Commission in the further development in Europe the Government of Malta’s commitment to make or this new field of IT. EuroCloud will be the best Malta a centre of excellence in the ICT industry may02-10 commission’s partner in Europe for designing reasonably be expected to drive the adoption and European policies towards the European Cloud growth of cloud computing both as a public servicesEUROCLOUD FORMALLY OPENS & Saas industry, being the sole pan European and within private enterprise.FOR BUSINESS ACROSS EUROPE organization gathering European SaaS & Cloud players coming from all parts of Europe. A lot has toParis (France), February 29, 2010, be done with the new commissioner.”EuroCloud was officially launched 04-10 Theo Loth, the coordinator of EuroCloud the EUROCLOUD FRANCEat a meeting in Paris (Toit de la Netherlands adds: “In the Netherlands we already are familiar with Mrs. Kroes’ decisiveness ETATS GÉNÉRAUXGrande Arche). The Chairmen of 12 for a longer period of time. It is positive that alocal EuroCloud branches gathered heavyweight as she is will occupy herself as the 300 persons participated to the EuroCloud France yearly conference. Among the main topics thisand signed the statutes to bring the CIO of Europe with digital matters. By leveraging Cloud Computing and SaaS every organization – and year: Rethink the distribution processes for SaaSEuropean organisation into existence. software, a full coverage about Cloud Computing, also the European Commission itself – can reachThe first European board was also significant cost savings and productivity benefits. SaaS and service availability, what insurance for However, there still is a number of matters to be professionals? And testimonials of both providerselected. The gathering took steps and users. Three companies received the French dealt with, including standardization, security andto define a strategy and goals for legal aspects.” EuroCloud Award.EuroCloud moving forward, to help alignlocal activities with the organisation’sglobal objectives. 04-10 18TH MAY 2010 EUROCLOUD FRANCE EUROCLOUD IRELAND LAUNCHEDRepresentatives were present from CONFERENCE – APRIL 2010 EuroCloud Ireland will have its official launchFinland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, 20th April 2010 is the date of the new EuroCloud conference. Your opportunity to help drive Ireland’sthe UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, France yearly conference. Among the main topics SMART ECONOMY by joining EuroCloud Ireland.Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Portugal this year: Rethink the distribution processes for SaaS software, a full coverage about Cloudand Italy (as special observer). Computing, SaaS and service availability, what insurance for professionals? Testimonials of both EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL providers and users. CLOUDVIEWS YEARLY CONFERENCEEUROCLOUD NETHERLANDS IN To Cloud or not to Cloud was theFULL SPEED question raised at the “CloudViews – 04-10 Cloud Computing Conference 2009”.22 companies to date have applied for membership EUROCLOUD NEW MEMBERS This year’s main objective is helpingof EuroCloud NL. They represent a vivid mixture oflarger corporations and young, innovative ‘Cloud EuroCloud Lithuania Cloud Computing achieve its mainOnly’ entrepreneurs. The Group is in the process Adomas Svirskas Coordinator EuroCloud Lithuania goal – transform IT platforms in elastic,now of formalizing EuroCloud NL by assigning aBoard and establishing the legal body. highly available, fault tolerant, secure,Also, the Launching Committee is putting much and multi-tenant platforms. Allowingeffort in developing EuroCloud NL’s value Eurocloud Slovenia Dalibor baskovc IT technicians to be able to shift theproposition and the business model. At thebeginning of 2010, EuroCloud Netherlands will start Coordinator EuroCloud Slovenia focus of their work from the technology dalibor.baskovc@siol.netreaching out and make some ‘noise’ in the region. complexity to their companies coreA Launching Event is planned at the beginning of business, will depends on our capabilityFebruary.In May/June, Netherland’s ‘National Cloud Event’, to build a true Computing ecosystem inin association with industry bodies and partners. the Cloud. 21-06-2010 EUROCLOUD CONGRESS 2‹
  4. 4. › EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL JOURNAL EuroCloud Portugal Perceiving the potential of Cloud Computing LUXEMBOURG paradigm for ICT (Information Communication Technologies) evolution, Porto Polytechnic Agenda overview researchers, technical staff and independent entrepreneurs, launched in 2007, Chambre de Commerce, 7 9:00 Registration opens project to promote and discuss rue Alcide de Gasperi, technologies pertained to Cloud Computing. Luxembourg-Kirchberg 9:45 Welcome – Pierre-José Billotte, In this context, organized in President, EuroCloud May 2009 the “CloudViews—Cloud Computing EuroCloud Congress brings together political Conference” under the theme “The Cloud decision-makers, academics and business leaders 10:00 Opening session – Phil Wainewright, Identity”. The 2010 edition aims at disclosing engaged in cloud computing and software-as- President EuroCloud UK solutions and innovative projects for the “Cloud a-service from across Europe. Its mission is to 1) Evolution of the cloud market Ecosystem”. Particular attention will be given to examine specific opportunities and challenges in Europe – Mathieu Poujol, interoperability, elasticity and cloud security. surrounding the uptake of this immensely Director, Technologies, PAC Pursuing spirit, EuroCloud significant technology sector in Europe. Structured 2) EuroCloud and EU – kick-off session Portugal Association, founded in January as a mix of open plenary and member-only for workshops with preliminary 2010, is a non profit organization committed workshop sessions, it aims to produce findings in findings from across Europe to scientific purposes; knowledge transfer specific areas for further investigation and action between R&D centers and the entrepreneurial with relevant political and industry organisations. 11:00 Break – tea/coffee world; cooperation among local companies and This will be the first time that such a broad between these and European ones. Affiliated cross-section of the European industry in the 11:30 Workshops (4 in parallel – see with European association EuroCloud, the vitally seminal sector of cloud computing below) – Anders Trolle-Schultz, Portuguese counterpart embraces both has come together to focus on the role that President EuroCLoud Denmark academic and business members, among which political, industrial and economic policy can are Porto Polytechnic (IPP) and its engineering play in its successful growth and global impact. 12:45 Lunch schools, IBM, EMC2, Microsoft and CIL. Attendees will benefit from valuable information EuroCloud Portugal shall work with its business exchange and networking with peers and 14:00 Title tba – Mr. François Biltgen, members in two axes. Initially with service subject matter experts from across Europe. Minister of Communications providers, which are supposed to be ICT Workshop content across a range of topics is companies driven by internationalization and currently being refined by member consultation 14:30 Cloud Computing and the Digital Agenda partnership projects. Later on, with the market within local EuroCloud groups. The workshops – Carl-Christian Buhr – European Union and companies that want to affirm themselves will examine specific issues within those topics through the implementation of ICT politics that and aim to reach conclusions to take forward as 14:50 Workshops (4 in parallel – see favor the improvement of the quality of their action points. The output from workshops will below) – Anders Trolle-Schultz, services and products, allied with innovation, be complied as a white paper to be completed in President EuroCLoud Denmark efficient investment and resources utilization. July for presentation to the European Commission In our view, EuroCloud Portugal organization and other interested outside agencies. 15:50 Break – tea/coffee allows the combination of synergies toward the development of novel solutions for enterprise 16:15 Closing session – Phil Wainewright, and educational ICT. President EuroCloud UK The EuroCloud board members: António Costa, 17:00 Close – cocktails António Pinto, Benedita Malheiro, Hugo Magalhães, Miguel Leitão, Paulo Calçada, Pedro 17:30 End of event Assis, Ricardo Costa and Sérgio Lopes. 18:00 Evening dinner Workshops working subjects * Security and certification * Internationalisation within Europe and beyond * Service levels and customer experience * Topic to be advised later * The legal framework for cloud and SaaS provision * Fostering and recognising innovation * Industry alliances and partnership * Topic to be advised later›4
  5. 5. EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL JOURNAL ‹ Companies must identify the CUSTOMER THE RESULTS disruptive technologies that Present the client who is the subject How well did the product or service will impact their users and their of study in the Case Study. solved customer problems? business and develop plans to * Who are they? Note: Be as specific as possible, and address these disruptions, and they * They do what? use the figures provided by the client, don’t want to be the pioneers. Note: This will help the reader such as cost saving (CapEx vs. OpEx),HOW TO Early adopters have paved the identify with that industry, and time gain, increased earnings, and way for cloud adoption, making size of the company. It will make so on. Don’t be generalist, becauseADDRESS mistakes and learning lessons, and them start to feel as one of them. it is more credible to say that “We companies want to learn from them. have reduced by 200% the time toI DONT Stories about true business successes THE JOURNEY develop a new application” rather (aka customer stories, case studies, Describe the steps the client than saying “substantially reduce theWANT or success stories) have become an has to tackle its challenges. time to develop a new application”. essential part of today’s marketing * What other products, servicesTO BE plan, and are the key piece that or solutions were considered? KEY TAKE AWAY & LESSONS LEARNED companies need so they can address * Why none of them was chosen? What major key take away andPIONEER? those disruptive technologies with Note: Do not leave out this section. lessons the client learned? confidence, because they show how This is part of the story where * Train the support staff, vendors, etcMaria Spinola other real clients, solved the same the reader begins to identify * Support planning challenges, concerns and problems. themselves and gain empathy. * Must convince at all levels thatNowadays, IT buyers are However, the majority of case studies, it is safe to be in the cloudunderstandably more cautious ignore this new reality (some are THE DISCOVERY * Support from CEO, CFOabout the products and services almost pure corporation propaganda) How did the customer discover and Business VPsthey buy. They need more proof and because they only focus on the benefits the product or service? Note: This is probably, one of themore validation than ever before. that their solutions bring to the client * It was through an ad? most important sections of the CaseBesides that, IT is in a phase that featured in the Case Study, and forget Exhibition? Article? Study, because it’s where the readerwe can call it the disruptive phase. that the reader knows very well, that Note: This section serves as a bridge can learn from the mistakes and theVirtualization, Green IT, Social Media, in IT, many things can go wrong, for the remainder Case Study lessons learned from other clients.Unified Communications, and mainly in the implementation phase.Cloud Computing are among such So, this is the formula, that I ABOUT THE AUTHOR:disruptive trends that drive major advice to all Case Studies, specially THE SOLUTION Maria Spínola is a tech-Savvy Edu-change in business processes or the Case Studies that address This is the section where the star is Marketing Copywriter and Consultantrevenue streams, consumer behavior disruptive technologies: the product or service. The previous specialized in Software and High-Techor spending, or IT industry dynamics. sections allow this to be possible Industries.Cloud Computing continues to gain THE CHALLENGE Note: However, do not exaggerate You can reach her at:attention, with vendors promoting Begin by introducing the in the promotion, instead focus on ever-wider variety of service problem, and if possible use the educational aspect. Highlight theoptions. When, where and how does the customer’s own words. facts about the product or servicecloud computing deliver benefits? * What situation the client wanted that are important for the reader.* What business drivers are leading to improve or change? companies to consider cloud * What was the problem with THE IMPLEMENTATION computing, and what are the which he struggled? * How was implemented barriers and risks of doing so? Note: It’’s important to highlight the product or service?* How are enterprises dealing with the stakes involved. “It’s not enough * There were periods of the challenges and risks, and how are to say that Widgets Inc. had an disruption or stop? they implementing cloud solutions? inefficient mail server system. “You * How long did it take until* What are the benefits of the existing need to articulate the meaning of the I was running 100%? cloud computing initiatives, and challenge to the customer, whether it’s * What legal issues (local and how have these benefits impacted a negative consequence to overcome corporate) and security concerns future plans for cloud computing? (of course, that it must be done in a did the client face? Update IT way to preserve client reputation), or a policies? Approval from legal positive outcome that might be gained counsel and security officer? * The team needed to implement the solution? Note: You need to tell the truth in this section. Highlight the problems encountered and how were they solved. Unexpected problems have the potential to create credibility, and therefore, more persuasive. 5‹
  6. 6. › EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL JOURNAL dCLOUDVIEWS ite s Inv alk2nd CLOUD COMPUTING TINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE20-21 MAY 2010PORTO / PORTUGALINNOVATION IN CLOUD COMPUTING CERN CLOUD COMPUTINGARCHITECTURES WITH OPENNEBULA INFRASTRUCTURE GRID, PAAS FOR E-SCIENCEIgnacio M. Llorente Ulrich Schwickerath Jorge Gomes— Spain — Germany — PortugalThe presentation describes the innovations in cloud In 2009 two projects were established with the aim Europe has been very successful in the developmentmanagement brought by the OpenNebula Cloud of evaluating the large scale use of virtualization and use of grid computing technologies to supportToolkit. This widely used open-source Cloud manager at CERN. One project is looking at traditional demanding scientific applications. The EGEE projectfits into existing data centers to build private, consolidation using reliable storage and hardware has enabled the integration of computing resourcespublic and hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) whereas the project we discuss relates to the across Europe creating the largest multidisciplinaryClouds. Most of its innovative features have been virtualization of the batch systems and so hosts grid infrastructure for science worldwide.developed to address requirements from business many thousands of non-critical virtual machinesuse cases in RESERVOIR, flagship of European with typically short lifetimes. It is hoped that in Still grid computing has remained confined to largeresearch initiatives in virtualized infrastructures the future both projects can be merged as the scientific communities that need access to vastand cloud computing. The innovations comprise technologies evolve. amounts of distributed resources. Low flexibility,support for elastic multi-tier services; flexible and high complexity and inadequate business modelsscalable back-end for virtualization, storage and We describe our plans for the virtual batch farm are often mentioned as barriers to the adoption ofnetworking management; and support for Cloud including a vision of how things might develop in the grid technologies.federation and interoperability. The presentation the future. We have identified the key componentsends with an introduction of the community and required to create such a system and these, along Cloud computing is seen by many resourceecosystem that are evolving around OpenNebula with their interactions are described. providers as a possible approach to complementand the new European projects on cloud computing grid computing and address some of its currentinfrastructures that are using this cloud technology For some parts of the required software ecosystem limitations. Cloud computing has the potential toas tool for innovation. there are already solutions available. The clearest provide a more flexible environment for both grid example is that of the virtual machine management computing and other paradigms, while enabling system where we are evaluating two different higher flexibility, elasticity and better optimization products: OpenNebula which is an open source of the underlying infrastructures. project and the Infrastructure Sharing Facility from Platform Computing. A brief comparison of both will be provided, and preliminary performance measurements will be presented.›6
  7. 7. CLOUDVIEWS JOURNAL ‹ PRIVACY FOR GOOGLE DOCS: MANAGING CLOUD FRAMEWORKS IMPLEMENTING A TRANSPARENT THROUGH MAINSTREAM ANDITIL ON THE CLOUD COMPUTING AGE ENCRYPTION LAYER EMERGING NSM PLATFORMSLuis Lima Galileu Lilian Adkinson-Orellana Pedro Assis— Portugal — Spain — PortugalFrom the NIST definition the cloud computing v15 is: Cloud Computing is emerging as a mainstream This article proposes the integration of Cloud“Cloud computing is a model for enabling technology thanks to the provided cost savings Computing software frameworks (e.g. OpenNebula,convenient, on-demand network access to a shared in deployment, installation, configuration and Eucalyptus), commonly called Infrastructure aspool of configurable computing resources (e.g., maintenance. But not all is positive in this scenario, a Service (IaaS), with mainstream Network andnetworks, servers, storage, applications, and services) particularly, it is especially critical when users store Systems Management (NSM) platforms, particularlythat can be rapidly provisioned and released with sensitive data remotely; and the networks or the the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)minimal management effort or service provider cloud servers containing such information suffer an and the Web-Based Enterprise Managementinteraction.” attack compromising security and privacy. (WBEM); as well as with emerging semantic web technologies which are being applied to NSM,So one of the core propositions of cloud computing In this paper we propose a privacy solution by using Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Webis the notion of ‘cloud’ being an operational process a new transparent user layer in Google Docs, and Ontology Language (OWL). Such proposal is basedchange and NOT a technology or simple outsourcing. implementing it as a Firefox add-on. This add-on on the development of the following “adapters” toWe are looking to delivering environments in encrypts the information before storing it on the “expose” Cloud Computing Frameworks (CCF) dataminutes and hours, not weeks and months. Google servers. We have chosen Google Docs because as a SNMP (Sub)Agent, CIM Provider and SPARQLMoving to the cloud is primarily a “business it is a popular and free service, with a complete (Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language) endpoint.decision” dependent on the metrics of ROI (Return and well-documented API that simplifies theOn Investment), performance, sustainability and development of possible extensions and provides a In the author’s view, Cloud Computing willsuitability to task. friendly user interface. benefit from interoperability with mainstream and emerging NSM platforms. First, promotingTo derive the maximum value from cloud The Firefox add-on is based on JavaScript and XUL, its integration with mainstream managementcomputing’s disruptive force, we must have and from the user point of view, the only difference domains, CCF will profit from widely deployedstandards. Standards are critical to the success of is that he can find extra information indicating the management standards and widespread knowledgecloud computing and it’s ability to transform IT into documents that have been previously ciphered. regarding their use. Secondly, CCF will capitalizea business enabler that can be run transparently like from emerging management technologies andmany other parts of the business. tools, which address contemporary management requirements. Thirdly, NSM will offer an “interface”,* The data center can no longer be a black box! from the user point of view, to unify cloud* We have a paradigm shift to service reliability frameworks monitoring, configuration and event rather than component reliability. handling.* We need a new vision of IT Service Management.* However the ITSM is still the ITSM (IT service management) no matter what. 7‹
  9. 9. EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL JOURNAL ‹ related criminal issues – offers hardware and party) is also important. Additionally, analyzing the software manufacturers insight into the potential nature of prior intrusions and resulting security behavior of criminal groups and others seeking measures taken (e.g., software patches) provides to exploit vulnerabilities; having this knowledge, valuable forensic data regarding vulnerabilities in turn, fosters development of appropriate risk and those parties seeking to exploit them. mitigation strategies and safeguards at each level of the cloud. Such a proactive strategy About the Author: would seemingly be cost effective over the longer Jonathan A. Dudek, Ph.D. is a forensic psychologist term. Having a thorough understanding of one’s with a national security and law enforcement adversaries and implementing appropriate background. As the founder of Dudek Global counterstrategies beforehand mitigates the risk Partners, he maintains an international consulting of retrofitting these technologies later pursuant practice assisting developing countries, corporations,CLOUD COMPUTING SECURITY to an intrusion and/or data compromise. and other public and private sector entities withTHREATS AND RISK MITIGATION: Some behavioral and forensic-related issues business and program development; humanFORENSIC PSYCHOLOGICAL to seriously consider include examining the capital and systems-based risk management,CONSIDERATIONS characteristics and behaviors of various criminals risk mitigation, and problem-solving; identifyingJonathan A. Dudek and groups (e.g., organized criminal networks, strategic opportunities as well as human and terrorists, hostile foreign governments, white cultural barriers to entry; and forensic andCloud computing will play an increasingly critical collar criminals, and hackers); trying to ascertain investigative consultation. He further serves as arole in the future of the information technology their motives and objectives (e.g., financial gain, Vice President at White Mountain Research, LLC,sector, impacting individual consumers, corporations, sabotage, cyberespionage, etc.); and probing a global risk management, business advisory, andgovernments, and international commerce alike. how their behavior would interface both at the security services company headquartered in theAs a forensic psychologist with a national security desktop (e.g., violating someone elses computer Washington, DC area.and law enforcement background, arguably, the through the cloud) and the mainframe (e.g., Dr. Dudek may be contacted at:design and implementation of cloud computing writing code to prevent intrusions, misuse of jonathan_dudek@hotmail.comalso involves exposure to multiple security risks data, etc.) levels. Considering insider and externalat various levels. Understanding the “dark side” of threats (e.g., a corporate employee sabotagingcloud computing at the conceptualization phase the cloud individually from the “inside” and/– including behavioral, cultural, and forensic- or collaborating with an unaffiliated, “external” there is a lot of data supporting that number.) If a PaaS, such as the containers implemented in Oracle cloud provider could only hope for 12% utilization at Solaris, or the WPARs of IBM AIX. These provide best, when all servers were used, the provider will independent virtual copies of the operating system have to charge a price well above competitors who within one actual instantiation of the operating do not have that disadvantage. system. Second, it is a management requirement. One of the The advantages of virtualization apply to all the key things virtualization does is reduce a running variations discussed above. And if you feel like computer system to a big bag of bits, which can stretching your brain, imagine using all of them at then be treated like any other bag o’ bits. Examples: the same time. It’s perfectly possible: .NET running It can be filed, or archived; it can be restarted after within a container running on a virtual machine. being filed or archived; it can be moved to a different Here, however, I will only be discussing hardware physical machine; and it can be used as a template virtualization, the implementation of virtualHOW HARDWARE to make clones, additional instances of the same machines as done by VMware and many others.VIRTUALIZATION WORKS running system, thus directly supporting one of Also, within that area, I am only going to touchGregory Pfister the key features of cloud computing: elasticity, lightly on virtualization of input/output functions, expansion on demand. primarily to keep this article a reasonable length. Notice that I claimed the above advantages for So, on we go to the techniques used to virtualizeZero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Rien. virtualization in general, not just the hardware processors and memory. virtualization that creates a virtual computer. (please read the full article in the CloudViews2010That’s the best approximation to the intrinsic Virtual computers, or “virtual machines,” are used by proceedings book)overhead for computer hardware virtualization, with Amazon AWS and other providers of Infrastructurethe most modern hardware and adequate resources. as a Service (IaaS); they lease you your own complete About The AuthorJudging from comments and discussions I’ve seen, virtual computers, on which you can load and run Gregory Pfister is a research professor at Coloradothere are many people who don’t understand this. So essentially anything you want. State University and he’s a retired IBM DistinguishedI’ll try to explain here how this trick is pulled off. In contrast, systems like Google App Engine and Engineer. He’s the author of “In Search of Clusters”Virtualization and Cloud Computing Microsoft Azure provide you with complete, isolated, still referred to as “the bible of clusters.” He hasVirtualization is not a mathematical prerequisite virtual programming platform – Platform as a worked on parallel computing for over 30 years, plusfor cloud computing; there are cloud providers who Service (PaaS). This removes some of the pain of accelerators and appliances, chaired an InfiniBanddo serve up whole physical servers on demand. use, like licensing, configuring and maintaining subgroup, and hold over 30 patents in parallelHowever, it is very common, for two reasons: your own copy of an operating system, database computing and computer communications.First, it is an economic requirement. Cloud system, and so on. However, it restricts you to usinginstallations without virtualization are like their platform, with their choice of programmingcorporate IT shops prior to virtualization; there, the languages and services.average utilization of commodity and RISC/UNIX In addition, there are virtualization technologiesservers is about 12%. (While this seems insanely low, that target a point intermediate between IaaS and 9‹
  10. 10. › EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL JOURNALCASE STUDIE:PRODUTIV & AREAGEST THIS PLACE COULDPRODUTIV Business Software has As AREAGEST controls time and BE YOURS,been set up by a group of investors services provided to Clients, it has JOIN US:and researchers from several been requested to deploy PRODUTIV’sindustries. It offers a vertical answer specific production for Accounting WWW.EUROCLOUD.PT/PARCEIROSadapted to any kind of organization. Firms. This specific solution integratedPRODUTIV is, in fact, a global decision in PRODUTIV also allows AREAGEST totool that integrates management, benefit from a scanning and recordingcommunications, mobility and interface for accounting control thatproductivity solutions, totally oriented enhances productivity and services’for cloud computing as Sofware as a relocation. AREAGEST services inService (SaaS). It ensures a 99,99% SLA terms of checking accounting recordsin terms of Data Center performance. can now be provided to its Clients inThe SaaS approach, together with the Web through a simple browsera 100% configurable base-Platform, – as long as they have also adoptedmakes possible for PRODUTIV to PRODUTIV.generate new value in any kind of AREAGEST, as an IT technicalpublic or private held organization. assistance provider, was also lookingFollowing that purpose we have for a business software that woulddeveloped some new concepts or make it possible to manage theworld innovations, such as the single appointment, control and billing ofrecord approach and its outcome – a technical assistances. To answer thisworkflow of processes that are linked need, it has been deployed anotherto a documents’ scanning technology. PRODUTIV’s specific integratedAs part of the SaaS monthly rent, production, stating the completeClients are given the right to acceed elasticity of PRODUTIV’s offer, that isPRODUTIV’s use, technical assistance related to Technical Assistances and– directly provided by PRODUTIV’s Contracts. After that, PRODUTIV hasteam – and data management and been configured to each user in a Data Center. The monthly Now AREAGEST’s investment infee is then defined based on different PRODUTIV only refers to a monthlycriteria, such as Client’s sales, number rent, adapted to its needs andof users and companies included in dimension.each software licence, space used in Today, PRODUTIV’s Value PartnerData Center and specific productions AREAGEST greatly recognizes highrequired for each business. productivity increases and dataIn so doing, we make sure that not management infrastructure costsonly PRODUTIV’s flexible technology decrease, thanks to PRODUTIV’sbut also PRODUTIV’s business model SaaS concept. These new advantagesare designed for answering Clients’ have made possible for AREAGEST toneeds that enables our Solution to develop new business opportunitiesbecome a flexible and adaptable and to use its team to start newinvestment for each Client, as a real PRODUTIV’s deployment in its ownService has to be rendered. Clients, as a PRODUTIV Partner.Together with its SaaS dimension,PRODUTIV also enables all datamigration from previous softwaresthat may be in use in each company.This makes PRODUTIV’s deploymenta shorter, lighter and agile process. Itavoids double software records whenchanging to PRODUTIV, as all datarelated to purchases, sales, products,goods, services, clients and suppliersis converted. At the same time thatall data is migrated and hosted,PRODUTIV, as a totally configurableService, is then adapted to eachcompany, subsidiary and user, withno extra programming needs.A highly successful case studyrefers to PRODUTIV’s deploymentat AREAGEST, a management andIT services provider, well-known inits industry since 1982. It shows theproductivity’s impact of a SaaS totallyconfigurable Solution.› 10
  11. 11. EUROCLOUD PORTUGAL JOURNAL ‹ Many corporate affiliates provide financial support to several students in the Program, and many of these become workers in these companies after graduation. This partnership has more than 39 industrial affiliates, and their commitment to the Program includes: direct funding, human resources, logistical support and equipment for ten innovative research projects, which were selected by Open Calls. In February 2010, the Carnegie Mellon Portugal program launched three new innovationCREATING Engenharia – Univ. do Minho; Faculdade de networks, with the goal to consolidate and expandCRITICAL MASS Ciências e Tecnologia – Univ. Nova de Lisboa; the successful cooperation among all partnerON ICT AREAS Faculdade de Ciências – Univ. de Lisboa; Instituto institutions and industrial affiliates: Innovation Superior Técnico – Univ. Técnica de Lisboa; and Forum on Security and Critical InfrastructureIn October 2006, the Portuguese government Faculdade de Ciências and Faculdade de Engenharia Protection (NET-SCIP), Innovation Forum onand Carnegie Mellon University entered into an – Univ. do Porto. Currently, it has more than 168 Future Internet Services and Technologies (NET-agreement identified as the Carnegie Mellon students enrolled in the dual professional masters, FIT), and Innovation Forum on Services andPortugal program for 5 years. Some of the key doctoral and post-doctoral degree programs. Technologies for Interactive Media (NET-STIM).goals include recruiting top students and faculty To accelerate the adoption of best practices through Since its inception, the program has strivedin the International stage, fostering strong ties cultural immersion, this program supports faculty to identify the key focused areas of ICT whereamong Portuguese Universities themselves and exchange programs, in which Portuguese academics Portuguese universities and companies canPortuguese Universities with corporate affiliates, can spend at least one term working in research become world leaders in high-impact researchand creating an environment that functions on the and education at Carnegie Mellon and vice-versa. and innovative products and services, namely:global stage. Since its inception, the Program has The Carnegie Mellon Portugal program funds ten Next Generation Networks for Trusted High-made significant strides in achieving these goals. innovative research projects, which are selected by Quality Services; Software Engineering forThe Carnegie Mellon Portugal program, funded means of open calls and independent evaluation Large-Scale Dependable Systems; Cyber-Physicalby the Portuguese Foundation for Science and by international experts. Each proposal must Systems for Ambient Intelligence; Human-CentricTechnology (FCT), involves nine Portuguese include at least two research institutions in Computing; Public Policy & EntrepreneurshipUniversities: Univ. de Aveiro; Faculdade de Ciências Portugal, one research group at Carnegie Mellon Dynamics in New ICT; Applied Mathematics.Económicas e Empresariais – Univ. Católica University and one Portuguese company.Portuguesa; Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia Through the program the ties between Portuguese Get to know us better at– Univ. de Coimbra; Univ. de Madeira; Escola de Universities and industry were strengthened.CLOUDVIEWSCONFERENCE é m .To eS ad p RuAREA A CA – Main Auditorium B pB – Showroom + Coffe Break areaC – RestaurantCampus ISEPRua Dr. Bernardino de Almeida, 4314200-072 Porto Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida SubWay + p HotelsEUROCLOUDPORTUGALJOURNAL #001EditorPaulo CalçadaComic illustrationAndré MealhaDesign + PhotoAntónio CruzPrintClássica, Artes Gráficas SA, 2010 11 ‹