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Portfólio Empresas UPTEC 2013_EN


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Portfólio Empresas UPTEC 2013_EN

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  3. 3. UPTEC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARK OF UNIVERSITY OF PORTO The Science and Technology Park of University of Porto is a space for the mutual leverage of skills between academia and business. UPTEC seeks to take advantage of such effective proximity to act as a provider of interconnection between these two contexts. Therefore, its ecosystem provides a favorable environment to innovation and to the installation of advanced knowledge based companies. UPTEC is, thus, a structure capable of enhancing the socio-economic aspects of the Porto region, as it concentrates a large number of startups and private R&D centers (national and international) around the University of Porto. Divided into four distinct centers – Technology Center, Creative Industries Center, Sea Technology Center and Biotechnology Center, UPTEC includes two types of support structures for businesses, including Incubators and Business Innovation Centers. In the Incubators, entrepreneurs find the necessary support to turn their ideas into businesses with potential for sustainable growth. At the Business Innovation Centers, the existing businesses will find the space and mechanisms to host and operate their projects and activities, benefiting from the synergies that exist with the R&D Departments and other interface institutes of the University of Porto. Website Email 3
  4. 4. TYPES OF COMPANIES AT UPTEC STARTUP Newly established company, under development. ANCHOR COMPANY Company already established in the market, which characteristics that contribute to the enhancement of UPTEC’s network. INNOVATION CENTER Development department of a mature existing company that seeks to take advantage of the existing synergies with the R&D+i departments and Interface Institutes of the University of Porto. The information and contents contained in this document are property of the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto and may not be used or reproduced without its written permission. The descriptions of each of the entities that follows are each companies’ own responsibility. 4
  5. 5. Model of Corpo D Building – Sea Center 5
  6. 6. UPTEC IN PORTO Innovation Center (Technology Center) Temporary Facilities (Technology Center) New UPTEC Headquarters (Technology Center) Creative Industries Center Biotechnology Center Sea Center 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. UPTEC HISTORY March 2007 Beginning of UPTEC’s activity March 2007 Creation of the Technology Center and installation the first company. 8 July 2007 Start of the construction works of the technology based Incubator - Stage 1 of the new UPTEC Headquarters’ Building. October 2007 University of Porto wins the Fostering Entrepreneurship Award (Prémio Fomento do Empreendedorismo), promoted by COTEC with the project “Viver a Inovação” coordinated by , UPTEC president, José Novais Barbosa. November 2007 Creation of Biotechnology Center and installation its first company. June 2009 Start of refurbishing works of the infrastructures that would become the Creative Industries Center, located in Porto’s city center. October 2009 Beginning of Sea Center’s functioning. January 2010 Creative Industries Center welcomes its first companies.
  9. 9. June 2010 UPTEC hits 50 supported companies October 2011 UPTEC hits 100 supported companies February 2011 UPTEC hosts the first companies at the Headquarters’ Building (Stage1) February 2012 UPTEC begins of the construction of the new Headquartes’ Building - Stage 2 May 2012 Begins refurbishing of one of the sea port’s buildings, to become the UPTEC’s Sea Center. May 2012 University of Porto/ UPTEC wins the Valuing Knowledge and Fostering Entrepreneurship Award (Prémio Valorização do Conhecimento e Fomento do Empreendedorismo 2012), promoted by COTEC, in ‘Strategies for Technology Commercialization’ category. October 2012 UPTEC inaugurates its Innovation Center. January 2013 UPTEC wins the RegioStars award in the Smart Growth category. 9
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  11. 11. TECHNOLOGY CENTER The Technology Center of the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto (UPTEC TECH) provides support, infrastructure and technological equipment that enhances the development and acceleration of technology-based projects. Currently, UPTEC TECH hosts over sixty startups and innovation centers in a wide range of technological areas of expertise, including: energy, web and mobile software, electronics, robotics, chemistry, polymers and composite materials, monitoring, etc… The center provides support for national and international companies focused on the development of innovative and market-oriented products and services, supported by knowledge and technology transfer and an active incorporation of highly qualified and skilled talent from the University of Porto. The UPTEC TECH - the largest center at UPTEC - is located in the middle of Asprela’s Campus, next to the most important technological schools and R&D institutes of University of Porto. Website Contact Felipe Ávila da Costa / 11
  12. 12. 12 FEET TALL STUDIO Website Email Phone +351 220 301 584 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto The 12 feet tall studio is a company dedicated to simply existing solutions, transforming them into platform free applications (desktop/laptop computers, tablet computers, etc), development of home brew creative projects, web app consulting and marketing campaigns for home brew products. Your area of expertise and dedication is the line between usability, simplicity and attractive design. Ps: The company often replace home made with home brew. It’s a personal choice due to the respect and love to the home-brewing community around the world. 12
  13. 13. ADCLICK Website Email Phone +351 220 301 564 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Adclick generates business through innovative digital marketing solutions and its transactional products are Leads and real Sales. A Lead is someone who becomes interested in a product/service we are advertising and wishes to leave their contact for further follow-up (done by the client or by Adclick) to close the sale. Adclick’s business model allows the clients to have a bigger return on their advertising campaigns investment with significant investment lower, because the company supports all the necessary costs to generate a sale or a Lead until you achieve the clients’ objectives. That means that, no matter the degree of segmentation the clients look for, if they want Leads or real Sales, with Adclick you’ll have lower risks, lower costs and bigger profits. Adclick is a Digital Marketing company based in Oporto, Portugal with 100% Portuguese capital. Established in more than 10 countries of 3 continents, Adclick now has offices in São Paulo, Brazil, and business-bybusiness a more secure foothold is achieved in one of the world’s most profitable and demanding markets. Between 2009 and 2011 Adclick had multiplyed by 10 the business volume and is projecting a €2,7M business volume to 2012. Adclick’s abroad success lies in great part in a qualified and multicultural team of 50 unique individuals who strive daily to be better and make this company grow even more. 13
  14. 14. ALCATEL – LUCENT Website Email Phone +351 214 859 000 Adress Estrada Malveira da Serra, nº920 2750-834 Cascais The telecommunications sector today is undergoing rapid transition. New technologies and content platforms are contributing to new realities, new demands and new business models that the industry is adapting to. Alcatel-Lucent is at the forefront of this transformation. The long-trusted partner of communications service providers, enterprises and governments around the world, Alcatel-Lucent delivers the innovation our customers need to stay ahead, to be competitive, to meet their challenges and take advantage of their opportunities. To create. To move at the speed of ideas. In the laboratory and in the marketplace. A leader in mobile, fixed, IP and optics technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services, AlcatelLucent was named one of MIT Technology Review’s 2012 Top 50 “World’s Most Innovative Companies” for break-throughs such as lightRadio™, which cuts power consumption and operating costs on wireless networks while delivering lightning fast Internet access. Alcatel-Lucent has also been recognized for its sustainability performance. In 2012 the company was ranked Technology Supersector Leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Through such innovations as lightRadio, Alcatel-Lucent is making communications more sustainable, more affordable and more accessible as we pursue our mission to realize the potential of a connected world. 14
  15. 15. AMT CONSULTING Website Email Phone +351 220 301 566 Adress Rua Júlio de Matos, nº828/882 4200-355 Porto AMT Consulting is an information technologies consulting firm focused on Human Capital Management, Financials and Enterprise Mobility Solutions sustained on its partnership with SAP . Supported on trust and lasting relations, AMT wants to ensure an added value to the management processes of the organizations with whom we collaborate in order to enhance their performance. AMT Consulting is focused on developing products aligned with market requirements. For that matter in the HR field, AMT has the following products: AMT Smart Approvals – SAP Certified Mobile app to manage employees leave requests; ePerformance4SAP - performance management tool based on SAP HCM; socialRecruiting4SAP - solution that enhance recruitment process focused on social networks. AMT Consulting also developed a set of focused service lines: SAP; Enterprise Mobility; Field Support & Near-shore. 15
  16. 16. ANUBISNETWORKS Website Email Phone +351 220 301 528 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto AnubisNetworks, founded in 2006, is an IT security company based in Portugal. With products and technology in areas such as Email Security, Web Security and Threat intelligence, AnubisNetworks focus its portfolio solutions on Telcos, Mobile Operators, ISPs, banks, and other companies and organizations. These solutions are offered as SaaS solutions, but also as on-premises systems. AnubisNetworks have activity and technology all over the world and is the leading email security provider in its home market. Besides all the products, AnubisNetworks Professional Services ensures full support in the implementation of our solutions, including integration with existing infrastructure and third party systems. AnubisNetworks also provides services and consulting in products and technologies related to network security and for critical support operations, Global Support Center is committed to assume support and systems operations for customers and Partners, under the most demanding service levels. 16
  17. 17. ARCP Website Email Phone +351 220 301 557 Adress Rua Júlio de Matos, nº828/882 4200-355 Porto The Association of Competence Network in Polymer (ARCP) is a private non-profit organization established in 2007 under the European Centers of Excellence Initiative. , ARCP’s purpose is the research and development in the field of Polymers’ Science and Technology for industrial applications. The Association is oriented towards the creation of a Center of Excellence that allows rationalizing the R&D costs by sharing resources and, therefore, favors innovation and competitiveness of the associated companies. ARCP is also dedicated to the design, content development and training courses in its area, including, among others, e-learning courses, which contribute to the maximization of human potential and to the growth of associated companies and others. The current ARCP members are: the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto through LEPAE Laboratory of Process, Environment and Energy Engineering; the University of Aveiro through CICECO - Centre for Research in Ceramics and Composite Materials; the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra, through CIEPQPF - Research Centre for Process Engineering Chemicals and Forest Products; Amorim&Irmãos, SA, from Amorim Group; CIN - North Industrial Corporation, SA; Euroresinas Chemical Industries, SA, from Sonae Indústria Group; Resiquímica - Resins Chemical, SA; CUF Industrial , Chemicals, and the SA National Company spin-off academic Sysadvance - Engineering Systems, SA. 17
  18. 18. AUDITMARK Website Email Phone +351 220 301 548 Adress Rua Alfredo Allen, nº455/461 4200-135 Porto AuditMark is a start-up focused on providing innovative and more effective solutions to audit online advertising campaigns. The Online Advertising market has boomed reaching globally $52 billion in 2008. The exponential growth of this market is benefiting from the internet growth and most of all from the increased confidence in the results of online advertising campaigns. However, this market faces one major issue: fraud. According to various studies, around 17% of the online advertising market is lost to fraud. Due to the amounts involved, this is a serious problem. In 2010, $10 billion were lost to fraud. It cannot be solved completely due to limitations of the Internet. However, it can be minimized using web campaign optimization. In Q1-2011, AuditMark is launching an innovative web campaign optimization service, offered through the Internet, that can optimize web campaigns to reduce fraud at least by 50%. This is a win-win situation for our clients as they can pay our service with a small percentage of what they are able to save by using web campaign optimization. There are a few competitors already in the market, but their technology is limited. Moreover, it’s a big and expanding market, which is largely unexplored. Especially in Europe, where AuditMark will be the only company offering this service. Auditmark is already in product trials. They are looking for partnerships for commercialization and investment for entering the European and US markets. In the last 2 years, AuditMark has been exploring new auditing techniques and improving existing approaches. This multi-technique approach results in a more effective solution for measuring the traffic quality of online advertising campaigns. Our competitors use a single auditing technique approach. They have developed technology that has high potential to submit for patents. 18
  19. 19. BINTERACTIVE Website Email Phone +351 220 301 586 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto BInteractive is a company that designs and develops customized technology solutions that enable interaction between people and information systems. They are focused on the human factor and work to eliminate communication barriers in the use of technology. The company believes it is possible to obtain more know-how and quality in our products and applications by creating synergies with other companies and organizations, fostering the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Following this philosophy, a significant portion of the projects is carried out in partnership with other companies, usually linked to areas as diverse as the creative arts, branding, advertising and marketing. BInteractive offers complete solutions, integrated and multidisciplinary, building hardware and software. They are directed to the market through creative applications in augmented reality, interactive multi-touch surfaces, web and mobile gaming platforms (Android andiOS), web programming and web design. 19
  20. 20. B3IDEAS Website Email Phone +351 220 301 554 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto B3 Ideas develops its activity within the field of innovation and development of tech solutions, mainly in the mobile area, with its marketing focused on an international scale. Their offer is integrated within the B2B and B2C, designed in order to be vertical for all industries and markets that need to interact with their Customers to promote and sell their products/services. B3Ideas has a cutting-edge tech platform that enables the move into the mobile world for their Clients, made available anytime, anyplace in a secure and fast way. 20
  21. 21. BLB ENGENHARIA Website Email Phone +351 220 301 549 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto BLB ENGENHARIA promotes energy efficiency among its clients supplying the best available solutions concerning energy usage, production and management, striving to meet and overcome the client’s best expectations by taking the path of innovation and excellence. BLB ENGENHARIA offers a wide range of services on Energy Audit, Energy and Industrial Process Consulting as well as Power Savings Consulting. Combining these services with financial packages BLB ENGENHARIA can operate in a “pay as you save” or ESCO business model. Its vertical approach to the market allows BLB ENGENHARIA to provide its services since the identification of Consumption Rationalization Opportunities, Engineering Project, Technical Implementation to the verification of the overall savings performance. This spin-off company is devoted to reduce the energy bill of its customers and partners through “pay as you save” and ESCO business model. The building of a strong reputation based on customer service and added value solutions is their primary goal. 21
  22. 22. BITMAKER Website Email Phone +351 220 301 524 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Bitmaker Software’s concept is to create a software development model based on the Software Factory and Software Outsourcing paradigms with a strong focus on both the architecture and development methodologies in order to be able to deliver high quality enterprise software services. Bitmaker Software’s team is composed by highly skilled people, working together for a long time which have participated in large projects of some of the biggest national entities, mostly service providers. 22
  23. 23. BUNKER STUDIOS Website Email Phone +351 220 301 530 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto IT agency, experienced in creating “digital experiences” in areas like User Interface Design, Web & Mobile Development, Motion Graphics and Augmented Reality. Bunker Studios builds solutions for various digital platforms and markets/societies – like USA, Sweden, UK, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Germany and Portugal – and defends that quality and professionalism must walk side by side as they are a “must-have” in the solutions they create. They defend that Design, allied with Technology, as a solution for communication, not only develops a strategic planning for a company/person (through its brand, its management and promotion), but also, to other professionals that are related with the area of Design and the general audience. So, Bunker Studios develops digital solutions for 3 markets: Business 2 Business (Branding; Website Concept & Development; Mobile & Web applications; Digital Signage; Augmented Reality & Interactive systems; Motion Graphics & Photography); Business 2 Consumer (“Cloud-based” applications; Web & Mobile games); Business 2 It Professionals (WordPress templates; HTML5 / CSS3 templates; User interface vector bundles; PSD para HTML service). 23
  24. 24. DECLARATIVA Website Email Phone +351 220 301 580 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Declarativa designs and implements tailor-made software for organizations, using rapid application development tools. Its adaptable document and workflow management platform, RegionDoc, provides full traceability, user undo, georeferencing and other unique features, enabling millions of documents and processes in three Northern Portugal flagship institutions: Northern Region Commission (CCDR-N), Vinho Verde Commission (largest wine region in Europe), and University of Minho’s CCG/ZGDV (Portugal’s largest computer graphics R&D center). Its innovative “Web Application Maker” tool powers dozens of other applications, in Portugal and the USA. Its logic engine platform for Artificial Intelligence applications, InterProlog with XSB Prolog, is used around the globe, and is the first toolkit available for iPhone developers. Its Innovation System, compliant to Portugal’s NP4457 norm, covering web intelligence, idea, meeting and issue management, as well as human resource training, is available for customization to other companies. 24
  25. 25. DOURO PRIME Website Email Phone +351 220 301 589 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto The Douro Prime project was born from the desire of its promoters to launch an innovative gourmet product from the Douro region, and was initiated in late 2007 . The aim of the project is to revive a traditional Douro spicy condiment, following an old recipe from a well known Port wine house, and to develop both production and the marketing of this product. But having recognized the importance of size and critical mass for the viability and sustainability of the project, the Douro Prime, S.A., formally constituted in July 2008, developed a business plan to produce and commercialize not only the above mentioned spicy condiment but also other traditional products from the Douro, like wines, olive oil and vinegars. So the objective of DP is to produce and trade, within national and external markets, 5 product lines firmly anchored in the Douro Demarcated Region. It’ll benefit from the high qualitative potential of the region, and from the positive brand image already enjoyed by the Port Wine and the Douro valley both at national and international level. The 5 product lines that will be commercialized by DOURO PRIME are: Douro DOC wine (Red. Reserve Red and White) - INQUIETO RESERVA 2006 is already in the market; Spicy Condiment based on a traditional Port Wine recipe, in development; Port Wine (LBV and Vintage), in project; Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gourmet style, in project; Vinegar and Balsamic Vinegar, in project. 25
  26. 26. E-ACT Website Email Phone +351 220 301 525 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto E-Act is a company focused on implementing strategies for the Promotion of Labor Health and Prevention of Muscular-Skeletal diseases related to work, through the use of Physical Exercise in Labor, Preventive Physiotherapy and Ergonomic Consciousness. This company is the result of research in “Exercise at Work” conducted by the Faculty of Sport of the , University of Porto since 2006, and consists of experienced professionals and specialists in all areas of intervention. E-Act’s methodology adapts itself to the individual needs of each client, enhancing the advantages of all provided services. Based on an initial evaluation they establish the best course of action in order to promote worker’s health and well being, thus reducing casualties and accidents at work and increasing productivity. All their services are supported by continuous research and formation and their aim is to maximize the human resources’ performance of your company. 26
  27. 27. EDIGREEN Website Email Phone +351 912 057 764 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto EDIGREEN – Energy Solutions is part of a wide networking, providing high value engineering consultant services in several areas: • Monitoring and energy consumption savings • Project and Optimization of renewable energies • HVAC project and optimization • Energy inspections and audits • Air quality inspections • Facility Management They are moved by the increasing efficiency and productivity of their clients, creating value through the rational use of the energy resources, contributing for a better and sustainable development using the most recent technology in Energy sector. 27
  28. 28. EMAILBIDDING Website Email Phone +351 225 492 250 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Emailbidding is Adwords for e-mail marketing. Emailbidding is a self-service web-based platform for advertisers (or agencies) that allows them to bid for the audience available through the publishers network (opt-in databases for permission marketing). Advertisers bid for each click, which means they bid for the subscribers that are more likely to buy their products or services, transforming e-mail marketing in a powerful tool based on performance. Advertisers get immediate visibility on return from their investment at the same time that invest only on subscribers that show interest on their campaigns. Furthermore, advertisers can see a continuous revenue stream from their campaigns without the hassle of managing individual email shots. End users (subscribers) benefit from this solution by selecting the campaigns which they are more interested in, avoiding receiving messages that have little or no interest for them. Publishers have clear benefits from increasing their e-mail marketing revenue stream because they can access to a huge amount of campaigns which are automatically selected to be sent to their subscribers, based on individual user information and behavior. Additionally, the platform is fully automated, which eliminates the cumber-some and error prone manual work associated with the traditional email-marketing activity. With powerful statistics and intelligent algorithms, Emailbidding computes the best fit between campaigns and subscribers, assigning the best available campaign for each individual subscriber. 28
  29. 29. ENERGIA FUNDAMENTAL Website Email Phone +351 220 301 561 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Energia Fundamental is a flexible and dynamic consulting company that offers a diverse set of services in areas such as Energy, Environment and Professional Training. Dedicated to the audit, study, conception, evaluation and implementation of specialized interventions in areas of energy, environment, planning, natural resources and sustainable development, gathers a group of experienced specialists that groups multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary skills, meeting the needs of its clients. Energia Fundamental´s areas of expertise extend beyond the usual practice of counterparts companies. Examples of that are the studies and projects of Energy Management, Smart Metering and ESCO Solutions – Energy Service Company, concerning the energy area; River Modeling, Environmental Rehabilitation and Monitoring of Aquatic Communities, concerning Environment area, including programs and investment projects, cost-benefit analysis and Due diligence in relevant energy and environmental parameters. Energia Fundamental is a multidisciplinary team whose technical and scientific capacity is available to the development of Portuguese society, through flexible, innovative and high quality consulting services. 29
  30. 30. FLICKS Website Email Phone +351 919 717 016 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Flicks Systems develops integrated environmental monitoring systems for different applications in order to control, optimize and protect natural resources. Their vision is based on the development of new technological solutions with high scalability, reliability and autonomy. The integrated solutions offered by Flicks Systems are composed by three distinct areas: 1) long-range multispectral monitoring units, 2) wireless networks for long-range transmission of data between them, and 3) data acquisition and support decision systems. 30
  31. 31. FRAUNHOFER AICOS Website Email Phone +351 220 408 300 Adress Rua Alfredo Allen, nº455/461 4200-135 Porto The Fraunhofer Portugal Research Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions (Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS) was created with the purpose of enhancing people’s living standards by offering them intuitive and useful technology solutions, capable of facilitating their access to ICT, while contributing to the market success of its client’s products and services. Located in Porto, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS started its activities in May 2008 as a joint project between the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the University of Porto. Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS focuses its activities in the areas of Ambient Assisted Living and ICT4D, working with companies interested in outsourcing/co-developing their applied research projects by offering them specialized competences centered on the improvement of end-user experience and usability of applications. 31
  32. 32. GISGEO INFORMATION SYSTEMS Website Email Phone +351 220 301 572 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Founded in 2008, Gisgeo is a company specialized in developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mobile and web location solutions, ie, software solutions able to capture, store, analyze, manage and display geo-referenced data, especially based on Open Source technologies. The company’s mission is to promote innovation through the application of GIS in multiple sectors of society, by representing spatial data in a simple and intuitive manner, adapting them to the organization’s needs, and thus increasing productivity through the effective management of resources. It is also their goal to be a reference in the research and development of geography based multi platform software, enhancing the value of geospatial information in the organizations’ decision support process. Gisgeo already has a diverse range of solutions: GeoMedicine; GeoMarketing, fleet management and navigation; Location for smartphones; Augmented Reality; Managing people out of the office; people location. On the basis of the excellence of the solutions developed and services provided by Gisgeo is a highly qualified and motivated Portuguese team, with multidisciplinary expertise in GIS, sustained on the continuous improvement of processes and methodologies. 32
  33. 33. GLAZED SOLUTIONS Website Email Phone +351 220 301 560 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Glazed Solutions is a software company specialized in mobile, founded in the beginning of 2011, expert in mobile application development for platforms such as iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android, Windows Phone 7 Bada , and WebOS. Glazed Solution team’s has developed a large number of mobile applications that include cutting edge technologies such as location-awareness, social networking, real-time communications and more! Glazed Solutions has specialized in delivering customized software to fit your needs, and wants to help you research and plan how to address your market, and optimize the discovery and monetization of your application. Research and cutting-edge technology also play a big role at Glazed Solutions and the company will be launching exciting mobile apps soon! 33
  34. 34. HEALTH INSIGHT Website Email Phone +351 220 301 513 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Health Insight was founded in April 2011 and incorporates into its culture values and commitments with customers, people and especially with health. In order to provide the market with high added value information systems solutions, it is based on a strong, experienced and highly qualified team, committed to innovation in health. Health Insight aims to stand out by the quality of the solutions and services made available to their customers. 34
  35. 35. IDEIA.M Website Email Phone +351 220 301 570 Adress Rua Alfredo Allen, nº455/461 4200-135 Porto IDEIA.M is a design and product development studio, in a development platform multidisciplinary that involves engineers, designers, technicians and employees from different areas of knowledge. The company allows developing root projects, from initial idea to final product in completely different areas and scales, keeping their mind open to new solutions, new knowledge. The company´s portfolio includes projects that arose from internal initiatives as well as from other brands and customers, in areas such as ultralight aeronautics, autonomous aerial vehicles, land and submarine devices for analytical chemistry, laboratory equipment, renewable energy, household equipment, urban vehicles to musical instruments. IDEIA.M works at the three main stages of product development: design, engineering and prototyping, using 3D printing, 3D scanning and CNC machining to 3 and 5 axes. The company can work with any kind of material, from wood and cork up to aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber. IDEIA.M is also owner of the AVA Guitars ( and Oxio Labtools ( brands. 35
  36. 36. INOVRETAIL Website Email Phone +351 220 301 559 Adress Rua Dr. Júlio de Matos, nº828/882 4200-355 Porto InovRetail is a innovation company, fully invested to Research & Development of new and advanced solutions designed to improve the customer store experience, making the Retail Space more attractive, dynamic and efficient, with measurable return for your clients. Multichannel Retailers still retain the Store as a central element to their value proposition – it’s where customers can see, touch, feel and test run the products. The Store is a differentiating element in the interaction with the customer, presenting itself both as an opportunity and a challenge to the Retailer. Customer store experience is the intricate result of several different elements combined, ranging from store architecture and design; product assortment and merchandise layout; commercial strategy and quality of service: all of this supported by the store environment experience (temperature, humidity, illumination, smell, music, noise, air quality, etc.). The customer sensory experience is shaped by the store environment, which is itself a prominent element in defining the image of the retailer (Brand) possessing a decisive influence on sales performance and operating costs of a store. InovRetail offers a highly differentiated approach, in a rather unexplored market segment, delivering innovative and fully integrated solutions, built to aid retailers in their endless effort to manage and optimize their retail environments. InovRetail is an ambitious and challenging project, backed by a dynamic, multidisciplinary team, possessing a deep retail knowledge, as result of its promoter’s experience of several implementations of premium retail solutions across multiples geographies for Tier 1 Retailers (Tesco, Ahold, Morrisons, Sonae Distribuição, etc). 36
  37. 37. ISA Website Email Phone +351 220 301 526 Adress Rua Dr. Júlio de Matos, nº 828/882 4200-355 Porto ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere is an international high-tech company specializing in Telemetry and Remote Management that applies its knowhow in building business intelligence solutions in two areas: Energy and Oil&Gas. Bringing together its technological excellence, customer focus and the ability to achieve ambitious goals, ISA takes an innovative approach to every challenge. More than 22-year experience, rapid development capacity and a record of continuous innovation are the keys to ISA’s international success and recognition. 37
  38. 38. LABORDERS Website Email Phone +351 220 301 527 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto LabOrders is a company that develops software for scientific research laboratories. Its main product is the platform, an online tool to place and manage laboratory orders that brings together suppliers and scientists. By drastically reducing the time wasted in ordering a product/ reagent immediately increases a scientist’s productivity, allowing him to focus on his research activity. 38
  39. 39. LAST2TICKET Website Email Phone +351 220 301 512 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Last2ticket has designed and developed a complete ticketing solution that includes: (i) Online commercialization (focused on online experience), (ii) Web management tool (for promoters and event creators), (iii) Validation of electronic tickets, at any place or location. All parts of solution are propriety of Last2ticket and can be applied to a wide spectrum of events, from festivals, concerts, meetings or conferences. Last2Ticket mission is to allow to a greatest number of citizens the usage of technology that’s available today, making the best use of it, improving the way we buy and manage tickets. Last2ticket wants’ to integrate the tickets we use in daily activities with smart phones or, in alternative way, allow buyers to print their tickets at home. The solution increases efficiency but also reduces environment impact activities as printing and traveling to ticket offices. 39
  40. 40. NETFLOW Website Email Phone +351 220 301 577 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Netflow - Development of Information Systems Ltd is a company with great expertise in the area of information technology. The experience accumulated in the ICL has created a new company, cemented by strong professional, keeping connections with new and old customers. Netflow team combines extensive experience with high levels of academic and technical training, committed and focused to specific niches market, never losing sight of supplying services with a high quality standard. Thus, NetFlow offers a wide range of services including, hardware consulting and repair; planning, installation and auditing of networks; development of systems to alarms and signage; security and risk analysis; and optimization systems.In terms of technical assistance, the company offers two distinct types of service: on.-site (customer premises) and hangar (on the premises of company). Seeking to provide the best quality / price, NetFlow has created an online store dedicated to prestigious mark of Cisco equipment. This open in the e-business represents the bid of Netflow in the refurbished equipment market (refurb the concept represents 35% of total sales in the IT market in the U.S.), selling with one year warranty, at prices 30 to 50% below cost thereof in new condition. The Netflow was founded in February 2006, from the staff of the ICL - International Computers Limited, how-ever subject to a melting process and incorporation into Fujitsu. 40
  41. 41. NEWMENSUS Website Email Phone +351 220 301 544 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto NewMENSUS Ltd is a technology-based company dedicated to providing services in the area of civil engineering, specializing in: design, installation and maintenance of structural heath monitoring systems; conducting load tests; inspection of structures; performance testing of material and structural characterization; evaluation of the durability, integrity and structural safety; support for project development and structural rehabilitation techniques in the construction industry; consultancy in the area of civil engineering. Since its foundation it has developed several projects, some in consortium with LA-BEST/FEUP particularly , in the area of inspection of structures, durability and structural health monitoring, and load testing of bridges and viaducts. 41
  42. 42. OCEANSCAN Website Email Phone +351 220 301 576 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto OcenScan- Marine Systems & Technology, Lda is a company that develop systems, tools and technologies for the cost-effective access to the ocean. The company a startup from Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), more properly from Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory (LSTS). The company maintains a strategic partnership with this institution, one of the most respected in Europe in terms of underwater robotics. A major goal of the company is to make available to the market and technology know-how developed during more than a decade. One of the flagship systems from OceanScan-MST, where lies most of the activities and efforts of R & D Company, is a underwater vehicle, designated the Light Autonomous Underwater Vehicle System (LAUV), normally used for oceanographic and environmental research, and underwater inspection based on specific video and sonar. The light term is related with to the characteristics of its reduced weight and dimensions, ease of operation and low cost, thus ensuring a simple and economical way for the study of water masses. The LAUV system was awarded the Portuguese BES 2006 innovation prize. 42
  43. 43. ORZARE Website Email Phone +351 220 301 511 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Orzare, SA has as its mission the development and commercial exploitation of a set of innovative web applications for professionals in the construction sector, seeking to respond in an integrated manner to their needs. Orzare owns the platform, which aims to bring together the largest community of professionals from the construction sector. Inspired by the web 2.0 philosophy, the platform is already a national reference in the construction sector, being expected its international launch in 2011. 43
  44. 44. PLAYNIFY Website Email Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Playnify is a software development company whose core business is a web and mobile platform that allows amateur sports players around the world to easily find other players, venues and events nearby and also provide the best tools to manage sports events’ complex logistics. Playnify’s vision is to become the number 1 reference in the world when it comes to sports social networks. 44
  45. 45. RVLP TECHNOLOGIES Website Email Phone +351 220 301 514 Adress Rua Dr. Júlio de Matos, nº828/882 4200-355 Porto RVLP Technologies is an investigation and technological innovation company focus on development of automation solution, products improvements and physical environments. Company develops automation and control projects applied to environments that required this needs, upgrading mechanisms, products and services. It’s a Portuguese Company, based in Oporto, constituted of a team of qualified investigators and consultant that studies, design and implements technologically innovative solution to customers. 45
  46. 46. RENTINGPOINT Website Email Phone +351 220 301 565 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto RentingPoint is the first Portuguese website that promotes and makes easier renting deals among individuals and companies for all types of goods, allowing an alternative to buying and selling. The platform allows individuals to get extra value from their underused goods/assets and enhances renting companies web sales channels. offers an economic and convenient solution for individuals and companies, offering a sole point to find a large portfolio of products to rent, instead of a spread offer and avoiding buying. Tools, equipment, event materials, sport items, cars, electronics, home goods; all of these and a lot more, you can find at RentingPoint – Alugar é Aqui! 46
  47. 47. SCOOTZZ Website Email Phone +351 916 299 770 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Scootzz, Lda. aims to develop, manufacture and sell eco-efficient moblility solutions, having as a first product an electric scooter with the same name. Scootzz is a highly efficient two wheel electric vehicle, suitable for the urban mobility needs, and with a unique characteristic: External customization, based on a social component of collaborative desin. Besides that it has a very evolved thecnological base, with enfasis on safety, low operational cost, durability and ease of operation. Scootzz, Lda. owns the Community Trade Mark Scootzz®. 47
  48. 48. SHIFTFORWARD Website Email Phone +351 220 301 567 Adress Rua Dr. Júlio de Matos, nº828/882 4200-355 Porto ShiftForward is a strategy and technology consultancy and R&D company specialised in software architecture, design and development for the Online Advertising industry. Its key strengths are the combination of top-brass software architecture know-how with the extended knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the online media world. Still in it’s infancy, ShiftForward already gathered several European clients and works with companies all over the world, helping them on their quest to design and develop the right technology to fulfil their online media business plans. ShiftForward specialises in online media and advertising projects that require high-performance and scalability to fulfil the business models. Such as: Online advertising platforms (DSPs, SSPs, Exchanges, Publisher / Agency ad servers, etc.); Online data exchanges; Yield optimisation and management systems; Large-scale e-commerce solutions; Browser-centric CMS’s; Behavioural Targeting platforms and products; Integration of multiple online advertising and media platforms (CRMs, Ad Servers, Exchanges, etc.) 48
  49. 49. SILICONGATE Website Email Phone +351 220 301 552 Adress Rua Alfredo Allen, nº455/461 4200-135 Porto SiliconGate is an Integrated Circuit design company specialized in Analogue and Mixed-Signal IP . Founded in 2008, SiliconGate results from a unique combination of experience and innovation. With a highly professional design team, counting more than 50 years of combined design experience and countless circuits in production, SiliconGate develops world-class state-of-the-art IP . Its close ties to several University of Porto research groups reflect the constant pursuit for ever more efficient and better performing design solutions. This privileged link also provides a nearly endless supply of highly talented and highly motivated young designers. 49
  50. 50. SONAE INDÚSTRIA Website Email Phone +351 220 100 400 Adress Lugar do Espido - Via Norte Apartado 1096 4470-177 Maia Sonae Indústria is one of the largest wood based panels producers in the world. The product range includes: particleboard; MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard); hardboard; OSB (Oriented Strand Board); production and sales of value added products and services - components, solutions and systems - for the furniture, building, decoration and DIY industries. And also, production of high pressure decorative laminates; production of chemical products (formaldehyde and formaldehyde based resins). On 31 December 2010, Sonae Indústria’s workforce numbered around 4,800, on 27 production sites in 7 countries and sales locations in: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland and South Africa. In 2010, Sonae Indústria’s consolidated turnover totalled 1,293 million euros. 50
  51. 51. STREAMBOLICO Website Email Phone +351 225 027 121 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Streambolico technologies offer enhanced quality of experience for real-time data streaming over wireless net-works. Their solutions combine wireless multicasting, interactive apps and the power of network coding to deliver the right data packets to the right costumer at the right time. The company’s mobile IPTV product leverages their proprietary technology to offer a commercial solution for transmitting high-definition video to any mobile platform. The product makes it possible to provide IPTV channels to 10 times more users with a single WiFi hotspot. Streambolico’s technology is a powerful solution for many different applications with time sensitive data delivery to multiple users, such as real time video streaming, IPTV, sensor networks, security data, collaborative environments, among many others. Their team has unique know-how on the development and implementation of software modules with network coding technology to be incorporated in current communication technologies. They offer our customers a comprehensive set of solutions from products to services in order to bring the benefits of their technology to each customers’ specific scenario and requirements. Streambolico is a spin-off from Instituto de Telecomunicações and from Universidade do Porto. Streambolico won the grand prize award at the Concurso Nacional de Inovação BES 2012, one of the most prestigious national prizes for awarding innovation. 51
  52. 52. STRONGSTEP Website Email Phone +351 220 301 585 Adress Rua Alfredo Allen, nº455/461 4200-135 Porto Strongstep is a company specialized in software engineering, a spin-off da University of Porto via FEUP that , contributes to the improvement of software quality in the world. Their action is based on pragmatic principles of efficiency and excellence, supported by an experienced team, by the use of best practices and with established partnerships with worldwide reference institutions. The areas of expertise of the team are: • CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration: Development, Services, Acquisitions • TSP/PSP - Team Software Process and Personal Software Process • Agile - SCRUM and XP - Extreme Programming; PMBOK - Project Management Book of Knowledge; ITIL; RUP - Rational Unified Process Strongstep wants to induce a positive change in your organization. This will represent a step with a strong, sus-tainable and innovative focus. 52
  53. 53. TOMORROW OPTIONS Website Email Phone +351 220 301 596 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Tomorrow options is a Portuguese start-up specialised in designing innovative electronic devices with a main focus on medical application. It follows the ‘pocket multinational’ concept, in other words, a very small company can operate and compete globally. To be successful on these goals we invest mainly in creating and managing relationships with partners to develop above-average solutions and get above-average returns. In 2009, as a fast-growing spin-off company from the University of Porto in Portugal, the company decided to establish a UK subsidiary to take advantage of opportunities in the UK and other external markets. The company’s first product is WalkinSense, a unique device to monitor lower human limb movement, with a wide range of applications: orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology and podiatry. WalkinSense is portable, wireless, easy to use and a non-invasive medical device. It gathers and processes data of lower limb movements during walking, measuring both patient’s mobility patterns and plantar pressure. For instance, WalkinSense is used by health technicians that deal with diabetic foot disorders, a problem that causes foot ulcers and lower limbs amputations. The information processed by the device can be transferred to a computer to be analyzed through a software by any health care professional.The product is already proving to be invaluable in fighting diabetic foot disorders. 53
  54. 54. TOP RESEARCH Website Email Phone +351 220 301 551 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto TOP Research, a startup company created by an experienced design and research team that is always observing the world and looking for new ways to improve it. Their team does graphic design, interface design, code, as well as teaching and writing papers on a daily basis. They always think on the users first when designing something and they always want to provide the best possible user experience. “Research can be defined as the search for knowledge, or as any systematic investigation, with an open mind, to establish novel facts, solve new or existing problems, prove new ideas, or develop new theories. ” Top Research’s aim is to provide you the best tools for the post-PC era. They want to be a reference in the software design for worldwide science research. Our mission is to create tools that can improve the creativity and productivity of people who create and design a better world for all. 54
  55. 55. TUIZZI Website Email Phone +351 220 301 515 PUBLICIDADE PARA TODOS! AGORA ATÉ AS PEQUENAS EMPRESAS PODEM TER GRANDES CARTAZES Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto is the first web platform that simplifies and facilitates the access to buy, sell and manage outdoor advertising.Based on the motto “Advertising for all! – Now even the small businesses can have big billboards!” freely grants access to all information about the different types of outdoor advertising. Billboards, Wallscapes, Bus shelters, Digital Outdoors, Newspapers, Magazines, Tabaco machines, and others advertising supports, are already available on the platform. This platform,, not only allow users to buy and sell advertising supports,but it is also the first web platform that provides to the outdoor advertising operators a outdoor advertising specialized managing software. Functions like availability calendars, price tables, statistics, reports, and many others functions, are already being used by many national outdoor advertising operators. While many advertising agencies, outdoor advertising operators and advertisers are already using TUIZZI. com, we are preparing to expand world-wide. 55
  56. 56. TWEASY Website Email Phone +351 220 301 587 Adress Rua Júlio de Matos, nº828/882 4200-355 Porto Tweasy specializes in the development of innovative digital marketing applications and technologies. Its main product is a SaaS (cloud) platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to engage in local, mobile and social marketing. Tweasy also sells customized solutions based on smartphone applications to key accounts in the retail industry. Tweasy’s home market is Switzerland where its product is sold to SME’s by Switzerland’s biggest Telecom provider. Tweasy plans an international expansion in Europe’s biggest countries such as France and Germany. Tweasy, Unipessoal Lda was founded by Tweasy SA – a limited company under Swiss law – to expand its research and development capabilities. 56
  57. 57. UEB Website Email Adress Rua Aires Ornelas, nº112 4000-021 Porto Ueb develops online applications for the people and business. Their product offering is based on three principles: utility, simplicity and economy. The business sector at this stage is the most representative and their goal was to market a set of online applications that respond to these principles and to solve business problems in terms of: (a) marketing and sales management; (b) satisfaction and customer support, (c) collaboration and productivity. Ueb’s motivation is to deliver to businesses, particularly SMEs, an integrated solution that enables them to solve online the most of its management activities, beyond the already marketing their products, they are developing an online document management system and an operating system especially designed for business use. 57
  58. 58. UNIPLACES Website Email Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto is the official online platform for student accommodation. It is changing the way students and landlords do business by consolidating the market and providing a niche market solution. With strategic partner-ships with universities, UniPlaces delivers high quality leads to a very targeted market and solves the problem of universities and their students’ unions of finding accommodation for their students. In the longterm, the company hopes to accept rental payments through the platform and up-sell relevant services from other providers, such as insurance and telecommunications. 58
  59. 59. VENTURE CATALYSTS Website Email Phone +351 916 409 180 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Venture Catalysts is a company focused on commercialization of technologies through entrepreneurship. By supporting visionary researchers and entrepreneurs releasing the full potential of their technologies, the company acts as a catalyst on the development of new technology–based ventures. Their structured and iterative approach as well as our expertise on several knowledge areas allows them to work side by side with the promoters of the technology, sharing risks and goals whilst speaking the languages of R&D, Entrepreneurship and Business. Venture Catalysts focuses on solving real market needs by evaluating the true potential of the technology for the development of products/services that support new ventures with high potential at the global scale. 59
  60. 60. VITASENSIS Website Email Phone +351 220 301 545 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Vitasensis S.A. - Smart technologies for a better living. Vitasensis’s mission is to research, develop and commercialize technologies designed to promote a better living, with focus on innovative solutions for active ageing. Driven by research and development activities on remote monitoring systems, Vitasensis offers a range of integrated hardware-software solutions for telecare services. Born in 2012, Vitasensis S.A. is a spin-off company of the University of Porto, supported by A2B SGPS SA, a portuguese business angels firm involved in various successful business ventures, especially in the areas of health and well-being, as is the case of the pharmaceutical company Bluepharma. 60
  61. 61. VORTAL Website Email Phone +351 210 325 003 Adress Rua Alfredo Allen, nº455/461 4200-135 Porto Vortal is one of the largest eSourcing and eCommerce providers in Europe, providing an electronic SAAS platform that allows buying organizations to purchase goods and services cheaper and more efficiently and gives suppliers access to a greater number of sales and thus revenue opportunities. Vortal is the European leader in the engineering & construction market, through it’s flagship eMarketplace, the eConstroi. 61
  62. 62. WIDETAIL Website Email Phone +1 212 845 9556 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Widetail focuses on e-commerce and the company’s flagship product is JumpSeller, a platform for the creation of online stores. This platform allows small merchants, who have no technical expertise or the required investment for dedicated solutions, easily establish their online presence and thus create a new sales channel. The merchant can create his store at no cost, set up the layout, add products with images and a description, set shipping taxes and configure payment gateways. JumpSeller also serves as a centralized catalog for any online store by distributing its products by portal aggregators, like Google Product Search, or marketplaces such as Ebay and Etsy, allowing catalog management from a single point. 62
  63. 63. WIT-SOFTWARE Website Email Phone +351 220 301 518 Adress Rua Alfredo Allen, nº455/461 4200-135 Porto WIT is a software company that creates advanced applications and provides services for mobile telecommunications companies, TV Service Providers and banks. WIT also provides software for other companies that want to unleash the power of Mobile Communications and its convergence with the Internet. WIT is currently organized in three main business units: telco, mobile and digital tv.A Telco unit develops software for mobile telecommunication operators and has clients in Europe, United States and Africa. This unit is also responsible for the WIT Communications Suite products, a solution for fixed-mobile converged communications and Internet services. A mobile unit creates applications for mobile devices. The applications run in the following platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 Blackberry, J2ME and Symbian. This unit has banking clients (BCP , , CGD, Banif), media clients (Controlinveste), energy clients (EDP) and other international clients such as TomTom and Real Networks. On the other hand, the digital tv develops software for IPTV operators with clients in Europe and United States. This unit is also responsible for the WIT Connected TV Suite Product which provides over-the-top applications (widgets), search and recommendation engines enabling the convergence between TV, Mobile and Internet. The Company was founded in 2001 and currently it has Headquarters in Coimbra, two development Centers in Oporto and Leiria, an Office in Lisbon and a branch in San Jose (California, US) for business development. 63
  64. 64. XNFINITY Website Email Phone +351 914 792 359 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto The Xnfinity, Ltd company was recently established by young entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience in information technology areas, highly qualified and with a wide curriculum in management and development of software and hi-tech products. Its main project is the platform PaperVault, that aims to define an infrastructure of technological services that support the dematerialization of legal documents and allow the transmission (B2C) via digital / electronic, between business partners in accordance with applicable law, meeting the security requirements necessary for their validation and verification. So, with PaperVault, the final consumers, when purchasing a product or service they will receive a proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) in digital format on the PaperVault platform, thus no longer have the need to receive in paper. The final consumer receiving the digital receipts on the PaperVault platform will also enjoy some features that will facilitate the daily life, since: management costs; store, organize and analyze data; management of warranties and product exchanges; and benefit from useful interfaces (eg. taxes). 64
  65. 65. 65
  66. 66. 66
  67. 67. CREATIVE INDUSTRIES CENTER UPTEC PINC is the attraction and meeting space for people who look to experience, explore and develop their creativity in entrepreneurial ways. Seeking to answer the new challenges of the creative economy, in 2010, UPTEC opened its Creative Industries Centre (UPTEC PINC) to accommodate and support companies that work primarily in areas such as design, audiovisual, communication, architecture, visual arts, performing arts and publishing. Located in Porto’s centre, among the main artistic and cultural structures and equipments in the city, UPTEC PINC hosts more than 30 creative business projects. Relying on the knowledge and expertise of the University of Porto and the other UPTEC clusters, this centre really contributes to the development of a truly creative ecosystem, in permanent liaison with the most diverse areas of knowledge and business. Website Contact Fátima São Simão / 67
  68. 68. 3DECIDE Website Email Phone +351 220 126 734 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto 3Decide is a young company specialized in the Communication of Spaces and Businesses in 3D. It has developed an ecosystem of innovative solutions ranging from real-time 3D Building models, to interactive 3D Tours and 3D Augmented Reality experiences. A new era of Communication and Marketing challenges demands these new solutions, allowing any Space and Business to gain “digital life” and be communicated and promoted worldwide, in an effective and differentiated way. Its Vision is based on the innovative fusion between 3D and Web Information Systems, in order to go far beyond the traditional images and videos, adding databases, real-time statistics, social networking and many other advantages to what 3D does best: communicate in a natural and intuitive way, any physical space, anywhere in the world, for any audience. The two main products of the company are aLIVE 3D Buildings and aLIVE Panoramics: aLIVE 3D Buildings and aLIVE Panoramics . The products are designed for the horizontal industries of Marketing, Communication and Digital Storytelling, covering large audiences and different physical spaces. The main clients own tourism, cultural heritage and real estate businesses, like museums, resorts, theme parks, historical sites, business and conference centers, theaters, among others. Currently, in addition to the national market, 3Decide is active in the USA, UK and Brazil markets. 3Decide’s Vision is a worldwide pioneer: Unify 3D with Information Systems and Web 2.0. That is “3D Interactivity...done right!” 68
  69. 69. A3S Website Email Phone +351 916 627 733 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto A3S is a Research and Development Association (R&D) grounded on the belief that promoting social entrepreneurship and the sustainability of the third sector means contributing to the consolidation of alternative forms of sustainable development that are fairer, more equitable, more participative and more inclusive. A3S was formally created in December 2006, arising from a project shared by its members. Since A3S inception, it has always been its mission to work with – and on behalf of – third sector organizations, with a view to draw investment and acknowledgement to this sector while increasing general knowledge about it. A3S is a not-for-profit social entrepreneur that seeks to create social added value as well as opportunities for intervention and innovation. A3S acts in the following areas: Research and Promotion of Knowledge; Consultancy / Training for People and Organizations. 69
  70. 70. CLAAN Website Email Phone +351 220 126 730 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Claan is a creative studio. Claan creates tailored media and design solutions: concepts and visual identities, web and mobile applications, graphical user interface with the focus on user experience, studio photography and loves building tangible scenarios. Clara Vieira e Andreas Eberharter founded Claan in 2008. The co-founders lived and worked in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Vienna, Austria and Santiago of Chile. The acquired experience is the foundation of global mindset and a strong internationalization. With the focus on emerging technologies and design issues, Claan applies Design Thinking as an important everyday tool. Claan developed from scratch the publishing tool Leafer. The first generation Leafer gives the possibility to convert a simple PDF into an interactive rich multimedia e-book. The next generation of Leafer expands the possibilities and takes digital publishing to mobile devices. 70
  71. 71. CLÍNICA DE ARQUITECTURA Website Email Phone +351 220 123 743 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Clínica de Arquitectura® (Architecture Clinic) exists to think and create spaces. Its projects seek innovative solutions, specifically designed for each particular case, based on the study of new ways of living, the relationship of the inhabitants with the space and the relationship of buildings with the urban outline. In collaboration with recognized R&D institutions, Clínica de Arquitectura® develops research and provides consulting services in the areas of architecture, urbanism and design. Together with its partners, it dedicates itself to the design of buildings and rehabilitation, providing an integrated service that can include architectural design, engineering, construction, interior design and furniture design. 71
  72. 72. CREARTOPIA Website Email Phone +351 916 472 121 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Illustopia is an illustration agency, based in Porto/Portugal, which represents a range of carefully selected world quality illustrators of all genres and styles that can meet varied advertising, publishing, editorial and private clients needs. The agency has an international positioning, not only regarding its target markets but also concerning its represented artists. Within those artists, Illustopia counts with illustrators from several countries (Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, etc) some of which are award-winning artists and others are fresh new talents. Illustopia aims to leverage their international exposure and to provide its customers with unique visual languages. Illustopia also provides Art Direction and Graphic Design services, which can be a value added to its service offer. Additionally, the agency supports the promotions of its represented artists’ personal projects (book projects, artwork, etc). 72
  73. 73. CULTUREPRINT Website Email Phone +351 220 126 739 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto CulturePrint joins different academic backgrounds: communication, production and arts to transform three crossed ways in a small footprint of creativity. To connect communication with arts, to contaminate design with literary production, to mix literature with the Web seemed obvious. CULTUREPRINT recovers the cooperative concept tying spaces and creative people, drawing new nets and culture communication. 73
  74. 74. ENGENHO DAS IDEIAS Website Email Phone +351 222 025 253 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Engenho das Ideias is a reference in the creation and management of projects in the music field. Marked by a strong capacity for innovation since its founding in 2004, Engenho das Ideias is the energy that moves Harmos Festival (nominated in 2011 to the “Novo Norte Awards”). From the portuguese municipalities and the national network of theaters, passing by reference institutions in the music field as Casa da Música, CCB or Hard Club, Engenho das Ideias is now a privileged partner for organizations, artists, programmers and, always ... the audiences of music! 74
  75. 75. GET A RIIIDE Website Email Phone +351 912 494 934 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Get a Riiide is a brand to young people. We intend to create tourism products that fit the expectations and possibility of the target – young tourists. We operate in Portuguese North Region’s tourism market, having the start point in Porto because of its excellent tourism structures like the airport, train stations, hostels and hotels that grant a great growing perspective in the next years. We also want to offer integrated services in tourism, like tours, activities and experiences. Our services seek to be original experiences that make the clients feel like a local experiencing the Portuguese traditions and culture, but at reduced prices thinking on the clients. Get a Riiide is a brand owned by Recordar & Partilhar, lda. 75
  76. 76. ID+ INSTITUTO DE DESIGN, MEDIA E CULTURA Website Email Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto ID+ is an R&D institute ranked “Very Good” by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. It gathers a wealth of designers, teachers, researchers, creatives, geeks and students around immersive, multidisciplinary teams of cultural and scientific production. Anchored on the mission of Design as an agent of symbolic, narrative and functional regeneration, ID+ has developed its activity in laboratory, class and entrepreneurial environments, by crossing their normally autonomous assets. A strong vocation of contemporaneity means that ID+ permanently re-equates itself according to cultural, technological and social developments. Key projects the hosting of the 9th European Academy of Design, the strategic implementation of the project Art on Chairs (Paredes Municipality), the scientific tutelage of the Ph.D in Design program (Universities of Porto and Aveiro), consultancy and documentary management of Manobras no Porto (Porto Municipality), and the partnership with the digital media festival FuturePlaces (UTAustin-Portugal). The development areas currently incubated by ID+ are: Design for a participatory social development; Design for sustainability; Museology of Design, Design of Museology; Interfaces: user, product, experience; Innovation through drawing and Research through art: from theory to practice. 76
  77. 77. LIKE ARCHITECTS Website Email Phone +351 220 123 744 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto The studio’s experimental, provocative and innovative nature, formed by the young portuguese architects Diogo Aguiar, João Jesus and Teresa Otto seeks to combine their basilar architectural knowledge acquired in the re-nowned Faculty of Architecture of Oporto with other more radical architectural experiences they have had in worldwide reference studios. The proposed architecture, which is attentive to the current socio-economic scenario, aims to boost places and involve the community in a critical participation of urban space, having Installation, Happening and Urban Art as references. 77
  78. 78. LOVERS & LOLLYPOPS Website Email Phone +351 220 126 738 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Lovers & Lollypops is a music publisher and promoter that promotes records and Portuguese shows and International bands. Company, started in 2006, is also responsible for national and international tours. The events take place in the most important portuguese show clubs, like Hard Club, Casa da Música, or Music Box. Lovers & Lollypops is also the promoter of the Milhões de Festa festival that in 2012 had its 5th edition. 78
  79. 79. LUSA – AGÊNCIA DE NOTÍCIAS DE PORTUGAL Website Email Phone +351 226 079 945 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Lusa’s mission, as the sole Portuguese national news agency, is the gathering and processing of news and information, the production and distribution of news to a wide range of users (national and international media organizations, private and public sector organizations of all kinds) and the supply of a public information service to the Portuguese State. In addition to the public interest, the principles that guide activities and conduct within the organization are clarity, accuracy, impartiality, plurality of information, timeliness, quality and teamwork. 79
  80. 80. MADCAPS Website Email Phone +351 917 746 281 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Madcaps is a software house that builds recreational and educational apps for mobile devices. Their goal is to provide groundbreaking learning tools that engage children in developing their cognitive abilities. Furthermore, they address special learning needs for an inclusive education. Madcaps also offers they partners development services and white label products in the areas of digital publishing, social networking, games and education. Based in Porto, Madcaps was founded in September 2011 and takes advantage of new digital distribution channels in a global presence strategy. 80
  81. 81. NCREP Website Email Phone +351 220 301 598 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto NCREP - Consultancy on Rehabilitation of Built Heritage, Ltd., is an office on consultancy, monitoring and design devoted to the structural rehabilitation of constructions. It was born from the knowledge and experience gathered at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University (FEUP), Porto, Portugal, over more than 10 years of activity in this field. This experience culminated in the production of hundreds of technical and scientific reports, as well as in the participation in several projects and protocols involving technical collaboration with private and public entities, namely through the Institute of Construction of FEUP . In the scope of its activities, NCREP - Consultancy on Rehabilitation of Built Heritage, Ltd. addresses to the intervention on traditional and modern existing construction typologies, such as masonry, timber, concrete and steel structures, and it follows an integrated and multidisciplinary approach based on a detailed study of the construction, making use of traditional and modern inspection and diagnostic techniques. In this approach, the required interventions, carefully evaluated and supported by the previous actions, are designed to be minimal, in order to reduce their impact on the constructions, in a compromise between functionality, structural safety and heritage safeguard, as acknowledged by international charts and recommendations for the conservation and rehabilitation of built heritage. This integrated methodology involves, frequently, field and laboratorial experimental tests, numerical simulation studies and structural monitoring before and (or) after the implementation of the intervention measures. Some of these actions are performed under collaboration with the Laboratory of Earthquake and Structural Engineering (LESE) of FEUP , among other institutions, which provides extensive ex-pertise on experimental testing and monitoring. Finally, among its activities, NCREP promotes, in partnership with other institutions, Innovation and Development activities, advanced courses, workshops and seminars in the area of rehabilitation of built heritage. 81
  82. 82. OSTV Website Email Phone +351 220 126 733 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto OSTV is an award winning company that developed Canal180 – the first television channel dedicated to culture and creativity, available on cable, internet and mobile. An independent television project designed to cover a wider spectrum of cultural activity, committed to promote and develop the new generation of multiplatform content creation. Canal 180 aggregates some of the most original and innovative content: music, documentary, urban art; through a network of international collaborations.,, www. 82
  83. 83. PORTO24 Website Email Phone +351 220 123 745 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Porto24 – Comunicação e Multimédia, Lda owns Porto24, a local news network dedicated to the Grande Porto region. This network was created in December of 2010. It aggregates various types of contents that are shared between a group of core websites, including a e-papper (Porto24), a cultural and lifestyle magazine (Praça) and a city guide (Locais). A strong interaction with the network users is accomplished by allowing them to participate on the different websites: discussing, building content and interacting with other users of the Porto24 local news network. 83
  84. 84. PÚBLICO Website Email Phone +351 226 151 000 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto O Público (The Public) is a Portuguese daily newspaper founded in 1990. It had for some time, shares in its capital of foreign media companies, including the holders of the daily El Pais (Spain) and La Repubblica (Italy). Today, it is part of the sub-holding of Sonae for the areas of communication, Sonaecom. On May 11, 1995, Público inaugurated its website and on September 22 of this year, was created PUBLICO Online (now called, and also another company, Digital Media Services SA. On September 6, 1999 also started to incorporate an independent service of news, updated several times a day. Throughout its 20 years of existence, Público has published dozens of collectable (which pioneered the Portuguese press in 1992), special supplements, books, encyclopedias, CDs, CD-ROMs (from 1999) and DVDs (from 2003). 84
  85. 85. RÁDIO NOVA Website Email Phone +351 226 151 000 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Rádio Nova it’s a radio station with a product directed to an audience that lives or works in the Oporto metropolitan area. 85
  86. 86. S.P.O.T. Website Email Adress Rua Marechal Saldanha nº8, 3º dir 4150 Porto S.P .O.T. presents and defines itself as a company that promotes, manages and produce ideas, events and cultural initiatives in the context of contemporary urban cultural reality. S.P .O.T. can be seen as a creator of cultural projects as well as an open space for new proposals and initiatives, always willing to collaborate with public and private institutions. S.P .O.T. intends to develop art in public spaces as well as art connected to its identity, and at the same time represent Portugal as a culturally and artistically interesting country that foreign institutions should invest in. Areas of Expertise: Management of cultural activities; Production and promotion of shows and events; Support for artistic creation; Management and assembly of creative projects; Organization of workshops, seminars and conferences; Production of events, festivals, parties and exhibitions; Editorial production; Artists management 86
  87. 87. SW.ARK Website Email Phone +351 220 126 731 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Swark is a company specializing in the renovation of historic buildings and our mission is to materialize the wishes of those who want to live or invest in Historic Areas of Oporto. For this purpose, we created a tailored service of Househunting + Architecture + Renovation that turns your ideas into reality, in a timely manner and with no worries. 87
  88. 88. TECLA COLORIDA Website Email Phone +351 220 126 737 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto Tecla Colorida is a spin-off of the University of Porto (Faculty of Engineering) and INESC Porto. Founded in December 2008, it specializes in software development and solutions for educational purposes. Its main product is an educational and social platform, especially developed to primary school (from 4 to 12 years old). It is a simple, safe and easy to use platform that brings youngsters Information and Communications Technology together (Internet, computers and interactive whiteboards). Students, parents and teachers can create documents freely, share them with the school community and other educative communities, contributing to a better integration of the school with its external environment. The project began in November 2006, when some master students from the Faculty of Engineering developed several prototypes exploring the idea of “school wiki for elementary school students” From then . to its national launch, in May 2009, the platform was improved and simplified and currently has more than 200 registered schools. 88
  89. 89. VICE Website Email Phone +351 220 126 735 Adress Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2 4050-453 Porto VICE was founded in Montreal in 1994. Today it is the world’s leading next-generation youth-media company, with offices and operations in 30 countries across every continent but that unpleasantly frozen one. In Portugal since 2009, it draws from a global network of over 500 full-time employees, 3000 creative contributors, and a fanatical monthly audience of over 15 million worldwide. What separates them from the rest? They have a unique and irreverent perspective. They know others say the same, but they prove that what others aspire to is just their starting point. They are not satisfied in just exposing reality. They stimulate it, interfere in it, they are part of it. They have a strong image, connected to the brands and companies that are a inextricable part of their universe. In 2010, VICE was considered the third most innovative media company by Fast Company. Their influence is felt when respected media outlets like CNN, Guardian and Wired, share and comment their work. Maybe because they believe that no other media has the guts to expose the best and the worst in our society in such a corrosive and jovial style. And with that power comes a great responsibility. They are not just editors and reporters. They are marketers and creative directors. They are a full-service agency, which covers brand strategy, creative development, production, distribution, and research — all under a single roof. They are storming the world with an undiluted message of creative purity and innovative force. Judging by their impending world domination, it’s working. 89
  90. 90. WESOURCE Website Email Phone +351 220 301 574 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto Wesource is a commercial and marketing consultancy company. Their aim is to help SMEs grow and their main business areas are procurement and brand awareness, by offering innovative products that add value to their clients. The company solution is an integrated one, that acts in different moments of the business cycle, to provide Portuguese SMEs with a better future. 90
  91. 91. 91
  92. 92. 92
  93. 93. SEA CENTER The Sea Center of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC MAR) is dedicated to the incubation of business projects related to science and sea technologies, benefiting from the proximity of structures and equipment of the Leixões Port and advanced research developed at the University of Porto. The project UPTEC MAR aims to explore the results of research arising from the activity of the various R&D centers from the University of Porto. Companies currently associated with UPTEC MAR aggregate several areas of activity in the sea economy such as marine biotechnology, aquaculture, energy of waves, marine robotics, software, environment, tourism and recreational boating. Website Contact Susana Pinheiro / 93
  94. 94. ABYSSAL Website Email Phone +351 220 120 768 Adress Av. da Liberdade, S/N 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira Abyssal S.A. is a Software Development company focused on Subsea Navigation Systems for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) operations. The subsea navigation solutions that Abyssal develops have a wide range of applications both in terms of Industries and Subsea equipment. Our company aims at delivering state of the art integrated solutions in navigation, visibility and spatial awareness that are developed taking into account safety, reliability and efficiency of subsea operations. Abyssal S.A. has its genesis on the start-up project Immerse Systems. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to Research & Development of software for ROVs. 94
  95. 95. AMBIETEL Website Email Phone +351 220 120 765 Adress Av. da Liberdade, S/N 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira Ambietel designs, sizes, installs and monitors treatment facilities for drinkable water, wastewater and reusable water, with the objective to undertake processes to adding value in different areas, using a more secure, more ecological and more economical technology, going in the direction of the customers’ perspective. Ambietel provides a wide range of equipment and products for treatment of drinking water and waste water (ie water disinfection by ultraviolet, filtration media, decalcification, Iron removal, denitrification, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis; electrocal e-scraper; chambers of separation grease and oil separator) and solutions for recovery and utilization of waters of different origins, having always the latest technologies and environmental sustainability (ie rainwater, gray water, process water). 95
  96. 96. BEAGLE Website Email Phone +351 220 120 767 Adress Av. da Liberdade, S/N 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira Beagle is a company that provides services in conception, development and management of projects and solutions in the area of communication and education for sustainability. Our work is directed to the whole community with the responsibility to promote and educate for citizenship. The implementation of projects may include, among others, the following services: Graphic Design, Content Management, Environmental Campaigns and Events, Educational Services, Web Design and Multimedia. 96
  97. 97. BLUEMATER Website Email Phone +351 220 120 761 Adress Av. da Liberdade, S/N 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira The Bluemater is a company with major activity in the treatment of drinking water and wastewater, for which develops and markets next-generation systems, also providing technical assistance and maintenance of the installed equipment to ensure its correct functioning. Regarding the drinking water, the Bluemater privileges membrane treatment systems, both Ultrafiltration, when it is desired to remove suspended solids and organic load, such as reverse osmosis Conversely, when the waters are salinized and it is necessary to remove salts. Regarding the treatment o wastewater, the Bluemater develops its own technology for secondary biological treatment and tertiary owning a patent and are developing others. One of the products, the plate biological Natantia ®, is patent and other patents are in preparation. The main advantages of this method of treatment are reduced consumption Bluemater electric, compact dimensions, reduced maintenance and greater autonomy. The treatment systems Bluemater can be installed above ground and are about 10 times smaller and save 8 times energy of traditional activated sludge systems. It also develops technologies for growing algae, with applications in terms of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oils for biodiesel and other products added value. Its activity has extended to Angola, which now represents the majority of the company’s turnover. 97
  98. 98. REEFPOWER Website Email Phone +351 220 836 637 Adress Av. da Liberdade, S/N 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira REEFPOWER is a company that works in partnership with universities and technology centers in the optimization of innovative technologies to extract energy from waves, as an economically viable alternative to the growing need for global energy and high oil prices, thus contributing to the utilization of this renewable resource, rather than others less abundant and more intermittent existing solutions. The scarcity of natural resources have long concerned researchers, environmentalists and all those who have some interest with the preservation and sustainability of life on the planet. The company REEFPOWER is born precisely to meet this concern. It aims to commercialize technology economically viable for the sake of nature and mankind. 98
  99. 99. WALK ON WIND Website Email Phone +351 963 237 060 Adress Av. da Liberdade, S/N 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira Walk-On-Wind is a company which develops linked activities with the Ocean. Additional to be nautical tourism operator, with charter of Sail and Motor boats, with or without crew, WOW also organizes and promotes all sort of events related with sea and Water: Team-Building, Sailing lessons of different levels, sea trips, Competition Sailing Clinics and all other events and formations according with clients demand (navigation, boat repair and maintenance, composites, Sail making and repair, etc.). Other services include nautical management and consulting, boat transports by sea, RIB’s charter, or just crew/skipper services. In the scientific area, WOW offers consulting services in Oceanography, providing high graduate technicians and state o the art scientific equipment. WOW also organizes scientific tourism activities to researches and public: identifying maritime species, scientific summer schools, oceanographic cruises and expeditions. In maritime area, WOW offers a we range of products/accessories, yachts, sails, spars, ropes, technical gear, electronic, etc. WOW is interested in participation and collaboration in IDI projects, new materials and equipments, services, events & seminars related with sea & coastal environment, expeditions & Nautic. 99
  100. 100. 100
  101. 101. BIOTECHNOLOGY CENTER The Biotechnology Center of the Park of Science and Technology of University of Porto (UPTEC BIO) is oriented to host business projects in the areas of life sciences and biotechnology. UPTEC BIO offers a range of equipment and technological infrastructure that will promote the development and acceleration of the installed projects based on the knowledge and skills generated within the University of Porto, and also resulting from the cooperation between the university and the market. At present, UPTEC BIO supports startups in a wide range of areas of expertise, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, health care, chemistry, agrifood industry, etc. Like the other UPTEC centers, the location of UPTEC BIO takes decisive role. This center is located near to some of the most relevant schools and R&D institutes of University of Porto in the areas of life sciences and biotechnology. Website Contact Susana Pinheiro / 101
  102. 102. FOODINTECH Website Email Phone +351 220 301 534 Adress Rua Actor Ferreira da Silva, nº100 4200-298 Porto FoodInTech Lda. has as main activity the development of Innovative and Specific software and hardware, conceived to support companies in the Agro-Food sector. FoodInTech presents a set of solutions inspired in the real context of the companies, as an outcome of the several collaboration protocols, established with the main players of the Food Sector. As a result of its R&D department activities, there are now available in the market a set of solutions that came to meet the need of specific tools, targeted to agro-food companies. Based on the integration of several systems associated to the food production activity in a single computing platform, the application FMS for production management is the basis for the integration of a set of technologies, supporting the strategy: Information systems > Integration > Automation. FoodInTech offers three products: FMS I (Food Management System - Industry), FMS Q (Food Management System - Quality, FMS R (Food Management System - Restaurants), equipped with integrated techonologies: T-Surface (Thermal Monitoring System without Contact), Auto (PCT Automaton for Thermal Process Control), RTLS (Real Time Location System). 102
  103. 103. GRISP Website Email Phone +351 220 301 597 Adress Rua Alfredo Allen, nº455/461 4200-298 Porto GRiSP is a start-up dedicated to Research & Development as well as production of solutions and kits for Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Genetics. Furthermore, GRiSP complements its main activities with the import and commercialization of reagents from its partner companies, mainly products for Molecular Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Services, Consulting, Training and Project Development in the area of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology are planned for the near future. 103
  104. 104. INOVAPOTEK Website Email Phone +351 220 301 531 Adress Rua Alfredo Allen, nº455/461 4200-298 Porto Inovapotek is a spin-off company of the University of Porto, founded by two researchers of the Pharmaceutical Technology Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy that obtained the required know-how along many years of experience in R&D. Its goal is to be in the scientific research vanguard in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical technology fields, promoting the development of innovative products that meet regulatory demands and consumers needs.Inovapotek provides consulting, R&D and testing services to the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. In the cosmetics industry product innovation is the key to success. Meanwhile, regulatory authorities and consumers are demanding even higher quality standards for cosmetic raw materials, active ingredients and final products. Fast and innovative product development, but assuring good stability and appropriate claim substantiation regarding efficacy and safety is a key requirement for the success of a new cosmetic product. To help its clients facing this challenge, Inovapotek presents a broad range of R&D and testing services, including formulation development, stability studies, efficacy, safety and acceptability evaluation of active ingredients and/or cosmetic products, among other services. 104