TABLE OFCONTENTSExecu&ve	  Summary	                     2	  Situa&on	  Analysis	                    5	   	  	  Brand	  Ana...
Executive Summary ShopAcrossTexas	  is	  built	  on	  the	  belief	  that	  quality	  content	  drives	  traffic.	  Star:ng	...
Abilene  Allen  Amarillo  Shopping  Arlington  Austin  Bandera  College  Beaumont  Boerne  BrownsvilleState Fair...	  is	  a	  web	  resource	  for	  people	  who	  travel	  to	      shop	   in	   Texas.	   With	   ove...
Traffic SourcesApproximately	  51k	  visits	  this	  month	  •  Vast	  majority	  of	  traffic	  is	  coming	  from	  the	  ...
Strengths                                                         Weaknesses     •  Strong	  in	  Dallas	  market	        ...
Strengths                                                                                                    Weaknesses•  ...
Texas Urban Triangle                                                                                                      ...
Competitive Analysis With	  so	  much	  informa:on	  at	  our	  finger:ps,	  shoppers	  on	  the	  road	  have	  infinite	  ...
Texas Travel Guides                                                                                                       ...
Review Sites                                                                                                              ...
Four Categories of Travelers                               As	   the	   involvement	   level	   of	   the	   travelers	   ...
SAT	  should	  aim	  for	  High	  -­‐	  Medium	                                    •  Type	   A	   Travelers	   consist	  ...
Type A Traveler                               Primary	  Target	  Profile	       Karen	  Atwood	  is	  a	  43	  year-­‐old	 ...
Casual Trekker                         Secondary	  Target	  Profile	   Expanding	  SAT’s	  outreach	  efforts	  to	  a	  wid...
Media Vision: The Roadmap     While	   maintaining	   its	   focus	   on	   local	   retailers,	   ShopAcrossTexas	   must...
Media Objectives  Expect	  fun	  events	  like	  the	    popular	  GrapeStomp	  (get	                                     ...
RoadTrip: Texas                           The	  primary	  func:on	  of	  RoadTrip:	  Texas	  is	  to	  provide	  real	  u:...
College Suitcase The	  concept	  of	  needs	  to	  be	  reworked.	  While	  an	  interes:ng	  endeav...
Option A: College Suitcase Overhaul     SAT’s	  ini:al	  op:on	  is	  to	  completely	  revamp	  the	  CollegeSuitcase	  b...
Option B: Revamp Hither and Yonder While	  siphoning	  :me	  and	  resources	  into	  CollegeSuitcase	  will	  water	  dow...
Content Expansion              To	  increase	  audience	  appeal	  and	  brand	  u:lity,	  ShopAcrossTexas	  will	  mainta...
Strengthen Presence Online                      Search,	  Social,	  and	  Compe::ve	       Search	             1.  Content...
Be	  Social	                                                                             Compe&tors’	  Sites	  and	  Mobil...
Radio and OOH     While	  online	  recommenda:ons	  will	  focus	  heavily	  on	  the	  primary	  target,	  Radio	  and	  ...
CUTTING                                                                                                                   ...
ShopAcrossTexas Regional Media Deck
ShopAcrossTexas Regional Media Deck
ShopAcrossTexas Regional Media Deck
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ShopAcrossTexas Regional Media Deck


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ShopAcrossTexas Regional Media Deck

  1. 1. TABLE OFCONTENTSExecu&ve  Summary   2  Situa&on  Analysis   5      Brand  Analysis   5        S.W.O.T.  Analysis   7        Geographic  Analysis   9        Compe::ve  Analysis   11        Target  Market   15  Media  Vision   21  Media  Objec&ves   22  Recommenda&ons   23        Road  Trip:  Texas   23        College  Suitcase   25        General  Media   29  
  2. 2. Executive Summary ShopAcrossTexas  is  built  on  the  belief  that  quality  content  drives  traffic.  Star:ng  from  this  founda:on,  CuNng  Edge  will   bring  ShopAcrossTexas  to  the  next  level  by  implemen:ng  a  fully  integrated  media  effort  emphasizing  user  interac:on.   Through  this,  CuNng  Edge  will  establish  Shop  Across  Texas  as  the  go-­‐to  stop  for  shopping  for  travelers.   The   evolu:on   of   ShopAcrossTexas   comes   in   several   parts.   First   is   a   mobile   applica:on   known   as   RoadTrip:   Texas,   developed   to   provide   travelers   recommended   stops   and   shops   tailored   to   their   trip   based   on   des:na:on   inputs.   RoadTrip:  Texas  will  feature  reviews  from  SAT’s  site,  loca:on-­‐based  searching,  content  sharing,  and  more.   Next  is  a  reassessment  of  ShopAcrossTexas’s  blog  strategy.  CuNng  edge  has  developed  two  alterna:ve  paths:  spread   resources   between   CollegeSuitcase   and   Hither   and   Yonder   in   aYempt   to   segment   audiences   or   consolidate   efforts   around  an  enhanced  Hither  and  Yonder  to  serve  as  a  strong,  singular  voice  for  the  SAT  brand.   However,  the  primary  path  on  ShopAcrossTexas’s  map  to  success  is  content  expansion  that  will  drive  traffic  to  RoadTrip:   Texas,  a  revamped  blog,  and  the  site  itself.  In  order  for  ShopAcrossTexas  to  become  a  useful  tool  for  travelers,  it  must   incorporate  a  greater  variety  of  local  businesses,  as  well  as  user-­‐generated  content.  While  maintaining  a  focus  on  retail,   including   insights   on   local   restaurants   and   other   ac:vi:es   will   grow   SAT’s   audience   appeal.   In   addi:on,   user   reviews   should  become  a  key  component  to  the  site,  allowing  visitors  to  give  input  and  feel  a  part  of  the  SAT  community.   Finally,  in  order  to  spread  the  word  about  ShopAcrossTexas’s  brand  reforma:on,  CuNng  Edge  has  developed  strategic   media   recommenda:ons.   An   increased   digital   presence   as   embodied   by   smarter   SEO/SEM,   stronger   social   integra:on,   and   placements   on   compe:tor   sites   and   mobile   apps   will   grab   the   aYen:on   of   our   pre-­‐planning   primary   target.   To   reach  the  more  spontaneous  secondary  target  on  the  road,  ShopAcrossTexas  will  employ  radio  and  OOH  adver:sing  to   drive  mobile  traffic  and  cross-­‐promote  RoadTrip:  Texas.     2
  3. 3. ?WHEREARE WE
  4. 4. Abilene  Allen  Amarillo  Shopping  Arlington  Austin  Bandera  College  Beaumont  Boerne  BrownsvilleState Fair  Bryan  Canton  College Station  Local Corpus Christi  Dallas  Denton  Shops  El Paso  FornFort Worth  Discounts  Fredericksburg  Frisco  Galveston  Bars  Georgetown  Granbury  Grapevine  Ha ren  Hillsboro  Houston  Restaurants  Hurst  Jeffers Johnson  Sweepstakes  Kerrville  Killeen  KingsvilleLaredo  Lewisville  Longview  Guides  Lubbock  McKinney  Tours  Mesquite  Midland New Braunfels Odessa  Plano  Round Rock  Gifts  Round Top  SaladSan Angelo  Road Trips  San Antonio  San Marcos Southlake  Temple  Tyler  Waco  Planner  WaxahachWeatherford  West  Wichita Falls  Wimberley  The
  5. 5.  is  a  web  resource  for  people  who  travel  to   shop   in   Texas.   With   over   74   par:cipa:ng   Texas   ci:es,   SAT   offers   discounts   to   local   shops,   “best   of”   lists,   advice   on   sights   to   see   on   a  Texas  road  trip,  and  various  giveaways  and  sweepstakes.   Every   year,   ShopAcrossTexas   releases   a   survey   to   thousands   of   Texans   asking   them   to   submit   hundreds   of   their   favorite   Texas   stores.   From   those   responses,   ShopAcrossTexas   releases   their   "Best   Stores   in   Town"   list   detailing   the   top   stores   and   their   informa:on.   Sweepstakes,   held   monthly,   offer   people   the   chance   to   win   a   getaway  to  a  Texas  city.  The  bundled  prize  usually  includes  :ckets   to  aYrac:ons,  paid  hotel,  and  gi`  cards  to  shops  and  restaurants.   Launched   on   June   18th,   2008,   Hither   and   Yonder   is   a   traveling/ shopping  blog  recommending  what  to  do  this  weekend,  discussing   travel   topics   and   :ps,   and   featuring   local   stores.   Bobbie   Pen,   launched  July  12th,  2008,  is  a  blog  featuring  reviews,  ravings,  and   opinions   on   anything   and   everything   gi`s,   beauty,   shopping   and   décor.  5
  6. 6. Traffic SourcesApproximately  51k  visits  this  month  •  Vast  majority  of  traffic  is  coming  from  the  DFW  area   •  Views   Search   •  Dallas  has  the  most  visitors  at  approximately  11k   •  Average  of  1:37  spent  on  the  site   Engine   this  month   •  56.34%  bounce  rate   Direct   17%   •  Next  most  comes  from  Aus:n  at  approximately   •  84%  of  visitors  are  new   Traffic   2.5k  this  month   •  85%  of  visitors  are  visi:ng  one   42%  •  Mobile   :me  only   •  About  3,000  visits  a  month  come  from  mobile   •  57%  of  visitors  only  visit  one   Referring   devices-­‐-­‐a  majority  of  those  devices  being   page,  followed  by  almost  19%   Sites   iPhones.   visi:ng  two  pages   41%   •  Mobile  visitors  are  nearly  consistent  with  other   visitors  at  2.17  pages  per  visit  with  1:29  on  the  site  The  Search  Situa&on   Keywords:  “Shopping  Texas”   Keywords:  “Shopping  Dallas”     Keywords:  “Shopping  Houston”   Keywords:  “Shopping  San  Antonio”        1.      1.      1.  Virtual      1.      2.      2.      2.      2.      3.      3.  Virtual      3.      3.      4.      4.      4.  (Galleria)      4.      5.      31.  (pg.  3)      69.  (pg.  6)      70.  (pg.  7)  Several  cri:cal  numbers  stand  out.  First,  85%  of  visitors  frequent  ShopAcrossTexas  once  and  never  return,  indica:ng  that  the  site’s  current  content  is  neither  useful  or  relevant  enough  to  keep  users  coming  back.  In  addi:on,  57%  of  visitors  are  viewing  only  one  page  before  leaving,  meaning  that  users  either  find  the  site  architecture  too  frustra:ng  or  the  content  not  relevant  enough  to  explore.  Together,  this  means  there  are  a  majority  of  visitors  coming  to,  viewing  the  home  page  and  then  not  further  exploring  or  returning  to  the  site.    Users  are  coming  to  ShopAcrossTexas  through  a  healthy  mix  of  search,  referrals,  and  direct  traffic  clearly  in  search  of  something,  but  due  to  poor  content,  site  architecture,  or  other  factors,  they  are  not  finding  it.     Source:  Google  Analy?cs   6
  7. 7. Strengths Weaknesses •  Strong  in  Dallas  market   •  Lack  of  Dining,  Ac:vi:es   •  Hither  and  Yonder  =  popular  content   •  Too  many  “Best  of”  lists   •  Strong  shopping  content;  variety  in   •  Weak  presence  outside  Dallas   shopping   •  Poor  site  architecture   •  Strong  par:cipa:on  in  sweepstakes,   •  Sloppy  links,  technicali:es   contests,  discounts   •  Style  features  could  be  sharper   •  Many  one-­‐:me  discount  seekers   S.W.O.T Opportunities Threats •  Content  expansion  of  eats  and   •  Cultural  intricacies  among   entertainment   various  markets   •  Geographical  expansion  to  IH-­‐20   •  Struggling  retailers  in  economy   running  East-­‐West   •  Changing  technologies   •  Increased  SEO/SEM  presence   •  Use  niche  content  to  steal  share  from   generic  compe:tors   •  Integrate  reviews  and  user  insights  7
  8. 8. Strengths Weaknesses•  Presence  in  Dallas  market  -­‐  High  coverage  on  and  par:cipa:on   •  Narrow  content   from  Dallas  area   •  No  insight  on  Where  to  Eat  or  What  to  Do  narrows  •  Content  -­‐  Variety  of  stores  in  the  retail  market  (bou:ques  and   audience  appeal  and  lessens  site’s  u:lity   other  kinds  of  shops)   •  “Best”  Lists   •  Gi`  Guides   •  Too  many,  can  become  confusing   •  Best  of  Lists   •  Need  more  content  variety   •  Hither  and  Yonder   •  Loca:on   •  “What  to  Do”   •  Content  and  features  are  centered  around  Dallas  and  •  Sweepstakes  and  Discounts   its  suburbs   •  Promote  different  ci:es  and  towns  and  their  local   •  Alienates  users  from  or  traveling  to  other  ci:es   stores  (The  Grapevine  sweepstakes)   •  Site  Architecture   •  Best  of  Lists  -­‐  visitors  can  vote  on  stores  to  include  on   •  Sloppy/dead  links   the  lists   •  Example:  The  blog  links   •  State  Fair  Discounts  are  major  draw   •  Not  easy  to  navigate   •  Many  of  the  pages  are  buried  within  different  Opportunities pages  of  the  site  •  Content  expansion  of  eats  and  entertainment   Threats •  Keep  shopping  focus,  extend  content  coverage  to  other   •  Cultural  intricacies  among  various  markets   travel  ac:vi:es   •  Many  smaller  towns  and  ci:es  have  a  culture  esoteric   •  Expand  audience  appeal  and  site  u:lity   to  outside  visitors  •  Geographical  expansion  to  IH-­‐20  running  East-­‐West   •  Visitors  may  find  some  cultural  transla:on  difficult   •  A`er  improving  content  on  IH-­‐35  corridor,  grow  to   •  Struggling  retailers  in  economy   include  travelers  headed  E-­‐W   •  Smaller  businesses  o`en  are  hurt  before  the  larger  •  Increased  SEO/SEM  presence   na:onal  chains  •  Use  niche  content  to  steal  share  from  generic  compe:tors   •  Smaller  businesses  are  also  prone  to  buy-­‐ups  by  larger   •  Informa:on  about  smaller  towns  and  those  further   na:onal  chains   away  from  the  major  ci:es   •  Changing  technologies  •  Integrate  reviews  and  user  insights   •  So`ware  and  hardware  is  constantly  changing  and  its  •  Many  of  the  seasons  allow  for  travel     hard  to  keep  updated   •  Summer  :me  travel  55-­‐60%   •  Mul:ple  plasorms  makes  it  hard  to  produce  one   •  High  involvement  more  in  the  summer  at  67%   cohesive  product   •  Fall  and  Autumun  22-­‐25%   8
  9. 9. Texas Urban Triangle 17  Million  People     Just  under  70%  of  the  state   popula:on   I-­‐45   I-­‐35     The  stretch  of  I-­‐35  alone  has  a   I-­‐10   popula:on  11,062,385  in  its  major   metropolitan  areas.  (2009  census   es:mates)       A  majority  of  Shop  Across  Texas   ci:es  lie  along  the  I-­‐35  corridor  or   nearby  it   Texas  has  a  large  popula:on  with  business  friendly  policies,  which  gives  Shop  Across  Texas  an  ideal  environment  to   flourish.  Specifically,  with  Shop  Across  Texas’  large  presence  on  I-­‐35  places  it  in  a  strong  posi:on  to  u:lize  the  large   popula:on  along  that  corridor.    9 Source:  Federal  Reserve  Bank  of  Dallas  
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Competitive Analysis With  so  much  informa:on  at  our  finger:ps,  shoppers  on  the  road  have  infinite  op:ons  when   searching  for  where  to  shop  in  a  strange  city.  Some  of  these  sites  pose  direct  compe::on  to   ShopAcrossTexas  and  can  be  broken  down  into  four  categories:     Texas  Travel  Guides,  City  Specialists,  Review  Reservoirs,  and  CVB  Sites.   12
  13. 13. Texas Travel Guides City Specialists Uniques:  52K          Visits/User:  3.9          Avg.  Time:  5:30   Uniques:  100K        Visits/User:  4.5        Avg.  Time:  5:00  Strengths   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites   Strengths   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites  •  Interac:ve  features   •  A  lot  of  ads   •   •  Expert  on  Dallas   •  Covers  DFW  only   •  •  Extensive  database  of   •  Restricted  content   •   •  Extensive  info  on  dining,   •  Can  be  abstruse  to   •   ac:vity   •  Bland  design     •   shops,  bars,  events   travelers   •  •  Restaurants   •   •  Variety  of  blogs   •  Busy  design   •   •   •  Quality  copy/graphics   •   •  Strong  iPhone  app   Uniques:  63K          Visits/User:  2.9          Avg.  Time:  3:30   Uniques:  100K        Visits/User:  4.5        Avg.  Time:  5:00  Strengths   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites   Strengths   •  layout  busy  at   •  •  Trip  planner   •  Bad  design   •   •  high  local  authority  •  Tons  of  info   •  LiYle  local  authority   •   :mes   •   •  extensive  coverage  of  •  Easy-­‐to-­‐use  interface   •   •  Some  content   •   events,  eats,  and  •  Events   •   esoteric  to   •   entertainment   •   travelers   •   •  definite  local   personality   •  Obnoxious   occasional  ad   takeovers   Uniques:  390K        Visits/User:  6.6        Avg.  Time:  13:20  Strengths   Weakness  •  Detailed  ar:cle-­‐based   •  No  city-­‐specific   Strengths   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites   content   op:ons   •  high  local  authority   •  Boring  and  busy  site  •  •  Strong  events  database   •  Crowded  with  ads   •  deep  content   design   •  •  Extensive  menu  op:ons   •  Limited  restaurant   inventory   •  emphasis  on  news   •   info   •  strong  local  following   over  human  interest  •   •  No  hotel  info   •  liYle  traveler-­‐ •  13 relevant  content  
  14. 14. Review Sites CVB Sites Uniques:  11M        Visits/User:  4.1        Avg.  Time:  5:40   Uniques:  22K        Visits/User:  3.1        Avg.  Time:  7:30  Strengths   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites   Strengths   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites  •  Strong  local  voice   •  Some  poor  user   •   •  Organic  search   •  Somewhat  generic   •  •  Ground  level   content   •   presence   •  Lacks  local  business   •   consumers  =   •  Controversial   •   •  Engaging  design   focus   •   credibility   adver:sing/revenue   •   •  iPhone  app   •  More  focused  on   •   •  Searchability   connec:ng  tourists   •  •  Easy  search   model   •   •  Deals  and  discounts   with  hotels  •  Users  build  content   •  Heavy  on  restaurants   •  Deep  events  database   •  Rentals  •  Forums   •  Weaker  in  shopping,   •  AYrac:ons  •  Hyper-­‐local  events   ac:vi:es,  &  services   •  Major  shopping  malls  •  Yelp  Elite  incen:ve   •  LiYle  travel-­‐relevant  •  Social  aspect   content   VisitHoutonTexas   Uniques:  33K        Visits/User:  3.1        Avg.  Time:  5:40  •  High-­‐u:lity  mobile  app   Strengths   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites   •  Organic  search   •  Unengaging  design   •   presence   •  Lacks  personality   •   •  Database  of  largely   •   Uniques:  5.1M        Visits/User:  3.2        Avg.  Time:  3:10   local  retailers   •   •  Strengths   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites  •  Official  contributor   •  Lacks  local   •   reviews   personality   •   VisitSanAntonio   Uniques:  58K        Visits/User:  3.4        Avg.  Time:  6:40  •  “Best  lists”  content   •  Lacks  color   •   Strengths   Weakness   High-­‐Affinity  Sites  •  BeYer  category   •  Less  audience-­‐ •   •  Organic  search   •  Some  poor  user   •  thesanantonioriver balance  than  Yelp   generated  content   •   presence   content   •  Strong  city  personality   •  Adver:sing/revenue   •  •  Easy-­‐to-­‐navigate   conveyed   model   •   design/info   •  Well-­‐built  list  of  local   •  Not  targeted  to   •   architecture   retailers   travelers   •  •  Mobile  app   •  Varied  lists  of  local   •  Controversial   eats,  sites   prac:ces   •  Site  usability   14
  15. 15. Four Categories of Travelers As   the   involvement   level   of   the   travelers   increases,   age,   income,   professional   level   increases,  while  the  number  of  family  members  and  wage  earners  decreases.   High   Medium-­‐Low   These   individuals   are   those   who   turn   to   films   and   books   These  travelers  do  not  use  any  books  or  films,  and  rarely  do   for   background   research.   They   are   me:culous   in   their   any   background   research   on   their   des:na:ons.   They   take   planning  and  tend  to  travel  more  than  250  miles  on  their   less  than  3  months  to  plan  their  vaca:ons.   vaca:ons.   HIGH HIGH MEDIUM LOW MEDIUM LOW High-­‐Medium   Low   Travelers   in   this   area   of   involvement   do   not   use   specific   These  travelers  o`en  do  not  do  any  background  research  on   films   and   books   for   research.   Instead,   they   use   more   their   trips.   They   take   less   than   3   months   to   plan   their   trips   generic  resources  to  look  up  informa:on  about  towns  and   and  travel  less  than  250  miles  away  from  their  homes.     ci:es.   They   plan   well   in   advance   of   their   travel   date   and   travel  more  than  250  miles  away  from  their  homes.   This   segment   includes   lower   income   families,   typically   have   2-­‐3  children  in  the  family,  and  have  2  wage  earners.     Similarly,   this   group   also   includes   young   families   that   comprise  of  individuals  whose  careers  are  not  professionally   developed  or  at  senior  level  posi:ons.    15 Source:  Tourism  Management  
  16. 16. SAT  should  aim  for  High  -­‐  Medium   •  Type   A   Travelers   consist   of   women   ages   30   to   45   with   a   college  •  This   group   is   less   likely   to   take   a   plane   educa:on   who   are   employed   earning   a   mid-­‐level   income   and   travel   everywhere   on   each   trip   and   instead   focuses   domes:cally  3  or  more  :mes  a  year   on  driving.     •  Research   shows   that   women   are   21%   more   likely   to   go   shopping   on   any  •  They   are   the   ones   going   on   trips   to   the   city   form  of  trip   and  tour  and  visit  spas   •  Addi:onally,   women   are   more   likely   to   travel   specifically   to   aYend   a  •  High  involvement  means  that  people  are  more   specific  event,  go  shopping,  and  visit  spas  for  relaxa:on   likely  to  rent  cars  out  to  use  as  well   •  The   target   market   is   made   of   researchers.   They   look   for   deals   and     read  •  They   plan   more   o`en   and   are   actually   reviews  and,  through  they  are  not  likely  to     interested  in  tourism  and  explora:on   contribute  a  community  type  blog,    •  Smaller   than   some   segments   in   popula:on   Type  A  Travelers    will  seek  out  and   size,  but  greater  in  economic  poten:al    consume  the  content  if  relevant.     •  They  are  also  ac:ve  par:cipants    on  Facebook  and  TwiYer.   TYPE A TRAVELERS ShopAcrossTexas should target… For  its  flagship  site  and  all  suppor:ng  media  placements,  ShopAcrossTexas     should  target  women  of  all  ages  with  a  focus  on  working  women  ages  30  to     45  who  have  a  college  educa:on  and  moderate  income.  These  women  have  older     families  who  are  gearing  up  for  college,  but  s:ll  live  at  home.  Impromptu  weekend  trips  to  another  city   are  not  part  of  their  agenda.  Instead  they  plan,  plan,  plan.  They  do  extensive  research  to  gather   informa:on  on  where  they  are  going  and  where  to  stop  along  the  way.  Various  resources  are  used  during   this  process  such  as  checking  out  local  blogs  and  websites  to  look  for  reviews  and  recommenda:ons  from   the  locals.  These  travelers  are  willing  to  spend  more  money  during  their  trips  and  more  likely  to  try  new   things  in  these  ci:es.     Source:  MRI   16 Source:  Tourism  Management  
  17. 17. Type A Traveler Primary  Target  Profile   Karen  Atwood  is  a  43  year-­‐old  married  mother  of  two  teenage   she   is   able   to   discover   every   city’s   local   charm   and   allure.   boys.   She   lives   in   the   Dallas   area   where   her   life   revolves   When  she  returns  from  these  trips,  she  immediately  wants  to   around   her   work   as   a   commercial   real   estate   agent,   but   she   find  ways  to  bring  her  family  back  to  these  ci:es  so  that  they   makes   it   a   point   to   find   :me   away   from   the   office   to   spend   can   appreciate   what   Texas   has   to   offer.   She   o`en   starts   her   :me  with  her  family.  Every  morning,  she  makes  breakfast  for   planning   for   these   mini-­‐vaca:ons   by   looking   on   the   Internet   her   kids   and   husband   before   making   her   way   through   the   for  things  to  do  and  what  to  see  in  these  ci:es  with  the  help   Dallas  rush-­‐hour  traffic  to  work.   of  her  husband  and  her  two  kids.  A`er  spending  :me  on  the   road,   they   immediately   find   local   places   to   eat,   but   their   Much   of   her   work   requires   her   to   travel   across   Texas   to   scope   favorite  thing  to  do  is  to  find  hidden  treasures  of  the  city  and   out  poten:al  new  loca:ons;  It  is  through  these  travels  that   enjoy  being  a  local.    17
  18. 18. Casual Trekker Secondary  Target  Profile   Expanding  SAT’s  outreach  efforts  to  a  wider  audience,  CuNng   Edge   has   chosen   a   secondary   target   market   in   which   we   focus   on   younger   consumers   in   their   early   20s   to   early   30s.   These   Casual  Trekkers  consist  of  lower  income  ($30,000  -­‐  $40,000  a   year)  individuals  who  have  not  yet  established  a  professional   career   in   the   workplace.   These   families   have   a   low-­‐medium   involvement  in  the  research  process  where  they  take  less  than   3   months   to   research   their   vaca:on   des:na:ons   and   usually   travel   closer   to   home.   If   they   are   not   staying   with   family   or   friends,   Casual   Trekkers   are   staying   at   low-­‐cost   and   budget   friendly  motels  in  order  to  make  most  out  of  their  money  for   travel.   Julia   Hearn   is   a   college   graduate   in   her   late-­‐20s   from   Ohio   working   in   an   entry   level   posi:on   at   a   small   Dallas   adver:sing   agency.   She   married   her   college   sweetheart   right   out   of   college   and   they   are   enjoying   living   the   life   of   young   newlyweds.   Her   job   keeps   her   busy,   but   she   finds   :me   away   •  Low-­‐medium  involvement  (<3  month  planning,   from  work  to  spend  with  her  husband.  Julia  and  her  husband   mass  media  sources,  less  than  250  mi  traveled)   o`en   love   to   wander   around   downtown   Dallas,   but   are   •  Average  age=22-­‐29   looking  to  explore  more  of  Texas  and  what  it  has  to  offer.  They   •  One-­‐income  family   o`en   take   liYle   :me   to   plan   these   trips   and   usually   find   •  Lowest   income   of   segments   (40%   $30k+;   24%   friends  to  stay  with  while  they  are  visi:ng.     $40k)   •  Stays  in  low-­‐cost  motels,  with  family/friends   •  Travels  by  car   •  Common   trip   types:   close-­‐to-­‐home,   city,   outdoor   18
  20. 20. Media Vision: The Roadmap While   maintaining   its   focus   on   local   retailers,   ShopAcrossTexas   must   expand   its   site   to   include   What   to   Do   and   Where   to   Eat   so  as  to  increase  both  u:lity  and  appeal  for  a  wider  audience,  while  also  integra:ng  User  Generated  Content  (UGC)  such  as   reviews  and  insights  to  foster  site  credibility,  par:cipa:on,  and  community.   During   content   expansion,   SAT   must   incorporate   intensified   search   and   social   efforts   as   well   as   increase   its   ad   weight   on   compe:tor   sites   and   mobile   apps   to   raise   brand   awareness   and   usage   among   our   pre-­‐planning   core   target.   To   reach   the   more  spontaneous  secondary  target,  ShopAcrossTexas  will  establish  a  presence  on  the  road  through  strategic  placements  in   OOH  and  radio  during  the  spring  and  summer  months.   Shop  Across  Texas  will  also  engage  consumers  outside  of  its  main  site  through  two  brand-­‐boos:ng  components:  the  revised   blog  strategy  will  incen:vize  Texas  travel  through  event  coverage  and  short  trip  :ps,  while  the  RoadTrip:  Texas  mobile  app   will  provide  users  all  the  essen:al  SAT  insights  on  the  go.   But,   in   whatever   media   endeavors   the   brand   pursues,   Shop   Across   Texas   must   never   shi`   focus   from   those   it   was   created   to   support:   homegrown   businesses.   In   staying   true   to   the   Lone   Star’s   local   shops,   eats,   and   adventures,   Shop   Across   Texas   reaches  beyond  clichéd  travel  guides  and  :red  tourist  des:na:ons  to  draw  a  map  by  which  travelers  will  find  the  true  Texas.  21
  21. 21. Media Objectives Expect  fun  events  like  the   popular  GrapeStomp  (get   Content   1.  Increase  average  :me  spent  on  the  site  from  1  min  37  sec  to  4  min.   ready  to  channel  I  Love  Lucy!),   winery  tas&ng  room  tours,  the   Central  Market  Culinary   2.  Increase  visitor  return  rate  from  15.7%  to  40%.   Pavillion,  People’s  Choice  wine   tas&ng  and  KidZone.  But  that’s   not  all–there  will  also  be  loads   of  live  entertainment  on  6   stages,  ranging  from  rock  to   jazz  to  country,  including  Le   Freak  and  Mark  McKinney.   3.  Increase  mode  page  views  from  1  to  5.   4.  Decrease  bounce  rate  from  56%  to  30%   Digital  Presence   1.  Appear  in  top  10  search  results  by  Fall  2011.   2.  Achieve  3%  CTR  (Click-­‐Through  Rate)  in  all  SEM  campaigns.   3.  Achieve  an  ac:ve  user  rate  of  20%..   Mobile  Presence   1.  See  a  monthly  10%  increase  in  mobile  app  downloads.   2.  From  this,  have  a  30%  of  conversion  with  mobile  coupon  use  to   develop  a  base  to  build  up  from.   3.  Achieve  a  50%  repeat  user  rate  in  comparison  to  total  downloads   22
  23. 23. RoadTrip: Texas The  primary  func:on  of  RoadTrip:  Texas  is  to  provide  real  u:lity  and  convenience  for   users  to  boost  the  ShopAcrossTexas  brand  and  drive  traffic  to  its  main  site.  Since  the   app  will  be  released  as  a  free  feature,  RoadTrip:  Texas  should  serve  as  a  catalyst  driving   ac:ve,  engaged  users  to  SAT’s  site  and  vice  versa.    Recommend   Social  •  Gives  customized  recommenda:ons  for  ci:es,   •  Enable  user  content  crea:on   shopping,  and  ea:ng  based  on  input  of   •  Support  review  and  sugges:on  pos:ngs  from  the  road   des:na:on,  preferred  number  of  stops,  city   •  Allow  and  encourage  users  to  post  trip  progress  to   preferences,  what  kind  of  stop  they  are  looking  to   Facebook,  TwiYer,  SAT  homepage   make,  and  how  much  :me  they  have  to  spend   •  Facilitate  media  sharing:  user-­‐uploaded  photos,  videos,   traveling   and  feedback  •  Local  stores  and  smaller  ci:es  are  given  priority  so   that  users  can  feel  they  are  geNng  a  truly   different  experience  than  their  average  IH-­‐35  road   trip   Expand  •  Suggested  loca:on  pages  will  include  SAT  user   •  A`er  establishing  a  strong  app  founda:on  along   reviews   the  IH-­‐35  corridor,  expand  to  include  the  rest  of  •  Provide  GPS-­‐based  direc:ons  to  chosen  stores,   Texas.   restaurants,  sites   •  Start  with  IH-­‐20  and  IH-­‐45,  as  these  two  routes  •  Integrate  Facebook  Connect  so  that  user  history   pick  up  a  large  number  of  other  SAT  ci:es.  This   and  preferences  may  be  stored  to  improve  future   will  cover  East  to  West  Texas  and  Dallas  to   recommenda:ons.     Houston.   •  By  eventually  including  the  en:rety  of  Texas,  the   RoadTrip:Texas  increases  its  audience  and   usability.   24
  25. 25. College Suitcase The  concept  of  needs  to  be  reworked.  While  an  interes:ng  endeavor,  the  blog  is  completely   incompa:ble  with  the  goals  and  the  target  market  of  SAT.  SAT’s  target  market  is  middle-­‐aged  women  with  moderate   incomes  who  travel  o`en  and  have  a  disposable  income  to  shop.  CollegeSuitcase  targets  college  students  who  neither   have  the  :me  nor  the  money  to  travel.  Spending  :me  and  resources  on  CollegeSuitcase  will  ul:mately  result  in  spliNng   up  SAT’s  focus.  Currently,  SAT  boasts  to  blogs:   Hither  and  Yonder     Bobbie  Pen   +  Incorporates  trip  and   +  Personal  Reviews   event  sugges:ons   +  Focuses  on  products   +  Focuses  on  products   +  Incorporates  discounts   −  Unorganized   and  savings   −  Infrequently  updated   +  Heavily  updated   −  Not  a  lot  of  content   −  Core  market  perspec:ve   −  Poorly  detailed  event   sugges:ons   −  Expensive,  high-­‐end   retail  sugges:ons   In  an  effort  to  accommodate  both  preferred  objec:ves  and  changing  consumer  trends,  CuNng  Edge  has  established  two   alterna:ve  approaches  to  the  CollegeSuitcase  blog.  The  first  outlines  suggested  improvements  to  content  and  coverage   in  order  to  increase  readership  of  and  par:cipa:on  in  the  current  CollegeSuitcase,  while  the  second  recommends  an   increased  focus  on  Hither  and  Yonder  to  build  from  its  current  success  and  capitalize  on  its  even  greater  poten:al.   26
  26. 26. Option A: College Suitcase Overhaul SAT’s  ini:al  op:on  is  to  completely  revamp  the  CollegeSuitcase  blog.  CS’s  current  situa:on  consists  of  some  pros,   but  heavy  cons:   + Tips  and  tricks  to  saving  money   − Poorly  wriYen   + Sugges:ons  for  surviving  college   − Infrequently  updates   + WriYen  from  a  young,  college  perspec:ve   − Narrowly  targeted  to  shopaholic  college  females   Small   A rmy   o f   I nterns   Focus  on  Trips  and  Events   To   widen   its   audience   appeal   and   increase   readership,   The   blog   should   focus   on   trip   and   event   informa:on   CollegeSuitcase   should   deploy   a   small   army   of   interns   with   aYen:on   to   retail   op:ons   while   traveling.   Content   to  write  from  a  younger  viewpoint  and  provide  insight   can  include  product  selec:ons  and  reviews,  but  should   for  the  secondary  target  market.  Content  should  come   center  around  local  events  and  ac:vi:es.  Using  fes:vals   from  a  mix  of  the  State’s  largest  universi:es  such  as  the   and   concerts   such   as   Aus:n   City   Limits   Music   Fes:val   University   of   Texas   at   Aus:n,   Texas   A&M,   and   Texas   and   the   State   Fair   can   drive   traffic   to   the   blog   by   Tech   as   well   as   its   largest   metropolitan   areas   such   as   offering   sugges:ons   as   to   where   to   shop,   eat,   and   go   Dallas-­‐Fort  Worth,  San  Antonio,  and  Houston.   while  students  are  on  the  road.     By  providing  this  content,  consumers  will  automa:cally  think  of  the  blog  in  the  future  and  revisit  for  further  informa:on.  However,   there  are  several  reasons  why  we  should  not  invest  too  heavily  in  this  idea.  College  students  simply  do  not  fit  in  with   ShopAcrossTexas’s  target,  and  finding  content  that  is  both  relevant  to  the  readers  and  congruent  with  the  SAT  brand  would  be   Sisyphean.  Although  a  college  blog  seems  promising,  researchers  show  that  teenagers  and  young  adults  steadily  see  less  appeal  in   blogs.  Conversely,  adults  aged  30  and  older  are  increasingly  blogging  about  different  aspects  of  their  lives.  27
  27. 27. Option B: Revamp Hither and Yonder While  siphoning  :me  and  resources  into  CollegeSuitcase  will  water  down  ShopAcrossTexas’s  efforts  in  both  outlets,   focusing  full-­‐force  on  Hither  and  Yonder  will  give  the  blog  a  stronger,  more  direct  voice  with  which  to  support  the   SAT  brand.  We  recommend  that  ShopAcrossTexas  choose  Op:on  B  due  to  the  benefits  of  revamping  the  Hither  and   Yonder,  which  greatly  outweigh  that  of  overhauling  of  the  CollegeSuitcase.       Blogging  Over  Time   Benefits  to  Honing  in  on  Hither  and  Yonder   30%   28%   Teens  and  Young  Adults   •  Hither  and  Yonder  has  an  established  readership  and   (12-­‐29)   successful  content,  and  ShopAcrossTexas  can  leverage     20%   Adults  (30+)   H+Y’s  current  successes  into  future  growth   14%   •  Rather  than  split  its  focus  between  two  separate   11%   readerships  and  content  themes,  SAT  can  concentrate   10%   7%   efforts  on  a  single  blog  and  market  it  more  effec:vely.   •  Readership  of  long-­‐form  blogs  is  decreasing  among   younger,  college-­‐aged  consumers.  However,  older   0%   audiences-­‐-­‐including  Type  A  Travelers-­‐-­‐are  regular  readers.   2006   2009   Suggested  Improvements  to  Hither  and  Yonder   1.  Expand  content  coverage  to  include  both  Type  A  Traveler  and  Casual  Trekker  targets   •  Bringing  both  targets  together  around  the  common  theme  of  traveling  local  across  Texas  will  boost  readership  and  foster   community   •  Increase  media  variety  by  including  more  video  and  interac:ve  content  to  keep  readers  engaged   2.  Use  events  and  other  travel  incen:ves  as  main  topics  and  build  content  around  homegrown  retailers,  eateries,  and  ac:vi:es   •  Give  readers  a  reason  to  travel  (shopping  alone  won’t  do  it)  like  a  major  city  event,  family  holiday,  or  weekend  getaway   •  Then  fill  them  in  on  the  local  shops  and  spots  they  cannot  miss   3.  Dish  out  insider  deals,  but  smartly  and  sparingly   •  Pos:ng  discounts  in  rapid  fire  only  draws  one-­‐:me  bargain  visitors  and  cheapens  the  SAT  brand   •  Incorporate  exclusive  discounts  intermiYently  on  H+Y  to  aYract  ini:al  visitors,  but  keep  them  coming  back  with  compelling   content   Source:  Tourism  Management   Source:  Pew  Internet  and  American  Life  Project,  “Social  Media  and  Young  Adults”,  February  03,  2010   28
  29. 29. Content Expansion To  increase  audience  appeal  and  brand  u:lity,  ShopAcrossTexas  will  maintain  a  focus   on  retail  but  must  expand  its  local  content  offerings.     1.  Build  “Where  to  Eat”  and  “What  to  Do”  categories       •  Shopping  is  only  part  of  a  traveler’s  story-­‐-­‐we  must  eat  and  explore,  too   •  Expanding  into  new  categories  draws  new  readers  to  shopping  content   •  SAT  is  now  suppor:ng  more  local  business  outside  of  retail  alone     2.  Implement  user-­‐generated  reviews  on  the  site.     •  Begin  with  content  from  official  ShopAcrossTexas  contributors,  followed  by  user  reviews.     •  User  Reviews  will  start  off  with  designated  “elite  users”  from  towns  that  can  give  the   inside  scoop  on  places  that  outsiders  may  not  know  about  and  build  the  founda:on  for   user-­‐generated  content.  These  reviews  will  help  to  give  visitors  a  beYer  idea  of  the   businesses  Shop  Across  Texas  recommends.     3.  Carve  out  market  in  smaller  travel  hubs  before  taking  on  big  ci&es   •  Yelp,  CitySearch,  and  local  publica:ons  have  a  strong  hold  on  UGC  sites  in  big  ci:es   •  Smaller  towns  like  Waco,  Abilene,  and  Fredericksburg  have  liYle  informa:on  on  local   treasures,  and  Yelp-­‐dependent  travelers  from  metro  areas  have  no  source  to  turn  to  when   passing  through   •  SAT  will  be  the  go-­‐to-­‐guide  for  review-­‐reliant  Type  A  Travelers  and  the  younger,  local-­‐loving   Casual  Trekkers   30
  30. 30. Strengthen Presence Online Search,  Social,  and  Compe::ve   Search   1.  Content,  content,  content   •  As  discussed,  give  searchers  a  reason  to  find  you  by  providing  (and  encouraging  users  to   provide)  unique,  relevant  content-­‐-­‐and  lots  of  it.     •  Improving  content  inventory  and  site  architecture  will  naturally  result  in  some  SEO  boost.   •  Increasing  adver:sing  with  linked  banners  on  the  SAT  website  to  publicize  the  blog  will   help  produce  more  traffic  throughout  the  website.   2.  Con&nue  to  form  strategic  digital  partnerships   •  Make  more  friends  with  brands  such  as   •  Turn  compe:tors  like  City  Specialists  and  CVB  sites  into  partners  with  whom  SAT  can   mutually  link   3.  SEM  in  the  Spring&me   •  Type  A  Travelers  are  planning  summer  and  fall  trips  approximately  3  months  ahead,  so   save  your  SEM  budget  while  developing  content  to  launch  a  heavy  campaign  in  the  early   spring  through  summer  months   •  Think  narrow  search  queries  such  as  “an:que  store  waco”  or  “Mexican  restaurant   Brownwood”  as  opposed  to  broad  keywords  like  “shopping  Texas”   •  Focusing  keyword  bids  around  search  queries  and  search  queries  around  text  ad  copy   means  your  ads  are  highly  relevant  to  all  who  see  them  and  your  PPC  budget  is  not  wasted  31
  31. 31. Be  Social   Compe&tors’  Sites  and  Mobile  Apps  1.  Set  Up  A  System   1.  Steal  Type  A  Travelers  from  Enemy  Turf   •  Type  A  Travelers  are  the  among  the  fastest   •  Establish  an  ad  presence  on  sites  where  Type  A   growing  segments  in  social  media  growing  by   Traveler  is  researching  to  steal  aYen:on  and   20%  in  2009   click-­‐throughs   •  Integrate  SAT’s  new  UGC  features  with   •  Possible  vehicles  include:   Facebook  Connect  and  TwiYer  by  offering   •   automa:c  logins,  tweets  and  wall  posts  to   •   users’  profiles  any:me  they  post  a  review  on   •   SAT   •   •  Incorporate  RoadTrip:  Texas  by  encouraging   •   users  to  check-­‐in  at  SAT  favorites  and  post  trip   •   progress   •  Employ  retarge:ng  ads  based  on  user  ac:vity   •  Stream  all  social  ac:vity  on  a  homepage   within  SAT’s  site  once  she  has  moved  to  a   widget     compe:tor  or  other  site  in  order  to  prolong  2.  Leverage  Social  for  SEO   engagement   •  SAT  posts  repeat-­‐worthy  content-­‐-­‐that  is,   2.  Meet  Casual  Trekkers  on  Mobile   content  that  makes  the  re-­‐poster  look  good-­‐-­‐to   •  CTRs  are  2x  higher  for  mobile  banner  ads  than   Facebook,  TwiYer  with  direct  site  links   for  standard  banner  ads,  especially  among   aYached   young  adults  such  as  Casual  Trekkers   •  Followers  and  fans  re-­‐post  your  content  and   •  Find  users  on  the  road  through  banner  ads  and   link  to  permanent  plasorms  like  blogs,  forums,   inters::al  in  compe:tor  and  high  affinity   etc.   mobile  apps   •  Social  efforts  and  subsequent  second  order   •  Some  ideal  mobile  app  vehicles  include:     links  have  now  become  permanent  SEO   •  Foursquare   boosters   •  Kayak   •  Any  content  posted  on  the  blog  will  be  posted   •  The  Weather  Channel   and/or  linked  on  other  social  media  websites.     Source:  eMarkter   32
  32. 32. Radio and OOH While  online  recommenda:ons  will  focus  heavily  on  the  primary  target,  Radio  and  OOH   efforts  will  be  directed  at  the  secondary  Casual  Trekkers  during  the  summer  and  fall  months.   On-­‐the-­‐road  placements  will  be  a  natural  fit  to  cross-­‐promote  RoadTrip:Texas.  These  ads  are   meant  to  reach  the  target  in  the  car.  These  consumers  are  less  likely  to  have  established   planning  sites,  and  plan  trips  with  short  no:ce.     Radio   OOH   •  Will  broadcast  from  the  major  ci:es,   •  Billboards  will  be  placed  along  major  travel  routes  (i.e.:   which  will  also  cover  most  of  the   IH-­‐35)  and  the  perimeters  of  major  ci:es   major  travel  routes  through  Texas.   •  Heavy  coverage  in  smaller  towns  with  liYle  local   insights  available  online  and  own  those  markets   •  RoadTrip:  Texas  will  be  featured  for   for  travelers   it’s  ability  to  locate  the  best  shopping   •  Billboards  will  feature  on-­‐the-­‐spot  sugges:ons   in  these  ci:es  and  in  smaller  towns   for  retailers  in  the  town  that  they  are  featured   throughout  Texas.   •  In  addi:on  to  promo:ng  specific  loca:ons,  the   ads  will  highlight  the  RoadTrip:  Texas’s  ability  to   •  Purchase  Midday  and  A`ernoon  Drive   deliver  customized  recommenda:ons.   dayparts,  during  which  shopping   •  These  spots  will  appeals  to  both  travelers  and  locals   ac:vity  is  greatest   •  Low-­‐Medium  involvement  travelers  could  use   them  as  an  opportunity  to  find  something  to  do   •  Locals  who  are  also  low-­‐medium  involvement   could  plan  short  trips  to  nearby  ci:es  easily  with   informa:on  provided  33
  33. 33. CUTTING EDGEJohn  Chapman                  Kate  Click                  Manuel     Hernandez                  Thao  Le                  Kathryn  Poh