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A quick SEO review of the TUI Cruisedeal web site.

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  • Thomson unlikely to generate high traffic and conversion online.
  • In a nutshell, Panda decreased the visibility of websites with far too many ads, far too little information and weak traffic.On the other hand  Google’s Penguin efforts comes to filtering out weak sites that employ link schemes, keyword stuffing, link cloaking and shifty link redirects. 
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  • Social media
  • SEO 4 cruise - Tui Cruisedeals

    1. 1. Page 1
    2. 2. Page 2Page 2The UK Cruise landscapeAlthough the Eurozone distrust, international and cruise tourismis supposed to continue growing in 2013 with an incrementbetween 3.5% and 4.0%The total worldwide cruise industry is estimated at £22 billionwith roughly 21 million annualized passengers carried.Thomson Cruises represents only 1.5% of this market wheresignificant possibility to grow exist, in conjunction with therelease of the brand new site
    3. 3. Page 3Page 3Cruise audience and behaviourAccording to Google Insight for Search, the audience search about cruisesover all year, with a peak during January preceded by a relatively calm period.A fairly amount of customers are interested in exotic destinations.
    4. 4. Page 4Page 4Cruise audience and behaviour (ct’ed)The trend appears unchanged since two years, confirming consumers will tobook a cruise holidays starting from the beginning of the year.An high concentration of UK travellersduring the summer period suggests theearly booking as an area to invest inoptimization.
    5. 5. Page 5Page 5Search engine presence and market Deals6%Iglu Cruise21%NCL13%VirginHolidayCruise19%ThomasCook Cruise12%Currently ranking keywords* This analysis is not exhaustive as it currently uses a limited keyword and competitors dataset up to date as of January the Cruise27%NCL5%VirginHolidayCruise31%Market share by ranking presence
    6. 6. Page 6Page 6Basic Link Profile327 links in total, with a huge drop recorded in the last few months, perhaps due to anattempt to recover from some penalization. However, the majority of the links are notfeaturing any keyword in line with the user demand.Links should be contextually relevant to the destination, hence included within thecopy of the hosting site.Numbers that counts!Virgin Holidays – 36k+Iglu Cruise – – 525k+
    7. 7. Page 7Page 7Web site pages “health status” comparisonCruise Deals NCLVirgin Cruise Iglu Cruise CruiseWorseperformingBestperforming
    8. 8. Page 8Page 8No surprise at all: basic SEO is ignored• Sitemap is missing• Ugly not customised 404 error page• URLs are not SEO friendly• Poor site speed• Duplicate pages• Minimal pages content
    9. 9. Page 9Page 9What about the user experience?1. Which criteria has beenused to order the offers?It is not the price,It is not the length of stayIt is not travelling date2. How can I read this?
    10. 10. Page 10Page 10Where is the compelling offer?What should I be amazed from? Why should I call Cruisedeals customer centre if there isanything that attracts me?In essence, it’s notall about price.
    11. 11. Page 11Page 11Processes haven’t changed…… selling and buying processes have simply evolved
    12. 12. Page 12Page 12Search engines have evolved tooWelcome to the Zoo: Panda & Penguin the two most recent andscary Google algorithm that lead a plethora of web site to loseranking and traffic by overlooking at the content strategy moreseriously than ever.
    13. 13. Page 13Page 13A short cut can’t be takenA solid bridge between consumers and sites is required.
    14. 14. Page 14Page 14Sites deserves more love than they were used toTechnicalSEOCreativeThinking& DesignOutreachSocialMediaOn PageSEOSearch Experience Optimization andContent Marketing Strategy
    15. 15. Page 15Page 15If a tree falls and nobody listen, who cares?Search engines are sophisticated, but cant“read” a web page as human do (not yet).• Adjusting technical SEO, facilitate the crawlingprocess.• On Page SEO help users to locate the mostrelevant page they need while fulfill theengines necessity to figure out what eachpage is about.TechnicalSEOOn PageSEO
    16. 16. Page 16Page 16Build a content marketing strategy to…… stimulate theaudience to buyproducts (that arenot required at thetime).CreativeThinking& DesignOutreach… delivery theright message tothe right group ofpersons.SocialMedia… generate trafficand and stimulatethe onlineconversations.
    17. 17. Page 17Page 17Content strategy supports your site for life…On and off site content is required• On site addspages, authority, relevancetowards a subject helping yoursite to be recognised as atrusted authority within yourniche.• Offsite create online assets tospread and create multipletouch points that also sendspowerful signals to searchengines.
    18. 18. Page 18Page 18…and help increasing the demand & conversionsContent marketing won’t magically turn every person into acustomer, but at least it guarantees an uptick in return visitors.To make it working it is necessary answering to questions like:• What are the ultimate goals of your consumers?• Which channel is your audience using today?• Who / What influences your audience?But most importantly:• What we can do for our users today?
    19. 19. Page 19Page 19Relevant content related to the cruise proposalsSimilar to the cross-over marketing, we need to provide users will all theinformation they need to improve their customer experience.This will increase consistently the opportunities to get customers closer to thebrand in an engaged way.
    20. 20. Page 20Page 20Outreach target groups and influencersA research from Skyscanner reveals recommendations from ‘virtual strangers’to be increasingly influential. Last year 34% of travellers went on travel andchose a destination while suggested by someone they only ‘know’ online.
    21. 21. Page 21Page 21Pinterest: pictures paints thousand of words• It’s the third most popular search engine in US.• It offers real SEO value as all the links are “follow”• Other users can be invited to contribute to your boardsstimulating the online conversation
    22. 22. Page 22Page 22Finally … do not rely on the last click-modelTracking users and conversions foronline and offline so tounderstand whether time spentand pennies generate ROI.Channels cannot be treatedanymore as in silos. An integratedplatform is required to understandthe interrelationship betweenchannels and see how one canfeed the other.
    23. 23. Page 23Thank You