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  • When you have a brand with such strong brand recognition in one area, it is tough to think about that brand in any other context. Newspaper, as a brand, is one of those incredibly strong brands. The name itself connotes “paper” so it is tough for many advertisers to recognize newspaper media in it’s various forms. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the value of newspaper media for advertising in the digital space.
  • The value of newspaper media really begins with you. We want to understand your challenges and opportunities and discuss how we can help. “it’s value begins with you” It has been our experience from working with advertisers in a lot of different businesses that you are facing some unique challenges and pressures today. And we think you’ll be surprised at how well the newspaper media can help you address these challenges.
  • Doesn’t it feel like this sometimes? Clearly, business as usual for advertisers won’t cut it. As it’s been said and written many times in recent years, it’s a brave new world for advertisers requiring a new course of action to survive and prosper through this perfect storm.
  • We live in a blinding world of clutter. Some specifics on channel proliferation over the last 25 years; When you see a number like 50 million internet sites (and that could be a low estimate) it is almost impossible to get your arms around the advertising challenge you face. To look at that in another way. Let’s say you are considering placing advertising for a typical consumer item. How many choices might you need to consider?
  • If you wanted to advertise Dog Yarmulkes, for example, a simple Google search turns up over 20 thousand choices. How do you decide. A search for something slightly more common, say, New York Weather produces 85 million listings. Which sites are right for your advertising?
  • Which websites should you choose for your advertising online?
  • The value of newspaper digital media to an advertiser is that newspaper is the trusted local connection to an attractive audience. Newspaper media offers advertisers what I will refer to as the 4 C’s. A unique combination of attributes that advertisers value in choosing from digital alternatives. Community Connection It’s all about local Content relevance Customized targeting Consumer activation
  • What we are talking about here is the value of local to advertisers. Real local and not just virtual local.
  • read quote
  • No other digital offering can achieve all three
  • The Washington Post’s new LoudonExtra is a great example of how even a large metropolitan newspapers can engage consumers at the “hyper-local” level with deep community information from journalists and users.
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer offers quality and up-to-date community-level information for more than 200 neighborhoods in the Cincinnati metropolitan area.
  • One of the reasons for the amazing growth of consumer use of newspaper websites is the value people place on local content. It is no wonder that nearly 40% of all active internet users visit a newspaper website.
  • As an indication of the value consumers place on local content the fact that viewership of newspaper sites is growing at a pace double the net in general suggests that consumers trust and value content local to them.
  • Bakersfield is an example of many newspapers that are providing interactive features for very local information, such as maps of open houses, street construction, crime, political contributions block by block and more.
  • Many newspapers have built local search capabilities, integrating local business listings, classified advertising and other databases, to give consumers access to a broad array of information on local shopping and services.
  • And when it comes to local content, viewers in local markets turn first to newspaper sites in most markets.
  • Another way that newspapers are connecting at the community level is by opening up their Web sites to user comments and reviews. The introduction of user-generated content has increased loyalty and frequency of use to newspaper Web sites.
  • Another way that newspapers are connecting is with the introduction of video to their sites, with both staff-created news and entertainment information and user contributed video. More than 90% of the top 100 U.S. newspapers now offer video applications.
  • It is not just the viewer who recognizes the value and importance of local content. Look at all the portals wanting to be newspapers new best friends.
  • Here’s one example of how newspapers are co-branding their Yahoo! Hotjobs relationship, which includes co-promotion at both the local and national level.
  • Newspapers are also partnering with traditional competitors, such as local TV stations, in relationships that help extend the brand and assets of each media player.
  • Visitors who come to newspaper sites seek out all sorts of local information and their interest in local information greatly exceeds that interest in non- users
  • When you ask people what sites they turn to for local information, newspaper sites typically outperform other local sites and stay on par with the portals
  • As newspapers meet consumer demand by adding content features such as blogs the reliance on the part of visitors has also increased with traffic increases to newspaper blogs up 200%
  • Most of the top 100 newspapers offer blogs from staff, local citizens or both. Blogs give citizens a voice in a trusted media environment and helps the newspaper both engage more users in the product and extend the local information they’re able to provide.
  • With all the choices online visitors have it has become increasingly valuable to have content, real content that a viewer can rely upon. And advertising on trusted sites tends to have the rub off affect of trust as well.
  • When your audience goes to a site for content as opposed to tech applications such as mail, the viewing playing filed between local online content providers/ newspapers levels with the portals.
  • Engaging content online means more effectiveness and involvement for your advertising. Would you rather have your online ad sitting on a page or working to get you better results and incremental traffic?
  • The Web has turned newspapers back into a breaking news medium and continual updates to newspaper sites along with RSS feeds and e-mail alerts have trained consumers to visit newspaper Web sites for up to date information they can trust.
  • That relevant content is also increasingly coming in multimedia formats, such as the Miami Herald’s “What the 5,” a weekday videocast highlighting the top 5 most talked about stories of the day, with links to stories, videos, quizzes and other interactive feature, including content submitted by users
  • The newspaper media brand means trusted content to most adults so it is no surprise that newspapers are the most trusted source of information.
  • Providing readers with access to deep databases of information – such government employee compensation information or property assessments – enhances the newspaper’s reputation as THE source for comprehensive, local information. And it has proven to be a great traffic driver for newspapers as well.
  • No other local medium has the resources to provide the depth of coverage – in print and online – on local news and information.
  • Newspapers are providing extensive vertical sites devoted to home-town professional and college teams, and in some markets, prep sports as well. Consumers value the coverage and analysis the comes from an independent source like the local newspaper.
  • When viewers go to a newspaper sites for information related to entertainment, research shows that these viewers are more likely to look for travel information than those who go to other sites, more likely to check movie information, theater information and event calendars all of which plays to the notion of local and trusted content is what viewers desire.
  • Newspapers are also creating extensive entertainment sites that cover the full range of activities in the local market, complete with events databases, professional and user reviews and recommendations and other information that only a local media franchise could provide.
  • Some markets are also rolling out social networking sites for young adults that provide a compelling online community for sharing information, music, opinions and for meeting others in that market.
  • Newspapers are extending their business coverage online providing the most comprehensive coverage of local business developments.
  • Major advertisers of all sorts are recognizing the value of newspaper digital media and are utilizing newspaper websites to meet their advertising challenges.
  • The big buzz in digital media is about geo targeting. Newspaper websites are capable of delivering customized, targeted messaging on a local basis. Most advertiser would agree that geo targeting is more effective with real local vs. virtual local. Some portals can offer geo targeting which means advertising on e-mail or national content pages to a zip code while newspaper websites can position the inventory on real local content.
  • And the newspaper website reader is an attractive audience. Their mean age is 38, and they have a household income of $70K. 54% have college degrees And they’re very active online…shopping, buying, and banking. Surprised? MORI power user study just released profiles the impressive demography of newspaper website users. Think about what it adds to your print package.
  • One of our most popular advertising technologies available is ad targeting—as it provides your clients with a unique opportunity to speak directly to their desired audience . This is also one of TI-National sales key innovation initiatives as we move into 2007—to ensure we are effectively communicating the various targeting capabilities available and the “richness” of our highly attractive audience. We offer a variety of consumer targets across multiple areas, including: Content (Travel, Business, News) - section fronts, story level pages, but not specific content, key word targeting Geography (Region, DMA, State, Zip) – product availability, retail locations, etc. Day-Part (Time of Day, Day of Week) – CPG (meal planning), Events, McDonald’s lunch/breakfast specials Demographics (Men, Women, Age, HHI) Behavior (Visited “travel section” past 30 days—qualified as “travel enthusiasts”—serve them an ad in another section of site—relevant content/advertising) Niche: Our niche audience segments allow you to hone in on your client’s most desired audience, increasing performance and overall return-on-investment. You can now target specific users interested in “Travel”—or Business Owners—Families with Children Targeting works for both direct response and branding campaigns—reaching the most relevant audiences online.
  • What sort of context would you prefer your ads appear in?
  • Newspapers are increasingly creating niche sites targeted at specific market segments. “Pet Lovers” has been a particularly fertile area for many newspapers, tapping into people’s passions are their pets.
  • According to Comscore, newspaper website visitors index extremely high against those who transact financial services online, against those buying cars via online, against the tech savvy, entertainment activity users and travelers. That means that newspaper website user are more likely to use these services than others.
  • Influencers have become ‘holy grail” for marketers, perhaps best illuminated in Malcolm Galdwell’s The Tipping Point key influencers increasingly help shape how products and services are bought, perceptions formed and trends launched Influencers build large social networks and interact with 100 or more people each month. And they can be found on newspaper Web sites. 57% of newspaper and newspaper Web site users are considered influencers, vs. 31% for non-newspaper web site users
  • When targeting a female audience, newspaper sites index well against the typical upper demographic females as well as those in the desirable younger age categories. Newspaper website using females are more likely to be upper income better educated and to own a home than women in general.
  • Women are more likely to shop newspaper websites for a wide variety of items than other choices.
  • Gannett is launching “mom sites” in all of their major markets. They have found that local moms – a lucrative market for advertisers – are embracing the ability to connect with other local moms.
  • Upper demographic Hispanics tend to be more likely to use newspaper websites than other online choices.
  • Many newspapers are leveraging an Hispanic print product the they own in their market into a Web site for the growing number of affluent Hispanics going online.
  • When targeting men, newspaper websites outperform other online choices in the propensity to be in upper demographic categories such as income, education, home value as well as in the key 35-44 age demographic.
  • The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle is targeting men with aggregated content around sports, cars, business, fatherhood and other manly pursuits.
  • In Naples, and many other markets, newspapers are capitalizing on the passion for prep sports by creating multimedia enriched sites, with game videos, commentary, player profiles, schedules and more. Again, only a local newspaper could provide the depth of coverage for high school sports.
  • When advertisers look for holes in their media plan it quite often shows up in during the work day for employed individuals. Newspaper sites help fill this daypart void by appealing to the at work crowd.
  • Increasingly, newspapers are transitioning to 24/7 operations, updating their Web sites throughout the day with the latest, relevant information.
  • When you need to move a consumer to action, newspaper websites are superior choices for motivating a desired result.
  • NNN Newspaper Website Influence Study Newspaper Web site users found advertising credible and more compelling that users of non-newspaper Web sites Except for those using shopping or store sites Consumers who both read the newspaper and use the newspaper Web site rated ads on online newspapers even higher
  • The use of websites to assist as an information source for local shopping is well docmented and research shows that for every dollar actually spent online, consumers influenced by online sources to buy spend another $6 offline.
  • Among the ways consumers involve themselves on newspaper sites are clicking for more, downloading, reading blogs, chatting and more
  • For some categories of merchandise, newspaper website users are more likely influenced to purchase either online or offline than web users in general.
  • In Austin, the American-Statesman’s virtual shopping site allows users to click on categories and products and see for-sale items from local and national vendors. Users can click on products to get more information or order online.
  • A Dynamic logic study demonstrates that across a variety of merchandise categories, advertising on a newspaper website can lift purchase intent. For example, in consumer product goods, the lift of newspaper online ad campaigns is +14% vs a non advertising control group.
  • The introduction of multimedia content has provided newspapers with new opportunities to provide marketers with branding opportunities. The Commercial Appeal in Memphis provides advertisers the ability to brand online and in video.
  • Newspapers also employ rich media applications to provide prominence to advertisers’ messages and links directly to the advertisers Web site.
  • Content and feature sponsorships
  • Widget sponsorship
  • Tribune Interactive offers are 40 niche topic newsletters across our entire network—with two National Newsletters. Food & Drink—perfect for high-end automotive advertisers, travel, CPGs reaching over 130,000 opt-in readers. Travel Unraveled – targets Travel Enthusiasts—great for travel, food & beverage, automobile advertisers Pricing: $750 - $1000/per week The Envelope just debuted an entertainment focused newsletter—which is signing up more and more users each month. Delivered every two weeks. Contact Royce Hall at LATimes for more information.
  • Tribune Interactive has a fully functioning Mobile capabilities, in fact we have 14 sites within the network, of which generate 2.7 million page views, this is will very little promotion. Once all sites have prominent placements on their sites promoting their mobile opportunities, these numbers will continue to rise. Today there are … 200+ million Mobile Phones in Service - Mobile Browsers supported on 68% of all mobile devices 1 35% of US mobile phone subscribers used their phones to browse the Internet . 2 90% of all Text Messages are actually read by the end-user, resulting in higher recall rates and conversions³ Nearly 8 Billion Text Messages were sent in December 2005 Mobile TV Downloads projected to reach 15 Million by 2009 ³
  • SMS Messaging Sponsorships are text messages sponsored by an advertiser.. Short Message Service ( SMS ) is a service available on most digital mobile phones (and other mobile devices, e.g. a Pocket PC, or occasionally even desktop computers) that permits the sending of short messages between mobile phones, other handheld devices and even landline telephones. Web Browsing Sponsorship appear on our mobile sites when a cellular phone user goes browses online with their cellular phone. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) : a specification for a set of communication protocols to standardize the way that wireless devices, such as cellular mobile telephones, PDAs and others can be used for Internet-based access. SMS Mobile Internet Advertising is a proven marketing model (Web Browsing Sponsorships/Banners) Proven Marketing Model Campaign Averages: Click through rate: average 3-5%; CPM: average $35-50 150 million SMS/MMS Phones 140 million Data/WAP Phones 110 million Java/Brew Phones 10 million Video Phones
  • Here is a “bonus” 5 th C. When advertisers utilize the combination of newspaper print and newspaper online, advertisers gain a huge leverage point.
  • Consumers tell us that online and off line brands work well together to meet consumer needs.
  • 26% of adults read both print and online newspaper products
  • NP site users access the online version as well as the print version because both offer convenience and provide intrinsic, platform-specific value.
  • The combination of print and online newspaper leverages an propensity to be upscale and valuable as an audience.
  • The print and online combination of media is much more likely to be upscale than magazine and online, radio and online or TV and online.
  • When a newspaper brand extends from the traditional print to an online brand the consumer believes immediately that the online brand is trustworthy and more reliable than other online brands.
  • No matter what time of day you engage, the addition of newspaper online advertising enhances your newspaper print reach.
  • The bottom line is that the value of newspaper digital media is in the C’s
  • Value digital newspaper

    1. 2. It Begins With You <ul><li>What are your challenges? </li></ul><ul><li>What are your opportunities? </li></ul><ul><li>How can we help? </li></ul>
    2. 4. Channel Proliferation = Audience Fragmentation <ul><li>From 3 TV networks to 100+ channels </li></ul><ul><li>From 18,000 to 45,000 magazine titles </li></ul><ul><li>From 18 to 40+ local radio stations </li></ul><ul><li>From 0 to 50+ million internet sites </li></ul>
    3. 5. Managing Choices <ul><li>20,200 Sites for </li></ul><ul><li>Dog Yarlmulkes </li></ul><ul><li>85,100,000 listings </li></ul><ul><li>New York Weather </li></ul>
    4. 6. 50 Million Websites! Which ones are the best for you? <ul><li>What content is your audience most interested in? </li></ul><ul><li>What media brand does your audience trust? </li></ul><ul><li>Where can you connect with your audience’s daily life? </li></ul><ul><li>Where can you move your audience to action? </li></ul>
    5. 7. Our Value Proposition Community Connection Content Relevance Customized Targeting/Messaging Consumer Activation
    6. 8. Our Value Proposition Community Connection
    7. 9. All Business Is Local <ul><li>&quot;Successful brands are ones that have been able to turn the local market place into the local marketing place.” </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>- </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul>
    8. 10. Our Advantage: A Triple Threat + + Local newspaper brands, local content & local audience (nobody else has all three) Most creative adjacency to best locally produced content on the Web Ability to deliver message at the center of the local community conversation
    9. 14. Accelerating Growth <ul><li>Unique visitors to newspaper web sites totaled 63.1 million in December ’07 – 12.6% increase over the same period last year </li></ul><ul><li>Page views increased by 7% in the last quarter of 2007 over the same period last year </li></ul><ul><li>40% of all active internet users visited newspaper websites in October 2007 </li></ul>Source: Nielsen Net//Ratings
    10. 15. Audience Growing At Twice the Rate of The Internet Source: //NetRatings NetView Custom Analysis 2007 Percent Growth In Unique Visitors, Q1 06 to Q1 07
    11. 18. Newspapers Own The # 1 Local Website in 24 of Top 25 Markets <ul><li>Top Local Sites In Top 10 Markets: November 2006 </li></ul><ul><li>New York –, </li></ul><ul><li>Los Angeles – </li></ul><ul><li>Chicago – ChicagoTribune.Com </li></ul><ul><li>Philadelphia – </li></ul><ul><li>Boston – </li></ul><ul><li>San Francisco –, </li></ul><ul><li>Dallas – </li></ul><ul><li>Washington DC – </li></ul><ul><li>Atlanta – </li></ul><ul><li>Houston – </li></ul>Source: comScore data Age 2+ November 2006
    12. 21. We’re Attracting New Partners
    13. 24. News Content Accessed Several Times Monthly Base: Online respondents; Telephone respondents who did not visit a NP Web site in the past 6 months NP site visitors use the Internet in general for various types of local information. NAA/MORI Power Users Study, 2006
    14. 25. Sources Used for Local News & Info Past 6 Mos. Base: Online respondents who got local news online in past 6 months; Telephone non-NP Web site users who got local news online in past 6 months NA NAA/MORI Power Users Study, 2006
    15. 26. Community Connection: Blog Traffic up 200% <ul><li>US Unique Visitors to the Top 10 Online Newspaper Blog Pages, December 2005 and December 2006 (thousands and % change) </li></ul>2005 2006 % Change Top 10 Online Newspapers 27,371 29,940 9% 1, 217 3,776 210% Blog Pages within top 10 Online Newspapers Note: from home and work locations Source: Nielsen/Net Ratings, January 2007
    16. 28. Community Connection Our Value Proposition Content Relevance
    17. 29. <ul><li>“ As consumers become more sophisticated in navigating the Web, they are turning to trusted sources of news and information, like newspapers, instead of content aggregators or portals.” </li></ul><ul><li>- Shawn Riegsecker, President, Centro </li></ul>
    18. 30. <ul><li>“ As this explosion of information follows, you will end up seeing a flight to quality and a relatively small number of sites which become the defining sites for information. Eventually people will say, &quot;Enough is enough; there's too much crap out here.&quot; They'll want to see reputable brands emerge on the Internet.” </li></ul><ul><li>- Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google </li></ul>
    19. 31. True “Content” versus “Technologies/Applications/Mail” True Content Technologies/Apps/Mail MediaMetrix 2006 comScore Network Time Period: December 2006 Content Matters
    20. 32. Content Site Audiences Have Higher Engagement Source: OPA Audience Affinity Study, 2002 42% 49% 47% 47% 56% 36% Online Publishers Association
    21. 35. Internet Users Spend Nearly ½ Online Time Visiting Content 37% share increase in past 4 years Online Publishers Association 2007 -28% 46% 33% Communications -5% 16% 15% Commerce +35% 3% 5% Search +37% 34% 47% Content Change 2003 2007
    22. 36. The Most Trusted News Source <ul><li>Local Newspaper Media </li></ul>BBC Reuters Media Center
    23. 39. MediaMetrix 2006 comScore Network Time Period: December 2006 Top Rated Sports Content
    24. 42. Access Entertainment Information Online NP site users are far more likely than any other online users to get leisure-related info online NAA/MORI Power Users Study, 2006
    25. 47. Advertisers Embracing Local Content
    26. 48. Community Connection Content Relevance Our Value Proposition Customized Targeting/Messaging
    27. 49. Profile of an Online Newspaper User <ul><ul><li>91 percent recently shopped online </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>89 percent recently bought online </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>71 percent are online daily @ work </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>64 percent recently checked classifieds online </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>68 percent have home broadband </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Mean Age: 39 52% College Educated </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>HH Income: $73,000 </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Hours Online/Week: 19 </li></ul></ul>MORI Power Users Study 2006
    28. 50. Ad Targeting: Relevant Messaging Geography Demographics Content Behavior
    29. 51. “ Putting our shoe ads on is not my idea of contextual advertising.”
    30. 53. We Deliver Online Buying Power Financial Money market acct (searched online) 170 Access brokerage account online 120 Applied for credit card online 114 Automotive Auto loan bought online 132 New vehicle bought in last 6 mo. 117 Two autos owned by HH 108 Tech Savvy/Power Users First among friends to buy new gadgets 122 Research before major online purchase 130 Internet easiest way to shop 117 Entertainment & Leisure Activities Attended pro sports event last 6 mo. 135 Bought movie tickets online last 6 mo. 128 Bought DVD/VHS movie online last 6 mo. 115 Travel 16-20 business domestic plane trips 195 7+ international trips past 3 yrs. 137 7-10 personal domestic plane trips 138 1. ComScore AIM, Winter 2006 Index Index Index Index Index
    31. 54. <ul><li>Newspaper Website Users, are more likely to self-describe as 'Influencers' who share their opinion with others. </li></ul>Q2. In the past 12 months, in which of the following ways have you shared your opinion? *Total = Crossover Readers + Newspaper Webbies Only in equal proportions A/D B/C/D – Statistically higher at 90% confidence level Total Respondents: (1000) (500) (500) (501) CD D Newspaper Website Users D D Non-Newspaper Website Users C Newspaper Web Only A Total* B Crossover Readers
    32. 55. Women Use Newspaper Websites Scarborough Engagement 2005 118 122 33% Home Value $300K + Home Ownership 132 154 21% College Graduates Education 131 147 49% $75,000 + HH Income 118 124 24% 35 to 44 116 136 24% 25 to 34 Age All Online Index % Composition
    33. 56. Women More Likely to Shop Online Scarborough Engagement 2005
    34. 58. Hispanics Use Newspaper Web Sites Scarborough Engagement 2005 143 151 31 Home Value 300K + 184 242 16 Graduated College 164 194 43 Earn $75K + 101 111 25 35-44 Years of Age All Online Index % Composite
    35. 60. Men Use Newspaper Websites Scarborough Engagement 2005 119 130 39 $300K + Home Value 112 127 26 35-44 Age 134 156 23 College Graduate Education 127 142 59 $75K + HH Income All Online Index % Composite
    36. 63. We Deliver the At-Work Audience Weekday Visitor Traffic by Hour MORI 2006
    37. 65. Community Connection Content Relevance Customized Targeting/Messaging Our Value Proposition Consumer Activation
    38. 66. <ul><li>Newspaper websites have credible advertising. Only store sites are similarly credited with believable ads. </li></ul>Websites’ image association with advertising content A/B/C/D/E/F/G – Statistically higher at 90% confidence level Base: Website visitors Q6. For each of these listed statements, please indicate which of the following types of websites you associate with that statement. *Total = Crossover Readers + Newspaper Webbies Only in equal proportions *
    39. 67. Shopping Is A Local Experience <ul><li>70% of U.S. households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services.¹ </li></ul><ul><li>For every dollar spent online, consumers are influenced by the web to spend another $6 offline.² </li></ul>1. Kelsey Group, March 2005 2. Jupiter Research, 2004 Newspapers speak directly to consumers where they live in a contextually relevant environment
    40. 68. Newspaper Website Users Act On Ads Implication: More Involved, More Engaged Readers with Advertising Information Q.1 Which of these tasks or capabilities have you used on the Internet? Base: 710 Newspaper Site Visitors Source: Scarborough 2007
    41. 69. Items Purchased After Shopping Online <ul><li>Past 6 Months </li></ul>Base: Online respondents; Telephone respondents who did not visit a NP Web site in the past 6 months Purchased Online Purchased Offline
    42. 71. Online Newspapers Lift Ad Campaigns Source:. Dynamic Logic MarketNorms database with NAA analysis, Q1 2006 data 8%-34% Increase in Purchase Intent
    43. 75. <ul><li>Weather Widgets </li></ul><ul><li>It gives users control to display weather from any valid zip code in US </li></ul><ul><li>It automatically checks for and displays any severe weather alerts </li></ul><ul><li>Up-to-date radar image displayed in most versions </li></ul><ul><li>Sponsorship opportunity available as both a text link or graphic link </li></ul>
    44. 83. Newsletters: “Niche” Audiences
    45. 86. Mobile: Active and Engaged Consumers Source: Metrics: Crisp Wireless, September 2006 ² Crisp Wireless Mobile Sites: Los Angeles Times, The Envelope, Chicago Tribune, Metromix, HoyInternet, Sun Sentinel, Allentown, Newsday, Orlando Sentinel, Baltimore, amNY, Courant, Daily Press and Stamford Advocate
    46. 87. Mobile: Advertising Opportunities Web Browsing Sponsor Content Channels: News, Business, Sports, Travel SMS*/Text Messaging Advertiser branding for: News Alerts, Polls, Quizzes and Promotions *SMS: Short Message Services Ad Types: Data capture Click to call Store locator Coupon Contests Sweepstakes Trivia Tune-in
    47. 88. PBP – On-Demand Text Alerts <ul><li>It gives users access to important, relevant and timely hurricane information </li></ul><ul><li>It is easy to learn how to use </li></ul><ul><li>Sponsorship opportunity integrated into message. </li></ul><ul><li>PBP sold a sponsorship to Publix for $40k </li></ul>
    48. 90. Email: Advertising Opportunities
    49. 92. <ul><li>Leveraging the Power </li></ul><ul><li>Of the Print/Online Package </li></ul>
    50. 93. Online and Offline Brands Complement Each Other % of consumers that agree with the following questions Online and Offline Brands work together to meet consumers’ needs Source: OPA Online Multi-channel media brands – Attitude & Usage Study. Conducted in Partnership with: Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc .
    51. 94. Dual Users Outnumber Web Only Users Penetration of local newspaper (print and online)* 100% = 132 million adults** 100% = 87 million 66 63 11 26 Read local newspaper in print only Read local newspaper online site Read local newspaper both in print and on-line * Those who read local newspaper in print or on-line in the last week ** Adults 18+ on-line Source: McKinsey Media and Entertainment News Survey, June 2006
    52. 95. Source:, MORI Research, Base: Online respondents Reasons Use Newspaper Web Sites in Addition to Print
    53. 96. Newspaper & Website Readers are Extraordinarily Powerful Consumers Source: MRI Doublebase, Base = U.S. Adults 18+ Note: Heavy media user = upper half percentile of usage of specific media 199 158 Portfolio Value: $150K+ 171 155 Occupation: Management 180 123 College Grad+ 189 130 HHI: $150K+ 161 117 HHI: $75K+ Heavy Newspaper & Heavy Internet Heavy Newspaper Target
    54. 97. The Most Powerful Consumers Are Heavy Users of Newspapers and the Internet Source: Newspaper National Network LP, 2006 MRI Doublebase, Base= Top 3 Market Adults 18+ HHI: $100K+ 166 162 147 128 HHI: $150K+ 188 169 148 130 Occupation: Management 173 167 166 135 3+ Domestic Trips 149 141 134 116 Uses financial planning/ money mgmt services 147 127 120 107 Heavy Newspaper & Heavy Internet Target: Heavy Magazine & Heavy Internet Heavy Radio & Heavy Internet Heavy Total TV & Heavy Internet
    55. 98. Brand Equity Extends Across Formats % of consumers that agree with the following questions Online Offline Both Online And Offline No Difference Source: Newspaper National Network, OPA Online Multi-channel media brands – Attitude & Usage Study. Conducted in Partnership with: Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc.
    56. 99. Web Adds to Newspaper Reach In All Major Dayparts 44% Reach for Newspapers + Web vs. Newspapers alone Source: Online Publishers Association, “Day In the Life” Study, 2006 44% 46% 75% 17% 11% 12% 39%
    57. 100. All Business Is Local <ul><li>&quot;Successful brands are ones that have been able to turn the local market place into the local marketing place” </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>- Marc de Swaan Arons </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul>