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Designing for Social Change Anytime Everywhere

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Designing for Social Change Anytime Everywhere

  1. 1. Presented by: Allyson Kapin, Rad Campaign and Women Who Tech
  2. 2. Your Supporters Are Superheroes
  3. 3. Your Supporters Are Superheroes They want to make this world a better place whether it’s donating money or supplies to hurricane Sandy relief organizations like the American Red Cross
  4. 4. Your Supporters Are Superheroes Signing a petition for more pedestrian friendly streets in DC for bikers, walkers, skateboarders, and runners.
  5. 5. How Can Organizations Help Superhero's Save The Day?
  6. 6. Reach Them Wherever They Are! And designing and developing multi-channel campaigns that gives them the tools to take action whether they are checking out a website on a desktop computer.
  7. 7. Reach Them Wherever They Are! Waiting on line for coffee at a local coffee shop checking email on their smartphones.
  8. 8. Reach Them Wherever They Are! In route to a new city for business or pleasure
  9. 9. Reach Them Wherever They Are! Waiting for the bus and seeing a poster and QR code to donate money to the American Red Cross to help in disaster relief.
  10. 10. Mobile Facts You Need To Know Fact: 5.2 Billion Mobile Accounts Worldwide Fact: 1 in 2 Mobile U.S. Subscribers Own a Smartphone Sources: Pew, Nielsen, and Knotice
  11. 11. Mobile Facts You Need To Know Top 5 Mobile Apps • Facebook • YouTube • Android Market • Google Search • Gmail Mobile Email and Text-to-Give Stats • 20% emails opened via mobile device. • Only 3% emails opened via mobile were later opened the via desktop. • 9% of mobile phone users have texted-to- donate. • 79% who donate money via texting also donated to other channels such as email, website, or direct mail.
  12. 12. Mobile Facts You Need To Know
  13. 13. Why Responsive Design? About 15% of traffic to nonprofit’s site comes from mobile. • Websites need to be adapted to different mobile devices - smartphones and tablets so your heroes can easily: • Take action on your issues • Make a donation • Find the info they are looking for. • Share content and comment on articles. Fact: 4 out of 5 U.S. smartphone owners accessed retailer websites or apps like Amazon and eBay on their mobile devices in July 2012.
  14. 14. Responsive Design in Forms
  15. 15. Mobile Apps: Useful Or Flushing Money Down The Toilet? App Stats • 8 out of 10 apps fail. • Angry Birds failed 52X before it caught on.
  16. 16. Key To Success? Provide Value To Your Heroes Downloaded over 500K times!
  17. 17. Monterey Bay Seafood Watch App • Uses a phone ’s GPS to load the right regional seafood watch guide based on the user ’s location. • Enables people to search for seafood by common market name. • Allows people to sort seafood rankings by “Best Choice,” “Good Alternative,” or “Avoid”. • Lets people contribute to a “FishMap” feature by adding the names of restaurants and stores where they found ocean-friendly seafood and by locating businesses where others have found sustainable seafood.
  18. 18. Social Media Facts You Need To Know Fact: Americans spend 25% of their time online on social networks.
  19. 19. Design For Distribution • First occupy camp started in New York City. • People posted and re-shared information about issues, actions, and personal stories on Twitter and Tumblr, live-streamed video on Vimeo, and shared pictures on their mobile phones.
  20. 20. Design for Distribution People all over the world used ’s Meetup Everywhere feature to register a solidarity event in over a 1000 cities. Four months after the launch of #OccupyWallStreet, there were over 2,800 “Occupy” events on the map.
  21. 21. Cross Channel Promotion: Offline to Online Oxfam’s Use of QR Codes for a Benefit Auction • Celebrities donated sentimental items and clothes. • When a potential buyer scanned a QR code on a sales tag with their smartphone, videos of celebrities popped up which featured a personal story behind that item for sale. • For example, “scanning a code on a dress donated by Annie Lennox revealed that she wore it to Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday party.
  22. 22. Do It Wrong Quickly Test. Tweak. Repeat. • Focus on 1 objective not 10. • Don’t get lost in “pleasing” everyone – funders, every target audience, staff. • You are not your target audience. Your heroes are!
  23. 23. Contact Info: Allyson Kapin: Rad Campaign, Women Who Tech Email: Twitter: @womenwhotech and @radcampaign @care2frogloop Blog: Care2’s Frogloop: Rad Website: Women Who Tech Website:

Editor's Notes

  • In the nonprofit space, your supporters and activists are superhero's.
  • How can superheroes save the day since that is their ultimate goal?
  • You need to reach people wherever they are.
  • Or perhaps you are travelling to a new city for business or vacation and checking email and social media on your laptop or mobile devices
  • Waiting at the bus and going to meet a friend for dinner and you see this provocative billboard by the American Red Cross with a QR code that when you scan it prompts you for a donation to help the earthquake victims.
  • You need to be able to sell multi channel campaigns to your boss. The next few slides are some good data that you can use to convince the powers that be that your organization should be making this investment.
  • There was an interesting study conducted by PEW on how text donors to the Haiti disaster relief compare to the national average in terms of tech and social media adoption
  • During Hurricane Sandy, Rad Campaign launched a $25K matching fundraising campaign with Craig Newmark of craigconnects and craigslist to raise money for nonprofits supporting Hurricane relief. In less then 3 days we raised $50K through peer-to-peer fundraising. Interestingly the Crowdrise site does not have a responsive design. However, the donation form, which is the most important part of the site is in a responsive design so donors can quickly donate money via mobile. If you can’t afford to make all of your site in a responsive design, at least invest in making the sign up forms, donation forms, and take action forms in a responsive design.
  • Downloaded over 250K times.
  • One of the keys in designing multi-channels campaigns is to not only reach our heroes but to get them to spread our message and recruit new heroes to the movement. And that is why designing for distribution is critical.
  • People all over the world used ’sMeetup Everywhere feature to register a solidarity event in over a 1000 cities. Four months after the launch of #OccupyWallStreet, there were over 2,800 “Occupy” events on the Meetup Everywhere Map.
  • QR codes can be useful to drive people to take actions and see content, photos, videos online and of course donate money. You can use them in direct mail, at events in print materials and posters, and tickets.