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Testing for Inclusive Web: Accessibility

Huge thanks to Marcy Sutton.
Presented at Selenium Conference at Tokyo, Japan.

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Testing for Inclusive Web: Accessibility

  1. 1. Testing for Inclusive Web Manoj Kumar
  2. 2. A11Y TESTING - A SHORT PRIMER All you need to know about Accessibility Testing. Just another Accessibility 101 A11Y TESTING TOOLS Getting into the technical aspect! A11Y STANDARDS Explaining the A11y standards and the need for it. A11Y IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY Some practical takeaways for implementation アクセシビリティ 議題
  4. 4. Accessibility Enabling People
  5. 5. Accessibility Disability only exists if we don’t provide ways to include people People have impairments NOT disabilities
  6. 6. Clearing a Path for people with special needs clears the path for everyone
  7. 7. Disability = Limited Human Interaction Accessibility Disability ≠ Physical Condition
  8. 8. Web - Accessibility If your app isn’t accessible, you are creating barriers & making their impairment a disability
  9. 9. Design Principles of Web Accessibility
  10. 10. Perceivable
  11. 11. Operable
  12. 12. Understandable
  13. 13. Robust
  14. 14. WAI - ARIA ARIA Attributes communicate role, state and property semantics to assistive technologies via A11y API’s implemented in browsers
  15. 15. WAI- ARIA ARIA is not always needed If your design calls for browser native elements, then assistive technologies should automatically pick up and dictate
  16. 16. DOM AOM A proposed Javascript API to modify and explore the web accessibility tree
  17. 17. Accessibility Tree
  18. 18. Web - Accessibility
  19. 19. The Persona Spectrum Develop for the Future Microsoft Inclusive Design Kit
  20. 20. A11Y STANDARDS Guidelines and protocol for creating accessible websites
  21. 21. Accessibility - Right to use
  22. 22. ! Accessibility - Right to use Act for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities JIS X 8341-3:2016 WCAG 2.0
  23. 23. WCAG 1.0 WCAG 2.0 WCAG 2.1 Superseeded by 2.0 Testable and Technology agnostic Mobile Technology Cognitive Low Vision A11Y - Standards There is also Section 508
  24. 24. Basic Deals with most common barriers Highest level of Accessibility Success Criteria
  25. 25. A11Y TESTING & TOOLS
  26. 26. There is no substitute for real user feedback You need to include people with disabilities to Test
  28. 28. Test for Keyboard Accessibility Test for Landmarks Test for Form labels Test for Audio & Video accessibility Test for Touch Target Size Test functionality with Assisted devices on
  29. 29. Testing for Accessibility for Web Apps
  30. 30. Use Screen Reader
  31. 31. Browser Plugins
  32. 32. Selenium - WebDriver
  33. 33. Selenium - WebDriver
  34. 34. Test with Puppeteer
  35. 35. Test with Cypress Also, there is axe-cypress
  36. 36. Continuum BDD Level Access Engine
  37. 37. Testing for Accessibility on Android Apps
  38. 38. Test for Android Apps
  39. 39. Test for Android Apps Accessibility Scanner On-Screen Evaluation No Technical Skills required!
  40. 40. Accessibility: Large Text and Display
  41. 41. Testing for Accessibility for iOS Apps
  42. 42. GTXiLib Google Toolbox for Accessibility for the iOS platform Can be used with any XCTest framework - like Earl Grey
  43. 43. A11Y STRATEGY
  44. 44. Involve people with disabilities
  45. 45. ➤Establish an Org commitment with key stakeholders responsible for Accessibility. ➤A checklist/questionnaire to include Accessibility for both new and existing apps ➤Establish a benchmark (Say Level A, AA ) ➤Establish a standards for UX designers, (UI)Developers & Testers ➤Start As early as possible from UX probably something like the GEL(Global Experience Language) 
 ➤Color contrast ➤Inclusive design ethos ➤Conduct usability, User testing session outside org. Sharing some Thoughts!
  46. 46. BeMyEyes
  47. 47. References
  48. 48. Thank you!