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What does the Business need from DevOps?


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My keynote talk at DevOps Conference organized by KnowledgeHut in Bangalore, May 26

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What does the Business need from DevOps?

  1. 1. What does the Business need from DevOps? Tathagat Varma
  2. 2. Context • This talk is based on secondary research on business aspects of DevOps adoption drivers, barriers and benefits. • I hope it will help build the business case for decision-makers and bring practitioners on the same page.
  3. 3. Research sources …and articles, blogs, insights…
  4. 4. Business context • Fast deployments at scale: impacts customer acquisition and retention • Deliver quality at speed: remove wastage, reduce rework, automated deploys • Quick response to changes: experiment, learn and adapt to changes in “real-time” • Manage infra costs: optimize infrastructure usage, reduce risks and uncertainties
  5. 5. Best vs. the Rest • 2,555x faster deployments • 200x frequent deployments • 22% lower time in unplanned work or rework • 3x lower change failure rates • 24x faster failure recovery • 50% lower time remediating security issues • 50% higher growth in m-cap • 2.2x likely to refer friend for job
  6. 6. Best vs. the Rest…
  7. 7. Some of the Bests…
  8. 8. DevOps Drivers
  9. 9. Critical tools
  10. 10. Cultural changes
  11. 11. Barriers to adoption
  12. 12. Challenges
  13. 13. Measuring success!
  14. 14. Time to Production
  15. 15. Improvements
  16. 16. Failures and Recovery
  17. 17. Benefits
  18. 18. Conclusions • As biz go digital, IT become critical. IT is biz! • DevOps is org-wide capability to deliver and manage core biz services in real-time at scale. • While benefits are obvious, the org barriers are significant and require exec support. • Adoption of biz-facing metrics could help get better stakeholder support.