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An Intro to Lean Startup


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This is an internal “brown bag” presentation I did at PlayHaven, introducing the fundamentals of Lean Startup methodology. Unfortunately, the Cookie Monster GIF doesn’t animate in the Slideshare presentation but you enjoy it 24/7 by clicking this link: :)

Also note that you may notice a few jumps in the included audio recording - I had to remove some sensitive material.


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An Intro to Lean Startup

  1. 1. What is Lean?"Lean Startup" is an approach for launchingbusinesses and products, that relies on validatedlearning, scientific experimentation, anditerative product releases to shorten productdevelopment cycles, measure progress, and gainvaluable customer feedback.- Wikipedia
  2. 2. What is Lean?"Lean Startup” is a process for validating andinvalidating your assumptions as quickly aspossible to discover and deliver what peopleactually want.- Me
  3. 3. It Starts With a Vision
  4. 4. It Starts With a Vision
  5. 5. It Starts With a Vision
  6. 6. It Starts With a Vision
  7. 7. Too Often Startups Build This...
  8. 8. When Customers Really Want This...
  9. 9. Customer Needs and Pains Are EverywhereQualitative•  Customer Interviews•  Support Emails/Chat•  Twitter Stalking•  Behavior Observation•  Competitors•  Usability StudiesQuantitative•  Internal Data•  External Data•  Surveys
  10. 10. Foundation of Lean
  11. 11. Foundation of Lean
  12. 12. Foundation of Lean
  13. 13. Look Familiar?
  14. 14. Pivot Pivot Pivot (drink!)A change in strategy without a change in vision.- Eric RiesTypes of pivots•  Customer segment (e.g. Tapjoy)•  Customer need (e.g. Groupon)•  Platform (e.g. Facebook)•  Zoom in (e.g. Instagram)•  Zoom out (e.g. PlayHaven)•  etc...
  15. 15. Tangent: History of PlayHaven Pivots•  8/2008 – Community for console and PC gamers (•  3/2009 – Community for World of Warcraft players (•  11/2009 – Mobile game in-app communities•  7/2010 – Cross-promotion barter network•  1/2011 – Mobile game discovery app•  9/2011 – Mobile game marketing/monetization tools•  mid-2012 – LTV-maximization platform
  16. 16. Foundation of Lean
  17. 17. You Can Learn Without Building an MVPMinimum Viable Product Experiment (MVE)Examples:•  Customer Interviews (e.g. Lean Startup Machine)•  Landing Page Test (e.g. Buffer)•  Undercover Competitor Studies•  Concierge/Wizard of Oz (e.g. Zappos)•  Prototypes•  A/B Tests
  18. 18. Exercise: What’s the MVE?Our AWESOME Idea: Re-Engagement Advertising•  What are our assumptions?•  What’s the riskiest assumption?•  How can we validate/invalidate the riskiest assumption quickly?
  19. 19. MVP != Shitty ProductThe Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is that versionof a new product which allows a team to collectthe maximum amount of validated learningabout customers with the least effort.- Eric Ries
  20. 20. Why Build an MVP?•  To reduce risk•  You don’t really know what customers want•  Deliver customer delight faster•  Learn faster•  Narrow scope, reduce variables•  Easier to kill your baby
  21. 21. When Not to Release an MVP•  You’re building a rocket ship•  Replacing existing competitors/solutions•  REMEMBER: don’t lose sight of the vision and purpose – to deliver customer delight
  22. 22. Lean Examples @ PlayHavenLean #ftw•  User Segmentation•  Geo and Creative Optimization•  Strengthen The Core (Salesforce, Email Alerts)•  Insights EmailLean #fail•  Virtual Good Promotion•  Mobile Game Discovery App
  23. 23. Closing Words•  Be lazy•  Ask: how can I maximize the amount of impact/ effort (ROI)?•  Lean marketing•  Lean sales•  Lean support•  Lean design•  Lean engineering (agile/scrum)
  24. 24. Deliver Cookies