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E marketing solution By Mohamed Abdelnaby

  1. 1. E-Marketing Solution Know Yourself
  2. 2. E- Marketing Solution• E-M-S is a digital marketing campaigns for businesses. We guide you through the various aspects of DPR, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Viral Marketing, Website Design and Development to create a powerful web presence.• E-M-S constantly pushes the limits of DPR to stay ahead of a rapidly changing digital marketplace.  Improve Visibility  Shape Customer Opinion / Industry Opinion  Forge Your Brand
  3. 3. E-Marketing SolutionE- Marketing Solution is also an e-marketing servicesprovider (ESP), a new class of company that provides internetmarketing solutions to businesses with a Web presence. Theseservices allow customers to improve overall web sitedevelopment and increase visitor acquisition, retention,loyalty, and revenue.E-marketing Solution services are an ideal solution forbusinesses that lack the time, money, and technical resourcesto build out their online marketing infrastructure. Design for Print Integrated Marketing Campaigns Special Promotions Banner Ads Public Relations Electronic brochures and micro-sites Search Engine Management Pay Per Click Campaign Management Google Local Business listings Community Building Permission Marketing
  4. 4. Internet Marketing Strategy E-M-S Partners begins with understanding how your business works, including your industry and competition. We make sure to become familiar with more than just what product and services you are selling, but rather, identify where are your strong areas and sweet spots, and subsequently help your website become more attractive to qualified potential clients. Once we have a firm grasp on your industry and business, we are able to recommend the best methods of driving potential customers to your site. Understanding your business and what makes you unique in your industry. Determining whether your website capabilities and positioning are in sync with your marketing goals. Building online awareness for your brand. Driving traffic to your website, through SEO, Local Search Optimization, Google Base, online advertising, referrals, social media, and other online resources.
  5. 5. Email MarketingEmail Marketing effectively boosts sales and buildsrelationships with your customers.E-Marketing Solution Partners develops customized emailmarketing strategies for your business and executes effectivecampaigns by using best-of-breed email software to marketyour website online. Our email campaigns include:Opt-in email list creation and management for ongoingcommunication with existing customers.Email segmentation - this is how you turn data into money!The information that you can gain from your mailing list isinvaluable. Email is not dead Getting and keeping customers Build and maintain effective lists Creating relevant emails Automation’s benefits Test and measure Search Engine Management Beyond the email silo
  6. 6. Custom Web SiteE-M-S help you to have a web presence. Mostsites are too plain and unable to communicateyour message effectively. With E-M-S, you canhave a custom website that drastically improvesyourself visibility and message.  Stand Out and Be Recognized  Interact with Potential Customers  Fulfill Your Needs
  7. 7. Personalized Web PresenceWhen you’re ready for a unique solution tailored to fit yourspecific needs step up to a personalized web presence. E-M-Sdesigners will work closely with you to lay out a total designthat personifies your business. We develop and grow youronline business and ensure that you always maintain adynamic web presence. Have a dynamic presence Accurately reflect the character of your business We work with you to tailor fit to your evolving needs
  8. 8. Graphic DesigningQuality graphic design has become increasinglyimportant in todays visual world. Affordability,however, remains a fleeting prospect...That is untilNOW... Seeks to move your company to the next levelin marketing by providing your business with theCustom Graphics, Logo Design, Business Card andLetter Head, needed to succeed online, and willactively seek for continuous improvement to yourBusiness and will inspire confidence and brandloyalty in the eyes of your customers.  Stand Out and Be Recognized  Interact with Potential Customers  Fulfill Your Needs
  9. 9. Web Designing And DevelopmentThe team of web designers and developers E-M-S is well-equipped to provide you with aesthetic and need-orientedwebsite designs. We can take up any web designing project,be it static website designing, dynamic website designing or acomplete graphic website designing project.Our website designing team has the expertise to undertakeflash website designing and also CMS based website. JulieGraphics possess creative graphic designers, engineers andveteran programmers that have the vision and experience tobring your online presence to life. Web Development using Latest Web & Client Server Technologies Project Quality Assurance and Testing Services Application & Website Maintenance Integrated Visual Design Services
  10. 10. Search Engine OptimizationStarting your own SEO business is an excitingnew adventure. This is the first of a series of tips,steps, lessons, and tutorials on how to start yourown SEO business. One of the many aspects ofstarting out as an SEO is finding clients. We’veput together a list of five steps to start gettingnew clients, both for the near-term and long-term.  Get a website or a blog  Keyword List and Content Website  Start networking  Fine Tune Your Web Presence  Target Key Demographics  Website Analysis & Consulting
  11. 11. Search Engine MarketingSearch engines direct customers to what they want? E-Marketing Solution makes search engines your most abundantsource of new business.SEM is an umbrella term that covers two broad areas:Gaining traffic through free SEO effortsGaining traffic through paid search advertisingSEM to mean gaining traffic solely through paid ads. Ourarticle, Does SEM = SEO + CPC  Pay-Per-Click Management  Banner and Link Exchanges  Local Search Optimization  Keyword Targeting
  12. 12. Multimedia PresentationsOur ability to visualize the product, generating relevantdynamic animation, applying effects are unmatched. Allmultimedia presentations are made on easy-to-use principles.We assure that our latest techniques of creating CDpresentation will completely replace all your brochures andmanuals.We develop expertly designed corporate profiles for you inthe form of CD presentations using cutting-edge multimediatools. They contain Flash animations, small video clips,corporate information, navigable websites and supportinformation etc.  Interactive (Navigable)  Self Running  sales demo that can be shown to a group of people
  13. 13. E-Commerce SolutionAt E-Marketing Solution, our passion is building successfulbusinesses online. Our approach differs from most otheragencies in that we view the underlying technologies weoffer as mere tools of the trade. Instead, the value we deliverto our clients can be measured in business terms, includingsuperior ROI, increased revenue and higher traffic. Attracting New Customers Increasing Sales Providing Superior Customer Service and Communications Reducing Operating Costs and Increasing Efficiency Promoting Your Brand and Enhancing Your Brand Image
  14. 14. Provided By Mohamed Abdelnabywww.E-Marketing-Solution.com